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Anti bioterror play for huge long term gains

Thesis: SIGA Technologies, an anti-bioterror pharmaceutical company, will double their stock price in a year and triple or quadruple it in two years. They are in an incredibly strong financial position: zero debt, future US government purchases that may be greater than their market cap, and low expenses for operations and forward research. They also have amazing future growth prospects as foreign governments will buy their meds to prepare for future pandemics. Their drugs treat smallpox which is both more contagious and deadly (IFR ~30%!) than the Wuhan plague.
Do you think absolutely no political or military leader will learn their lesson about pandemic preparedness? Do you think business leaders are going to put the pressure down since the cost of unpreparedness is orders of magnitude greater than preparedness? That’s what this play is all about.
The play: Buy $SIGA stocks and hold for 2 years.

Quick facts

Market cap: $560 million
Style: Value, when compared to other biotechs
Products: Their primary product is an FDA approved oral antiviral (TPOXX) that treats all orthopox viruses (e.g. the dreaded smallpox). They are currently developing additional products for IV and pediatric treatment, another small molecule drug for treating orthopox viruses, and are developing therapeutics that use orthopox viruses for delivery of anticancer antigens.
How SIGA makes money: 1) US government contracts to supply the Strategic National Stockpile, 2) US government contracts for research, 3) sales to foreign governments and potentially private parties. Note that their business doesn't care about prevailing market conditions and all of these are multi-year contracts.
Debt: $0. They paid off an $86 MM loan in March.
Cash holdings: $77.4 MM
Total assets: $118.6 MM
Net cash flow 2019: -$18.2 MM, as discussed below, 2019 was a transition year between govt contracts hence the low income. They made $400MM from closing contracts in 2018.
Net cash flow 2020, my estimate: +$53 MM, see cash flow section below for how I got this figure

How this play can win

- The US govt through BARDA accelerates their purchasing of TPOXX to be and look more prepared for future pandemics.
- Foreign governments purchase TPOXX for their own pandemic preparedness. Canada announced an intent to purchase in December. Others are likely to follow. IMO, the stock will hit $10 when 3 additional countries announce purchasing and $20 when they have a network of 10 purchasing countries plus additional research. The US gets a discount on TPOXX because they funded the initial research, others will likely pay three times as much per dose.
- The US govt offers much more research funding to SIGA to design antivirals for other possible pandemic viruses. 10 years ago they had a small BARDA contract to look into antivirals for Lassa fever, a nasty rat flu boogaloo. They might renew or add to this type of research.
- TPOXX gets additional approvals for IV use and prophylactic use (i.e. give to people in contact with infected, first responders or first city) and US buys more. They recently received a new $23 MM contract for developing this use.
- A larger pharmaceutical company announces that they will purchase SIGA for $10-$15 share in a year. SIGA already has connections with Pfizer.
- Large amounts of additional income help them pump with stock buybacks or fat dividends. I am totally convinced they are going to buyback or spit dividends in a year from now.


- Foreign governments don’t purchase TPOXX or don’t approve its safety/efficacy and rely on the vaccine for smallpox (but 1 in 5 people can’t take the vax and lots of deaths in first wave without TPOXX).
- US govt does not add to stockpile, only keeps refreshing expired TPOXX.
- US govt does not invest in additional pandemic preparedness research/invests only in competitors.
- TPOXX may later be discovered to have a severe side-effect. (Oral formula is already FDA approved though).
- There’s more risks listed in their 10-K, but I do not think they are significant enough to list here.

Resources for your own DD

Do your own research. Always.
Latest 10-K: https://investor.siga.com/node/13196/html
Latest 10-Q: https://investor.siga.com/node/13251/html
2020 Q1 earnings call: https://www DOT fool DOT com/earnings/call-transcripts/2020/05/07/siga-technologies-inc-siga-q1-2020-earnings-call-t.aspx
2019 Q4 earnings call: https://www DOT seeking NO SPACE alpha DOT com/article/4330138-siga-technologies-inc-siga-ceo-phil-gomez-on-q4-2019-results-earnings-call-transcript
Reddit doesn't like the above websites. Sorry for the garbled links
Press releases: https://investor.siga.com/press-releases
Smallpox wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox

Detailed DD

I’m going to start off this section by answering the arguments you’ve already thought of.
Who gives a shit about some old timey disease?
The world militaries. Smallpox is a nasty disease. It's basic reproduction number, R0, is between 3-6, like the Wuhan coronavirus. It similarly has a 7-14 day lag time before symptoms show, although it is not known to be infectious for the first several days.
Smallpox is also exceptionally deadly, ranging from 15-30% fatality rate depending upon the strain and in children and the elderly can reach a 75% mortality rate. Survivors are usually permanently scarred and may have life-long complications from the disease. A smallpox epidemic would actually make corona look like "just the flu."
Infection around day 20 mark. Bangladesh, 1973.
Bioterrorism or biowarfare with smallpox is a massive threat to the military and people and an obvious first choice of weapon for a bioterrorist. Careful governments will plan for it.
Isn't smallpox eradicated?
Yes. But. 1) There are still many samples across the world in government labs across the world. 2) The genome exists on computers in said labs. 3) Many other orthopox viruses exist such as cowpox and monkeypox. Monkeypox in particular has had more cases in subsaharan Africa in the last few years. There have even been small outbreaks in the US, UK, and Singapore within the last 20 years.
What about vaccines?
  1. Maybe you recall that in the 1790’s Edward Jenner discovered the first vaccine by giving people the milder cowpox to prevent smallpox. The state of the smallpox vaccine has not evolved significantly since then. The modern vaccine uses a two-prong poker to deliver a live smallpox virus that has been engineered to be very weak. However, it is still a real virus that can causes symptoms or spread the disease to others. One in five Americans have underlying conditions that prevent them from receiving this vaccine due to the symptoms it causes.
  2. What do you do when smallpox starts spreading rapidly? You need to be able to treat the potentially 100s of thousands of people who will be infected before the immunization takes effect. The US is well-prepared with the vaccine having 300 million doses, nearly enough for every American. But you need a treatment as part of the defense strategy.
  3. TPOXX is in the process of being approved as a prophylactic. I.e. if smallpox were to spread then people could be given both the vaccine and TPOXX at the same time to make sure they don’t get sick if they were exposed prior to vaccination. Prophylactic treatment could be extremely important to first-responders, military, and people in the most badly affected zones.


I am no expert in reading 10-K filings, but SIGA's 10-K is not too complicated. I encourage you to do your own DD before making this play and if you've never read a 10-K filing before this is a great one to cut your teeth on. SIGA only has one key product line and their debt is uncomplicated (nonexistent); the only tricky parts is following the government money.

Balance sheet from most recent 10-Q
Balance sheet
So the things to look at here are:
  1. SIGA has plenty of cash. Enough for two years operating expenses without any sort of austerity. Even if the economic downturn affected their business model, they would weather it easily.
  2. They have $16 MM in inventory. That’s mostly TPOXX they’ve already manufactured. This is great because it means they will have low costs for meeting the current BARDA contract supply request for this year and that if they get more orders they can dedicate their supply chain to filling them.
  3. No debt. There’s no risk of them going tits up soon. Unlike your other favorite plays against highly-leveraged trash companies (looking at you Zillow), SIGA can ride out a credit crunch with ease.
  4. Stockholders’ equity aka book value. At a price to book of 5:1 this is a cheap biotech company, one of the reasons I see them as a value buy. Also of note, their property includes patents on TPOXX in virtually every country.

Cash flow
In 2019, SIGA took a $7 million loss while in 2018 they punched a $422 million gain. How did that happen? Their entire business runs on multi-year govt contracts. 2018 saw an older BARDA contract end with the orders completely filled to stuff the strategic stockpile. 2019 was a transition year.They have a new contract with BARDA to replenish expiring TPOXX and research then purchase new formulations for IV and pediatric use. So, looking at their 201910-K their earnings look abysmal, but their forward looking earnings are much better given their recent news releases.
Let’s look more at that contract since it is a principal revenue source. SIGA’s most recent 19C contract gives BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) the ability to purchase up to $602.5MM worth of product. The base contract guarantees $51.7 MM and BARDA announced the exercise of an additional $127.1 MM in purchasing for the next year as of a few weeks ago. Due to drug expiration and future preparedness, my opinion is that BARDA will exercise all of the purchasing options over the next 10 years.
Here’s my 2020 cash flow estimate, I am inexperienced at this sort of analysis. Pro 10-K readers, please give me some criticism.
-$24 MM from expenses for sales, admin, research, services ,patents. Average of last 2 years -10% because research activity is shut down
-$7 MM from additional costs of terminating loan. 10-Q
+$2 MM from part 1 of Canadian order. Press release
+$75 MM from three quarters of $101 MM exercise of BARDA contract. Estimated because they will supply TPOXX the next three quarters of 2020 and Q1 2021, press release
-$3 MM additional costs to fulfill orders. Estimate from BARDA contract’s allocation for supply costs
+$10 MM from contracts for research. Estimate by Q1 research revenue x 4
? a new $23 MM research contract with the department of defense was announced in June, unclear when they will receive the money at this time
$0 from stock buybacks and dividends, they have never had a dividend, but did do $800k in buybacks last year. They might have paid down their debt to put them in a position to do a lot more buybacks, so this is subject to change.
Total: +$53 MM
I expect the next few years to be cash flow positive now that they are out of the development phase and into the deployment phase. As they get additional international buyers they will also need to service their expiring stockpiles. This puts them at a forward price to earnings estimate of 10:1, still a value play in the current environment.
The high future cash flow is why I expect them to start pumping dividends or buybacks in a year. Since their research activities are primarily supported by the US government, they won't have other useful activities for the cash other than to return it to shareholders. Also, the guys who founded SIGA in the 90's probably want to retire on a fat dividend pretty soon. Dividends and buybacks are a big factor in how many analysts calculate stock prices so either development will push the share price up a lot.

International Sales
This is where SIGA make us gigatendies. The US sales are the bread and butter that will keep them afloat for years to come. International sales are where they grow. Their contracts with the US government let them sell TPOXX at about $350 per course because they funded the initial research, whereas Canada is paying about $950 per course giving SIGA a massive estimated 95% margin.
Let's see who might be interested in buying TPOXX as the China flu crisis unwinds: we've got most of western Europe/NATO--UK, France,Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Spain; Pacific countries wary of being in the China sphere--Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia,Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia; and wealthy Middle Eastern countries that need to hedge against instability--Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar; a smattering of other countries getting wise to viral threats--Russia, India,Brazil, South Africa, Mexico. That's a lot of potential buyers and it will only take a few for SIGA's price to shoot up. Also note that SIGA does not market internationally themselves, they are partnered with Meridian, a Pfizer subsidiary, for international sales.
SIGA also has an excellent moat internationally. They have patents for TPOXX and its analogs almost everywhere but China. Of course, there are still risks associated with international expansion, but the upside potential is yuuge. Let's hear it from the horse's mouth and see what SIGA had to say on their 2019 Q4 conference call:
Now let's discuss the international markets. The pursuit of international sales for oral TPOXX is a key focus for us at SIGA. Our partnership with Meridian Medical Technologies that we announced last June has been excellent. However as I've said many times the sales cycle is long for international government procurement of these types of products and each country has its own set of internal dynamics. ... I have been asked why we do not provide a country-by-country update on sales progress. We do not comment on specific progress with countries for two main reasons. First, we respect the confidentiality of our customers who would not want their deliberations to become public. And second, we would not want to signal to competitors which countries may be undergoing an expansion in their spending for biodefense. With that context in mind, we are pleased to share a progress report regarding the Canadian military, who announced in December and intend to issue contracts to support a Health Canada, regulatory filing and thep urchase of up to 15,825 courses of oral TPOXX for the Canadian military. A procurement order of this size would represent about 25%of the active military forces in Canada. Although this is a relatively modest number of courses it is precedent for military preparedness by a U.S. NATO ally.
What can we gather from that? They've got multiple sales in the works, but are keeping mum about it. Also, that it takes time to cut through government tape and announce these sales. Here's the single largest risk for this play: that it takes too long for international contracts to be announced. For this reason, I recommend buying stocks and not calls. The near term future is too unpredictable.

Research Activities
SIGA's main drug, oral TPOXX, is already completely FDA approved as safe in humans and effective in animals. A quirk of their niche is that since smallpox is eradicated, they can't ethically test the drug for effectiveness in humans. This helps their bottom line because they basically get to skip some of the trials of a typical drug development cycle.
SIGA's most important upcoming products are TPOXX for IV, liquid pediatric, and prophylactic use. Due to the current pandemic, all human trials are postponed, but the barriers for these trials are quite low. They only need to demonstrate human safety for the alternate ROA drugs. For prophylactic TPOXX, SIGA needs to demonstrate that TPOXX does not interfere with immunity acquisition from the smallpox vaccine. That way a potentially exposed person can both be treated and vaccinated at the same time. If they fail to meet these research goals, then I doubt the BARDA contract will be exercised for full value. Because of the delay in these results due to corona, I doubt that they threaten the trade that I'm proposing.
Orthopox viruses to deliver cancer therapeutics and older Lassa fever antivirals. I honestly don't know enough about their activities in these areas to make a comment. I think they are irrelevant to the base play, but could provide some surprise upside if there was a development.

Insider trading
The execs did more selling than buying last year which is perhaps bearish, but their most recent move was to buy a lot of stock in December after announcing the Canada deal. They sold stock at ~$5.80 in early 2019. Now, they're holding even though it is past $6. I think the COVID pandemic has massively increased SIGA’s value and their key people are holding at a price where they previously sold knowing that a lot more cash is coming in. I think there's also some possibility of acquisition at higher share price, being debt free makes them attractive to a buyer--just pick up all the shares, no liabilities to clean up.

I have 5% of my IRA in SIGA and a couple of long dated $10 calls (volume is shit FYI) in my funny money account.
Thank you for reading my novel.
Disclaimer: Just because I can write two coherent paragraphs on a play does not mean I know what I'm doing. Do your own due diligence.
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But why Leipzig? A not so short analysis on why Red Bull chose the city as their hub.

Every other month or so, a new discussion on this sub arises about RB Leipzig, their business model, and whether Red Bull-boss Dietrich Mateschitz is a saint-like philantropist who finally brought high class football to the poor citizens of Leipzig or satan himself whose sole goal is to destroy football as a whole and eat fans alive. This post isn’t about that. While I personally have strong opinions about whether RB Leipzig and their business model are good or bad (hint: It’s bad), I try to keep this post as unbiased as possible. Instead, this is about the circumstances that lead to Red Bull choosing Leipzig as their hub for their big Bundesliga team. When Red Bull tried to set foot into German football for the first time, they initially tried to use the same method they had success with elsewhere: Take over an existing, possibly struggling team and transform them to their desires, like they had done with Austria Salzburg or the New York MetroStars. Even back then, the first door to knock on was FC Sachsen Leipzig. After fans protested and negotiations with 1860 Munich, FC St. Pauli and Fortuna Düsseldorf were equally unsucessful, they turned back to their initial pick Leipzig and started their own club. So- why exactly Leipzig?
To understand this, we have to look at Leipzigs football clubs and the city itself. Leipzig is the eighth-largest city in Germany, and (excluding Berlin) the largest one in the former GDR. Their population is bigger than Liverpool, Lyon, Genoa or Malaga. All those cities have established clubs, sometimes even multiple within the top division. At the time of RBLs conception, the top club of the city of Leipzig meanwhile was just relegated to the fifth division. The only city with a similar size and situation was Essen, with Rot-Weiss sitting in the fourth division. Still, right in the center of the picturesque Rhein-Ruhr area, Essen was surrounded by successful clubs who could fill any desires for top-class football. Leipzig wasn’t. The closest city of similar size is Dresden, but their top club Dynamo also only played in the third division. The same was true for other clubs nearby like Jena, Erfurt or Aue. Cottbus, already quite a bit away from Leipzig just got relegated to the 2. Bundesliga, and while the drive to Berlin to watch a Hertha match only takes around two hours thanks to those lovely post-reunification East German Autobahn, it’s still quite a bit away for european standards. Other cities like Nuremberg or Wolfsburg weren’t closer either.
Given these circumstances, it’s no surprise that Red Bull saw Leipzig as their prime location to start a new, fresh club in Germany. Although this begs the question: Why not Dresden? Both cities have almost equal population numbers, sit in a similar geographic location not too far away from each other and have virtually no access to professional top class football. While the old Zentralstadion in Leipzig was bigger in theory, it was also fairly run-down and not suitable for Bundesliga football back in 2009,* while the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion in Dresden just got refurbished to house 32,000 spectators. Sure, Leipzig was a bit closer to other major cities, but gaining followers from outside the city and its surrounding areas wasn’t really the plan to begin with, at least for now. A major reason for Red Bull’s decision to pursue Leipzig from the beginning and not even really think about Dresden was the lack of competition. Even though Dynamo Dresden spent their time in lower leagues, the city and its fans still stood fairly unified behind the club. Establishing a competitor and convincing fans to join their new product would be hard. In Leipzig however, there was no other club with a unified fan base. All that was left of the long gone glory days were two clubs, shadows of their former selves, who hated each other. This leads to the final why: Why was there such a power vacuum for Red Bull to push into? To understand this, we have to take a very long look back, all the way back to the end of WWII, and work through the history of post-war football within the city. Here’s a simple, easy to understand diagram to help you tag along.
* Mistake here, the new Zentralstadion was already finished for the world cup in 2006. Still, at a capacity of just below 43,000, both Leipzig and Dresden would've been suitable for Bundesliga use.
Pre-1949 – Under soviet occupation, all pre-war clubs were outlawed. To replace them, new sport groups were formed all around the country. In the early years, those were often short-lived and merged, split up and disbanded frequently, sometimes even within weeks. Up until 1949, there was no nationwide football league, either. Combined with the fact that those clubs often had very similar names, usually SG City-District, everything earlier becomes increasingly hard to research. For the history of Leipzig football, we’ll focus on two of these SG’s: SG Leipzig-Leutzsch played at the Georg-Schwarz-Sportpark in the district of Leutzsch, former home of pre-war TuRa Leipzig. TuRa was founded in 1932 as a workers team for a slot machine factory. SG Leipzig-Probstheida meanwhile was based in Leipzig-Probstheida (who’da thunk it) at the Bruno-Plache-Stadion. They could trace back their roots to VfB Leipzig, first german champions and most successful club in the pre-WWI era. Even back then, tradition was already an important part of fan culture. When TuRa and VfB faced each other in 1935, a newspaper wrote: “The game wasn’t on for long until you could sense the frantic, provoked emotions in both rivals stands, which was better described as hostility rather than competitive spirit”. As you can see, even back then no one liked the corporate shills.
1949/50 – The foundation of the first nationwide league brought more major changes with it. SG Leipzig-Leutzsch finished third in the Saxonian championship the year prior and therefore qualified for the new nationwide Oberliga. Before the season started however, SG Leipzig-Leutzsch merged with more than a dozen other clubs to form ZSG Industrie Leipzig. This is where the left branch of the diagram starts. Not even two weeks after its foundation, on the 1st April, 1949, ZSG Industrie already split up again into three distinct divisions. ZSG Industrie Leutzsch was renamed again shortly after to BSG Stahl Nordwest Leipzig and today exists as SV Leipzig-Nordwest in 10th tier. ZSG Industrie Hafen split up again in 1951, creating the new teams BSG Fortschritt West and BSG Motor Lindenau. Those two clubs merged back together after reunification and now operate as SpVgg 1899 Leipzig in the 9th division. The spot in the top division meanwhile stayed with ZSG Industrie Leipzig, where they finished in 8th. Over in Probstheida, SG Leipzig-Probstheida was meanwhile renamed to BSG Erich Zeigner Leipzig, after some communist, as it was en vouge at the time. They missed qualification for the initial season of the Oberliga and thus played another year in the Saxonian league for the 1949/50-season, before qualifying for the newly founded second division, the DDR-Liga. This is the beginning of the right branch on the diagram.
1950/51 – Only a year later, the East German sports landscape was heavily reformed, as if all the changes prior hadn’t been confusing enough. To conform to socialist ideology, clubs were urged to turn into so called Betriebssportgemeinschaften (workers sport groups), BSGs for short. Every club was to be linked to a specific factory or organization, where players were employed as workers and excused for training or matches. Clubs who didn’t comply were seen as bourgeois and faced various kinds of repercussions, so by the mid-50s, virtually all clubs in the GDR were those worker clubs. The club name of those BSGs was determined by the branch of industry they were associated to. Police clubs were named Dynamo, workers clubs in the construction industry were called Aufbau, and so on. This is the reason why there are still loads of Dynamo or Dinamo clubs around, as they all were former police teams. Dresden, Zagreb, Kiev, Bucharest, Moscow, Houston (I’m not absolutely sure about them), and so on. ZSG Industrie Leipzig meanwhile was assigned to the local chemical plants and thus renamed to BSG Chemie Leipzig, which translates to BSG Chemistry Leipzig (They weren’t always too creative). BSG Erich Zeigner was meanwhile turned into BSG Einheit Ost Leipzig, associated to insurances and administrative institutions. In the 1950/51-season, Chemie won their first championship. After finishing equal on points with BSG Turbine Erfurt, Leipzig won the final play-off match 2:0 in front of 60,000 spectators in Chemnitz. Einheit Ost meanwhile finished third in the southern division of the DDR-Liga.
1954 – While Einheit Ost finally got promoted to the top-tier Oberliga in 1953, Chemie came close to more silverware when they finished third in 1952 and second in 1954, before the East German sports landscape was again subjected to major changes. Unlike before, where bigger clubs of the same associated industry were spread all across the country, the new model provided for only a few major clubs per branch of trade, with all others only focusing on amateur sports. Leipzig got two of those so called Sportclubs, SCs for short, which translates to sport clubs, no need to thank me. Einheit Ost got transformed into SC Rotation Leipzig, one of two SCs for the national print and publishing industry. The players of Chemie meanwhile were presented with two options: Either stay within the city and join SC Lokomotive Leipzig, the new club for the national railway services; or move to nearby Halle, where the SC for the chemical industry was located. Almost all players chose the first option (No, I don’t know what a chemistry worker would do on a train yard, they probably were just some office clerks or some shit), and while the remnants of Chemie Leipzig were downgraded to an amateur team in the fifth division, Lok took over their spot in the Oberliga and moved to the Stadion des Friedens in Leipzig-Gohlis. The following years were marked by fights about the top spot in the city. While Lok initially struggled to reproduce Chemie’s results, fan interest was enormous. Derbys were moved to the much bigger Zentralstadion, where in 1956, 100,000 people saw the 2:1 victory of Lok over Rotation. To this day, this is a record for most spectators at a national league match in Germany. In 1957, Lok also won the East German cup, the FDGB-Pokal for the first time, and reached the final a year later. Rotation wasn’t as successful, usually finishing in the lower half of the table and never reaching the quarter finals in the cup.
1963 – As decision makers in GDR liked restructuring things almost as much as building walls, the colour red and naming things after dead communists, more restructuring followed in the mid-60s. Officials now decided that one SC per district should be enough, regardless of the branch of industry currently associated with them. Therefore, in 1963, Rotation and Lok joined forces and merged into SC Leipzig. While the top players of both teams were signed by the new club, there was still a whole team worth of players and, more importantly, another spot in the league up for grabs. The solution was to resurrect BSG Chemie Leipzig and transfer all the leftover players, staff and the remaining Oberliga-spot to them. The amateur team, which had kept the name alive for the past years, was meanwhile integrated into the club as the new third team. While SC Leipzig was seen as a prime contender for the championship, Chemie on the other hand was everyones first choice as a relegation candidate. After all, they were basically made up of the shit players of a partially successful team and one that had been mediocre at best. Nevertheless, in one of the biggest upsets in the history of GDR football, Chemie and the so called “rest of Leipzeig” immediately won the league, three points ahead of SC Leipzig, who finished third. This was the last time a BSG won the title against the better funded SC-clubs. This was also the start of many animosities between the two clubs and their successors.
1966 – Not even three and a half years after conception, SC Leipzig was history again. (Did I mention that people liked to change stuff every few years?) The football sections of the SCs were separated from the main clubs and now formed independent football clubs. In Leipzig, this club was again assigned to the national railway services, and thus got the new name 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig. Unlike SC Lokomotive of the 50s, this club was however based at the Bruno-Plache-Stadion in Probstheida, former home of SC Rotation. The club also made its first international headlines, beating Benfica with star player Eusebio in the third round of the 1966–67 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. While they were one of the top teams in the country for most of the 60s, Lok failed to win any titles before a surprise relegation in 1969. Meanwhile, Chemie won the FDGB-Cup in 1966, but started to struggle in the league. At this point, I’d like to take a moment to remember the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. Conceptualized as a tournament to promote trade fairs, only the cities with the biggest and most important ones competed in the early years. Over time, this definition slowly changed to “If you have a large parking lot in your town to hold a flea market, you’re in”, leading to clubs like ÍA Akranes and US Rumelange competing for the win (and subsequently losing by double digits in the first round).
70s – After Lok bounced back to the Oberliga immediately, they initially failed to gain traction, with their best results of the decade being fourth places in 1973, 1976 and 1978. Their cup campaign was more successful, however. After reaching the final in 1970 and 1973, they finally won the trophy in 1976 after a decisive 3:0 victory over FC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder. They also had an admirable run in the 1974 UEFA Cup, reaching the semi finals before being eliminated by Tottenham. Chemie on the other hand couldn’t keep up with the better funded competition and thus became a yo-yo club, being relegated to the DDR-Liga thrice within just ten years.
80s – While Chemie continued their life yo-yoing between the leagues and yoing more and more time in the second division, Lok now attacked in the Oberliga as well. GDR football in the 80s was dominated by Dynamo Berlin, a team with links to the Stasi, the national secret police. Said subtle links included the honorary president of the Club, a guy called Erich Mielke, being also the president of the Stasi. As I said, very subtle links. Dynamo Berlin was also often accused of receiving preferred treatment from referees and officials alike. They were pretty much the Bayern Munich of 80s East German football, with the important difference that the board of Dynamo supported the GDR being an unjust regime that killed people, while the board of Bayern supports Qatar being an unjust regime that kills people. On matchday 18 of the 1985/86 season, the club from the capital played in Probstheida. While Berlin lead the table, Leipzig, sitting in fourth place, needed a win to keep up any realistic chances of winning the league. Lok scored early and held on to the lead until the fourth minute of stoppage time, when referee Bernd Stumpf awarded a penalty to Berlin after a seemingly harmless foul. The decision was questionable and even TV images couldn’t resolve the situation. This lead to a massive outcry never seen before in East German football, with players and even party officials from Leipzig accusing Dynamo of match fixing. To ease the pressure, Stumpf was banned for life from refereeing, and the fact that Lok finished the season only two points behind Dynamo fanned the flames even more. Only years later, in 2000, new footage of the incident was found, proving Stumpf’s decision to be indeed correct. In 1988, they again came second, this time only losing out because of goal difference. Just as in the 70s, their various cup engagements were more successful. They won the FDGB-Pokal three more times in 1981, 1986 and 1987, and also proved their worth on the international stage. In the 1981/82 Cup Winner’s Cup, they reached the quarter finals after being beaten by Barcelona, who would go on and win the tournament. They also beat Girondins Bordeaux and Werder Bremen in the 1983/84 UEFA Cup. This was back in the days when a victory against Bremen still was considered an accomplishment. Their biggest run however followed in the 1986/87 Cup Winner’s Cup. After victories over Glentoran Belfast, Rapid Vienna and FC Sion, they again faced Bordeaux in the semi final. After a 0:1 victory in France, 73,000 fans came to watch the second leg at the Zentralstadion. That’s the official number anyway, other sources estimate up to 120,000 spectators that day. Bordeaux scored early, but Leipzig withstood the pressure for the rest of the match. In the end, Lok won 6:5 on penalties, with goalkeeper René Müller scoring the decisive last goal. They lost the subsequent final 1:0 against Ajax, but received praise from opponents and press alike.
1989/90 – 9th November, 1989, would forever be ingrained in German and world history, as on this day, VfB Stuttgart won 3:0 against Bayern in the RO16 in the DFB-Pokal. Also at the same day, some kind of wall fell in Berlin, which apparently made it to local news or something. German reunification brought even more major changes to East German football, which had been unusually stable for the last 25 years. Clubs all over the country couldn’t compete with western wages, and thus lost key players left, right and center. Lok was no exception, with players like Olaf Marschall or Uwe Zötsche leaving for western clubs after the season. Moreover, those teams now had to operate in a completely unfamiliar capitalist system. To combat those problems, Lok proposed an idea to their rivals Chemie: Under the traditional name VfB, a new and competitive team, representing the whole city was to be formed by merging both clubs together. Chemie, however, had other plans than to unite with their hated neighbor and ditch their heritage as a workers club for a new identity. BSG Chemie Leipzig finished the 1989/90 season in second place of the DDR-Liga behind BSG Chemie Böhlen, thus missing out on promotion back to the top flight. It was already clear that the 1990/91-season would be the last of independent East German football, and while clubs from the Oberliga had good chances of at least qualifying for the 2. Bundesliga the season after, they would’ve had to win the DDR-Liga to even participate in the qualification tournament for the all-german second division. Meanwhile, Böhlen had just changed their name from BSG Chemie to SV Chemie to signify their changed identity and rid themselves of the now unpopular East German baggage. They also were in financial troubles, so Leipzig made them an offer: A merger of SV Chemie Böhlen and BSG Chemie Leipzig, who had also just changed their name to FC Grün-Weiß Leipzig after the season. They also got themselves logo with a frog that’s also a football, which isn’t really important to the story, but just look at it. It’s a football frog. Whoever came up with this is a pure genius. Back to the story. Böhlen accepted the offer for a merger, which in reality was more of a takeover to get Chemie, sorry, FC Grün-Weiß Leipzig their Oberliga-license. Sadly, this also meant that the frog was gone already after just two months, with the new club now called FC Sachsen Leipzig.
1990/91 – The final season of GDR football was all about qualification for the new unified german leagues. Like many things, stuff that was abundant in the west was very scarce and contested in the east, so only two spots for the Bundesliga were available. Those were claimed by Hansa Rostock and Dynamo Dresden. Meanwhile, Lok only finished seventh, while Sachsen barely clinched the final twelveth spot that guaranteed participation in the qualification tournament for the 2. Bundesliga. While Lok cruised through their group and won one of the last two spots in the second division, Sachsen finished dead last and was seeded in the new third division, the Oberliga Nordost.
1991/92 – For their first season in unified Germany, 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig also tried to reform their identity, because you know, they hadn’t done so since the sixities. They took up the idea from 1990 and named themselves VfB Leipzig, after the first german champions that had played in Probstheida. This was somewhat ironic, since their home ground there wasn’t deemed suitable for playing, so the club had to leave Probstheida for the Zentralstadion during the season. After injuries to key players like Damian Halata and Ronald Kreer, VfB Leipzig only barely avoided relegation. They also signed expensive players like former French national Didier Six, which put further strain on their already tight budget. Sachsen meanwhile finished fifth in the Oberliga Nordost, a full 19 points behind winners Zwickau (and remember, this was back in the days where a win only got you two points).
1992/93 – While the 1991/92 season of the 2. Bundesliga was played in a northern and southern division, this following year was planned as a single goliath-league with 24 teams. Still, VfB Leipzig almost didn’t participate after being short on 1 Mio. D-Mark in order to get their license. After a successful appeal, they surprised many by becoming one of the leagues best teams, even after backsets like losing top scorer Bernd Hobsch to Werder Bremen in the winter break. More controversial was the announcement by coach Jürgen Sundermann to leave the club at the end of the season and join Waldhof Mannheim. Still, Leipzig kept up with the other clubs in the top group. While the Freiburger SC won the championship by a clear margin, a three-way battle developed behind them for the remaining two promotion spots between Leipzig, MSV Duisburg, and, of all teams, Waldhof Mannheim. With a win in Jena and a scoreless tie between Mannheim and Eintracht Braunschweig, Leipzig inherited third place before the final two matchdays. In the penultimate game of the season the opponents met each other face-to-face. After another scoreless tie and two red cards for Leipzig, the decision only fell on the final matchday, when Leipzig won 2:0 against FSV Mainz 05 and Mannheim lost 4:3 in Wuppertal, thus promoting VfB Leipzig to the Bundesliga. In the meantime, Sachsen Leipzig won the southern division of the Oberliga Nordost, but still wasn’t allowed to participate in the deciding qualification round for the 2. Bundesliga for financial reasons. They also won their first Sachsenpokal, the regional cup tournament for Saxony. Furthermore, their stadium in Leutzsch was renamed to Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark, to honor the coach who brought them the surprise championship in 1964. After all, they hadn’t renamed anything for almost two years now.
1993/94 – VfB Leipzig was faced with more troubles for their initial Bundesliga season. While key players leaving for richer clubs was a common occurrence by now, the Zentralstadion showed to be deeply unsuitable for them. With a maximum capacity of 50,000 spectators, only 8000 people per game were expected, not least because the surrounding area was traditionally Chemie/Sachsen territory. Nominally spectacular transfers like Darko Pančev, who came from Internazionale, could not prevent immediate relegation back to the second division. With three wins, eleven draws and twenty losses in their only Bundesliga season, they currently sit in second-to-last position in the all-time Bundesliga table. Sachsen Leipzig meanwhile finished fourth and qualified for the new Regionalliga Nordost, while winning another Sachsenpokal.
Late 90s – VfB Leipzig made numerous expensive transfers over the next years in order to achieve a rapid return to the top flight, all with questionable returns. Speaking of returns, they also returned to the Bruno-Plache-Stadion in Probstheida in 1996, when the safety issues there were finally properly fixed. After a draw on the final matchday against their direct relegation opponents from Wattenscheid, VfB Leipzig dropped to the third division in 1998, where they met up again with their city rivals FC Sachsen, who had won their third Sachsenpokal in the meantime. Following a second place finish in 1999, the financial problems for VfB Leipzig became so daring that insolvency was the only option. To make matters worse, they also failed to qualify for the next season in the Regionalliga, which was to be slimmed down from four divisions to just two. Sachsen Leipzig initially made the cut for the 2000/01 Regionalliga-season, but likewise had to file for bankruptcy the year after. Both clubs therefore found themselves down in the fourth division.
2000s – The struggles for both clubs didn’t end there (What a surprise!). While Sachsen initially had another quick stint in the Regionalliga for the 2003/04 season, VfB Leipzig was dissolved after their second insolvency in 2004. As a response, fans founded 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig, the name and logo being identical to the old GDR team from 1966. While the new club absorbed the old VfB youth teams, there senior team started all the way back in the lowest division. After securing promotion every time in their first four seasons, they quickly found themselves to be back in the fifth division. Over in Leutzsch, other issues surfaced. A supporters group, founded all the way back in 1997 under the name of Ballsportfördergemeinschaft Chemie Leipzig (a.k.a. BSG Chemie, see what they did there?) began to grow increasingly unsatisfied with the club. The board moved their matches to the unpopular Zentralstadion, while supportes also protested heavily when Red Bull tried to set foot in the city for the first time and overtake the club in 2006. The straw that broke the camels neck were increasing political disputes within the club and it’s fan scene that culminated in physical assaults in November 2007 during an away game in Sangershausen. As a response, the supporters group decided to part ways with FC Sachsen Leipzig and instead found their own club, much like fans had done over in Probstheida a few years earlier. This lead to disputes about who the real successor of old GDR-Chemie was. While FC Sachsen possesed all claims to the legal line of succession, the new BSG Chemie Leipzig had the name, stadium and almost the same badge of the old club from the fifties. Still, FC Sachsen Leipzig had bigger problems, as another insolvency relegated them to the fifth division, meeting up again with Lok. Enter Red Bull. After neither FC Sachsen Leipzig nor any other german clubs were willing to entertain their ideas of a Red Bull takeover, they turned to SSV Markranstädt, a club from a suburb of Leipzig with a fifth division team. They made a deal: For the 2009/10-season, all teams of Markranstädt would run as RB Leipzig. Afterwards, Markranstädt would get back all teams bar the top one, plus some extra money as a bonus. At the request of the Saxonian Football Association, they also took over some youth teams from the bankrupt FC Sachsen Leipzig. Therefore, three clubs from the city participated in the 2009/10 Oberliga Sachen. RB dominated the league, finishing 22 points ahead of second place, while FC Sachsen, now back again at the Adolf Kunze Sportpark in Leutzsch, finished 6th and Lok 12th. Even then, the old clubs still pulled impressive crowds, with almost 15,000 spectators for the derby between Sachsen and Lok.
2010s –In the following season, RB Leipzig made a similar deal with ESV Delitzsch like they had with Markranstädt in order to also have a second team. Meanwhile, FC Sachsen entered a controversial partnership for youth development with RB. Combined with terrible performances in the second half of the season, specator numbers collapsed, leading to yet another insolvency in 2011 (see a pattern here?). This time, FC Sachsen didn’t survive and was disbanded, with youth and amateur teams taken over by a new club called SG Leipzig-Leutzsch. Two years later, they changed their name to SG Sachsen Leipzig (what is it with those name changes all the time?), and another year after that, the whole club was disbanded again after the fourth insolvency since 2001. I hope you are as unsurprised as I am. Another new club called LFV Sachsen Leipzig was founded shortly afterwards. They currently play in the 9th division and share a ground with SV Nordwest Leipzig, one of the decendants of the old ZSG Industrie from all the way back in the 50s. But hey, at least they aren’t bankrupt yet. Fan-founded BSG Chemie meanwhile rose through the ranks. After starting all the way down in the 12th division in 2008, they partnered up with VfK Blau-Weiß Leipzig for a season and today are back in the fourth division, still playing in the Alfred-Kunze Sportpark in Leutzsch. Their biggest success was their victory in the Sachsenpokal in 2018, which also was their ticket for next years DFB-Pokal, where they beat second division team Jahn Regensburg in the first round before being eliminated by SC Paderborn. It was pretty much the first time this club had done anything impressive since their cup win in 1966. 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig also currently play in fourth tier at the Bruno-Plache-Stadion. Even though they’re by all measures the legitimate successor of VfB Leipzig, Lok are currently making efforts to officially merge with the technically still existing VfB. This would not only grant them some tax benefits I don’t really understand, but also possibly allow them to wear a star on their jersey, signifying the titles of the old pre-war VfB Leipzig back in the early 1900s. Another thing that shouldn’t go unmentioned is the fact that both Chemie and Lok have a clear political image at least since the early 2000s. It’s almost a bit disingenious to fit all of this into a single paragraph, when it’s in fact one of the biggest reasons why RBL succeded, but this text is long enough already. While both clubs try to distance themselves from any political extremism, their influence on individual supporters is limited. Diablos Leutzsch, the biggest ultra group of Chemie is often linked with the local antifa, while the club often plays friendlies against local clubs like the antifascist Roter Stern Leipzig, and thus is fairly popular with the political left. Lok meanwhile often made the news with racist and neo-nazi fans, with tifos like “Rudolf Heß – our Right Winger” and scarves that read “Juden Chemie” presented at derbies. Although the board and some supporter groups try to take a stand against racism, this is pretty much an uphill struggle and thus, Lok is seen as the right wing club of the city. Especially derbys between the two aren’t exactly the games where you’d bring your family to the stadium. The story of RB Leipzig is well known. They rose through the leagues and currently are one of the top Bundesliga teams. Since I want to keep this text as unbiased as possible, I’m gonna leave it at that, otherwise I’ll just start ranting. One thing is undeniable though: As a club without any political positioning and no appeal to any ultra groups of any kind, they are the preferable choice for the family of four who just want to spend a nice evening, eat overpriced sausages and watch some of those footballers play they only saw on TV before.
So there you have it. A historical analysis on why there was such a power vacuum for Red Bull to slip into and base their team in Leipzig. To explain the cities footballing history, you need to talk about 25 different clubs. The problem becomes especially noticeable when we compare Leipzig with Dresden for the last time. If we draw a similar diagram for Dynamo Dresden like we did for Leipzig before, we can see that, bar some changes to name and logo, the clubs history has been pretty straightforward since the mid-50s, and most noteably, without any bankruptcies (Not to say they didn’t come close sometimes). When Chemie/Sachsen and Lok/VfB struggled both sporting-wise and financially and competed for fans at the same time, Red Bull was there to pick up the pieces and rise to the top, while the old clubs were often more invested in fighting with each other rather than building professional structures.
TL;DR: It took me weeks to work on this shit, if you’re interested in the topic, you can take fifteen minutes to read it.
TL;DR2: Before the Red Bull Nation attacked, Leipzig had two clubs, whose history is so complicated that you need another twenty or so clubs to describe it. Both clubs were pretty shit and hated each other. As it turns out, this doesn't make a good opposition to a billion dollar company. Nowadays, Leipzig has a Bundesliga team and two clubs that are still pretty shit and still hate each other, but now, they're at least united in their hate about the Bundesliga team.
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CMV: The United States should refuse to trade or cooperate with Saudi Arabia until they stop their human rights abuses.

I know this is a complicated issue, but I honestly don't see why we should even bother to ally with them.
First, it's very clear that Saudi Arabia is one of the worst nations in the world in terms of respecting human rights. I won't pretend that the United States has been great on that regard either, but we're (I'm an American) still leaps and bounds ahead of a country where women weren't even allowed to drive until the past few years. As we're a major trading partner, refusing to trade with them will hurt them economically, and punish them for committing their horrific crimes. It doesn't seem like U.S oversight is doing much to stop them from committing human rights violations either, they're just slightly more subtle about it.
Also, the U.S has a large oil supply and a growing renewable energy industry. The U.S exports large amounts of petroleum each year. Also, being mostly self-reliant on oil might be a good incentive to invest in nuclear power, which is cleaner than oil. If we're able to reduce our dependency on oil after a few years, we'll be able to export more to other countries, reducing Saudi Arabia's power internationally. (Although this isn't great for the environment). Either way, the key point here is that the U.S can afford to not have Saudi Arabia's oil. Also, even if there are problems, I would say that not supporting a nation that is murdering children in Yemen is more important than having a little less oil than needed.
I also don't understand the argument that Saudi Arabia brings stability to the Middle East. It's true that they do currently, but the United States's considerable power means that any country that we support will be given a considerable power boost. It's also true that basically every nation in the region has a questionable human rights record, but literally any country in the Middle East besides Syria has an at least marginally better human rights record than Saudi Arabia. Although the options for who to support are very limited, due to the United States' colossal mistakes in the region (it's highly unlikely that Iran would want U.S support, for example), giving aid to Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, or Qatar, for example, would still be better than giving it to Saudi Arabia.
So, yeah, I guess that's my argument. I'm interested to know what the other side of this argument is.
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Practicing DD: Energy sector edition

Hey all, super amateur here and learning as quick as I can, mostly through watching you guys. I've got a few lumps along the way (hey pennystocks) but I'm still positive and willing to learn. I've jumped onto a lot of bandwagons before doing DD, so I wanted to practice.
So, what I did was looked at the energy sector on RH and started from price low to high and filtered 30ish promising stocks that might grow on Sunday (5/17) night and see what moved Monday. I made a paper ledger WITHOUT the DD first - didn't have time. So I spent the last 4 hours working on this during my night time down time.
I'm posting this just to learn - I would love any help and criticism anyone has.
My process was mostly troll around on the company websites and search headlines and looked at their charts. Every post has their current closing price and the price on Febuary 3rd (first market day in February) mostly to compare today vs. Before COVID-19 to see if I could find any breakouts because the energy sector was one of the hardest hit. Some light commentary at the end. Some have more details, some less, depending on what I found.
*SOI - current 6.35, stable AH, 11.83 2/3, recently announced .105 quarterly dividend for 6/16. Makes and rents mobile equipment for oil and gas wells. Has no debt, high EV/EBITDA mutliple discount, slashing operating costs by 50% as of 5/11, Had $17.6 million deferred revenue following contract termination with Kingfisher, recogonizing $38 million in impairment charges related to the write-off. It announced it recouped the entire investment. As of 3/31 it has $96 million liquidity, $46m in cash. Rated bullish at $8.27 pps.

MGY - current 6.11, stable AH. $10.30 2/3. Currently rated as a hold. South Texas exploration business. Plenty of inside trading.

WPX - current 6.05, 1% increas AH. 11.87 2/3. As of 5/8 bullish $8 target, was previous at $17. Per 5/7 earnings call: 1.5 times leverage, 90% of oil revenue is protected at $57 per barrel, giving $150m in free cash flow this year.

SUBCY - $5.45 today closed. 10.49 2/3. Liquidity at $112m. $2.7 billion of executables as of earnings call. An offshore drilling company. listed as a Buy.
NOA -5.38 today, 10.63 2/3. Mining and construction services in Wester Canada. Average of a buy rating. Q1 revenue was 12m (199m) up from last year.

OGZPY - 5.27 today, 7.11 2/3. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4348428-gazprom-well-positioned-to-weather-storm?mod=mw_quote_news - Author of article finds that Russia being the largest investors is a good sign for long term hold of the company and will authorize natural gas trade with China. Looks like it's in some legal hell, but who knows?

*MR - 5.19 today, 3.37 2/3. Exploration company in Appalachian basin, based in Texas. Average rating at overweight. Target price at $8 by RBC Capital. Strong buy value at $6.22

^FLNG - 4.57 today, 8.38 2/3. Career vessel company based in Bermuda. Estimated value is $14 by some ratings. Had a deep correction recently.

EBR - 4.29 today, 9.11 2/3. Largest electricty distributor in Brazil. Was able to dodge brazilian president national privatization program.

-SSLX - 4.81 today (movment in AH), 15.69 2/3. Listed as a hold. South African holding company that does mining and chemicals. Seeking to become greener with wind and solar power by 2030. $10B in debt, looking to sell stakes in african gas pipeline and Qatar plant. Seeking investors for a minority stake in Lake Charles chemical complex in US.

CVE - 4.44 close, 4.5 AH. 8.63 2/3. Canadian oil and gas company. Had to cut back production and increase storage.

*BRY - 4.24 close, peaked 4.34 AH down to 4.24; 6.66 2/3. Dallas based domestic exploration and production company of oil and natural gas. Notable 15%+ rally today. Primarily produced in California. Seaking alternatives to California regulation about fracking and steam (i.e. explosives). Revolving credit matures in July 2022 and senior notes mature in Feb 2026. Has $383mm of its $400mm credit. Potential regulatory risks from California. That said, California expected to be first consumers. Estimated $5 as of 5/10.

*OIS - 3.17 today, 11.28 2/3. Houston based drilling company. Laid off ~15% since beginning of year. Expected gross margins to grow due to cost cutting done in company. Has a decline backlog (14% yoy). Company trades at 4x EBITDA. $224m in cash.

UGP - 2.67 close, 5.97 2/3. Brazillian energy producer.

^NEX - 2.74 close, 2.83 AH (14.05% gain today); 4.85 2/3. 5/10 estimation of stock is $2 by Credit Suisse. GAAP net loss Q1 was 71.76m versus 2019 GAAP net loss of 21.81m. Weekly resistance seems to be 2.55.

ERF - 2.86 close, 2.9 AH. 5.02 2/3. 5/10 Rated hold by multiple companies. Target price estimated $3. Others at 3.5 and 3.7. Strong liquidity @ 142m and 600m credit. 27 uncompleted wells in North Dakota.

^HLX - 2.35 close, after AH action 2.35; 8.42 2/3. Offshore energy company. Falling backlog. Seeking renewables. Lower debt-to-equity ratio compared to others in industry. $332m in liquidity, ~266m debt. Consensus is $3.88.

KOS - 1.72 close, 5.09 2/3. Gas and oil exploration company based in Dallas. Recently granted 2 more years to explore Guinea. Threaten to be delisted in April.

CIG - 1.57 close, 3.54 2/3. 12% of Brazil energy. 10.56% move today.

^NEXT - 1.38 close, 4.95 2/3. Notable 16.67% growth, probably due to announcement of liquidity through 2021 after job cuts. Plans to FID on proposed Rio Grade natural gas export plant in Texas this year.

TELL - 1.01 close, 1.08 AH; 7.49 2/3. Texas natural gas company. Announced 4/28 financing and term loan reduction. Change to Hold.

*NOG - .94 close; 1.65 2/3. Oil company based in Minnesota, focuses exploration in North Dakota and Montana. Lots of insider trading reported. This year net loss of 108m vs. last year net profit 218m. Estimated at 1.50. It beat earnings estimates this year, however. Hasn't broke $1 since Marchish. Has strong hedge of $55/$58 per barrel.

^PDS - .54 close, .53 AH; 1.17 2/3. Largest oil rig drilling contractor in Canada. Has cut staff and salaries - CEO salary cut by 20% as of 3/24. Cutting 2020 capex plan by about 50%. Looks rather bearish in movement.

^HPR - .3 close, 1.16 2/3. Colorado based oil and gas company. Reduced bank debt by 32% this quarter (45M). Announced deferring new drilling and completion activity at end of April.

Potential Breakouts
GEOS - 6.91 close, 13.50 2/3; notable 15.84% jump today. Loss of only .2 million revenue yoy for quarter. Recently won US contracts. Recently acquired Quantum. Director recently increased his share holding by 11.24%. Does seismic data for oil and gas.

SPLP - 4.52 close, 11.40 2/3. Salary reductions up 30% as of 4/16 and other cost saving measures. Frose all discretionary spend and managing working captial and non-core assets. Unusual trade activity 5/14 (in my opinion).

EGY - .91 close, .93 AH; 2.19 2/3. Possible reverse split downt he road. Debt free and good liquidity (60.97m). June 2019-April 2020 repurchased 2.7 million shares. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4348205-vaalco-energy-oversold-for-reason?mod=mw_quote_news At the end it says it's trading within a symmetrical wedge pattern and resistance is at .86 and support at .8. Consider buying at .62-.65

MIND - .78 close, 2.84 2/3. Marine products company. Not much news but support at .70 weekly and 1.2 resistance daily.

^VTNR - .67 close, .62AH; 1.47 2/3. reported +16% post Q1 resuts. Income from operations cut by half. EBITDA is 1.65M compared to 479.8k loss last year. Free cash flow of 1.16M. 4.2M from SBA PPP. Missed EPS by .17 last call (5/14). Trading on 5/14 was wild according to charts. .45-.5 support weekly and .7 resistance. Recently broke out of .6 resistance and seems to be the new support.
So, I marked some symbols with * or ^. * signifying strong candidates and ^ being higher risk. - means stay away.
Disclosure: I have no positions with any of these companies and my buying power is rather tied up right now. If I had to place a bet, I would try OIS because I think with the EBITDA value, it's really undervalued and they have a good game plan for the foreseeable future. BRY is my next bet. Of the risky ventures? Maybe FLNG but I'm still figuring that out. Maybe just play around with MIND for a few days - trade at .72ish and trade at .90ish.
In any case, like I said, I'm super new to this whole thing and I learn by repetition and heavy research. And trial and error. And as I said, I would like to do deeper DD in some stuff, but I'm only now learning.
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COVID-19 continues to spread exponentially between migrant workers in Qatari labour camps

According to Worldometer, the total cases in Qatar from the beginning of the pandemic are 73,595, 66 the deaths, while 49,413 patients recovered Qatar is the only country of its region where the COVID-19 increase continues to rise exponentially as the virus is spreading between migrant workers in labour camps. According to latest reports, despite the several appeals by international organizations, migrant workers in the Gulf State are not receiving any assistance or attention by local authorities.
Qatari authorities should ensure that migrant workers receive adequate protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, a coalition of 16 nongovernmental organizations and trade unions said in a letter last March, 2020 to Qatar’s prime minister and interior minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani. The groups include Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Migrant-Rights.org. Qatari leadership didn’t take any action to ensure that migrant workers including undocumented workers, quarantined or otherwise, have access to testing and get appropriate medical treatment
Underpaid migrant workers are unable to resort to treatments in Qatari clinics or hospitals for a fee and despite being helped, officials reserve them inhuman treatment. They are victims of systematic discrimination and marginalized by local communities looking at them as virus carriers. Recently, the UN agencies demanded to end this stigma, warning that isolation and reduced mobility have increased the risk of abuse and exploitation, particularly of women migrant workers and their children, including by employers and partners
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COVID-19 continues to spread exponentially between migrant workers in Qatari labour camps

According to Worldometer the total cases in Qatar from the beginning of the pandemic are 73,595, 66 the deaths, while 49,413 patients recovered Qatar is the only country of its region where the COVID-19 increase continues to rise exponentially as the virus is spreading between migrant workers in labour camps. According to latest reports, despite the several appeals by international organizations, migrant workers in the Gulf State are not receiving any assistance or attention by local authorities.
Qatari authorities should ensure that migrant workers receive adequate protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, a coalition of 16 nongovernmental organizations and trade unions said in a letter last March, 2020 to Qatar’s prime minister and interior minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani. The groups include Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Migrant-Rights.org. Qatari leadership didn’t take any action to ensure that migrant workers including undocumented workers, quarantined or otherwise, have access to testing and get appropriate medical treatment
Underpaid migrant workers are unable to resort to treatments in Qatari clinics or hospitals for a fee and despite being helped, officials reserve them inhuman treatment. They are victims of systematic discrimination and marginalized by local communities looking at them as virus carriers. Recently, the UN agencies demanded to end this stigma, warning that isolation and reduced mobility have increased the risk of abuse and exploitation, particularly of women migrant workers and their children, including by employers and partners
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[Expansion] Education Reforms in the LADS

Despite the relative wealth of the Arabian Gulf, the education outcomes of the region lag significantly behind those of Europe and Asia. Previously, many attributed this disparity to poor instruction techniques in the countries; education had long been viewed by the monarchies as a means for social control, rather than as a means to train skilled labor. This legacy still exists in the educational systems of the new republics of the peninsula, necessitating action by the LADS to bring the region’s education standards to be more into line with the developed world.
The Khaleeji Arab Republic
The Khaleeji Arab Republic’s education system is perhaps the second best in the LADS, but only because it has had the longest to perfect it. After the collapse of the Kingdom, the new Republic elected to continue with the education reform programs instituted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. STEM fields and critical thinking skills are the primary focus of K-12 education in the country, with the goal of creating a highly skilled workforce that is able to compete directly with the Global North for high skill, high paying jobs. The education reform has also seen the continued secularization of the education system, as the ruling Arab People’s Party has little to no interest in maintaining the decades-long Shi’a-Sunni split, and relies heavily on the country’s Shi’a minority as part of its coalition to remain in power.
As by far the largest education sector in the LADS, the KAR’s education department has de facto final say over what can and cannot be published in textbooks as part of these educational reforms. Fortunately, the KAR has little interest in censoring things like Saudi Arabia once did, but it does have a particular interest in ensuring certain things are included in all textbooks and curricula. These new materials will focus heavily on the importance of secularism, pan-Arabism, and democracy, inculcating these three values as something that approaches a civic religion.
Owing to MbS’s education reforms, the KAR also has several of the best universities in the peninsula and has some of the best K-12 STEM education in the country. KAR education policy experts will attempt to teach teachers from other education systems how best to approach teaching STEM subjects during primary schooling.
Jordan’s education system is easily the best in the LADS. Its relatively liberal monarchy (especially in comparison to the conservative, restrictive monarchies of the Gulf States) largely viewed education as a tool for workforce improvement rather than as a tool for social control. The country achieved full literacy in the early 2020s and has since gone on to become one of the best educated countries in the Arab world. Its focus on computer skills and on integrating computer usage into the classroom, especially in math and science, have made the country extremely competitive in the IT and computing fields, and Jordan regularly produces some of the best teachers in the Arab world.
With this in mind, Jordan will serve as the incubator through which education in the rest of the LADS will be improved. Once the country’s textbooks and curricula a once over to ensure they are properly secularized and pan-Arabized, Jordan’s education system will operate as the “pilot program” for major educational reforms that are to be done throughout the LADS. Teachers from across the LADS will travel to Jordan to participate in paid training to improve their ability to teach in a more western style, stressing critical thinking rather than rote memorization. We hope that within five years, every teacher in the LADS will have had the opportunity to participate in these Jordanian trainings.
The LADS will also invest in expanding the education departments at major universities throughout Jordan and will introduce significant scholarships to encourage students throughout the LADS to attend Jordanian universities to become teachers. Jordanian IT excellence will be leveraged to create online learning platforms for universities and for K-12 schools.
Kuwait is peculiar in that public education is only compulsory for children aged 6-14. Many children end up leaving school after just nine years of education, and while some end up graduating from technical colleges or otherwise learning some sort of trade, many do not. Boys, especially expatriate boys, are particularly affected by this policy, as the pressure to help provide for the family often forces low income children out of the school system at an early age.
As the goal of these education reforms is to improve the ability of LADS economies to compete on the global market, we cannot afford to have children dropping out before acquiring the necessary skills. Therefore, this education reform will make attendance compulsory for children aged 5-18, adding an additional school year to the front end of the compulsory education cycle, and requiring students to stay through high school.
The UAS has the lowest literacy rate of the LADS, with only 90% of its adult population possessing basic literacy. This is partly due to its massive expatriate population, most of whom are uneducated immigrants from regions like South Asia or East Africa. As such, the education reform in the UAS will be slightly different. The government will open new adult education centers within the largest expatriate communities. Funded via a combination of tax dollars and foreign grants, these centers will seek to better integrate adult expatriates into UAS society, teaching Arabic language skills, basic literacy, and valuable trade skills (welding, plumbing, etc).
However, the UAS’s new education program will not focus entirely on adults. In 2006, the Emirati government determined that lack of English skills was one of the greatest barriers to employment in the country. As the country becomes increasingly outwards facing, with the ports of Jebel Ali and Fujairah set to continue their growth well into the future, the new government has deemed it imperative that English language skills become a larger part of their education curricula. In addition to implementing the new LADS common education curriculum, the UAS will implement new English language courses. Vast sums will be spent to hire TESOL qualified teachers both from within the UAS and from the Anglosphere, with the goal of increasing the English literacy of the workforce over the course of the next five years. Additionally, English language courses will be made available for adult citizens, with the goal of better equipping them to compete with English-speaking expatriates for jobs.
While Iraq is not a member of the LADS, its close proximity to the LADS means that education reforms enacted in the bloc will still affect education within the country. Of particular note in the KAR’s decision to produce low-cost versions of its textbooks to provide to Yemeni public schools. With some minor edits to make it past the central government’s censors (the anti-monarchism simply had to go), these same books have been made available en masse in the last Kingdom of the Middle East, allowing (Arab) Iraqi students access to comprehensive, high quality textbooks in their native language.
The LADS have also agree to launch a new initiative to improve education in its low income neighbors of Yemen and Iraq. Formed with a grant 2b USD, the Foundation for Arab Education (FAE) has the mission of expanding education capacity within the poorer states of the Arabian Peninsula. The FAE will help train educators in the latest and greatest educational techniques; provide technology to schools; construct schools in rural areas; and otherwise help empower Iraqi and Yemeni educators to make a difference in the lives of their students.
The FAE also provides a number of services to Iraqi and Yemeni students seeking to attend university. In addition to helping these students navigate the navigation process—something that can be difficult for many of the country’s inhabitants who have never imagined going to a university, whose test scores are usually nonexistent, and whose graduating transcripts are often deemed insufficient—the FAE will provide full rides to top foreign and regional universities. The LADS hope that these individuals will then either stay in LADS countries to work, or return to their home country to help develop them further.
There is already substantial KAR investment in the Yemeni education sector. In 2029, President Najjar pledged some 2.5b USD in foreign aid earmarked for the Yemeni education sector—a promise that remains in place separate from the new Foundation for Arab Education. This aid has largely gone to providing the ancillary benefits that enable students to receive a good education (ensuring the school has access to clean water; ensuring the school has access to the internet and electricity; ensuring students are not malnourished). The funding is also being used to hire new teachers in the country to combat the ongoing teacher shortage, and to construct new schools and renovate old schools to improve student and teacher outcomes, especially in rural areas where the education deficit is greatest.
LADS aid to the Yemeni education sector has made it a priority to decrease the gender gap in education. As attendance in Yemen is not compulsory (as the central authority in the country is far too weak to enforce something like mandatory attendance), many girls drop out of school long before they graduate. While 81 percent of the school age population is enrolled in primary school, only 74 percent of school aged girls are enrolled in school. These disparate enrollment rates have negative impacts throughout the lives of women: in 2007, the adult literacy rate for men was 77 percent, whereas for women it was just 40.5 percent. The funding has also gone to public awareness campaigns attempting to break the tradition of child marriages, which are responsible for a great deal of the educational disparity.
Bahrain has one of the lower literacy rates in the LADS, sitting at 94.6%, mostly due to the country’s large adult expatriate population. Mirroring the approach taken in the United Arab States, Bahrain will invest in a series of adult education centers that will teach Arabic language and literacy skills to the expatriate community. The trade skills taught at these centers will be even more valuable than their UAS counterparts, as the country’s burgeoning industrial sector has great need of trained tradesmen. The rumored construction of a bridge connecting Bahrain and Qatar will also allow students to attend schools and universities within its wealthier neighbor, thus improved education outcomes on the small island.
Qatar is unique among the LADS in that it has public schools that are taught in languages other than Arabic. After the first ever public expatriate school was opened in 1964 for Pakistani expatriates, several others have cropped up throughout the country, including Iranian, Bangladeshi, Indian, and Filipino schools. Instruction in these schools is currently done primarily in either Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Tagalog, or Farsi, with Arabic becoming the instructional language in later years of schooling. While these have improved education levels within the country’s massive expatriate community, it has also reduced social cohesion, as Arab Qataris and non-Arab Qataris segregate themselves into these separate schools.
In line with LADS educational policy, Qatar has agreed to make Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) the sole language of instruction within the Republic. The currently existing expatriate schools will phase out over the next ten years, until all school age children in Qatar are enrolled in Arabic schools.
Except, of course, for rich expatriates. As the decision only applies to the country’s public schools, private schools are permitted to provide instruction in whatever language they prefer. Enrollment in English-language private schools has already risen dramatically, while several businesses have begun investing in private schools teaching in those languages that are now excluded from public schools. However, these schools will largely remain accessible only to the wealthiest Qatari households, meaning that while the Qatari upper classes may remain heavily segregated, at least the lower classes will be marginally less so.
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10 best countries to invest in 2019

10 best countries to invest in 2019
To invest in a country, it must comply with certain conditions. In a 2011 report, World Bank Group experts identified four important factors: the country's population, its environmental situation, relations, and the legislative framework.
These factors play a role in investing in a country, considering its natural resources, markets, technologies, and brands.
Based on this report, U.S. experts News & World Report Named Top Countries for Investment in 2019
To identify these countries, experts interviewed over 21 thousand people from 80 countries, using 65 different parameters that indicate factors such as cultural influence, business environment, and quality of life in the country.
There are ten countries, which comply with the requirements:
GDP: $ 277.1 billion. GDP growth: 4.0%
The country's principal industry is mining (copper and other metals), Chile is the world's largest exporter of copper, which is mined and smelted by the national company CODELCO.
GDP: $ 48.8 billion. GDP growth: 4.5%
Of all the Slavic countries and countries with the former communist planned economy, Slovenia has the highest nominal GDP per capita and the second-highest PPP GDP after the Czech Republic per capita. Slovenia has a well-educated workforce and well-developed infrastructure. It is located at the crossroads of major transport routes.
GDP: $ 223.9 billion. GDP growth: 7.1%.
Vietnam is an agricultural country with an industrializing. The market is small. These are mostly small enterprises. The main industries: food, light, machine-building, mining, cement, chemical fertilizers, oil, etc.
GDP: $ 167.6 billion. GDP growth: 1.4%
According to the IMF, Qatar, over the past few years is has been leading in a large margin in terms of GDP per capita. Qatar is the third-largest natural gas producer, the sixth exporter of natural gas and a significant exporter of oil and petroleum products.
GDP: $ 524.5 billion. GDP growth: 5.1%
The sixth-largest economy in the European Union and the largest among the former members of the eastern union and the new members of the European Union. As at 2019, the Polish economy has been growing steadily over the past 28 years, which is a record high in the EU.
GDP: $ 2.6 trillion. GDP growth: 7.0%
India, due to many English-speaking professionals, has become an outsourced destination for many multinational corporations and a popular destination for medical tourism. India has also become a significant exporter of software, as well as financial and technological services.
GDP: $ 62.4 billion. GDP growth: 2.6%
Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in Europe with the highest standard of living.
Because of favorable conditions and an offshore zone, about 1 thousand investment funds and more than 200 banks are located in the capital of the country, which is more than in any other city in the world.
Costa Rica.
GDP: $ 57.1 billion. GDP growth: 2.7%
Costa Rica's economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and the production and export of electronics: microprocessors and medical devices. Foreign investors are attracted by political stability, workforce qualifications, and tax incentives.
Saudi Arabia.
GDP: $ 683.8 billion. GDP growth: 2.2%
The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on the oil industry, which accounts for 45% of the country's gross domestic product. 75% of budget revenues and 90% of exports are came from product exports.
GDP: $ 56.2 billion. GDP growth: 1.6%
The economy of Uruguay is export-oriented, especially on livestock products, to a lesser extent - agriculture and fisheries. Livestock export is developed the breeding of meat breeds of cattle and woolly sheep. The main crops: wheat, rice, sugarcane, corn, oil flax, sunflower, forage grasses for livestock. Grapes and citrus fruits are also grown.
This material is considered a marketing communication and does not contain, and should not be construed as containing, investment advice or an investment recommendation or, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments..
Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 87.07% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Legal Information: ITRADER is operated by Hoch Capital Ltd., a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF), authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license no. 198/13, in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).
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An important Syria resource given the current situation

Democracy and economy in Syria
2014 elections
Bashar al-Assad. The democratically elected president of Syria
Syrian expats in Lebanon flock to vote assad The democratic kurds, blocked elections in their areas Foregn delegations sees nothing illegitimade in Syrian elections, as the west just dismiss the elections without fourther context
Does the Syrians want assad?
2012 poll finds assad is backed by most of syrians, but you never heard about it NATO admits that 70% support syria, 20% remains neutral, and only 10% supports the rebels, in a study of 2013 Syrian Elections Confirm West’s Worst Fears Most Syrians back President Assad, but you'd never know from western media Syrian people elect president by wide margin amid insurgent attacks Why Assad Refuses to Step Down Syria Dispatch: Most Syrians Support Assad, Reject Phony Foreign “Revolution” Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad Western poll: Assad supported by most syrians
Baathism, arab socialism, and on the economy of Syria
Socialist syria, and what triggered the war This is by comrade u/LegsGini Is syria socialist? A neverending quest for anwsers Also by u/LegsGini In the first years of Baath regime, the bourgeoisie class almost got destroyed Also by u/LegsGini Baathist Socialism (significant philosophical breaks with ML) Do you remember why rojava is famous? The "feminist" liberation, women on the front e.t.c. Well, the syrian army haves also women in the front, but i dont see the guardian advertise it all the time. I am not seeing a "syrian angelina jolie" Determining the social and economic nature of Syria Syrian economy under Bashar al-Assad global security - Economy of syria Socialism in Syria embodied in the pre 2012 constitution
International relations of Syria: State actors
Russia enters war, exposing hypocrisy and contradictions of US policy
Cuba sents vaccines in Syria Cuban official visits Martyr's cemetery in Damascus
Venezuela and syria strenghthen billateral relations
Syria strongly condemns israely aggresion in Gaza, stands with the palestinian people
China set to help rebuild syria Assad opens doors to china
Kim Jong un offers support to assad Kim jong un praising baath party in its 70 years work Bashar al-Assad thanks DPRK for tis to the syrian people support The vanquisher of enemies, Abu Ali al-Kim Park named after kim Il sung in Syria DPRK official praising Syrian Arab Army for its victories against terrorism A perfect example of cooperation DPRK special forces in Syria Syria supports dprk, condemns sactions
Interational relations of Syria: Non-State actors
Communist party (unified) supports Assad) Statement from the syrian communist party on the US air strikes in syria Communist youth of Syria position Communist party of greece denounces USA attacks against syria Communists in Philippines voice their opinions for the imperialist invasion of Syria Turkish communist party: Turkey most withdraw all troops from syria Communist party of India (marxist) condemns US military attack on syria US leftists march against imperialism in Syria 36 communist parties across the planet support the Syrian people and oppose US imperialism Communist party of India (maoist) opposes US aggresion on Syria BUYAN USA sides against US imperialism in Syria PSL on syria Comrades in US gives us hope for the american anti-imperialist movement
"Moderate" rebels and the war
About the "peacefull" protesters
The day before daraa:how the war started Peacefull revolution? the anatomy of the syrian "revolution" DIA (Pentagon) memo: Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists (Wahhabi extremist Sunnis) are the main forces trying to overthrow Assad Hidden massacre 2011 daraa:Islamic insurrection in disguise How the syrian war started? Socialism, drought, and false assertions The war on syria A briefing of the syrian war The syria's uprising in context Turkey puppets moderate rebels in Jarablus
The rebels, many allied or part of al-qaeda and other like minded groups, shows that the syrian "revolution" was from the very begining an al-qaeda terrorist insurgency, aimed at creating a jihadist islamic state is Syria, and all this backed with money, propaganda, and weapons from the west
Al-Qaeda flag shows as early as 2012, even before ISIL was created as a separate group Hillary Clinton receives an email: “Al Qaeda is on our side.” Nouri al zenki, a group which rechived heavy weapons by US, beheads a boy, and the executioners have a smille in their face. Lunacy Moderate rebels massacres and everyday propaganda "If we stop training, arming jihadists the war will end" US senator Proof of "Moderate" rebels and Al qarda and isis colloboration The myth of Syria's moderate rebels Al zahra massacre General Wesley Clark: "ISIS Got Started Through Funding From Our Friends & Allies" Joe Biden - ISIS terrorists armed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Jihadists rechivimg most arms sent to syria rebels 4-Star General Martin Dempsey – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – said during a Senate hearing, “I know many Arab allies who fund ISIS.” US drops weapont to ISIL 30,000 foregn jihadists fight against assad. This is not a civil war ISIL' defence minister al-shisani was a 'star pupil' of US-special forces training in the country of Georgia Al-Qaeda commanders all over the world travel to syria Al nusra commander admits that US is arming jihadists in Syria US intelligence defense agency document "facilite rise of ISIL to isolate syria" Four in five syrians say that ISIL is a US creation From china, chechnya and beyond. Foreign jihadists White helmets aid in a public execution in rebel held syria How CIA & Allies Helped Jihadists In Syria: French Covert Ops Expert Exposes New Details Reality Check: Proof That Those "Moderate Rebels" in Syria are Really Jihadists Evan MucMullin : My role in the CIA was to go out & convince Al Qaeda operatives to instead work with us. John Kerry in a leaked audio recording explains how the US trains/arms the opposition and was hoping to use ISIS to force Assad into negotiation
White helmets
Al-Qaeda sharia high official, abu jaber, calls white helmets "hidden soldiers of the revolution". Hmmmm Vanesa beeley visits white helmets. A little fact-check Al-Qaeda goes to Hollywood White helmets collecting executed body White helmets:War by the way of deception part 1 White helmets:War by the way of deception part 2 White helmets exposed as terrorist linked imposters British Govt-Funded Outlet Offered Journalist $17,000 a Month to Produce Propaganda for Syrian Rebels Director of White Helmets’ Idlib branch calls the Al-Qaeda affiliate HTS “my brothers” "Indipendment" white helments rechived multi-millions from the west Boris degenarate jhoson praising white helmets, provides 65 million pounds. Forget Oscar: Give The White Helmets the Leni Riefenstahl Award for Best War Propaganda Film
Imperialism In Syria
Terrorists backed by the west, plots to overthrow syria before 2011, attacks, and sanctions
CIA plot to regime change in Syria, 1956 1983 US plot plans to oblitarate Syria to build pipeline Scenarios for syrian conglict since 1986 Flashback 2005: Watch CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Tell Syria’s Assad ‘US Is Coming for You’ US plan to destroy syria of 2006 leaked by wikileaks US founded muslim brotherhood fanatics and anti-assad puppets in 2007 elections US attempts to destroy syria planned in 2003. Reasons given? Syria's non free market economy, right to self defence, and support to palestine Barada tv:US millions worth sattelite anti assad program to spread chaos in syria since 2009 Saudi arabia wants to create Synni state in syria, wikileaks 2009 Saudi arabia, biggest supporter of terrorism worldwide, according to US state department leaked cable Millions of dollars by US to syrian opposition, even before 2010 US, UK, and turkey special forces in Syria training rebels in 2011 Weapons shipped from Libya to syria after gaddafi Turkey's objective in Afrin operation US spended 100,000 per armed terrorist. State Dept Email: Conquest of Syria means a weakened Iran and this is important for Israel State Dept Email: Use Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to arm/train rebels Flows of terrorists and weapons in Syria US tactical alliances with al qaeda and its associates in Syria The secret deal between US and ISIL in Raqqa US millitary aid to ISIL and al qaeda Western pro-al qaeda propaganda amid idlib war Clinton writes on how qatar and S.Arabia sponsor the jihadists in syria Is US really fighting ISIL? Satellites reveal secret US bases emerging in the desert US and france looting artifacts in Syria Cilians killed by Western bombs in just the month of July of 2016 US admits the opposition is consisted by al qaeda, muslim brotherhood, and other salafists. Right bellow this line, it said that it backs the opposition. France delivered weapons in Syria's rebels How the US armed up syrian jihadists in Syria The struggle for hegemony in the muslim world 160 millitary cargo planes to Syrian rebels 2011-2013 Human rights reports founded by CIA IDF chief admits that Israel funded islamists in Syria UK to train more rebels in syria the obama two step on syria Israel-al qaeda in Syria alliance US imperialism repositions itself in Syria economic sanctions is economic terrorism Imperialists plans for a major war Trump, clinton and syria Political terrorism against Syria CIA activities in syria The refugee crisis is a crisis of Imperialism Who runs SHOR? Airstrikes against syria Turkey and ISIL: Oil and arms trade US planned to overthrow assad using salafists since 1983 US blocks syrian army from fighting ISIL in raqqa. Repeat, it is not an invasion. Israel now armng 7 rebel groups in Syria Obama sends aid to rebels in 2012, some mere months after he destroyed libya Lessons of imperialist war: Syria and Venezuela US invasion of raqqa to begin, even if Syria called it an invasion. Talk about stepping in the laws of UN Macron wants to build a "new syria" alongside US Turkey aiding ISIL fighters crose to syria Israel admits that it supports Al qaeda and ISIL in syria US millitary aid to aid Al-Qaeda and ISIL Israel threats to "eliminate" assad, if he continiues to allie himself with iran Israeli Defense Minister, Ya’alon: “We prefer ISIS to Assad in Syria.” Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote two pieces asserting that ISIS is better than Assad (1)(2) Syria’s security forces confiscate huge amount of Israeli ammo Israel’s Intelligence Chief, Herzi Halevy: “We will do everything to make sure ISIS does not lose in Syria.” Caught On Tape: U.S. Plane Allegedly Drops Weapons for ISIS Militants in Iraq
Phosphorus attacks
US uses BANNED white phosphorus four times in two months US used this banned weapon in The battle of Mosul also White phosphorus US attacks kill children in Deir ez zhor
Social imperialists from the "left"
International socialist organization (ISO), bourgeoisie left promotes the CIA war in Syria Leon sedov brigate......Yes, you guessed it.
Is Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent for Regime Change in Syria? "US is not interested in supporting Rebels revolutionary aims!" Pwease pwesident twump, pwease help us!
No to western intervention in syria and ukraine, no to its left wing apologists The wishfull thinking left Zizek
Propaganda war
The west "wants peace"
If NATO wanted peace in syria, it would not call for a no fly zone Chemical weapons talk of US a pretext of war Bolton wanted US to overthrow assad right after the destruction of Iraq Western solution to the syrian war: Star a bigger war Congressional hawks push to intestify war in syria US special forces ops to fight ISIL or damascus? US escalates aggresion in Syria Syria elects parliament, US dismisses it beforehand
Chemical attacks
No proof for April 2017 chemical attack to have been conducted by the government September 2018 chemical attack, staged by al-qaeda Even the bourgeoisie media have started questioning the attacks Rebels training kids to be good actors Engineering Assessment for the two chemical cylinders Who is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria? By professor paul mcKeigue Part 1 Who is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria? By professor paul mcKeigue part 2 Mattis agrees that there is ZERO evidence for assad using poison gas US senator meets with assad, says that the west is planning fake chemical attacks Sarin gas attacks ploted by hillary, and given to rebels to stage a reason for US to invade What the west does not wants you to know about the chemical attacks The concept Weapons of Mass destruction and its use against syria in the propaganda systems of western states The chemical attacks bear all the landmarks of a false flag attack Daesh plot to copy Syria gas attack foiled in Iraq: Report MIT scientist says that chemical attacks false

Other media concerning Syria and other media figures voicing opinions, propaganda war, and debunkings
Allepo media center funded by French foregn office, EU and US Anti-Syrian Propaganda Based on False Images of Torture: Danish State TV Communist parties across the world express solidarity with Syria Decostructing the NATO narrative on Syria Journey to aleppo: Exposing the truth buried under NATO propaganda A usefull prep-sheet on syria media propagandists The real story is Syria:ongoing propaganda war against syria Why do people in the west still believe the official lies about Syria? Mehdi hasan, a "beautifull soul" narrarive managers and their plot holes Hitchensification of syria Interview of assad on regime change of syria Eva berlett exposes western journalists and their idiocity The "anti-imperialist" who got libya wrong, serves up the same analysis on Syria Inside the shadowy PR firm lobbying for regime change in syria The propaganda war against syria: Truths and lies Here is why there are no moderate rebels in Aleppo or anywhere in syria About bias and propaganda on Syria

Aleppoisburning Building support for an imperialist agenda

Human Rights front groups (“Humanitarian Interventionists”) warring on Syria 60% of Americans approve of airstrikes against assad, while the other half disaproves, in a record low approval rate for foregn intervision This is why everything you heard about the syrian and iraq qwars could be wrong crodidile tears shed by the west over "war crimes" in syria, but business as usual in iraq and yemen? The faux marxism of international socialist organization Watch Canadian Journalist Completely Dismantle Mainstream Narrative on Syria Getting to the Point: What lesson should be learned from the staged BBC story on Syria? The boy in the ambulance: US State Dept-funded groups behind latest 'iconic image' designed to demonize Russia and encourage further bloodshed in Syria Atrocities With No Proof? UN Staff Was Not Allowed in Syria 'Since Crisis Began' controlling the narrative on Syria Syria, six years of manufactered war The battle of allepo, from proletarian TV The propaganda war against Syria The stinking hypocrisy of trump's attack on syria John stockwell - CIA's war on humans
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Part 2 of most common words

tracked moreover minimal polyphonic lottery tops framed aside outsourcing licence adjustable allocation michelle essay discipline amy ts demonstrated dialogue identifying alphabetical camps declared dispatched aaron handheld trace disposal shut florists packs ge installing switches romania voluntary ncaa thou consult phd greatly blogging mask cycling midnight ng commonly pe photographer inform turkish coal cry messaging pentium quantum murray intent tt zoo largely pleasant announce constructed additions requiring spoke aka arrow engagement sampling rough weird tee refinance lion inspired holes weddings blade suddenly oxygen cookie meals canyon goto meters merely calendars arrangement conclusions passes bibliography pointer compatibility stretch durham furthermore permits cooperative muslim xl neil sleeve netscape cleaner cricket beef feeding stroke township rankings measuring cad hats robin robinson jacksonville strap headquarters sharon crowd tcp transfers surf olympic transformation 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Some news you may have missed out on part 81.

-UK's home office concludes a report on the secuity situation in Pakistan, citing much improvement
The United Kingdom Home Office has released report over security situation in Pakistan. UK Home Office declared Pakistan as a country where the state of security has significantly improved in 2018 as compared to previous years. The Home Office report on Pakistan’s situation, praised determination of security forces, especially Pakistan Army, saying that the military-led operations against militants were successful and the overall security situation improved compared to previous years.
-Pakistan conducts another successful launch of ballistic missile ‘Nasr’
Pakistan today conducted another successful launch of short range surface to surface ballistic missile “Nasr” as part of Army Strategic Forces Command training exercise which included quad salvo on 24 January and single shots on 28 & 31 January 2019, the ISPR said in a statement today.
“The 2nd phase of this exercise was aimed at testing the extreme inflight maneuverability, including the end flight maneuverability; capable of defeating, by assured penetration, any currently available BMD system in our neighborhood or any other system under procurement / development,” it added.
The launch was witnessed by General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Chairman JCS Committee, Director General Strategic Plans Division, Commander Army Strategic Forces Command, Chairman NESCOM, senior officers from the Army Strategic Forces Command, scientists and engineers of strategic organizations.
-Qatar decides to recruit 100,000 Pakistanis
Consul General of Qatar in Karachi Mishal M. Al Ansari said on Thursday, his country will recruit 100,000 Pakistan citizens by issuing work visa in all sectors. Speaking to media during his visit to Matiari district in Sindh, he told that Qatar has already opened its visa centers in Karachi and Islamabad to facilitate Pakistani workers and professionals.
“We are working to boost bilateral relations between the two countries and looking forward to take advantage of Pakistan’s offers,” he continued. Last year in December, Qatari ambassador Mr. Saqr bin Mubarak Al-Mansouri announced that Qatar will give jobs to 0.1 million Pakistanis. Meanwhile, he committed to offer support for the education sector in Pakistan. “Qatar will provide education to one million Pakistani children who are out of schools,” he added.
-Stop news….SBP raised 25 basis points to 10.25 percent
State bank of Pakistan has announced the Monetary policy for the next two months. State Bank have raised 25 basis points to 10. 25 interest rate.
-Gwadar Port as Asia’s Emerging capital campaign has been launched in Central London
A new campaign for the Gwadar City has been launched in London. Private investment firm China Pakistan Investment Cooperation (CPIC) has launched a bus campaign in Central London to promote the booming port city of Gwadar in Pakistan as “Asia’s Emerging Trade Capital”.
Zeeshaan Shah, the former Apprentice contestant and CPIC founding board member, has initiated the campaign. Shah also previously advertised “Gwadar - The Gateway to Emerging Pakistan” and “Prosperous Pakistan” on hundreds of buses in Central London, as part of the effort to promote Gwadar and Pakistan as a safe investment place.
-$20 billion Saudi investment package for Pakistan, largest ever overseas package in Kingdom's history
Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman will arrive in Pakistan on February 16, Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Malki confirmed on Thursday. Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Malki visited the foreign ministry whee he held meetings with the officials and discussed matters pertaining to the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit. According to the Saudi Ambassador, Muhammad Bin Salman will visit Pakistan on February 16.
-Foreign exchange: SBP reserves surge 22.9%, cross $8b mark
The foreign exchange reserves, held by the central bank, increased 22.88% on a weekly basis, breaking a five-week losing streak and crossing the $8-billion mark, according to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Thursday.
Earlier, the reserves plunged to $6,636.1 million, which raised concern over Pakistan’s ability to meet its financing requirements. However, the first tranche of $1 billion from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the last tranche of $1 billion from Saudi Arabia for balance of payments support pushed the reserves above $8 billion. Moreover, China and the UAE have agreed to provide more cushion for the fast depleting reserves.
-UK denies India’s request to cancel event highlighting brutality in occupied Kashmir
The United Kingdom categorically refused India’s request to cancel an event highlighting human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. The event is scheduled to be held at the British Parliament. Blaming Pakistan for ‘duplicity’, the Indian official said, on one hand, Islamabad talked about peace but it was “working together with forces which are pushing or fermenting anti-India sentiments”. The event is expected to be attended by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who is scheduled to travel to the British capital on those days.
-TLP acting chief arrested from Charsadda
The absconding acting chief of politico-religious party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) was arrested from the Umarzai area of Charsadda on Friday, police said. District Police Officer (DPO) Irfanullah confirmed to The Express Tribune that Dr Shafiq Ameeni was arrested during a protest rally organised against the acquittal by the Supreme Court of Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman accused of blasphemy in 2010 and sentenced to death by the court. Dr Ameeni was wanted for leading a motorway blockage and an anti-state sit-in, among other cases relating to rioting and inflicting losses to the national exchequer, according to the police.
-Sindh Business Portal to launch on February 20
Chief Secretary Sindh said the provincial government had eased the process to start a business adding that Sindh Business Portal would be launched on February 20, 2019. Sindh Business Portal would offer one-window facility to the business community, which would facilitate property registration and property tax payments. Shah claimed that due to the measures introduced by Sindh government, Pakistan’s ranking in the global ease of doing business had surged 11 notches.
-Pakistan’s elite security agency busted international spy network: Report
Pakistan’s elite security agency has successfully busted an international spy network in the country, a local media report said. A report published in a local daily has claimed that the officials from Pakistan’s security establishment, including a very senior official retired just a few years back, have also been arrested during the operation.
The officials were reportedly passing on sensitive information to a spy agency of one of the most powerful countries. It claims that an official, serving in a Pakistani mission in a European capital, was also among the arrested ones.
-With 3733 points increase in January, Pakistan Stock Exchange’s KSE 100 index bounced back strong in the very first month of 2019, closing the monthly return in double-digits at 10.1% which is the highest monthly return in 2 last years since Dec 2016.
-KSE-100 crosses 41,000 on policy rate
The benchmark KSE-100 index of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) added 313 points or (0.77%) closed at 41,112.71 on Friday. Market increased further from Thursday’s closing. Increase in policy rate was largely considered a signal to enter shortly in the IMF program, also a nominal increase of 25bps assured investors that the impact on earnings will be only marginal in nature and will have less of an impact on corporate earnings.
-Malaysia’s telecom giant to set foundation for Digital Pakistan with $250m infrastructure investment
A Malaysian telecommunications infrastructure services provider would invest up to US$250 million in next five years to introduce innovations and support faster, better and more cost-efficient shared network throughout Pakistan.
The edotco Group has already invested US $100 million to establish and grow local operations and planning to invest around US $50-60 million annually for next five years to transform the telecommunication industry towards achieving digital Pakistan ambitions with smart solutions.
The plan was revealed by Board of Directors Chairman Edotco Group of Malaysia Datuk Azzat Kamaluddin, who called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Friday.
-Boosting agricultural sector top priority of PTI govt: PM Imran
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that agricultural development was the top most priority of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. Chairing a high-level meeting, PM Imran sought proposals from the provinces about reforms in agriculture sector and asked to submit their suggestions and recommendations within a week.
The prime mister said that Pakistan would take benefit from Chinese expertise in agriculture sector. He asked the provinces to pin point the hurdles in the progress of agriculture sector and asked that how could we increase usage of technology in agriculture field to boost productivity. PM Imran Khan assured the provinces every possible support in boosting of agriculture sector.
-Tax collection increases 3.5%
Pakistan’s tax authorities in first seven months of the current fiscal year collected Rs2.07 trillion in taxes with 3.5% net increase compare to the previous year. According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) sources, the FBR has collected Rs2.07 trillion in taxes from July to January. The net increase compared to the fiscal year 2017-18 was Rs69 billion or 3.5%.
-Large Chinese company announces investment plans
According to the details, Zhang Chun, Chairman Board of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and announced to invest in agriculture and housing projects in the country. He briefed the prime minister about 1,263 megawatt gas power project in Jhang.
-First ever cross border international Optic Fibre Cable Network established in history of Pakistan
Pak-China OFC link is the first ever cross-border connectivity established between the two neighboring countries. This is also the very first time when well organized, high capacity cross-border terrestrial connectivity has been established by a public sector organization in Pakistan.
Similarly: Pak-China fibre optic link activated for commercial use
-Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank announces to Invest huge money in mega projects in Pakistan
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has decided to invest more than $1 billion in the infrastructure projects related to transport, urban and rural water, and energy sectors of Pakistan. Chief Economist Laurel Ostfield, in an interaction with media on Thursday, said that the bank was giving funds for sustainable infrastructure and cross-border connectivity, and to mobilise private capital projects in Pakistan. “In line with our priorities, AIIB is considering investing more than $1 billion in infrastructure, urban and rural water, and energy sectors,” she added.
She informed that four projects under consideration included the $100 million Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Project, $402 million Rawalpindi Ring Road Project, $400 million Lahore Water and Wastewater Management Project and $160 million for the Karachi Water and Sewer Services Project.
-Archaeologists uncover signs of a 4000 year old civilisation
Chinese archaeologists have uncovered some artefacts dating as far back as 1700 BC near Khanpur. It suggests that there was a civilisation in this area long before the Gandhara civilisation. The relics, including pottery, remains of metallic tools, and stone items, point to a link with Harappa and Moen Jo Daro civilisations – the two cradles of Indus Valley civilisation.
According to sources, the discovery was a joint effort of students from three Chinese universities along with the Department of Archaeology who have been excavating a historical site near Bhaloot in Khanpur for a while.
-PM inaugurates ‘Pakistan Banao Certificate’ scheme for overseas Pakistanis
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday inaugurated ‘Pakistan Banao Certificates’ scheme to attract investment from overseas Pakistanis and to help strengthen the national economy. Speaking at the launch ceremony of Pakistan Banao Certificate initiative, the prime minister vowed that under his government, the Pakistani diaspora will feel proud to hail from the country.
Under the said scheme, Overseas Pakistanis would be able to earn profits from their investment in certificates.
-Razzak Dawood discusses steps taken for ease of doing business
Advisor to the Prime Minister for Commerce, Investment, Textile and Industry Production, Abdul Razzaq Daud in a meeting with Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah here on Friday discussed measures being taken to promote ease of doing business concept in the province. Abdul Razzak on the occasion said the federal government was committed to cooperate with the provincial authorities in its efforts to facilitate investors and contribute towards establishment of a conducive environment for the business community.
The chief secretary mentioned that efforts on part of Sindh towards the cause has raised country’s position by 11 points in the international ease of business ranking and that this has also restored the confidence of international as well as country’s business community. Measures adopted under the concept were said to include marked reduction in the time frame to procure commercial water connection from 61 days to 21 days and also expediting registration of property with Sindh Revenue Board from 208 to 17 days and issuance of Sindh Building Control Authority’s NOC within 30 days.
-US consul general, Sindh governor discuss bilateral trade, business relations
United States Consul General in Karachi JoAnne Wagner led a five-member trade delegation in a meeting with Sindh Governor Imran Ismail here on Friday. On the occasion, matters related to bilateral relations between the two countries were extensively discussed and it was agreed that cordiality between the two was equally beneficial for the region.
-Expats offer business facilitation centre in UAE to help Pakistani entrepreneurs
Business Star Center and Zamana Group of Companies, being operated by two overseas Pakistanis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have offered to establish a business facilitation center to help Pakistani entrepreneurs in the Emirates.
They extended the offer to Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD) Syed Zulfikar Bukhari during a meeting held the other day.
The OP&HRD ministry has assured them of providing services required to launch the business center at the earliest, the ministry spokesperson revealed on Thursday. He said the youth belonging to Pakistani diaspora would be able to register their companies and small start-ups free of cost through this business centre.
-Japanese investors keen to explore Punjab’s leather market
A Japanese delegation from Japan Gloves Industry Association (JGIA), led by Tomokuni Company CEO Seiji Tomokuni, visited Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) and showed a keen interest in launching their business in the leather market of the province. During the meeting, the Japanese delegation said it was their first visit to Pakistan and they were delighted to witness the hospitality extended to them by all the organisations they visited.
“We are glad to see the technological advancements prevailing in Pakistan, they said, adding that there existed a great potential to develop strong business relations between the two countries especially in the leather industry. Earlier, PBIT CEO Burana welcomed the esteemed delegation and briefed them about the business-friendly environment in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab. Emphasizing the trade statistics that have been improving over the years, he stressed the need for developing strong business-to-business contacts between the traders of Pakistan and Japan.
-‘Dutch investors to visit Pakistan soon’
Deputy Ambassador of Netherlands Josephine Frantzen called on Finance Minister Asad Umar on Thursday to discuss the investment plans of Dutch companies in Pakistan. The envoy informed the minister that two high-level business delegations from the Netherlands would be visiting Pakistan in the near future to explore investment opportunities.
She also shared with him positive feedback from Dutch companies on the recently announced economic and business facilitation package, saying, “It was very encouraging for prospective investors.” Finance Minister Asad Umar on the occasion welcomed the investment plans of the Dutch companies, saying foreign direct investment was among the top priorities of the present government and that it would extend all possible facilities to foreign investors.
-Pakistan’s first organic cotton bale harvested in Balochistan
Balochistan has produced Pakistan’s first organic cotton bale, while the ceremony for its certification was held at Kot Sabzal, a local media outlet reported on Thursday. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the harvesting of the cotton bale was made possible due to the cooperation of Balochistan’s Department of Agriculture.
Balochistan’s Agriculture Minister Engineer Zamrak Khan said the provincial government was committed to promoting organic agriculture throughout the province, adding that the government was paying special attention to Balochistan. He further said that the Balochistan government would be developing an organic agriculture policy soon.
-Govt to Fund a Plant Which Uses Waste to Generate Electricity in Rawalpindi
Preliminary work on power generation from waste disposal in Rawalpindi has begun. Around 1000 tons of waste from the city and its surrounding villages is regularly transferred to 600 canals of an open dumping point at Lusar adjacent to GT Road. This causes significant air and underground pollution. In order to overcome this pollution, the authorities have decided to employ this waste in power generation.
-Faisalabad is Getting an International Air Cargo Terminal
Provincial Minister for Industries, Commerce, and Investment, Mian Aslam Iqbal, has said that an international air cargo terminal is going to be set up in Faisalabad.
He said that along with the terminal, the government will also launch a cargo train in a bid to promote exports.
Iqbal made the announcement while addressing the Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PHEMA) North Zone. He further said that the government is making all possible efforts to facilitate businesses which focus on exports.
-Pakistan, Oman vow to bolster bilateral relations
Islamabad wants to widen economic and diplomatic ties with Oman, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said. Qureshi, who is an official visit to Oman, was speaking at a joint press conference with his Omani counterpart Omar Yusuf Alawi after attending the seventh Joint Ministerial Commission meeting in Muscat on Thursday.
He said that over 25,000 Pakistanis came to work in Oman just in 2018, adding that “Oman will greatly benefit from our human resources”. Qureshi said he and his counterpart had discussed ways to improve bilateral relations.
-Ease of doing business: Punjab framing new industrial policy
A new provincial industrial policy, aimed at facilitating small and medium enterprises (SME), is being framed to ensure ease of doing business in order to achieve 10% annual growth.
Addressing business community at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), Punjab Minister for Industries, Commerce and Investment Mian Aslam Iqbal emphasised that the provincial government was seeking to create industrial-friendly environment. Iqbal compared the strategy to the federal government’s agenda and stressed that the provincial leadership was following in the footsteps of the Centre.
He announced the launch of one-window operation shortly for facilitating new investors. Earlier, the investors needed to deal with 19 federal departments and required NOCs from 26 provincial bodies for establishing a new industrial unit, he pointed out. “Following the initiation of the one-window operation, all NOCs will be issued under one roof,” the minister said. “If a department fails to respond within 10 days, it will be considered that it has issued the NOC.”
-Moody’s terms mini-budget positive for export sectors
oody’s – one of three big global credit rating agencies – has termed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s second mini-budget positive for manufacturing and export-oriented sectors, which will lend much-needed support to enhancing the country’s foreign income and curb the current account deficit (CAD).
The US-based rating agency, however, stated that new budgetary measures weakened the government’s income generation side as tax incentives awarded to industries and the agriculture sector further toughened the challenge of achieving the tax revenue collection target of Rs4.398 trillion. Accordingly, the budget deficit is expected to remain high.
“While the mini-budget will bolster the export sector, there is a greater risk of fiscal slippage and slower fiscal consolidation in the absence of additional revenue-raising measures,” the rating agency said on Thursday in a commentary on the second mini-budget which Finance Minister Asad Umar presented last week.
-More than one million saplings to be planted in Punjab in spring
More than one million saplings would be planted in spring under Parks & Horticulture Authorities (PHAs) in the Punjab during next two months, Radio Pakistan reported on Friday. This was decided in a meeting presided over by Minister for Housing & Urban Development, Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed which was attended by Chairmen and Director Generals of PHAs of entire province.
Addressing the meeting, the minister said that beautifying the cities of the province is a priority of the Punjab government in accordance with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and added that PHAs will have to play an active role in this regard. He directed that feasible proposals should be finalized for beautifying parks and construction and rehabilitation of green-belts along roads. The meeting also discussed various issues about the targets of upcoming tree plantation campaign and results of previous monsoon tree plantations.
-Army organizes three-day free medical camp in Bajaur
A three-day free medical camp for the victims of coetaneous Leishmaniasis disease was organized in Bajaur tribal district, ARY News reported on Friday. The camp was organized on the directives of Crops Commander Peshawar and Inspector General Frontier Corps at District Headquarters Hospital Khaar.
A number of senior doctors and Leishmaniasis experts of Combined Military Hospital Peshawar provided treatment to at least 400 patients. Besides, treatment, free of cost medicines were also given to the patients, belonging to different remote areas of the district.
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