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Hey Reddit! I'm Brendan Wood, one of the founders of Passiv. We make it easy for you to invest with a model portfolio like CPP, CPM, or whatever you want. Ask Me Anything! I'll be answering questions today from 2pm-5pm EST.

Hey there, I’m Brendan Wood, one of the founders of Passiv.
Our mission is to help normal people manage their own investments and stop paying high MERs to banks. We do this with a web app that makes it easy to invest with a model portfolio in your own brokerage account. We don't hold your money, we don't give advice, and we don't charge absurd fees.
Passiv will help you follow a model portfolio for free by giving you the trade calculations, but you can pay to unlock more advanced features like:
Here's a demo that lets you try Passiv with a paper account, no email required!
Right now we only support Questrade accounts in Canada, but we'll be everywhere by the end of the year.
I learned about couch potato investing from our saviour Dan Bortolotti right here on PFC. I had some mutual funds already, so I did some math and realized that not switching would be the single most expensive mistake of my life. So I opened a Questrade account in 2015 and got to work.
In 2016, I got tired of using spreadsheets to do couch potato investing. I found it hard to stay on top of investing new contributions and dividends across a few accounts, and as a software dev I just can't stand manual data entry. I almost moved to Wealthsimple, but figured I'd try one last shot.
I wrote a little Python script to connect to Questrade's API and do my contribution/rebalance calculations automatically (here's the source code). Pretty simple, but it was a breath of fresh air. I told some friends about it, they wanted to try it, so I turned it into a really crappy web app. It sort of snowballed from there into our official product launch right here on PFC two years ago. The feedback and support we got from that AMA is what's driven us to keep building ever since.
What's next?
Canada is a small market for inexpensive software like Passiv. We need to grow in order to keep doing this. Our strongest focus is launching support for more brokerages, especially in the USA and internationally. Stay tuned in October!
We are always building new features too. On our 6-month roadmap we have:
Conversation starters
One thing to keep in mind is that I’m not a financial adviser and so the usual disclaimer applies: anything I say should not be considered financial advice. That said, hit me with your questions and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.
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Brokerages allowing Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) trading...

As we wait for Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) to go live in the USA, I have begun checking which brokerages will allow customers to trade it.
Here's what I have, so far:
Just because a brokerage has a snapshot page for GBTC does not mean that its risk managers will let you trade it.
Contact any brokerage firm that you plan to open an account with, or transfer your account to, to confirm the above. This information comes from customer support representatives, and I make no warranties on its accuracy.
Edit: When I contacted Fidelity, which has a snapshot page for GBTC, I was informed that the risk department will not allow trading in it. The rep at Scottrade was non-committal. According to someone below, it looks like Vanguard might be a Yes.
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Buying Bitcoin through Questrade on a TFSA account

I have a questrade account that I don't use but have some money sitting in. Can anyone guide me on how I go about 1/2 or 1/4 of a bitcoin? Thanks!
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What is the best way to get crypto exposure in an RRSP/TFSA as of Oct 2017

I've got a bunch of dead money in my RRSP that I'd like to put to use, and I may want to utilize TFSA to hold Bitcoin-related assets tax-free.
Some options:
Bitcoin Tracker One (COINXBT, BITCOIN.XBT)
A bitcoin ETN traded on the Stockholm exchange that tracks the price of bitcoin. 2.5% fee per year, charged daily, difficult to purchase from an international exchange, but Stockholm does qualify as an eligible exchange with the CRA.
More info:
Some Canadian brokerages that will execute a trade in COINXBT within an RRSP/TFSA: National Bank ($75 + $0.06/share), TD/CIBC/BMO/Scotia iTrade ($187-$250), Questrade ($195)
See this reddit thread for more details
Hive Blockchain Technologies (TSXV:HIVE)
A crypto mining company traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange
OTC Markets
There are a few bitcoin tracking funds on the OTC markets (BITCF, GBTC), but these are not RRSP/TFSA eligible.
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How-to & FAQ for holding Bitcoin and Ethereum in an RRSP/TFSA

A few months ago I came across a way to hold crypto in my RRSP/TFSA and have been answering questions about how to do that in comments, DM's, and Skype consults. I figured it would be helpful to put together one big comprehensive FAQ. Cryptocurrency is treated as a commodity by the CRA and you must pay capital gains taxes on any profits if held outside a TFSA. If bitcoin goes to $1m as some are predicting, the Canadian government is going to be taxing a huge windfall in capital gains taxes.
Bitcoin & other crypto cannot be held directly in a RRSP/TFSA, and there are no eligible ETF's in North America yet. However, the ETN COINXBT which trades on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden (Nasdaq Stockholm) is eligible.
COINXBT holds bitcoin directly and its price per share is based on a 0.005 multiple of the current bitcoin price.
For example, if the current price of bitcoin is $10000USD, a share of COINXBT will be worth $50USD (ie: $493 Swedish Kroner)
Company's website and full prospectus at:
Price quote / chart:
Only some Canadian brokerages allow you to trade on eligible international exchanges in your TFSA. Some do not.
Typically placing trades on international exchanges online is not an option and must be made over the phone broker-assisted at a much higher cost than typical North American securities.
I've called pretty much every brokerage to inquire if international securities can be held in a TFSA and what the fee is to transact. You may want to call yourself to see if policies have changed, but here's a summary:
Not available, or not available in RRSP/TFSA:
Are you sure it's legal? I'm quite sure it's illegal.
Who is your broker? CAD account?
How do I make a trade once I'm ready?
How do I calculate the number of shares to trade to max out my TFSA?
Market or Limit order?
When can I trade? Is it only possible to make the trade while the Swedish market is open and the TSX are open at the same time? Or can you place the order at any time of day?
Which number did you use to contact the brokerages?
What happens when there is a fork?
What about other cryptocurrencies?
How is the price of COINXBT determined?
Why not just buy GBTC?
Why can't I place a trade online myself?
If you've managed to get crypto into your RRSP/TFSA in any other ways than listed above please do leave a comment and I'll update the post. Thanks!
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Interesting leveraged ETF investing method

check out this post I came across HERE
it seems like a solid way to go about an aggressive portfolio, take 3-4 aggressive highly volatile ETF's and 1 stableish one, and trade them off every week or 2. you can look back and see the gains up untill now. what do you guys think of this method, and leveraged ETF's?
and what would be the Canadian equivelent to the ETF's that he is using here? how can I find those top scoring leveraged ETF's but for Canada?
let's discuss this a bit because it really does seem like a great Idea, and with using questrade, buying / selling ETF's is free. get away from day trading, check once a week or every 2 weeks. lets discuss some options here thanks guys.
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17 Years old and want to invest in Canadian company, how to go about it?

Hello i'm 17 years old and looking to invest some of my savings in a Canadian company, i have reasons behind this however i don't know how to go about buying the stocks. I have bitcoin which i am holding onto at the moment but i want to invest some money as a more long term investment as bitcoin is volatile and shouldn't be a long term investment. The stocks can only be bought from the Canadian stock exchange and i'm not familiar with how the laws work around buying stock under 18 and also being from the UK buying stocks from a oversees broker. I have heard that my parent can open an account and i can trade on my parents behalf? I believe the only online broker i could be buy the shares through would be QUESTRADE.
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DONE WITH QUESTRADE! - YouTube How To Use Questrade For Beginners (FULL WALKTHROUGH ... HOW TO WRITE COVERED CALLS WITH QUESTRADE How should I report my online trading income? How to trade DEBIT SPREADS with Questrade

But when I did more active trading I used Questrade and was happy with them. I'd move crypto to them without thinking about it for a minute! level 2. 1 point · 2 years ago. Yeah. I concur, I withdrew twice and it was a breeze. believed to be Canada's largest bitcoin exchange. Currently in bankruptcy. Hundreds of millions of dollars, the Buy Bitcoin Worldwide does not promote, facilitate or engage in futures, options contracts or any other form of derivatives trading. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide does not offer legal advice. Any such advice should be sought independently of visiting Buy Bitcoin Worldwide. Questrade support can be contacted through live chat and phone, as well as through a number of social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Safety. Safety-wise, Questrade is quite possibly the best option for Canadian traders. Final Thoughts. Questrade is a very solid trading destination, especially handy for Canadian traders. Questrade, Inc. is a registered investment dealer, a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), the benefits of which are limited to the activities undertaken by Questrade, Inc. QWM is not a member of IIROC or the CIPF. Import Questrade trades Content also available for tax entities or on our global site. To bulk import your historical trading data from Questrade to Sharesight:. 1 On the ‘Let’s get started by adding some trades’ page, select the Questrade tile from the ‘Broker & Provider Import’ tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

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