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Please help - Margin and short position trades - JAFX - Able to enter accurately with

EDIT: I am in the U.S., asking in reference to U.S. tax filing for 2018

I've been searching and can't seem to find enough information regarding this topic. I traded through JAFX last year using a margin account, long and short positions. I am able to pull all of the transaction history, including date/time of trade open/close, price at position open, price at position close, profit/loss per trade, etc... (fairly detailed and contains all pertinent information)

I'm having to manually create an excel spreadsheet (can do CSV too) but when I enter into
  1. I have to manually adjust the position size (as it lists, for example, .25 LTC although the total position value was 25LTC (.25 of 1:10 leverage) - changed leverage a few times throughout the year so I'll have to figure each of those out to make sure they calculate correctly
  2. I have to adjust the short positions as sell first then a buy but the date/time confuses the calculator because it has sells before buy
  3. Other various editing issues which I can identify and resolve like formatting of date/time not accepted on all lines, etc....
  4. If I go through the trouble of continuing with this excel sheet, will it calculate correctly with the mismatched times and confusion over sells before buys or is it possible to file these trades as a lump somehow?
Also, I funded the account through Coinbase, I have not uploaded my CB data into yet but I'm assuming it will show the BTC transfer out. I have the JAFX incoming transfer information/amounts (transferred from CB as BTC, received in JAFX as USD - I can disregard fees and pay whatever tax on the full amount of the BTC transfer, if possible) so I can easily justify receipt of those funds from somewhere. All of the money sent from Coinbase to JAFX was ultimately lost, so at the end of the year my balance was $0 with no withdrawals out, only $1.36 for inactivity, withdrawn to JAFX, not to my bank or account.

Any suggestion on how to handle these trades?? The rest of my trades were through Coinbase and Binance so I'll use API to get those in but this group of trades are a nuisance...

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!!
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Online Brokers for Canadian Traders?

I stopped trading in 2017 and am looking to get back in but the online brokerage landscape has changed a bit. Traders Way folded, I'm not a fan of JAFX's transfer options, and XM no longer accepts Canadian accounts.
Which online broker do you use? And what are their payment methods (visa, bitcoin, paypal, etc.)?
I did a quick search on Reddit and similar questions were posted some time ago.
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Usd pairing>BTC

Now this isn’t fud towards crypto but I’m here to give a logical reason why usd pairing will save this market. —————————————————————— Okay here’s my reasoning for why usd pairs will boost altcoins and tank btc
  1. We are trading on btc/altcoin, but wait what about eth ltc and usdt the volume is with btc/altcoin and is the mean to use in trading with the variety of options
  2. To buy x coin you need to go through the process of buying bitcoin and transferring them to an exchange so you would have to pay for getting bitcoin let’s say Coinbase/GDAX since that’s the easiest and fastest way to get bitcoin for the average person. Then you pay for mining fees to transfer bitcoin to an exchange until the “imaginary lightning network” is widely established then you pay exchange fees to buy your coin. —————————————————————— So why usd pairing will make it easy?
  3. Goes to exchange that offers usd pairing for their altcoin, cause grandpa joe ain’t gonna go through 2 different exchanges and learn to setup how to transfer bitcoin and lose money.
  4. Has grandpa joe invested into crypto yet? No cause grandpa joe only knows what bitcoin eth ltc xrp xvg and maybe a few since he watch money matters at 5am and maybe his grandson jimmy talk about others like neo, but he just sees his buddy Bill Gates and Apple stocks go up and bitcoin crashing. Might go check out worldcoinindex but sees everything else crashing with hundreds of different exchanges but doesn’t see altcoin/usd so it’s a waste of time and should just use JAFX to short or go long on bitcoin since he does Forex —————————————————————— Cons of USD I’m gonna be honest, it’s the volume of impact usd is gonna have —————————————————————— Pros on stoping manipulation Hey Tom Trx mainnet is soon and it’s past 1k sats. I know let’s just dump bitcoin and buy Trx lower so when mainnet we can go to Vegas this weekend. Okay so easy with every coin paired to btc and the volume
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Trading Crypto With Jafx! Move your money from JAFX Deposit Bitoin on JAFX forex broker account Bitcoin scalping strategy with JAFX Forex How to fund JAFX ACCT/BITCOIN

On the 29th of November at around 4pm (GMT), JAFX experienced issues with Bitcoin trading that is STP'ed to Bitfinex. A situation occurred that trades were getting filled at a price of 0.00, causing leverage issues and trades not being able to close. We are fully aware that a large number of clients were affected by t Cryto Bitcoin Trading BTCUSD JAFX August 16, 2020 admin Bitcoin Trading 0 KPL_FXBTC LLC Crypto Currency Trading Signals Channel 11/19/2017 Please ask for Tim and Jesse on Crypto Signals Pricing extra cost. JAFX do also impose a withdrawal fee of $25 on wire transfers although this option is currently suspended. Bitcoin withdrawals are free. JAFX Platforms and Tools. JAFX is a metatrader focused broker, and therefore, only offers the MT4 platform to its traders. This is accessible in desktop, web based, and mobile formats. Web Trading Platform Differences Jafx Bitcoin Trading in provider signals for binary options trading. To date, the market has a huge number of providers of binary signals for trading options. Of course, it is difficult for a new user to find differences between them and make their own choice. JAFX is a fully transparent Forex broker, dedicated to providing its clients with tailor-made trading solutions. Easy & Fast Setup Ease of use through its user friendly interface.Real time client account summary, including account equity, floating profit and loss etc.

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Trading Crypto With Jafx!

6/10/18 Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android. explenation you can deposit btc on Jafx to trade forex. explenation you can deposit btc on Jafx to trade forex. Skip navigation ... Bitcoin trading exchanges (forex & traditional) - Duration: 12:06. New additions adding crypto to my trading portfolio! Skip navigation ... How To Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for ... Fred Yen 450,098 views. 7:48. How To Create JAFX Account! Best Forex Broker ... Demo account on JAFX 24/7 Crypto currency server Jafx offers 500:1 leverage they started this 1 week ago for all 24/7 Live CryptoTrading commissions 4 times what you put in How To Load Your JAFX Account With Bitcoin - Duration: 8:51. Elan Benford 3,160 views. 8:51. What is Bitcoin? ... JAFX LIVE Forex Trading 9 AM August 23 2017 - Duration: 21:55.