The Basics of Trading on Margin

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BankCoin is a key constituent of the fintech system which enables trading, saving activities and givesaccess to other upcoming services in the BankCoin ecosystem. BankCoin is created for two main objectives.Firstly, it is the energy of the internal mechanism in the BankCoin ecosystem. Secondly, it is the governance component of the BankCoin system. Each BankCoin wallet is initially provided with a predefined amount of BankCoin and cannot be used without a minimum BankCoin balance.

Volatility, an Instrument of Truth

Follow along here to trade volatility and volatility derivatives. VIX, VX futures, and Volatility ETPs.

The Reddit Challenge, Virtual Stock Exchange game

The Reddit Challenge, Virtual Stock Exchange game (Round 3) The Reddit Challenge. Virtual Stock Exchange game, can you out-trade other Redditors?

How do you use margin when trading?

Hey guys, My broker (webull) lets me use 4x margin. So, how do I actually use it? My balance is currently 32k in my account, and when I buy a stock it only let’s me buy up until 32k. How is that 4x? It’s not even 1. Or does it vary on what kind of stock it is?
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How do I use 4x margin when trading?

Hey guys, How can I use the 4x margin when I trade? My balance is currently 32k in my account, and when I buy a stock it only let’s me buy up until 32k. How is that 4x? It’s not even 1. Or does it vary on what kind of stock it is?
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Why do Bitmex increase margin when trade is going the opposite way?

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When does Robinhood allow margin trading for new stocks?

Current position in RKT:
Want to add another $30-$40k
Anyone know when Margin trading for new stocks are available?
TL;DR Team Rocket Two hundred EOY
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Why does Robinhood warn me about day trading when my account is not a margin account?

Title says all. Not even enrolled in Gold. IIRC pattern day trader regulation only applies to margin account.
Edit: Not that I'm trying to earn money day trading. I'm just worried if RH will lock my account if I make a mistake.
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When does margin trading open for RKT?

Using Robinhood.
Anyone know?
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When You Apply for Margin Trading

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I opened a Margin Account when I only use the Spot one for some Crypto to crypto trading. It is free to open? I'm not gonna use it, there's some way to delete it?

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Is Robinhood trading on margin for you when you think you're a cash account? You're wrong.

News for you: if you're selling options in any way, including the use of spreads, you're not in a cash account. Spreads must use a margin account. Edit: except selling covered calls, which can be done in a cash account because you own the underlying stock. Selling naked calls not in a spread is as bad or worse than short selling - don't do it.
"But I didn't turn on margin!"
Well, no, but you're still in a margin account. All Robinhood account are margin accounts when you sign up. That instant buying power and instant deposits features? Yeah, that's margin.
All deposits and trades take at least two days to settle. So if you deposit money or sell options or equities, you have to wait two days for the money to be available to trade. Robinhood gets around that by automatically signing you up for margin so you don't have to wait. You just don't have the 2x or 4x buying power until you "apply for margin."
If you truly don't want margin, you have to email support to turn it off. This will take away your ability to do options spreads and sell options.
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Can someone explain to me why my trade executed under Margin when I have $1000 cash balance? I don’t get why I didn’t directly spend my cash balance if I only bought a stock. I wasn’t trading options.

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Theta Gang and selling Options does not always work. I’ve lost $20k since 2018 and $3k in a month and even had a margin call. When you try to actively trade the markets without an edge, on a long enough timeline your expected return is $0.

Theta Gang and selling Options does not always work. I’ve lost $20k since 2018 and $3k in a month and even had a margin call. When you try to actively trade the markets without an edge, on a long enough timeline your expected return is $0. submitted by justathrowawaybro1 to options [link] [comments]

How does margin work when day trading?

Hi all,
I don't really understand how margin works in day trading. Does the broker divide the yearly interest rate into a daily rate (like credit card issuers), and then charge you by the day?
After all, you're borrowing and returning the money within hours.
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So when someone takes out a high margin on a trade and looses like 200 k will the company sue them if they cant come up with the margin repayment?

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When do you get a margin call trading futures?

I am very confused about how and when you would get a margin call from your broker about a futures trade.
Let's say I take a 1 contract long position on Dow Micro (for TD they require $748 in "initial margin"). Given that each tick is .50cent, does this mean that my account value will only reach zero if market goes down 1496 pts?
How does the fact this it is a leveraged instrument play into this calculation?
I called TD and they said they would take me out (perhaps a margin call) of the trade if I was going down to zero in account value, but I thought that with futures you could lose more $ than you put in, because of the leverage?
In the example above, if I'm long and the market goes down 1500 pts, do I just lose my initial $748, or do I owe TD a lot more? Thanks
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📷Kraken Customer Service Phone Number | +1(855) 266-9652 When we talk about cryptocurrency exchanges that offer Ethereum and Bitcoin trading options for the people, Kraken is one of the names that come to mind. It helps in influencing the margin trading in the best way. There is a dark pool of th

📷Kraken Customer Service Phone Number | +1(855) 266-9652

When we talk about cryptocurrency exchanges that offer Ethereum and Bitcoin trading options for the people, Kraken is one of the names that come to mind. It helps in influencing the margin trading in the best way. There is a dark pool of the private security exchanges where the investors and the large financial joints would be able to trade without any difficulties in the best way. With the help of the Kraken Support options, the traders can get all the information that they need to have about this cryptocurrency exchange.

The Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange is actually available worldwide and it is available mostly in the USA. One of the main benefits of this exchange is the fame that it has. It is known to be amongst the top 3 names of the important Bitcoin Exchanges. There is a pretty diverse pairing range of different trading pairs which is another one of the benefits. Just like some of the other top cryptocurrency exchanges, there is a proper liquidity present in this currency. You can dial the Kraken phone number for more details on the exchange.

In case you are interested in opening a proper Kraken Account, there is no doubt that it is pretty similar to the opening of an account on some other platforms. Their signups will definitely not be anonymous. In case you are looking forward to opening a basic trading account, there are some personal basic questions you have to answer. For opening an advanced exchange account, there are some extensive papers and documents that you have to provide. Dial-up the Kraken customer support number for more details.

Kraken Common Features

Liquidity: Low fees for fast funding process and the Bitcoin Dark Pool

Reliability: Service available for 24 hours a day and for a whole year. In case there is a customer experiencing some issues, dialing the Kraken support phone number would be enough.

Security: It uses some cold storage that is encrypted to keep the funds of the users protected.

Bitcoin Margin Trading: One of the main benefits of leveraged trading and that too up to 5x is found here with shorting available as well

Advanced Order: Stop-loss orders along automated trading are both available.

Proof of the reserves audits: Not every single exchange is audited here. Kraken has evolved the entire industry for the amazing cryptographically verified auditing.

Mobile Apps: There are some apps provided for android and iOS.

Two Factor Authentication: It provides two-factor authentication as well as PGPGPG encryption.

Kraken Customer Support to Have An Account

In case there are some users who want to open up the advanced account, there are some specific jurisdictions that are required around the whole world. For those trading, the large volume will have to comply with these rules as well. There are some more details that you can know about in by dialing the Kraken support number.
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Theta Gang and selling Options does not always work. I’ve lost $20k since 2018 and $3k in a month and even had a margin call. When you try to actively trade the markets without an edge, on a long enough timeline your expected return is $0.

Theta Gang and selling Options does not always work. I’ve lost $20k since 2018 and $3k in a month and even had a margin call. When you try to actively trade the markets without an edge, on a long enough timeline your expected return is $0. submitted by justathrowawaybro1 to thetagang [link] [comments]

When u/1R0NYMAN finds out RH Margin trading

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Answers to the straight questions to the GV Team

Hi all! Recently we had a bunch of great questions that were asked in the Reddit, right over here:
We took some time to prepare a reply and here it is!

I am Ruslan Kamenskiy, the person responsible for the GV products in our team.
Thank you for the many questions. I will try to answer them as fully as possible, but before answering, I would like to make a small introduction so that members of the community understand more why things are happening anyway.
- Development of any project is always a series of trade-offs. Resources are always limited and the need to choose where to send them is always present. Our task is to distribute our resources optimally considering short-term missions and long-term objectives.
- We have a very active and large community. It consists of many different representatives. Everyone has their own needs, expectations, problems and pains. And often in some decisions, you need to look for a middle ground, and you can not please everyone. Investors want maximum security, minimum commissions and maximum profits. Managers want huge investments, minimum responsibility and maximum opportunities. Brokers and exchanges want maximum trading volumes from us. And many requirements of different market participants contradict each other. Therefore, we must always look for optimal solutions.
- As I said, we have a vast and active community. And as a result, we have a tremendous amount of feedback and suggestions. Every day they come to us from all channels (feedback portal, social networks, Reddit, support mail, and even private messages in telegram). Right now in our task tracker in backlog 160 feedbacks are hanging for implementation. We appreciate the feedback of our users, but unfortunately, due to limited resources, we cannot implement everything at the same time, so we prioritise requests and suggestions. It is excruciating for us to receive messages from our users stating "I suggested this a month ago, but this has not been implemented yet," but we hope for understanding. We are trying.
- Investors want the maximum possible profit with minimal risk. But this is impossible. If we go the route of the maximum of investors' safety (for example, we prohibit trading with leverage, we make maximum stop-outs, etc.), this will minimise the potential investor's profit and make the platform uninteresting for managers. We try to find the right balance between protecting investors from rogue managers and allowing investors to make informed on their decisions based on the analytical tools we provide to create transparency in the managers’ trading strategies. However, we do not believe that restricting managers too much is the best path forward for the ecosystem. We view our job as creating a fully transparent system that allows participants to make highly educated decisions => it is then up to them to take ownership of said decision.
- Almost every day we get the questions "When exactly this will be." We have internal deadlines for the implementation of various functions, but to make public statements about the exact date of the implementation of some functionality is not always the best idea, because there are many factors affecting the real state of affairs. And the delay, even for a couple of hours, is always perceived by the community as extremely negative. But we do not refuse to share information about our current work and immediate plans.
Why do you allow numerous programs by the same manager? Do you intend to curtail it to a limited number? If yes, how many? When will you implement?
Allowing managers to have several programs is necessary for the following reasons:
All information on the number and performance of all programs is public and available to investors.
Do you intend to pose restrictions on entry and success fees to prevent exploitative fees? If yes, what restrictions and when will you implement?
Restrictions on maximum fees are already present. At the same time, this information is available in the program details, which allows the investor to evaluate all the sizes of the commissions before making a decision on investing. Additionally, in order to avoid exploitative fees, the entry fee is charged only for programs that have reached level 3. All this together provides, in our opinion, a fairly transparent system of commissions, in which the investor has all the necessary information to make an educated decision. However, if you have any specific constructive suggestions for improving the system, we are always happy to listen and take them into account.
Do you intend to start adopting some form of intervention when a trader goes on downward money losing spiral? Some form of trading floor manager action after x% losses? If yes, how and when? If not, why not?
We have introduced the Stop-out functionality, just designed to limit the loss of investors. This is an industry standard solution that helps solve the problem described.
Do you intend to impose a cool-down time limit or even fee increase limit to prevent managers to close a program and immediately reopen another one? If yes, what/when will you implement?
Managers close and open new programs for various reasons, which is a normal workflow, and we do not want to artificially limit them in this. At the same time, information about the number of manager’s programs, as well as their performance, is public and available to investors for analysis. This information, in our opinion, should be sufficient to determine how honest a particular manager acts.
Do you intend to implement some form of deletion? In which way? When?
The level system is currently being analyzed and re-thought. At the same time, our community takes an active part in this process. Actual information can be obtained in our telegram (work on this is going right now).
Do you intend to return entree fees when a program that is announced for a period of X days terminates the program before the end of the period? When?
Entry fee is charged starting from 3rd level programs. This means that this is not a new program, but already having a certain history of successful trading.
However, your proposal is absolutely reasonable, and in some situations, returning an entry fee may be a fair decision. We are currently working on this issue and are considering how to improve the current situation.
Do you intend to implement a policy so that entry fees only vest if the manager makes more profit, net of success fees, than what was charged in the entry fee? When?
If you think about it, then this is quite a delicate issue, and we cannot count everything only by profit. I will give a specific example - in the first case, the investor invests 1 BTC in the Forex program, according to the results of the period, the manager does not show a substantial profit (say, he does not cover the entry fee minus the success fee), but during this time the whole crypto market has fallen by 50% (and we all know that this happens). Formally, the conditions for obtaining the entry fee you described are not met, but the manager has helped the investor save (and even multiply) his BTC holdings.
Here’s another situation - the investor invests the same 1 BTC in the ETH program, the manager shows a profit sufficient to pay the entry fee according to your policy, but due to a significant drop in the cost of the ETH, the investor is still in the red.
So who of these managers really deserves the entry fee? We believe both. Entry Fee is available to programs only from level 3, which means that the manager has successful trading experience, although even with many programs this value is set to zero. A performance-based fee is a success fee, and the entry fee, taking into account all factors, is wiser to leave unconditional, in order to observe the interests of all categories of users.
Do you intend to review the way the GVT token is used in the platform to actually create demand for the token? What are the ideas that you have recently been discussing? When are any of those ideas likely to be implemented?
Yes, we are constantly working on this issue. Some ideas have been described in recent blog posts (GVT burning, profit distribution in GVT, payment of a subscription for copying in GVT)
Nowadays, while the platform have programs with not too much capital, the amount of GVT required to get a discount does not make economic sense. Would you consider a temporary reduction in the number of GVT one needs to hold to get discounts on fees, in the same vein that Binance had very friendly reduced fees in its first year?
We have a discount for GVT holders selling on GM in the same way asBinance has discounts for holding BNB on their exchange. And you need to understand that Binance had very friendly fees during a completely different state of the crypto market. The capitalization of all cryptocurrency grew and was much easier to keep them low then it is now.
But we are working in this direction.
We already know you are planning a new level system. What are some additional concrete investor protection actions the GV team plans to implement? When can we expect them to be implemented?
The system of levels is now being revised with the participation of the community. Actual information can be obtained in our telegram (i.e., work on this is underway right now)
Will you rethink the functionality and design of the reinvestment toggle, and add clear labels so that users do not have their money tied up in funds that they do not wish to invest in? If yes, when?
The reinvest button has already been renamed to “Reinvest profit” for better understanding.
When and how will the UI be revamped (The dashboard, so it is clearer how investments are performing; More filters; Display of overall manager performance across all their programs)?
Regarding the question “how”, I can not answer shortly. For the answer, you would need to write a whole article, but you can be sure that we are constantly working on improving the UI based on your feedback. If you have been following the development of the platform for a long time, you might notice that with each major update, the UI changes significantly. This is due to the fact that Genesis Vision is a complex system with a lot of information, so it is often possible to find the right balance between informational content and convenience only through trial and error and only with the active participation of product users.
Will there be a way to withdraw everything at the next ending of a period? When/how are you going to implement this?
Yes, it is already being worked on, but we cannot point to an exact date at the moment.
Could you study a way to enable investors to withdraw invested money before the end of the reporting period, in particular if there is money not currently allocated to a trade? What is your thinking about alternative ways to implement this?
This issue is not so obvious. If you withdraw funds during the trading period, this can disrupt the manager's trading strategy. Even if these funds are now free, they can be used to maintain margins when trading with leverage. And if you take the money, then Margin Call will happen (and then Stop out) and all investors will lose money, because funds are not enough to maintain the position.
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When do I start paying interest on a margin trade?

Is it right when I confirm the trade? Or do I start paying interest wants my limit order is executed?

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Can you margin trade when using cross-chain swaps?

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I have >2000 in my Margin account and should have 4x DTBP but when I go to place a trade it only lets me use 1:1

How do I fix this? Need that sweet 4x.
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When does a trading day close? Tomorrow is a holiday and I want to be able to buy Bitcoin. I covered my margin maintenance today but just want to know when the day is closed. Shouldn't have to wait til next trading day.

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Margin Trading  Trading Terms - YouTube What is Margin Trading? How it works Use All Your Capital Reserves (Margin) When Trading ❗❓ The basics of margin trading What is Option Margin? What are Margin Requirements?

The reality is that margin trading is an inherently risky strategy that can transform even the safest blue-chip stock purchase into a high-stakes gamble. It allows aggressive traders—both individuals and institutions—to buy more shares than they could otherwise afford. Margin trading is a term that is a concept that allows traders to invest using borrowed money. The best way to explain margin trading is to use an example. Assume that you had $10,000 and you want to invest in Amazon stock that is trading at $1,800. In this situation, you can use your $10,000 to buy 5.5 shares. Margin trading is when an investor borrows money from a brokerage to buy an asset. It is the difference between the borrowed amount from the broker and the total value of the assets held in the investor’s account. If you are borrowing on margin, Margin Trading. Borrow up to 50% of your eligible equity to buy additional securities. Powerful tools, real-time information, and specialized service help you make the most of your margin trading. Margin trading is a double-edged sword - it cuts both ways. If the stock price rises , the investor makes twice as much profit as with his own cash only. Similarly, if the stock price falls, the investor loses twice the amount.

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Margin Trading Trading Terms - YouTube

⚡️ ⚡️ Welcome to Group "Margin Trading" ⚡️ ⚡️ This is a Closed Group, and was created to guide and support you on Trading, Trading Signals. Margin trading is a method of trading assets using funds provided by a third party. When compared to regular trading accounts, margin accounts allow traders to access greater sums of capital ... Should you use all your money for trading? What is margin trading and is it right for you? How much money do you need to start trading? The idea of trading capital is this. Fortunately we can ... HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR PORTFOLIO WHEN BTC IS CRASHING - Bitmex Margin Leverage Trading Tutorial - Duration: 20:43. Forflies 35,340 views. 20:43. Language: English Location: United States One trading jargon that you’ll hear very often is margin. It’s usually in terms like margin account, margin trading and even margin call. It seems a bit comp...