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Featured article at Publish0x- Crypto Trading Simulator - Crypto Parrot

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Crypto Trading Simulator - Crypto Parrot

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Crypto Trading Simulator - Crypto Parrot

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Crypto Trading Simulator?

Hey guys,
I was wondering, is anyone aware of a decent live crypto trading simulator? I'm currently learning a lot about TA and would like to do risk-free live-action trading. Probably the best way in learning then :)
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Crypto Trading Simulator

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Crypto Trading Simulator Altcoin Fantasy Partners With Paxful to Bring Bitcoin and Crypto to More People Through Peer-to-Peer Finance

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Crypto Trading Simulator Altcoin Fantasy Partners With Einstein for $1000 Giveaway in Prizes - The Daily Hodl

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Nice tool for getting trading practice - crypto trading simulator & trading journal

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Crypto Trading Simulator /r/Bitcoin

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Double Or Nothing - A Crypto Trading Simulator in Facebook

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Crypto Trading Simulator /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Flip - A crypto trading simulator for beginners

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Coinnounce launches TradingSim, a 100%... #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fintech crypto trading simulator… - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: June 21, 2018 at 10:06AM
Coinnounce launches TradingSim, a 100%... #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fintech crypto trading simulator…
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
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Anybody interested in a realistic crypto trading simulation? Would be cool to get some feedback.

We’ve created a crypto simulation based on real order books. Some features are still missing but the basics are there. It’s called “Best Brokers: Crypto Edition”. Don’t know if It’s allowed to post the link...
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Fantasy crypto trading simulation game with Daily competitions , Win bitcoin

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Fidelity International moves closer to opening a crypto trading desk

source article

Fidelity is apparently vigorously exploring their capabilities in regard to a crypto trading desk. They already have a digital assets division that is exploring how they can make a mint off of cryptos like all of you wonderful people do.

Judging by how much effort they're putting into this thing, and that they have an actual crypto trading simulator, I imagine it'll be launched by the end of the year. Would be best to launch it during a bull market, so probably sooner than that.
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Weekly Update: Parachute patent, Harmony + Debrief, COTI Staking 2.0, Crypto Leagues... – 27 Mar - 2 Apr'20

Weekly Update: Parachute patent, Harmony + Debrief, COTI Staking 2.0, Crypto Leagues... – 27 Mar - 2 Apr'20
Hi everyone! We have caught up with the latest week again. Woohoo! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Mar - 2 Apr'20):

The Parachute crew filed a patent this week focused on chat-based payments using blockchain. Gamerboy’s latest TTR trivia was based on scientific names. Congratulations to Foo for winning this week’s Parena. One of the rare moments when a host wins Parena. Woot! We also had a flash Parena which saw Nuno’s Macaque beat Foo’s Tapir in a closely fought finale to take home 10k $PAR. And another Parena to mark the start of April. Whew! Victor hosted a fun trivia in TTR this week. The tiproom crew also hosted a photo contest to break away from the quarantine blues with a 30k $PAR prize pot. A surprise CoD game hosted by Tavo saw 5k+ $PAR being given away in prizes. He also held a qualifier battle royale round this week in preparation of a new season. Mark (@Kryptopia) launched the beta version of his Crypto Leagues trading game this week with the inaugural league having some cool $PAR prizes. It’s a crypto trading simulation game where you can compete with friends and family. Jason started his #wholesomewed early and made it a week-long event – " something helpful or nice for a stranger. It can be as small as finding some toilet paper for someone..". For Two-for-Tuesday, folks posted music from "bands or artists whose name starts with A, B, C or D". Thanks again Sebastian for making the playlist! A Tuesday special random TTR trivia had 500 $PAR in rewards per question. DoYourTip and Tiproom gear are now available in the Parachute shop. Cool!
The first ever Crypto League had $PAR prizes for the top traders. Cool!
Ethos’ parent company Voyager completed its acquisition of Circle Invest with converting all 40k accounts to Voyager. Sentivate released their public and private project decks. The latest browser update includes support for torrents. For other dev updates, click here, here, here, here (thread) and here. Not yet on the Mycro Hunter App? Click here to see how to sign up. OST launched Meetly this week – a directory of #StayAtHome events across the world. SelfKey fans, hope you didn’t forget to share your ideas on getting the Wallet App into more hands. ExMarkets joined SelfKey’s crypto exchange marketplace. The team also shared a few wealth management tips in their latest blog post. How does $KEY act as a reputational element in a distributed system? Read here. Yazom announced that the app was ready for release and awaiting approval from Play Store. Wibson launched MyCovidRisk to detect possible COVID-19 infections using location history. DoYourTip and Intellishare did a crossover social media giveaway starting this week with cool $DYT and $INE prizes for some fun activities. Jobchain website had an upgrade. Click here to read GET Protocol’s latest monthly update report. COTI introduced their latest staking model this week. The new mechanism will allow more volume and participants. Early registration for Staking 2.0 was started as well. Staking rewards for March were distributed. Following last week’s airdrop, DoYourTip community decided to airdrop even more $DYT to wallets that never held any. For this they will be conducting a series of votes to select the project whose HODLers will receive the airdrops. The first two of these polls (1, 2, 3) happened this week. Plus, another bonus bounty for $DYT fans. The giveaways never end! $DYT’s price metrics were added to Coinpaprika and Etherscan. A new league in the Crypto Leagues gaming platform was also launched with $DYT prizes.
An early sneak peek of SelfKey’s next desktop version update
BlockDaemon joined Harmony as a staking partner this week. Remember the partnership with privacy protocol solution Suterusu announced last week? This week, the team also hosted an AMA with their CTO, Dr. Lin Huang. MoonStake became the latest staking platform to add Harmony and their partner BinaryStar announced support for community and marketing activities for Harmony in Japan. For the latest #pow thread, video summary and community update for the week gone by, click here, here and here respectively. A demo video of the NFT Store dApp was also released. Wetez became the latest staking partner of Harmony. Click here to read their AMA transcript. Hope you got a chance to share your feedback on the updated proposal for staking economics submitted by Co-founder Nick White which was formalised into a new tokenomics model. This release was followed by an AMA announcement for next week to discuss this in detail. For the TLDR, click here. Blockchain-based communication platform Debrief joined hands with the project to build dAPI middleware on the Harmony platform. The network experienced a temporary outage this week which was restored quickly. The team did a close inspection of a consensus issue and resolved those as well. A new contest was announced where validators now stand a chance to win 3 months of free computing power on AVS or Vultr. All internally mined $ONE tokens will be burned leading to nil inflation of token supply. Here’s a video summary that explains the burn. BitMax announced staking support for Harmony. Plus, validators can now track their nodes through Telegram. That is awesome! A .crypto domain giveaway was a great way to end the week on a high.
The new $ONE economic model
For the weekly aXpire update, click here. COO Matthew Markham wrote about why expense allocation is an important consideration for fund managers and about the applications of machine learning in law firms. Next week, CEO Gary Markham will be speaking at a webinar by Hedge Fund Association on cost containment strategies which aXpire is also sponsoring. Have you read the 2gether manifesto yet? Click here if you haven’t. Want to make a poster out of it? Here ya go! The results of the private beta testing of the XIO portal were compiled with a follow-up AMA to happen soon. To catch up on the latest news at Fantom, have a read of their project update. They also announced that Chainlink will be the official oracle solution across the FTM network. Validators were informed to upgrade their nodes in preparation for an upcoming network update. Hope you had a moment to take part in the first ever Uptrennd Talent Show. As promised last week, the Digibyte review report came out this week. Click here to have a read. Read the Uptrennd manifesto, yet? Don’t miss the project’s ethos video either. Entries for the latest Article-of-the-Month contest opened up this week. Plus a meme contest for our memelords. Get on it! The District0x Weekly and Dev Updates covered a lot of ground this week. Matic Network’s Sandeep Nailwal sat down for an interview with Brady in this week’s Dapp Digest. Plus, Meme Factory is starting a verified artists system through an invite-only ambassadors program. Hydrogen integrated real estate data provider Zillow to its platform this week. The project also announced a partnership with FinConecta to help legacy financial firms move to a Banking-as-a-Service model. The team’s tips on BCP (business continuity plan) is a helpful guide for all fintechs.

And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again with another update. Ciao!
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[DEV] Crypto Trading Game on Android

After seeing a lot of people lose a bunch of money into buying cryptocurrencies last year, our team decided we should build a crypto trading simulator game first for people who are new to crypto (there are over 2000+ coins so it's hard to choose).
The result of this is called Altcoin Fantasy -- a cryptocurrency trading simulator game with real time prices. We have weekly competitions where the top traders can win actual crypto.
Features - Start with some virtual USD and trade your way to the top throughout the contest period - Crypto trading simulator with real time prices - Different real time game modes (ie. top trader, biggest loser, trading with only shitcoins, etc) - No ads
We recently revamped the Android app -- any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Play store link -
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Earning While Learning About Crypto Trading. Easy, Fun, & Profitable!

Earn & Learn to trade crypto on Altcoin Fantasy's Bitcoin and crypto trading simulator. Fun way to get your toes wet in crypto trading or dive all the way the deep end in if you’re comfortable trading. I’ve already made $10 in REAL Bitcoin in only a few days. Daily & Weekly competitions, some with prizes of $500+ SIGNUP HERE
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MercuriEx Cryptocurrency Exchange Launching New Exchange Utility Token and Under New Ownership

MercuriEx, a cryptocurrency exchange initially developed by Fusiontree LLC, a USA-based company, has been purchased by SurfTheWeb Ltd, a UK-based company, at the end of 2019.
MercuriEx has been operational since 2017 and SurfTheWeb Ltd. has some exciting plans for the future of the established exchange, including:
Re-branding to SurfEx
A new exchange utility token called SurfExUtilityToken (SURF)
Expanding operations to a global user-base with new and improved markets
Plans for fiat/crypto gateways and markets
Reduced trade fees and much more
To kick off the launch of SURF token, SurfTheWeb Ltd. is partnering with Altcoin Fantasy by sponsoring a fantasy trading competition from February 25, 2020 to March 10, 2020 to help more people gain awareness of MercuriEx.
The competition is free to join and open to traders of all skill levels. Participants start with a fantasy portfolio of $10,000 USD and try to make the most gains in their portfolio by the end of the competition in a simulated environment.
The top 75 players will win part of the $2,500 USD prize pool.
In addition to sponsoring a trading competition, SurfTheWeb is holding a limited initial public token offering for SURF token, available directly on the exchange, with a BTC/SURF trading pair.
With just 5 million SURF available for sale in this early round, there are plans for a larger future coin sale after more marketing, user-engagement and community building has been achieved.
To make it even easier for traders, trading fees are set to 0% until the end of March 2020 on the exchange.
For a more detailed look at SurfTheWeb Ltd.’s plans for the future of the exchange, including specific information about SURF token, see where you can view their roadmap and read their whitepaper in full.
MercuriExMercuriEx is a cryptocurrency exchange developed in 2017 and purchased in late 2019 by the UK-based company SurfTheWeb Ltd. With low commissions and plans for future fiat/crypto gateways, MercuriEx will make access to digital assets easier for its users.
MercuriEx are currently fundraising with a token sale in order to expand operations globally as well as improve the existing platform.
Visit and sign up today.
Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto trading simulation platform that uses an innovative combination of fantasy sports with crypto trading, with all of the fun and excitement and none of the risk. Altcoin Fantasy partners with leading blockchain and crypto companies to host fantasy trading competitions where people can learn about crypto and practice trading completely risk-free.
For more information, visit
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Playing Crypto Leagues! - How to trade in Cryptocurrency's Trade simulator and win prizes!

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12 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators For Crypto Traders

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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators Trading Simulator Bitcoin Flip Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator Bit Trainer: Live Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator - Feat. Hashtiv CTO Niah Mason No-Risk Crypto Trading Simulator: Paper Trading on OKEx

crypto trading simulator free download - TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bot, Cryptohopper - Crypto Trading, Roostoo Mock Crypto Trading, and many more programs isn't just a cryptocurrency trading simulator used by people to learn how to trade crypto: it also allows the user to earn crypto rewards even as they simulate their trading and learn how to trade on the platform. It offers a life and real time simulated cryptocurrency exchange, free learning community where users can share knowledge The post 4 Best Crypto Paper Trading Apps & Simulators appeared first on CoinSutra - Bitcoin Community. Looking for a Crypto paper trading simulator? Well, you have found the right place to discover the best crypto paper … 4 Best Crypto Paper Trading Apps & Simu... It’s a crypto simulator too, but the main difference from other similar apps is identical functionality/interface to the real exchange and real exchange rates. It is not so convenient for a beginner, but it can prepare him for real trading on the exchange. It seems to me that it fits this list. Simulated Exchange. Theoretical paper trading is so 2017. Whether you are a new or experienced trader, Crypto Parrot is the cryptocurrency simulator where you can engage with the market and practice your strategies before moving on to the real deal.

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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators

About yourself: Do you want to learn how to trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, EOS, and more? Do you ever find that the online exchange is so dif... Looking to try out trading crypto without any risk? So-called “paper trading” is simulated trading — it lets users practice trading without the risk of losing any real money. Tradingsim is a day trading replay tool, or trading simulator, geared for use by day traders who make buying and selling decisions using charts and technical... Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators – Before going deep into cryptocurrency trading, you have to come to terms with the underpinning concepts of blockchain and the companies you’re trading ... Exciting Cryptocurrency trading simulator for Beginners iOS: Android: https://pla...