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S&P 1700 within 6 Months

This is a new post after some interest in a comment why I believed the S&P is going to 1700.
Update 3: I am going to limit my answers in the comments guys; as the post becomes more popular it is becoming more diluted with snark etc. I don't expect anyone to follow my opinions; I just want to share one aspect of why I am making the trades I am. I maybe wrong. Random walk and all that..
Original Disclaimer: This is based on historical precedence and we are in unprecedented times but, with history as our guide a strong argument can be made for the S&P to decline to a level that is currently inconceivable. I have disclosed all my positions near the bottom.
Update 1: Slightly long; happy to be challenged in the comments, it is late in the UK (2am) so may tidy it up and add more references and charts tomorrow. Update 2: Have expanded the post to answer as many comments and requests for references wherever possible and tagged in the requestors.

Intro: Are we in a recession?

If you believe so, or that we are heading into a recession then there are four things needed to support a genuine rally out of a recession

We are missing 2 out of those 4 criteria; the overwhelming monetary and fiscal policy (world-records) are compensating for lack of positive indicators and volatile and bullish pricing.

What do you mean by pricing?

It can be argued that the current price of stocks is not discounting for the acute and likely chronic harm to consumer sentiment and spending power. For example; the UK clothing retailer Next Group closed their bricks and mortar stores (share price increased 4%) then they cancelled all online shopping (share price increased 3%) and finally they cancelled all orders with their supply chain (shares leapt 12.8% during the rally.) There is the massive amount of second, third and fourth order effects that this one company does to the UK economy (and Turkish factories). Suppliers, shipping, design, marketing etc all cancelled and the staff furloughed.
This is one example but the indexes are currently full of similar examples and some analysts are ringing the alarm bells.

Lazard Asset Management are concerned that the pandemic “will persist longer than many investors suspect and that the economic damage will be deeper and potentially longer-lasting”.
Reddit is quick to mention that stonks only go up but there is some truth to that sentiment at present since any negative factors are dismissed as being priced in and all positive factors are heralded as a cause for stocks to rally. If priced in was accurate then we would not see record-beating market rallies back to back. 10% volatility swings over 48 hours is the very definition of not priced in.
There is evidence to suggest that, well, the bullish sentiment is wrong and mainly because it is retail investors being taken for a ride whilst funds re-balance and offload.
Retail traders "buying the dips" is normally a contrarian signal, meaning that it's time to sell. This section is for u/lntoIerant in response to a comment.

Edit to answer some comments about this portion thus far.

Do retail investors move the market?
Are retail investors buying in greater volumes?
Are retail investors dumb money?

What does this have to do with the S&P dividend and the EPS?

Major indexes are comprised of stocks that pay handsome dividends; normally 2% yield a year. The companies have reached their limit of growth (HSBC haven't discovered 5 million new customers and Shell are not finding new fossil fuels) so investors hold the stock for income-seeking reasons.
The FTSE 100 was priced in to generate £89 billion in dividends for 2019 and £90 billion+ in 2020. That has largely collapsed.
The only companies that pay dividends are those taking on debt to do so like Shell. And they have; a 10Bn credit line to maintain dividends. The Bank of Englandhad to slap 5 UK banks from issuing dividends at this time. That means that their primary valuations as income-generating stocks are questionable...
...especially since the dividends are not expected to return to the 2020 levels for another 10 years now. Edit to add: This portion is taken from the market report by BNY Mellon. You can see the chart here. The analyst is John Velis of BNY. Thanks to u/flash_aaaah_ahhhhh for prompting me.

“By 2021, the market expects dividends per share for the S&P 500 to be down to under $38 per share (a staggering 41 per cent drop from recent highs of approximately $63 per share) and then to start slowly rising again. Going out 10 years to 2030, the expectation is that dividends will just about recover to pre-Covid-19 levels.”

Main body: Onto the S&P

In 2021 the market expects the dividends per share for the S&P to be reduced to $38 per share. That is priced in and common knowledge.
That is a 41% drop from the recent highs of $63 a share and seems alarming for income seeking investors since we are not expected to recover to those prices for 8-10 years. Source.
But DataTrek have noted that we are still currently trading at 21X the trailing 10 year earnings of $122 a share.
Dividends per share normally don't fall as far as earnings per share. But they are inverted at present.
For the S&P to be trading at 2,650 level (or even higher) it means the market does not believe the pandemic or recession will have any long-term damage. That puts us squarely at odds with items 3 and 4 in our list of factors needed to exit a bear market.

Talk to me about 2008!

Thanks to u/mister_woody for asking for more data.

In other recessions, including 2008, the dividend price per share drops approximately 12-15% but the earnings per share drop by considerably more; as much as 85%.
That means that in 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bear market; the dividends per share dropped by a lower percentage amount than the total index value drop.
You can see that in this chart here.

Right now, we have the reverse. Dividend share drop in this market is 41% (which is chilling) and market drop was approximately only 30% and rallying heavily back to the mid-20's only. That makes no financial sense unless the assets were being propped up by buyers...

If the S&P follows the same playbook at 2008-9, then we would expect to see levels of around 1400 at the bottom but that seems extremely bearish expecting that this crisis is worse than 2008.
If previous indications hold true, then we would expect the S&P to drop by approximately 50-60%ish at the true bottom to reflect the 41% decrease in expected shares plus additional discounts and negative market sentiment.
In reality, we are probably likely to pull back to between 13X and 15X trailing average which puts the S&P between 1600 (low side) and 1800 (high side).

You are putting a lot of faith in a re-run of the 2008 crisis

I am. No doubt about it. After October 2008, stocks fell for another four months, piling up 40% of losses before the recently ended bull market began in March 2009.

New market indicators

Since I wrote this post, the DJIA was up over 4% and closed down on the day.
Thank you to theTwitter feed of Jim Bianco for this: Since 1925 (95 yrs!), up more than 4% and closing down on the day has happened only one other time ... Oct 14, 2008 (Tsy Sec Hank Paulson forced the banks to take TARP money). The S&P 500 was up 3.5% at the high and closed down on the day. Since April 1982 (daily H,L,C began) has happened three other times...Oct 3, 08, Oct 14, 08, and Oct 17, 08.
This mkt continues to trade like Oct 08. It was six months and another 25% down before the low.
Bezinga are also playing up the 2008 similarities.

Why is bullish sentiment so wrong?

The negative reports are so wildly negative that the almost defy belief. We are dealing with insane numbers way beyond our traditional frame of reasoning. This is topped only by the insanity of the scale of quantitative easing. Less than a year ago, a small movement in the non-farm payrolls would lead to a 2-3% move in the markets; now we are hitting 700K jobs lost, a truly ugly number and the market rallies hugely. Future economic students will study this to try and understand what was happening.
In the space of weeks the majority of the Western economies have swung to being effectively state-sponsored, centralised economies and no one really knows how to unwind these positions.
It is impossible to reconcile being a bull with a centralised state economy and blue-chip stocks that refuse to pay dividends but the share price remains at the same levels as when they paid a 2% yield.
The UK forecast is for the deepest contraction since 1900. Business surveys have shown activity crashing faster in March than during the financial crisis. The Office for National Statistics has published experimental research on the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

With entire swaths of the economy having shut down “traditional forecasting methods become irrelevant”, warned Chiara Zangarelli, economist at investment bank Nomura.
Michelle Girard, economist at NatWest, said that while there was huge uncertainty about the precise magnitude of the contraction in gross domestic product in the second quarter, “there is little doubt that it will be off the scale”
That is not a bullish sentiment. It means markets are acting irrationally since fundamentals are being dismissed as priced-in. In reality; nothing is priced in.



Edit to add: So, your entire thesis is totally destroyed if companies keep paying dividends?

In a nutshell.
But something else will be destroyed; the western taxpayer and future growth.

CEO said 'every pound we receive [in rates relief] will be invested in ensuring Tesco is able to support British shoppers...' That is tax payers paying a subsidy to a free-market company for the ability to shop...and also...
Mr Lewis said that the needs of savers and pension funds also needed to be considered in the debate around dividends. “We’ve thought long and hard about our responsibilities here . . . we are in a strong position to pay out for the benefit of those people

Edit to add: What about the FED and stimulus

u/tauriel81 and u/aliveintucson325 and u/100PERCENTYOLO_VEQT
OK - to truly test my own assumptions; here is my argument AGAINST my position.
The Fed have not quite printed money as Reddit loves to meme. They have issued liquidity and central banks worldwide have allowed banks to relax their requirement to hold reserves of cash. That injects money into the business world by allowing lending and borrowing to continue. It also reduces theoretical risk since the models are back within tolerance.
When the time comes they will remove the credits gradually without causing hyperinflation. They do this by paying banks not to lend back into the system by holding a % of their assets at the Federal Reserve. So they pay the banks but the banks keep the deposit at the Fed and don't pass on the liquidity to potential borrowers..gradually and sustainably.
That means the borrower of the future (home purchasers, entreprenuers etc) will have very few credit facilities available so RIP to the long-term economic growth.
We also have unprecedented government support for citizens. The largest social security welfare plan since WW2, especially in Europe.
If you believe that the Western economies can weather this storm using the bridging devices by central banks then it pays to dollar cost average into the market and keep buying the dips as a retail investor.
Lots of buoyant news from European nations and China about the slowing pandemic is overwhelming the negative leading and lagging economic indicators about economic data.
If you believe the economy can return to normal within 36 months, then it pay to be bullish and invest.
If you are day-trading, swing-trading or short-term options trading then the overwhelming market moves are likely to crush people as the system flexes under lots of volatility. You are also likely prioritising the negative news and technical analysis in your filter bubble and de-prioritising the positive news particularly when that news is fiscal or monetary policy since those things are dry, boring and incomprehensible half the time.
So you miss Fed backstops critical bankingi and instead hear UK Prime Minister in intensive care.
If you want to know what is going on...

Decide where you making a prediction. Plan your trade, trade your plan.
How do the FED take money back out of the economy?
They FED purchase the security initially to then sell it back to the asset-holder later. So the balance of credit-deficit merely swaps but by paying a small premium on the excesses that they hold, they can cushion the inflation or deflation of the currency.
So, they effectively give the bank liquidity and then remove that liquidity later by passing the asset back...but also provide a small premium to cushion the blow; 50% of the premium is then held on Federal Reserve books so that the market is not flooded with new money.
The FED previously reduced their balance sheet from $4.4 trillion to $3.7 trillion but it remains to be seen if they can unwind a position of this size.


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the TL;DR is that if you want to share either of these publication / services with me and a few others contact me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
This will be a brief overview of the difference between the two Palm Beach Group Cryptocurrency Publications. The first publication is called the Palm Beach Confidential. This is the original crypto newsletter dating back to the beginning of 2016. During that year Teeka Tiwari made incredible calls on buying ETH at $9 and later Ant Shares (now NEO) at just 13 cents. Both went up to $1,400 and $250 respectively. Lives were changed almost overnight with these incredible gains if you just piggybacked his advice. So why another crypto publication called the Crypto Income Quarterly? Isn’t the Palm Beach Confidential enough for such a niche market as cryptocurrency investment? I don’t think it is. Let me explain the two publications in some detail so that you can decide what is best for you.
The Confidential is more for the investor that wants to buy and hold projects with the expectation that they will increase in value over time. Think similar to buying Amazon stock many years ago. Except with crypto sometimes buying a certain threshold of tokens or coins actually give you access to services and privileges. This is how crypto investments differ greatly from traditional investments. You have some coins which are aiming to be only a better MONEY (imo probably the most important use case). Think Bitcoin BTC here or Monero. It tries to do one thing and do it well. Other tokens unlock access to investment information and signals, or access to lower rates on loans, or give you cash back for using their crypto credit card. These are only a few of the more simple examples of the capabilities of tokens/coins through something called; smart contracts. There really is no limit to what tokens/coins combined with smart contracts can do.
As you can imagine this makes investing in these projects all the more difficult to assess because of all the moving parts and various a capabilities and privileges unlocked by each coin (or aka: token). By the way; “coins” usually do one thing (again think Monero / Bitcoin as money) where as “tokens” usually sit on top a smart contract platform like Ethereum and give more leeway to get creative with - tokens are also not usually trying to emulate money, although it’s possible that these too could be seen as a type of currency. Confused yet? lol. Stay with me here!
If you were to go to you will see a listing of currently over 2,000 coins and tokens or: projects. Now how can you possibly sift through this information alone and assess the quality of the projects or the teams involved. How much time and study and research would it take you to even have a shot at picking winners in this complex space? This is where the Palm Beach publications come in.
The Palm Beach Confidential is more hands on and a bit of hand holding - and imo better for novice crypto investors. Note I didn’t say novice investors - I said novice crypto investors. I would never say it’s a publication for crypto noobs, but it is more newbie friendly. Most of the coins are pure investments. You buy / you hold / you sell sometime in the future or you ride it to incredible gains and beyond. Each of these coins or tokens is usually trying to solve a complex problem.
The Confidential include the monthly flagship newsletter which usually has at least one new coin pick backed with incredible work and research analyzing all aspects of the project, the need and future demand for the token, the problem it solves, the team involved and the partnerships they have lined up or pending. It’s a treasure trove of fundamental information that any aspiring venture capitalist should have. They also provide buy/sell alerts on short term ideas (not too many of these unless in full bull run) and tell you when to cash out some of your profits when certain profit objectives are reached. Teeka calls this ‘skimming some cream from the top’. As a trader I use the Confidential to help me make buy and sell decisions. But I still wouldn’t label it as trading services - it’s more geared towards investors.
In 2019 and 2020 Teeka has been absolutely killing it with his picks. He came out with the first 5 coins to 5 million report and then recently the final 5 coins to 5 million and now also added; The 2020 Phenomenon playbook. The coins in these reports are crushing it with gains of 800% and 1200% - the numbers just don’t lie. Teeka gets some flack online for being an over the top salesman - and I have to agree he’s sometimes over the top. But let’s face it, so are these gains. So from a subscriber’s perspective, the only people hating on Teeka are the ones without these reports and the gains they deliver. This much I can assure you!
The Crypto Income Quarterly is the newest Palm Beach crypto publication which started in the beginning of 2019. The reason it exists is because crypto is so complex and certain tokens and coins not only grant special access to services and discounts etc, but they provide income! That’s right many coins now are paying 9% - 40% dividends (or as Teeka calls them “tech royalties”) on simply putting the coin in a wallet and holding them. This process of locking up your tokens for a certain period of time is called “staking”.
In a world of negative interest rates there is no incentive to save. But in the more honest and transparent, non inflationary world of cryptocurrency there is ample opportunity to create coins that literally enable rich income streams to flow unto the holders. As you can imagine these projects enable us as investors to achieve the holy grail of investing: passive income. But not only is it hard to find the best staking coins in a sea of cryptocurrencies it’s also hard to make sure all your ducks are in a row and that you are staking correctly in order to earn your staking rewards aka; dividends. Palm Beach lays this all out for you in easy to follow step by step instructions so that even a child could do it. You will have simple step by step guides to walk you quickly through the process so that you can start earning immediately.
Furthermore it’s been said that staking is really the future as it does not require even a fraction of the electricity to mine and secure like POW (proof of work) coins like Bitcoin does. So staking coins are likely to become more and more popular over time. The Crypto Income Quarterly will make sure that you don’t miss a beat in this rapidly expanding niche of crypto investing. Soon it will not be a niche at all but quite possibly the dominant protocol for all of crypto. ETH for example is even moving from POW to POS (proof of stake). So this should tell you something.
The combination of both these crypto reports ensure that you will not miss the “Amazon” or “Netflix” of crypto whether they be the latest POS dividend coin - or whether is be a new coin running on a new and revolutionary protocol. As great as the FANG companies are - they are absolutely boring in comparison to what some crypto projects are striving to achieve. Crypto is a lot more than just about magic internet money - it’s about new solutions in a new world powered by blockchain and enabled by something that never existed prior to this era: smart contracts.
Investing in crypto can be extremely overwhelming, but Palm Beach Group really breaks down crypto into easy to understand and digest ways while giving you the exact step by step directions you will need to not screw things up and lose your money. I suggest unless you have many years in crypto, that you not try to go this alone. You will likely be parted with your money or make a fatal mistake. There are countless stories out there! Don’t be a casualty. If you have some experience in crypto but have made a lot of bad calls trying to follow the latest trends on twitter or reddit, well then you are probably getting what you paid for and buying someone else’s bags. Everyone pumping coins online has an agenda - remember that, so be careful!
If you have the money to purchase the Palm Beach Confidential and/or Crypto income quarterly I think it’s money well spent. But the publications are priced at out of reach prices. Which is why I’m offering to share my lifetime subscription along with my personal friendship and expertise in the space should you need it. As a successful crypto investor even before palm beach I can provide you with yet another perspective on a complex market. Because while Teeka is a good guy I can assure you he won’t be there for you. He has far too many subscribers. And while Palm Beach means well- their customer service agents will NOT help you out in crypto. In fact I have personal experience that shows they are mainly about up selling subscriptions and little more. This is simply the truth. If you expect to pick up the phone and talk to a crypto expert at Palm Beach like Teeka or myself when you are in a pickle - good luck. These lower level employees don’t know anything about crypto and are simply script readers / followers and if you are in a tight spot you’re going to be on your own.
So, that’s all I have for you today. I hope I was helpful in helping you understand the difference between the two Palm Beach Group crypto publications and services. Hopefully you can use this as a guide to help you make the right decision on which publication is good for you. But be sure to hit me up if you’d like to discuss a package SHARE deal that will give you ME and both publications. After all, isn’t this “the share economy”?
If interested only DIRECT MESSAGES to me here (or at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) will be answered. Thank you.
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Crypto signals were a scam. Any possible profits could be made only by ourselves.

Crypto signals groups were all scam. Group leaders were publishing complicated technical charts showing theirs “expertise”, speculate about insiders, whales, whatever else. “Blockchain Whispers”, “Bitmex Whales”, private traders were trying to make money on selling signals to us.
There were even cypto signals aggregators, these groups were buying membership and then “pirate” signals forwarding them to theirs own group. One of these aggregators was recently closed and admin wrote an honest letter, saying that he doesn’t want his subscribers suffer more losses. That’s what he wrote:
“Over the last year or so, we have tenaciously tried many signal groups, sources and many approaches with the goal of getting you an edge in crypto trading. I believe having the access and reach we had over these last couple of years gave us a great edge. Some of us could even capitalize on this edge.. but what we have seen more and more over the last year, coming at it from as many angles as we could, with access to all the vast information and sources we had, is that fundamentally, signal groups are not profitable. In fact, they are becoming more and more polluted with misinformation and ‘scammy’ behaviour by the day. Based on this sure clarity, I would no longer be involved in promoting these groups or stand by and listen to the vast majority of our members beating themselves up over losses in trading.”
Nevertheless, group members paid for everything in the end.
The conclusion is that nobody will give us money, we can only take it by ourselves with the knowledge, research and disciplined trading (obvious, right? no, not for all). Nobody will give us profitable signals, we can make it only by ourselves.
That was my motivation when I’ve started to study to scripting languages, trading algos, liquidity, execution, exchanges etc., to write my own bot/strategy, to produce signals by myself.
What I’ve understood after building my own crypto bot and few months of automatic trading:
That is for positive sides. As for negative sides, they are the same as for manual trading and more:
What I’ve found that in 2020 we have great developed open source places for algotrading that easily connect like LEGO bricks.
There are great support telegram groups such as PineScripters with ultra-helpful admins and coders to help people with peculiarities of Tradingview’s Pine programming.
But I found nothing where one can ask some beginners questions about simple adding strategy to the chart, tuning, testing, getting real strategy’s results or about simple the way to execute on exchange. For some beginners question how to get into algotrading without … years of coding experience.
Today I've wrote the first part of complete beginners step-by-step bot building guide using open source strategy on TradingView and plan to test more strategies and publish actual trading results.
TLDR; To avoid scams in crypto, we should learn how to profit by ourselves. Let’s research new trading algos together.

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Is PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL by TEEKA TIWARI, really worth it? (an honest review of the 2 crypto publications)

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Review: The Difference between PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL and CRYPTO INCOME QUARTERLY publications

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PALM BEACH CRYPTO PUBLICATIONS - 5 Coins to 5 Million Final and "The Phenomenon"

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Bitcoin is *almost* idiot-proof

I wondered to myself, how much can you lose in this market even being the worst possible trader. Personally, I’m not especially interested in trading, but thought I’d take a look at something. What if you bought the top and sold the bottom of nearly every correction in the last bull run. I’ve used some pretty loose numbers because I only have half an hour, but this is what I found:
Timmy buys $1000USD of Bitcoin in 2015. The price is around $250, so Timmy owns 4BTC.
The price of Bitcoin rockets to around $800USD in June 2016, before falling to around $500USD in August 2016. CNBC predicts the death of Bitcoin. Timmy sells. Timmy is worth $2000USD.
The price of Bitcoin later rallies to just above $1,000USD in Jan 2017, and Timmy buys 2BTC, lamenting the 4 he previously owned. Later that month, the price falls to around $750USD. The whole thing has been a suckers rally and Timmy sells his bitcoin. He now only has $1500.
In March of that year, Timmy sees a news headline about Bitcoin. It has hit $1350. He immediately buys 1.1 BTC. Later that month Bitcoin falls to around $950 and his paid signals group indicates a sell. Timmy sells and is now only worth around $1000USD.
June 2017, Timmy has read the white paper. He realises the potential of Bitcoin, which has surged to around $3,000USD. Timmy uses his $1,000USD to buy around 0.3 BTC. Later in the Summer, the price drops to $2000USD. Bitcoin is a ponzi and Crypto Kirby has told his viewers to enter a short position. He sells Bitcoin for around $600USD.
Lo and behold, August rolls around, Bitcoin is valued at around $5000USD. Timmy buys 0.12 BTC with his $600USD.
Moral of the story is, HODL.
P.s. this was just a little fun in a FUD-filled world. Don’t be Timmy, even though he somehow muddled through.
P.p.s of course the longer you extend this you will lose money, but for the last bull run it was pretty hard to lose money if you were actively involved in this space.
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Looking back 18 months.

I was going through old emails today and came across this one I sent out to family on January 4, 2018. It was a reflection on the 2017 crypto bull market and where I saw it heading, as well as some general advice on crypto, investment, and being safe about how you handle yourself in cryptoland.
I feel that we are on the cusp of a new bull market right now, so I thought that I would put this out for at least a few people to see *before* the next bull run, not after. While the details have changed, I don't see a thing in this email that I fundamentally wouldn't say again, although I'd also probably insist that people get a Yubikey and use that for all 2FA where it is supported.
Happy reading, and sorry for some of the formatting weirdness -- I cleaned it up pretty well from the original email formatting, but I love lists and indents and Reddit has limitations... :-/
Also, don't laught at my token picks from January 2018! It was a long time ago and (luckliy) I took my own advice about moving a bunch into USD shortly after I sent this. I didn't hit the top, and I came back in too early in the summer of 2018, but I got lucky in many respects.
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan-4, 2018
Hey all!
I woke up this morning to ETH at a solid $1000 and decided to put some thoughts together on what I think crypto has done and what I think it will do. *******, if you could share this to your kids I’d appreciate it -- I don’t have e-mail addresses, and it’s a bit unwieldy for FB Messenger… Hopefully they’ll at least find it thought-provoking. If not, they can use it as further evidence that I’m a nutjob. 😉
Some history before I head into the future.
I first mined some BTC in 2011 or 2012 (Can’t remember exactly, but it was around the Christmas holidays when I started because I had time off from work to get it set up and running.) I kept it up through the start of summer in 2012, but stopped because it made my PC run hot and as it was no longer winter, ********** didn’t appreciate the sound of the fans blowing that hot air into the room any more. I’ve always said that the first BTC I mined was at $1, but looking back at it now, that’s not true – It was around $2. Here’s a link to BTC price history.
In the summer of 2013 I got a new PC and moved my programs and files over before scrapping the old one. I hadn’t touched my BTC mining folder for a year then, and I didn’t even think about salvaging those wallet files. They are now gone forever, including the 9-10BTC that were in them. While I can intellectually justify the loss, it was sloppy and underlines a key thing about cryptocurrency that I believe will limit its widespread adoption by the general public until it is addressed and solved: In cryptoland, you are your own bank, and if you lose your password or account number, there is no person or organization that can help you reset it so that you can get access back. Your money is gone forever.
On April 12, 2014 I bought my first BTC through Coinbase. BTC had spiked to $1000 and been in the news, at least in Japan. This made me remember my old wallet and freak out for a couple of months trying to find it and reclaim the coins. I then FOMO’d (Fear Of Missing Out”) and bought $100 worth of BTC. I was actually very lucky in my timing and bought at around $430. Even so, except for a brief 50% swing up almost immediately afterwards that made me check prices 5 times a day, BTC fell below my purchase price by the end of September and I didn’t get back to even until the end of 2015.
In May 2015 I bought my first ETH at around $1. I sent some guy on bitcointalk ~$100 worth of BTC and he sent me 100 ETH – all on trust because the amounts were small and this was a small group of people. BTC was down in the $250 range at that point, so I had lost 30-40% of my initial investment. This was of the $100 invested, so not that much in real terms, but huge in percentages. It also meant that I had to buy another $100 of BTC on Coinbase to send to this guy. A few months after I purchased my ETH, BTC had doubled and ETH had gone down to $0.50, halving the value of my ETH holdings. I was even on the first BTC purchase finally, but was now down 50% on the ETH I had bought.
The good news was that this made me start to look at things more seriously. Where I had skimmed white papers and gotten a superficial understanding of the technology before FOMO’ing, I started to act as an investor, not a speculator. Let me define how I see those two different types of activity:
So what has been my experience as an investor? After sitting out the rest of 2015 because I needed to understand the market better, I bought into ETH quite heavily, with my initial big purchases being in March-April of 2016. Those purchases were in the $11-$14 range. ETH, of course, dropped immediately to under $10, then came back and bounced around my purchase range for a while until December of 2016, when I purchased a lot more at around $8.
I also purchased my first ICO in August of 2016, HEAT. I bought 25ETH worth. Those tokens are now worth about half of their ICO price, so about 12.5ETH or $12500 instead of the $25000 they would be worth if I had just kept ETH. There are some other things with HEAT that mean I’ve done quite a bit better than those numbers would suggest, but the fact is that the single best thing I could have done is to hold ETH and not spend the effort/time/cost of working with HEAT. That holds true for about every top-25 token on the market when compared to ETH. It certainly holds true for the many, many tokens I tried to trade in Q1-Q2 of 2017. In almost every single case I would have done better and slept better had I just held ETH instead of trying to be smarter than Mr. Market.
But, I made money on all of them except one because the crypto market went up more in USD terms than any individual coin went down in ETH or BTC terms. This underlines something that I read somewhere and that I take to heart: A rising market makes everyone seem like a genius. A monkey throwing darts at a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies last year would have doubled his money. Here’s a chart from September that shows 2017 year-to-date returns for the top 10 cryptocurrencies, and all of them went up a *lot* more between then and December. A monkey throwing darts at this list there would have quintupled his money.
When evaluating performance, then, you have to beat the monkey, and preferably you should try to beat a Wall Street monkey. I couldn’t, so I stopped trying around July 2017. My benchmark was the BLX, a DAA (Digital Asset Array – think fund like a Fidelity fund) created by ICONOMI. I wasn’t even close to beating the BLX returns, so I did several things.
  1. I went from holding about 25 different tokens to holding 10 now. More on that in a bit.
  2. I used those funds to buy ETH and BLX. ETH has done crazy-good since then and BLX has beaten BTC handily, although it hasn’t done as well as ETH.
  3. I used some of those funds to set up an arbitrage operation.
The arbitrage operation is why I kept the 11 tokens that I have now. All but a couple are used in an ETH/token pair for arbitrage, and each one of them except for one special case is part of BLX. Why did I do that? I did that because ICONOMI did a better job of picking long-term holds than I did, and in arbitrage the only speculative thing you must do is pick the pairs to trade. My pairs are (No particular order):
I also hold PLU, PLBT, and ART. These two are multi-year holds for me. I have not purchased BTC once since my initial $200, except for a few cases where BTC was the only way to go to/from an altcoin that didn’t trade against ETH yet. Right now I hold about the same 0.3BTC that I held after my first $100 purchase, so I don’t really count it.
Looking forward to this year, I am positioning myself as follows:
Looking at my notes, I have two other things that I wanted to work into this email that I didn’t get to, so here they are:
  1. Just like with free apps and other software, if you are getting something of value and you didn’t pay anything for it, you need to ask why this is. With apps, the phrase is “If you didn’t pay for the product, you are the product”, and this works for things such as pump groups, tips, and even technical analysis. Here’s how I see it.
    1. People don’t give tips on stocks or crypto that they don’t already own that stock or token. Why would they, since if they convince anyone to buy it, the price only goes up as a result, making it more expensive for them to buy in? Sure, you will have friends and family that may do this, but people in a crypto club, your local cryptocurrency meetup, or online are generally not your friends. They are there to make money, and if they can get you to help them make money, they will do it. Pump groups are the worst of these, and no matter how enticing it may look, stay as far away as possible from these scams. I even go so far as to report them when I see them advertise on FB or Twitter, because they are violating the terms of use.
    2. Technical analysis (TA) is something that has been argued about for longer than I’ve been alive, but I think that it falls into the same boat. In short, TA argues that there are patterns in trading that can be read and acted upon to signal when one must buy or sell. It has been used forever in the stock and foreign exchange markets, and people use it in crypto as well. Let’s break down these assumptions a bit.
i. First, if crypto were like the stock or forex markets we’d all be happy with 5-7% gains per year rather than easily seeing that in a day. For TA to work the same way in crypto as it does in stocks and foreign exchange, the signals would have to be *much* stronger and faster-reacting than they work in the traditional market, but people use them in exactly the same way.
ii. Another area where crypto is very different than the stock and forex markets centers around market efficiency theory. This theory says that markets are efficient and that the price reflects all the available information at any given time. This is why gold in New York is similar in price to gold in London or Shanghai, and why arbitrage margins are easily <0.1% in those markets compared to cryptoland where I can easily get 10x that. Crypto simply has too much speculation and not enough professional traders in it yet to operate as an efficient market. That fundamentally changes the way that the market behaves and should make any TA patterns from traditional markets irrelevant in crypto.
iii. There are services, both free and paid that claim to put out signals based on TA for when one should buy and sell. If you think for even a second that they are not front-running (Placing orders ahead of yours to profit.) you and the other people using the service, you’re naïve.
iv. Likewise, if you don’t think that there are people that have but together computerized systems to get ahead of people doing manual TA, you’re naïve. The guys that I have programming my arbitrage bots have offered to build me a TA bot and set up a service to sell signals once our position is taken. I said no, but I am sure that they will do it themselves or sell that to someone else. Basically they look at TA as a tip machine where when a certain pattern is seen, people act on that “tip”. They use software to see that “tip” faster and take a position on it so that when slower participants come in they either have to sell lower or buy higher than the TA bot did. Remember, if you are getting a tip for free, you’re the product. In TA I see a system when people are all acting on free preset “tips” and getting played by the more sophisticated market participants. Again, you have to beat that Wall Street monkey.
  1. If you still don’t agree that TA is bogus, think about it this way: If TA was real, Wall Street would have figured it out decades ago and we would have TA funds that would be beating the market. We don’t.
  2. If you still don’t agree that TA is bogus and that its real and well, proven, then you must think that all smart traders use them. Now follow that logic forward and think about what would happen if every smart trader pushing big money followed TA. The signals would only last for a split second and would then be overwhelmed by people acting on them, making them impossible to leverage. This is essentially what the efficient market theory postulates for all information, including TA.
OK, the one last item. Read this weekly newsletter – You can sign up at the bottom. It is free, so they’re selling something, right? 😉 From what I can tell, though, Evan is a straight-up guy who posts links and almost zero editorial comments.
Happy 2018.
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Do You Like Living In Fear Of Being Mass-Shot, Arrested For Small Amounts of Plant Material, or Censored For Words Acceptable 3 yrs ago? Blame the UN--The UN's False Policies Need to Be Radically Changed, Right Now.

This Has Gone On Far Too Long. The UN... IS... the Deepstate. It Needs to Be Dissolved Or Radically Changed
Who is the UN, really?
At this point, it's very clear that the UN is a propaganda outlet for the frankfurt school, for global technocracy, and a policy broker for a One-World-Government. But not a one-world of peace, but one of perpetual war, incarceration and social control by the worst among us.
The UN is not a "league of nations", or "world federation", or a "neighborhood association of nations", or a "union". They aspire to become a centralized rulesetting organization dictating how much resource ought be consumed by a human person, including location--they want to stuff you into a bin and tell you not only what to eat, drink and breathe but what information to put into your mind AND what you ought think about that information. They have an agenda to create 'smart cities' and various hegelian ploys to push you there, and then advertise to you from cradle to grave everything the UN thinks you ought believe. Ultimately, they want to put you into a virtual reality world where you will function, as a worker bee slave, only they want you to love your freedom.
This is what all the dystopian sci fi authors of the past warned us about, until you dig into some of their past and realize they were not cautionary tales, but instead rulebooks for their future cronies within an ideological and class slice of the human strata.
I imagine (through their own published works in the Rhodes round table groups, but specifically club of rome and atlantic council, which is the policymaking arm of nato) that perpetual war will be "smart city in nation A" against "smart city in nation B", eventually evolving into something akin to a Star Trek episode where two planets wage 'virtual computerized war of statistics' without a single drone being sent or a shot fired, and the loser nation voluntariliy sends a certain predetermined number of citizens to 'evaporation booths' to be deleted from life; ultimately this is a description of randomized algorithmic controlled genocide
Your tax dollars to be, eventually, at work
The UN hopes to bring about perpetual war by excluding and demonize certain countries, in order to ensure there are 'winners' circles and 'losers' circles so that they can help continue perennial war, worldwide. We know this because we have the timeline--and have seen what they've done. The corrected timeline has proven to be the single most important tool in any ontological undermining of false narratives of the day.
They do NOT want peace. They want to continue the "humanitarian struggle", so they can have excuses to move resources--be that energy, human, military, intelligence, administrative, industrial, commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, 'human / drug / organ' trafficking--around the globe under the color-of-law and under the cloak and shield of social justice concerns.
We know this because of recent news
1) UN's member nations are lying to its citizens ALL THE TIME, about everything -- This enables the UN to push policies that don't have their good in mind. They are mind-rapists who manipulate elections worldwide.. Like the Deepstate Democrats, they act like foolish butthurt hypocritical children by going after Melania Trump's goodwill as an insult-by-proxy against Trump, whom they hate, because he's an existential threat to their whole organization. The UN even has disinfo-peddling journalists peppered throughout the mainstream and alternetive media, that push for aggression and war, by using false criticism of itself (UN) as a cover story. While pretending to be all-inclusive, they use exclusion to create false enemies like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran in order to hypocritically undermine any attempt at common ground and peace.
And BTW: We know that Iran is a limited hangout because of the Obama payment. Quit talking about them like they are a terror outlet when we know Obama paid them for ISIS. Don't pay them for terror, you don't get terror. It's that simple. They are like Pakistan, stop paying them for terror and the mercenaries that the deepstate hired to create fake war go back home to the squash farm and their G D goats.
2) The UN is pushing the Climate Change Hoax. Recently 500 scientists have urged the UN to stop pushing this because the data and analysis is wrong and that the climate change narrative is a hoax. The Climate Change narrative never addresses global dimming or geoengineering which the authorities have admitted, several times--even Brennan, Pompeo, Michio Kaku, MSM have all admitted to geoengineering but you still get eyerolls when you mention contrails, erm I mean the other thing. The UN even gave an angry yodel-tot, that we're now calling 'Scoldilocks'--a "notably Nordic white girl...with braids and red cheeks" (like those that) "were often used in Nazi propaganda. (An old Goebbels technique!)"---an audience to deliver a climate change hoax diatribe (and she gave one in U.S. Congress also). Not a single one of us would have been given a chance to speak at the UN or at the U.S. Congress on ANY issue, even climate change. Why'd she get an audience with them? Answer: Because Nazi Child Propaganda (child abuse) Thanks, btw Dinesh for the laugh.
3) As mentioned above, The UN is pushing the ISIS terrorism psyop. We know what ISIS is and ISIS is not. It's Obama / UN's globalist proxy army in Syria, as an excuse to occupy that region for various goals; it was outsourced by Obama to Iran--he PAID them for ISIS!
4) They are Open Border Extremists. Because Open Border Extremism enables drug / arms / human and organ trafficking
5) They whine about WAR CRIMES---and use this as an excuse to intervene and create enemy countries. There are no such thing as war crimes--you are at WAR or you are NOT, and whatever happens IN war is PART OF WAR. There are humanitarian crimes like murder or manslaughter which happen at times of no war; and there is WAR, where ANYTHING GOES. There is no "clean way" to wage war. If your country has invaded another country and is killing people, that's called war. There is no "oh I shot civilians"--YOU ARE AT WAR. Shooting "civilians" only makes sense in a ONE WORLD CONTEXT, otherwise you've declared the country to be an enemy and you are over there shooting the enemy, and the assumption is civilians are part of that enemy also--think about vietnam: you had civilians grabbing machetes and shotguns---can you not kill them because they are not wearing uniforms or getting viet cong checks? The concept of 'war crimes' is an unofficial fiction created by UN international globalists who assume member country citizens are "global citizens" who are not allowed to be killed in conflicts. If they are, then the UN has a reason to send NATO or UN peacekeepers, or inspectors, journalists, spies there.
666) [The UN Declaration of Human Rights Is A Mean Joke] They've hid out in the open, virtual-signalling this idea that every individual deserves not only the rights of citizens in the US, but EVEN MORE RIGHTS, through a document called the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", which builds (very unrealistically) on the US Consitution. This document is amazing and wonderful, and that is why I say this with a very heavy heart.
The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is bullshit, it's the most cruel form of propaganda, because their aim is the opposite of every single point in that document. I cannot say this more clearly: This document is a checklist of what the UN aims to destroy of human sovereignty for every individual on Earth
As you read through these checkpoints, think about how the Deepstate (UN) has undermined each and every one, specifically within the last 3 yrs of Trump / Brexit and the rise of the sovereign nationalist populist movement. Think about how they have CENSORED YOU, called YOU racist / sexist / homophobe / transphobe / xenophobe / elitist / lazy / stupid / shithole / greedy / powerless / immoral / unethical / wrong / dastardly / conniving and how they've called you "WHITE" and criticized your WHITENESS and threatened WHITE people with all sorts of things. Even if you are a black person, it's not helpful to the discussion of race for you to either HEAR or USE any kind of racial criticism of "WHITE" people. Think about how they have used mass violence (domestic terrorism) as a tool to enrich the police state ('terrorism is counterrevolutionary') and how that impinges on your rights to freedom, opportunity, security. Every point you will read, they have inverted. See for yourself in the PDF I linked.
888) The 1971 UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances is a scam to maintain the British Empire's Global Opioid Trade (NATO-FIVE EYE's Silk Road WW), and secondarily the Global Drug Black Market. According to people like Catherine Austin Fitts, Peter Dale Scott, Lyndon LaRouche's Group and George Webb (who base their info on many many others), the global drug black market is to pay for black budget operations (things Congress will not approve), such as Gladio (NATO masonic) operations, which are immoral psychological and propagandistic violence operations against civilians in order to manufacture consent for perpetual war or some other goal that enriches the security state and their ruling class silent partners.
If the UN were to dissolve, or this charter were to dissolve, then member nations would be able to decriminalize some substances they deem "not as harmful as advertised"--such as Cannabis and Mushrooms, which are regarded by international health organizations to be 'abused substances causing the least harm'. Unironically, alcohol is at the top of EVERY list, because its addictive ability and costs are far too low to compete with Opioids, while its eugenical potential to kill its host is possibly still higher than opioids, while its ability to dull the mind is matched, and THAT is why alcohol is still legally sanctioned by UN member countries.
Mushrooms--psilocybin--on the other hand, though remarkably dangerous psychologically to the unprepared, provably increase intelligence and brain repair of trauma through neurogenesis (brain nerve cell regrowth) and cerebral 'plasticity' (rewiring of brain electrical pathways) that nearly all psychedelics induce; AND psilocybin has been observed to increases kindness and peacefulness through tolerance of others (which NIH calls "openness to experience"). YEP. CAN'T HAVE YOUR CITIZENS becoming "kinder", "smarter", "more peaceful", and "more 'Woke' / 'redpilled'". Also, did I mention that cannabis and mushrooms (and very specifically KETAMINE) break opioid addiction?[[psychedelics research nexus]]([[2]]([[3]]( Yep. Can't have psychedelics breaking your British grip on the human mind OR body. Did I mention that mushrooms are anti-addictive, even though they are functionally low level amphetamines (give you about the energy of strong coffee)---after using them for some time they FORCE you to cease by making you repelled / disgusted by them? Can't have that, it won't sell. Basically, opioids are, to the Queen, the King.
Unipolar CryptoTechnofascists
The UN is a unipolar organization that strives to carry out all the aspirations of Cecil Rhodes' round table group's global anglophone empire. We know now that the deepstate coup attempt on Donald Trump was run by NATO agents in the US's intelligence community (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page), State Dept (Victoria Nuland) and DOJ (Halper, Ohr, Weismann); as well as MI6 operatives from the UK (Steele, Dearlove, Mifsud), Ukraine (Pinchuk, Chalupa), Russia (IRA, Veselnitskaya); working with oppo-research firms in the US and UK--fusion gps, hakluyt and cambridge analytica
The Deepstate is the globalist, fascist, British Navy-protected (NATO-FIVE EYES), mercantile, seafaring thalassocracy ("Sea Corp" <=> C corp). The Deepstate a Hakluyt's "sovereignty-at-sea" Ideal-based sea-government, run by upper-class, maritime, mercantile, admiralty freemasons, whose members are of the old pirate-templar energy-sector gentry that have been running things behind the scenes for centuries. They are the Pilgrims; their private lives harken back to the royal society, the queens privy council, the hellfire club, the jesuits, the kabbalistic mystery schools and various forms of esoteric darkness and materialism-worship from Ahriman to Lucifer to Moloch.
The UN is the administration branch of the Deepstate. Many of us have known this since the moment we saw the UN document including among its policymakers an NGO called LUCIFER TRUST--a spiritual foundation of the UN--which was quickly renamed (for obvious reasons) 'Lucis Trust'. Lucis Trust raised our eyebrows, and caused us to dig deeper into the true goals of the UN. Occultism aside, the facts of the timeline--their actions--betray much more about who the UN is.
These people have a misanthropic, sociopathic bent, because it has become clear--through internet research revelations of "will (as in free) work", "empathy (spiritual) destruction" techniques from the Elite's Bohemian Grove's "Cremation of Care" to Podesta and Abromovich's "Spirit Cooking"--that their families select-for and groom psychopathy and worship of the material
They disguise their covert elitist drives under symbols and occultism; they disguise their tactical and strategic movements under the authority of the color-of-law (no mention of the fact they have INFILTRATED the law by placing people in high positions of judicial and law enforcement authority); and they invert otherwise altruistic, philanthropic goals into maledictions and curses, by promoting them through fake charities and self-congratulatory, insular awards ceremonities, (fake) humanitarian "causes", "movements", "policies", "organizations". These people are a real piece of work, but we have their number now--we know who and what they really are, thanks to research patriots like yourselves.
These people involved in the UN, we find again and again, through deep research, originate from dynasties of anticompetitive, fascist, antinomian, military-intelligence-based, ruling-class antinational anarchocorporatists--who carry the torch of their parents.... push their caustic hegelian-dialectical ideas, whose aims are ultimately the destruction of rights and sovereignty of the individual; soft genocide called eugenics; and total information based domination and control of every aspect of human life.
I have come to this information by many overt and covert avenues, connecting dots between them. Through history (of Cecil Rhodes, East India Company, Mercers, Queens Privy Council, NATO, CIA, freemasons, mystery schools, templars, etc), which has been confirmed over and over again by both mainstream and alternative sources (Aim4Truth, Corbett Report, many others). Through drilling down modern-day politics and seeing who is making the most noise, and who is creating the most disinformation (obvious CIA agents installed in congress, fbi, cia, media). [Through study of symbology and occultism, specifically of the "X" symbol and the lambda Λ symbol. Most of all, by studying "narratives" as "hegelian dialectics"--this has been one of the most useful studies of all and many of you here know much about this after 3 yrs of living in the Democrat-Trump-Deranged Trumpverse with daily doublebinds, double standards, unequal justice and increasingly stupider attempts to oust our lawful President with spurious, dubious and nearly-instantly debunked claims of wrongdoing.
Those who are making the most noise are part of this team--Q told us that and was correct. Now we know who they are. What's their endgame?
What is the UN? What's it really For?
In a nutshell, the UN ...IS...the Deepstate, they are the policymaking organization of FIVE EYES (a contract and shared dropbox between all anglophone intelligence communities (canada, us, uk, new zealand, australia), to enable shirking privacy laws of each member country in order to spy on all of their own nations' peoples), which enables the illegal drug blackmarket worldwide; they are a director of and cover story for invading other countries with NATO and the UN Peacekeepers in order to commit human trafficking, drug / gun / organ and money running; and they are a social justice propaganda outlet to push one-world technoneofeudalism, Globalist aims and goals, worldwide.
they are a social justice propaganda outlet to push one-world technoneofeudalism, Globalist aims and goals, worldwide.

What Should We Do?
Trump said it himself: the future of the world is not Globalism, it's populism, and sovereign nations. We should do one of 2 things:
1) Dissolve the UN immediately, and the way we can do this is to urge Trump to simply exit the UN and give them no more money. They are welcome to create their OWN international NAVY, their own UN, and do their stuff. We just walk the F away. The problem with this is that they might gang up against the US to try to push globalism. This is why it may be better to stay in the UN but give them the business like Trump has given NATO--MAKE. THEM. PAY
2) Stay in the UN, but stop paying for bullshit that doesn't work for us.
A) Stay in the UN but announce that you will no longer conform or comply with the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances--you opt out of the convention, you remove US from that convention. You may need to add an amendment. It would be better to form a referendum with other countries so they can come together and form a charter to Nullify / Void the convention with a new charter that says why. The "Why" is that the drug war has created criminals out of otherwise innocent people, and it has harmed communities by promoting dangerous substances and criminalizing far less dangerous--even medically useful--substances, and it has done so for political reasons.
B) You HOLD THEM TO ENFORCE THEIR UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. You say to them, you will start enforcing this, and if you don't, then we RIP IT UP, because as a member-nation, you refuse to propagandize falsity and disinfo and choose instead to promote and live within an authentic worldview and expect your citizens to do the same.
C) You Demand that UNESCO and UN fulfill their obligations to preserve historical cultural / religious works, even those you don't like, such as 'other people's religious works' (yes even shrine of baal, satanism or islam), and if they allow even one more work to be destroyed, then you force the dissolution of UNESCO and any more funding towards cultural art preservation is void and Never Ever Given Out Again. It is unfair to the citizens of the world to have to subjected to be extorted in a global protection racket that is not even functioning to protect said works.
If we are to be a "United Nation" -- A One World Government, Then we MUST fulfill our obligation to PLUR -- Peace Love Unity Respect, and that includes tolerance of all religions or simply one world religion; we must bolster and support rights for ALL humans, and that includes the rights to consume, build, work, live and think independently and without word-policing and censorship, because these things promote innovation and competition--which are GOOD things
(meaning we must get rid of all propaganda, falsity, and advertising--which is bad for you, btw)
The way forward is NOT to eliminate the Bad as the UN and its adherents obviously promote--because that's a veneer for Kontrol freakery--rather to make peace with the bad--to accept it, to accept our shadows, individually, collectively.
That is why we must end the war on drugs by making the least harmful drugs legal, and actually inhibit (in a real not fake way) the creation and movement of dangerous drugs by treating them as terror devices that they actually are. Methamphetamine, Crack and Fentanyl are weapons of mass destruction, Cannabis and Mushrooms ARE NOT. Cocaine is Not, otherwise half of US Congress and Bill Clinton would be dead by now. We need to revamp drug policy or just make it all go away for the END USER and only police those that make and traffick these substances (meaning jail the bad half of the FBI and DEA)
The UN's Human Rights is a good Document that we should add to the constitution as extended Bill of Rights; but only if we are going to preserve those amendments that are already there, otherwise set it on fire and don't spend another dime or second thinking about it--because it's stockholms' science fiction for an unevolved people who are never going to get it until they stand up and demand it.
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Beginner's Guide to Trading Crypto. Part 4

Beginner's Guide to Trading Crypto. Part 4

Japanese Candlesticks– The History Of The Eternal Battle Between The Bulls And The Bears

Deciphering texts in Latin, mathematical analysis exams in late uni years, the calculation of the permissible loads on bridge buttresses and reading stock charts are akin to magic for most people. The exchange terminal with its myriad charts, indexes and multi-colored markers can evoke either admiration or a panic attack.
But no matter what trading platform you are on, the basic information about the trading process will always be presented with the help of Japanese candlesticks, which are the standard for most exchange platforms and monitoring systems. Each candlestick on the chart shows the range of price movement for a certain period and consists of a body that denotes the opening price and the closing price, and the tail (shadow), which shows the price minimum and maximum for the period.
Every morning, when markets open, a new fight begins in the eternal struggle between the bulls and the bears. The purchases of the bulls push the market up, and the sales of the bears push it down. Each bar or streak on the charts reflects this ongoing struggle.”
Alexander Adler
From the preface to the book
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
Steve Nison

Steve Nison’s work that came out in 1998 became a reference book for traders and analysts around the world. “Graphical analysis is an analysis of crowd behavior,” as the manual says. And in this article, we will look at some of the patterns identified by the author.

Types Of Candlesticks: Bull, Bear, Spinning Tops and Dojis

The method of working with Japanese candlesticks suggests that the most significant price movements are the body of the candle, while in the European tradition, careful attention was paid for a long time to the extremes of a certain period. In modern markets, candlesticks are depicted in green, which means that in a particular period, the bulls have prevailed on the market, or red, in which case there were more bears. But there are also lesser known types of candlesticks, like the spinning tops, or candlesticks with small bodies, which are usually neutral and appear during a narrow trade corridor.
There are candlesticks that have no body at all, the so-called dojis.
A doji is considered to be a pronounced signal of a change in a trend, and the likelihood of a reversal increases if a subsequent price movement confirms this signal. Dojis are rarely found on the cryptocurrency market, which adds weight to them as indicators. They can point to the ceiling of the market, especially when they appear after a long green candlestick.
The doji’s amazing ability to signal a trend reversal is lost with declining prices. Perhaps the reason is that the doji symbolizes the equality of the forces of the bulls and bears. In a situation of such uncertainty, the market can move down under its own weight. Thus, the upward trend is likely to change after the appearance of the doji, and the downward trend may continue.”
Steve Nison
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Reversal And Trend Continuation Models

Not only dojis indicate a change in trend on the market. It is important to note that the trend reversal signal indicates that there is a possibility of a change, and not necessarily in the opposite direction.
One of the most important commandments of any trader states that a new position (at a reversal signal) should be opened only if this signal is consistent with the direction of the main trend. Suppose, for example, that a reversal pattern is formed at the top on a bull market. Since the main trend is still upward, it is not recommended to open short positions based on this bearish signal. But it is best to close long positions in this situation. The same signal on a bear market would be a sufficient reason to open short positions.”
Steve Nison
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Candlesticks with short bodies and a long lower tail are called a hanging hammer or hanging man depending on the trend. The appearance of such a long-tailed candlestick at a downtrend can be a signal for a quick change in sentiment towards bullish, in which case the candlestick is called a hanging hammer. Otherwise, it is called a hanging man.
Most of the signals appearing on the candlestick charts are not based on single candlesticks, as is the case with the hammer and the hanged man, but on their combinations. The engulfing pattern is one of the main combinations that signal a reversal during a pronounced upward or downward trend. It is formed by two candlesticks in the case when the body of the second candlesticks absorbs the first one. This model suggests that the pressure of the buyers has exceeded the pressure of the sellers, or vice versa.
Naturally, the market slows down after a sharp rise in price over a period of time, and during this period, on the charts we can see a group of candlesticks with small bodies. When a group of short, red candlesticks (ideally three of them) follows a long green candlestick, and they do not go beyond the price range of the first green candle, the market is said to be stopping to catch its breath. This situation is called the Three Methods model, which can be either ascending or descending.

Due to the continuity of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, many models here turn out to be irrelevant, since the closing price of the previous candlestick is ideally minimally different from the opening price of the next one. Many of the methods described by Steve Nison are based directly on the difference between the opening and closing prices and the so-called windows.
The use of Japanese candlesticks, like any other method of graphical analysis, involves subjectivity, and the same graph can be interpreted by two people differently. In this article, we have outlined the methods most applicable to the cryptocurrency market. For a complete picture of working with candlesticks, however, we recommend reading Steve Nison’s work.
Be flexible when reading graphs. Evaluation of the aggregate signals of technical indicators may be more significant than the data of a single candlestick model. A bullish candlestick signal on a strong bear market should not be considered as a buy signal. A bullish candlestick model is the only buy signal, which appears on a growing market, especially if it is supported by other technical signals.”
Steve Nison
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Candlestick Charts In MoonTrader

Working with candlesticks requires close attention from the trader, just as work with all market signals in general. Most market participants who trade manually in the background have no access to detailed technical analysis, and therefore many resort to using signals.
The graphs in the MoonTrader terminal display the signals to buy and sell an asset, which are formed on the basis of technical and graphical analysis. The platform's functions allow customizing the appearance of the charts, selecting the format for displaying candlesticks, adjusting timeframes, or selecting the list of displayed indicators. Traders can also put marks directly on the chart, build trend lines on it, measure the number of candlesticks and gain returns in a certain area.
Informative charts and a variety of tools for hedging risks will make trading with MoonTrader a convenient, understandable and enjoyable process. We are always happy to help you understand the functioning of the exchange and answer your questions.
Check us out at

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Do You also compare Your trade ideas with others , for better gains ?


Are You all also comparing your trading ideas with other traders ? Mby with some ''pro'' trader TA and signals ?
I have been doing that and the outcome is really good. I feel more comfortable to enter trade, if im able to check bunch of trader ideas + learn something new.
Before I started to compare and check other trade ideas , i was failuring quite often - either I didnt enter trade, as i was not sure about right way or it was completely wrong and trade went to the opposite way.

So after few failures I did join one of ''signal groups'', of course it failed as well , as provided signal results in FREE channel where fake and signals + TA in VIP, was just total waste.
After some time i found leakers , for the same price what i paid to one group - now i have 70 or even more, didnt count. Entered them only because i saw TRIAL , and deam... there was so much information, TA , ideas and much more, that after trial i joined them for 1 year memebrship. And im happy that I found invite to their server , somewhere in bitcon forum.

Now im comparing my trade ideas with many TOP trader TA, signals and their thoughts. Im not following any signal what they offer , im just there to compare and learn something new - they even have many leaked trading courses, found them very useful. But I know guys in their chat , that follows signals even on blind , with no knowlege in crypto - and even they are making profit on trades + some of them buy their copy trader and just forget about crypto for month and then check their profit in binance or bitmex. Planing to try their bot as well, as im going to vacation - so will rest from everything.

Let me know, if You are also comparing trade ideas with others and where?

If you want to know the place where I brainstorm ideas , then here is invite to their server : You can get free trial:

Good Luck in trades!
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New Marketing Team addition: TokenSuite

New Marketing Team addition: TokenSuite

Verasity understands that the most powerful catalyst for the mass adoption of a crypto project is an active, global and vibrant community. To that end, we are extremely pleased to have TokenSuite onboard with Verasity to help build the best and largest crypto community for our robust ecosystem.
This news may not come as a surprise to those of you active in the official Verasity Telegram group — the TokenSuite team, which specializes in building localized and global communities via attractive events and innovative programs, is already engaged and doing an outstanding job.
About TokenSuite
TokenSuite’s team offers a comprehensive blockchain solution, allowing them to focus on core business.
TokenSuite specialises in media blasts, video marketing, ICO listings, community management, paid advertisements, social media broadcasts, bounty program management and web design.
About Verasity
Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 2 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views bringing engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers, and advertisers.
Verasity has a partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance in a move that will bring about a new incentivized video economy.
Verasity is the future of online video.
Verasity Products include: VeraWallet:
Verasity technology is now integrated into the following video players on publishers’ sites: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer, and Ooyala which represents over 95% of all the video players utilized.
📈 VRA/VRAB (ticker) is trading on:
VRA and VRAB can be staked for 36.5% annual interest at
Follow the VRA token at CoinMarketCap.
Follow Us:
Telegram Token Discussion:
Telegram Token Announcements:
Blockfolio Signals: Follow VRA/VRAB to receive updates straight from the team
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Bitmex Bot and VIP group scam!

I was searching for a trading bot for Bitmex, and thought I had found one with some Telegram channels. At first glance, it looked legit. I found it on CryptoCurrencyTrading: link directed to there TG: Link

I've fallen for a scam before so I was really careful not to make this mistake again. My first one was the scam with IOTA, I made a wallet with the online wallet generator and got scammed out of my coins.

This is how I got scammed this time: there was only 1 person to reach on Telegram from the group - @BitmexSpecialist. I started the chat and they had a special offer that was only valid until new year: joining the VIP group and getting the bot cost $100 (instead of initial $200). So I paid that and got skeptical right after: they were still receiving $100 from different addresses days after new year (even today). I asked many times when I am to receive the bot, and they kept delaying it and making excuses like "Yeah buddy there is a delay because we had 80-90 Bots being processed". That was obviously a lie, here is the chat I had:

Looking back at it now, I see the obvious things that indicate a scam: their Youtube channel defines the location in India, that says enough... It feels so stupid that I fell for this obvious scam, and I want to warn other people. Luckily it was only $100, but people still pay 0.027 BTC (see link below) to them right now, given that the 'special offer' should've expired already. People are still falling for it and it needs to be said. And is there a blacklist to report their bitcoin addresses?

Telegram 3 channels and the ones behind it:
1: Their VIP Group Link: /AAAAAEwGBQU6L_Jqh6-gJQ
2: Their Free Insider Info Bot: /AutoCryptoNews
3: Their Insider Club: /AAAAAFCupv0W1du9cKHGJw
The ones behind it: @BitmexSpecialist and @geniuscrypty

Every payment of around 0.026-0.028 and 0.004-0.005 BTC is a victim of their scam:
Their Bitcoin Address:

Their videos on Youtube with fake bots posting:
Youtube Channel:

Their Email:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

The person blocked me on telegram now, so I changed my name and went to the other group they had, So I just found out there other channel promoted by the post: Link is promoted to by the same scammer, Same bitcoin address and with the name @geniuscrypty, there taking 20$ from people to join their "Crypto Trading Signals" channel.

Surprisingly this post did make some bells ring on their side, they unblocked me and started talking to me again. They started bribing/intimidating me saying that they'd pay me if I deleted this post. Sadly, I can't show the chats, because they disappeared and so did all their channels! So I only said: "First pay, then we talk", so guess what, they actually paid me back. But I'll let nobody silence me for money because the truth cannot be bought/sold. Still, so many people fell and are still falling for their scam, its sickening and these people need to be caught! And scammer changed his name now to @BpExpert!

Be careful and report them! Thanks for reading my post and spread this awareness!
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Why haven't we swallowed the crypto red pill?

You and I are not die-hard crypto enthusiasts and probably nobody you know is one either.
Let's quickly talk about vegans - yes, the ones that don't eat animal products and sometimes signal their moral superiority. Now imagine Alice - a vegan that also likes to eat meat. In fact, Alice also drinks milk and eats cheese. Turns out she only eats plant-based meals from time to time.
Would you still define Alice as a vegan?
No, because we know vegans don't compromise on their diet. They will not eat animal products - period. They're a minority group yet many restaurants provide vegan options. Why? Because they have a minority die-hard following. Restaurants know that to capture that market, they have to provide vegan friendly options. And restaurant adoption has followed.
Cryptocurrency fanatics, enthusiasts and followers alike are all like Alice; part-time supporters. We trade crypto and sell for fiat. We get paid in fiat. Shop with fiat. The crypto community isn't a minority die-hard group because the compromises are everywhere. Some claim to be vegan, but still eat the meat. We don't want the inconvenience of removing it from our lives. As a result, we often don't have an option to get paid in crypto and almost no stores accept it as payment.
What will it take for us to swallow the red pill?
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Do You compare trading ideas, for better gains ?


Are You all also comparing your trading ideas with other traders ? Mby with some ''pro'' trader TA and signals ?
I have been doing that and the outcome is really good. I feel more comfortable to enter trade, if im able to check bunch of trader ideas + learn something new.
Before I started to compare and check other trade ideas , i was failuring quite often - either I didnt enter trade, as i was not sure about right way or it was completely wrong and trade went to the opposite way.

So after few failures I did join one of ''signal groups'', of course it failed as well , as provided signal results in FREE channel where fake and signals + TA in VIP, was just total waste.
After some time i found leakers , for the same price what i paid to one group - now i have 70 or even more, didnt count. Entered them only because i saw TRIAL , and deam... there was so much information, TA , ideas and much more, that after trial i joined them for 1 year memebrship. And im happy that I found invite to their server , somewhere in bitcon forum.

Now im comparing my trade ideas with many TOP trader TA, signals and their thoughts. Im not following any signal what they offer , im just there to compare and learn something new - they even have many leaked trading courses, found them very useful. But I know guys in their chat , that follows signals even on blind , with no knowlege in crypto - and even they are making profit on trades + some of them buy their copy trader and just forget about crypto for month and then check their profit in binance or bitmex. Planing to try their bot as well, as im going to vacation - so will rest from everything.

Let me know, if You are also comparing trade ideas with others and where?

If you want to know the place where I brainstorm ideas , then here is invite to their server : You can get free trial:

Good Luck in trades!
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Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20190921(Market index 37 — Fear state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20190921(Market index 37 — Fear state)

Vitalik Buterin: Bitcoin And Ethereum Can Not Be Replaced Citing Chinese local news, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, said in an interview that Bitcoin and Ethereum are irreplaceable cryptos. The cryptocurrency will not be affected by the tokens issued by financial institutions. The tokens issued by the institutions will have trust problems, but they may outperform the traditional cryptocurrencies in terms of scalability. The future pattern will be a large blockchain system, with many small blockchains. There are many large enterprises entering the blockchain field, building more cooperative relationships.
Stratford City Hall Ransomware Attack: 10 Bitcoins Worth $75k Paid Latest updates pertaining to the Stratford City Hall ransomware attack have emerged. A total of 10 Bitcoins at $7,500 per BTC was paid by the body as a ransom to the hacker who crippled its computer systems on April 14 this year. As per official Q&A published on Stratford City Hall’s website, “On Sunday, April 14, 2019, the City of Stratford became aware of a breach of its computer systems. It was determined that a malicious threat actor (attacker) was able to install and execute malware on six of the City’s physical servers, as well as two virtual servers. The attacker then began encrypting the City’s systems, making them unavailable for use.”
Lead Investor Of Telegram Open Network: TON Will Launch Before Libra Oleg Jelezko, one of the lead investors in the Telegram Open Network (TON), is now confident that Telegram’s cryptocurrency will launch before Libra, gaining a significant advantage over Facebook’s virtual currency. Jelezko is the Managing Partner of Da Vinci Capital, the Russian investment firm that co-led one of Telegram’s private sales. Although the TON was originally scheduled to go live last December, significant delays pushed the launch date back by almost a year. The mainnet is now expected to go live on October

Encrypted project calendar(September 21, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 6th FINWISE Global Summit Macau will be held from September 21st to 22nd. Distributed Financial Technology (DeFi) is the main topic of this conference. OKB/OKB: OKB (OKB) OKEx The Africa Cryptour series of talks in Kenya will take place on September 21 in Nairobi. ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) Cardano Ambassador Marin Kramaric will host the Ada community gathering in Croatia on September 21. ZIL/Zilliqa: The Zilliqa (ZIL) Zilliqa project representative will attend the “Bitcoin and Blockchain Future” conference in London, UK on September 21st.

Encrypted project calendar(September 22, 2019)

NPXS/Pundi X: Pundi X (NPXS) PundiX Labs will officially launch the XPOS transaction at the “AkiColle” event in Tokyo on September 22.

Encrypted project calendar(September 23, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: Bakkt, the digital asset platform led by ICE, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange and the world’s second largest trading group, will launch a bitcoin physical delivery futures contract on September 23. EOS/EOS: EOS main network is expected to upgrade version 1.8 on September 23 DCDecred: Project leader Jake Yocom-Piatt of Decred (DCR) Decrex will attend the Encryption Community Party in San Francisco on September 23 and will deliver a speech.

Encrypted project calendar(September 24, 2019)

ENG/Enigma: Enigma (ENG) ENG main network token snapshot will end on September 24, the original start time is August 26. LINA (LINA): Lina Review will host the Lina network launch event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on September 24th and release a 10-year operational strategy. Cappasity (CAPP): Cappasity will showcase its digital signage solutions in luxury stores at the Paris Retail Week from September 24th to 26th.

Encrypted project calendar(September 25, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on September 25th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the theme of “Building Your Own IoT.” Quant (QNT): The Quant project will participate in a marketing conference in London from September 25th to 26th, which will focus on data technology.

Encrypted project calendar(September 26, 2019)

ADA/Cardano: The Cardano (ADA) Cardano community will host a party in Washington, DC on September 26.

Encrypted project calendar(September 27, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: Cripto Latin Fest will be held in Cordoba, Argentina from September 27th to 29th. Switcheo (SWTH): After a one-year token exchange process, the project team will officially end the SWH→SWTH token exchange process on September 27.

Encrypted project calendar(September 28, 2019)

ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA) 2nd Anniversary, Cardinal Foundation, IOHK and EMURGO main members will participate in community celebrations in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 28. TOP Network (TOP): The TOP Network team will hold a hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic from September 28th to 29th. Horizen (ZEN): Horizen project BD Rep Vano Narimandize will discuss the current status and development of sidechain technology at the Industry 4.0 Blockchain Summit on September 28.

Encrypted project calendar(September 29, 2019)

GAME/GameCredits: GameCredits (GAME) is expected to perform hard forks on September 29th at block height 2519999

Encrypted project calendar(September 30, 2019)

INS/Insolar: Insolar (INS) will be on September 30th ERD/Elrond: Elrond (ERD) will conduct main network test on September 30th NULS/NULS: The NULS team will plan to beta the ChainBOX in the third quarter. CS/Credits: Credits (CS) will exchange tokens and bug rewards in the third quarter QTUM/Qtum: Quantum Chain (QTUM) is expected to complete lightning network beta in the third quarter XEM/NEM: New World Bank (XEM) will release mobile wallet and computer wallet in the third quarter HC/HyperCash: hypercash (HC) will complete community management agreement in the third quarter

Encrypted project calendar(October 01, 2019)

HT/Huobi Token: The financial base public link jointly created by Firecoin and Nervos is expected to be open source in October. RVN/Ravencoin: Ravencoin (RVN) Ravencoin will perform a hard fork on October 1. ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) plans to hold technical consensus meeting in Amsterdam on October 1st XRC/Bitcoin Rhodium: Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) will record account balance awards on October 1st PPC/Peercoin: Peercoin (PPC) will perform Peercoin v0.8 (code tang lang) hard fork on October 1st

Encrypted project calendar(October 02, 2019)

BNB/Binance Coin: The 2019 DELTA Summit will be held in Malta from October 2nd to 4th. The DELTA Summit is Malta’s official blockchain and digital innovation campaign. CAPP/Cappasity: The Cappasity (CAPP) London Science and Technology Festival will be held from October 2nd to 3rd, when the Cappasity project will be attended by the Science and Technology Festival.

Encrypted project calendar(October 03, 2019)

ETC/Ethereum Classic: The 2019 Ether Classic (ETC) Summit will be held in Vancouver on October 3–4

Encrypted project calendar(October 05, 2019)

Ontology (ONT): Ony Ji will attend the blockchain event in Japan on October 5th and explain the practical application based on the ontology network.

Encrypted project calendar(October 06, 2019)

SPND/ Spendcoin: Spendcoin (SPND) will be online on October 6th

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up 2.8% at its current price of $10,190, which marks a decent surge from its daily lows of $9,900, but also marks a slight retrace from its daily highs of over $10,400.
This recent price action simple marks an extension of the narrowing trading range that Bitcoin has been caught in within the past couple of months, with BTC trading between the lower-$9,000 region and the upper-$10,000 region.
During this time, Bitcoin’s hash rate has been climbing significantly, and just set fresh all-time-highs earlier this week. Hash rate is a key indicator that elucidates the fundamental strength of Bitcoin, and its steady rise throughout 2019 signals that Bitcoin’s network is incredibly strong at the moment, in spite of its recent sideways price action.
Review previous articles:

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[Promotion] Telegram Group, teaches you to make 30% to 70%+ regularly (0.025 monthly)

Hey all,
I ALREADY KNOW SINCE THIS IS DEALING WITH "MONEY" people automatically will say "this doesn't work for everyone". Well, guess what? Nothing, including cutting grass, works for everyone. If you don't think it works, please kindly go to the next post so that someone that this may work for sees it :)

Anywho…I made a post not too long ago speaking about how I lived in my car and one of the ways I turned it around through crypto trading. Here is that post:

Yeah, I have a service. Yeah, I can get paid for my time to teach this. No, this is NOT A SIGNALS GROUP as those groups largely don't work for most people. Instead, I walk you through how to fish so that you don't need me or anyone else to keep sending you "signals" just for you to be down 110% (this was a signal I saw 2 days ago smh).

What do I do? Well, I am a high-leverage and medium leverage trader that has done some pretty rad things with relatively small amounts of money. I took 56 dollars into 6k and I did other pretty cool things as well. See these pictures:
Started with 56 USD:
1K in 2 days:
6K over 5 days:
This 40%+ was on September 7, 2019 ;) :
My IG is @nick_the_vegan where you can actually see me with videos because I know some people can't trust a screenshot.
NOTE: I blocked out the numbers on one of the pictures because the amount was just large.
What do you get for joining the telegram group?
  1. I teach you how to never use a stop-loss
  2. I teach you 3 different ways to trade (1 with no charts/TA and 2 with very little charting and TA)
  3. You join others in the group with my private videos, and learn to make trading decisions on your own, without me :)
  4. Learn how to double your capital/money in very short times like one day or one week
What's the cost?
One time fee of 0.055 BTC (bitcoin) or a monthly fee of 0.025 BTC
Any and all questions I have failed to cover will be added to the future edit up here. Otherwise, I look forward to having you in the telegram! :)
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10 Trading Mistakes Crypto Traders Needs To Avoid

10 Trading Mistakes Crypto Traders Needs To Avoid
Lots of money can be made trading cryptocurrencies. Investors have moved into cryptocurrencies as a result of massive gains cryptocurrency trading offers. This can be seen as the crypto market has grown close to $1 Trillion last year. Unfortunately, not everyone is making money as a result of simple mistakes that could easily be avoided.
Long-term traders are best holding their investments; day traders can also be profitable in the short term, allowing them to increase their investment much faster. If you are a newbie to cryptocurrency trading or just exploring your way in the exciting new market, here are ten mistakes you should avoid entirely.
1. Selling at the bottom, buying back at the top
The cryptocurrency market is liable to change and the cryptocurrencies can be easily manipulated. As a result, price swings are regular, and investors get caught up in this often which makes them lose money. Panic selling is common among newbies in cryptocurrency trading especially when they first get their hands on trading without prior research and when faced with sharp drops.
The problem with this technique of trading is once you placed a sell order, you will lose money. Though selling to cut losses is a wise decision in some cases, most coins will spike again in days, if not hours and then such people seeing a spike in price will buy back at a higher rate; repeating the cycle over and over again. This is a common case in which beginner traders lose their funds.
2. Getting attached to a particular coin
No coin will continue rising forever, not even Bitcoin. You are bound to see good days, or even months and also experience some terrible days as well. The crypto space is evolving with opportunities presenting themselves daily. If you believe in a coin, holding for long-term gains would be considered the best approach, if you are looking to make quick money trading though, you cannot have any emotional attachment for any coin.
Seeing a drop in Bitcoin price from its all-time highs of $20,000 to below $10,000, the best approach would be to hold long term. However, there are many traders which sold it between $10,000 and $20,000 and bought back lower — between $6500 and $10,000 — guaranteeing themselves some extra profit in BTC.
Also, f the price of a particular coin sees a spike as a result of a significant announcement, it’s easy to double or triple your investment this way. Though you need to check the price and evolution, to make sure the spike in price didn’t already happened. Otherwise, you may lose money and feed the ‘whales‘ .
3. The cheaper, the better
A coin below $1 doesn’t mean it is the best time to invest in such currency. Though it’s true that a coin at 5 cents could easily hit 20cents in a short period likened to a coin at $100 hitting $500. A $0.05 coin could drop to a cent, making you lose a chunk of your investment.
The major thing is not to buy coins because they are cheap, that doesn’t guarantee profitability. It’s important to find out why a coin is cheap and what developments are ahead that promises a boost in price shortly.
4. Looking for the next big coin to hit the cryptocurrency market
Last year, we saw bitcoin go from $1k to $20k which is quite impressive. Also, Ethereum and Litecoin have also seen massive gains. It’s important to note not all coins will record such profits.
Due to abundant supply and some other factors, some coins are regulated to specific prices, an example of such coin is Ripple. Investing in such coins and hoping to make over 2000% gain is not a good idea.
As a trader, it’s essential to get a deep understanding of every coin you trade; this includes price history and future projections. This will give you a better insight into planning your trades properly.
5. No need to follow current events in the crypto market
Technical analysis is never enough if you want to be successful with cryptocurrency trading, you need to follow cryptocurrency news and stay up-to-date with current events/developments. The crypto market is highly speculative and swings to both negative and positive events. Getting informed is highly required to be a successful trader.
At, we cover every detail in the cryptocurrency world and present our readers with latest updates as they happen. To get these updates instantly, please subscribe to our mailing list.
6. Investing all you have all at once
This is another expensive mistake newbies make, investing all they have on a particular coin. If you find a right spot to buy on your favourite coin, it’s necessary you purchase with a percentage of your money, up to 50%, then hold the rest to see if such coin drops following your purchase. If that happens, you will have more to buy the dip. On the other hand, if there is a continuous surge in price after your purchase, you can always place more buy orders as the market continues on its uptrend. This secures your trades and prevents you from going all-in on a position that goes the opposite direction.
7. Falling for every coin endorsement and not doing proper research
Every newbie joins a telegram group or follows a top crypto trader on social media for signals. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also important you do your research. There are tons of people promoting coins and market moves across different social platforms for their gains.
If you listen to these people and invest your money in those coins, you are likely to lose out on your investment. Most of these guys are paid promoters who create unnecessary hypes to get lots of people to buy what they are selling.
Proper research is vital before investing in the cryptocurrency market. You need to understand a coin’s use case, price movements, and development stage of such coin. Investing in a coin as a result of price movement is very disastrous.
8. Investing all you have on a coin
Even the best coins have been seen to experience significant dips while other coins stay green. Cryptocurrencies are unpredictable which means no coin; not even Bitcoin is guaranteed to survive long term.
If you are a long-term investor or just a day trader, you can’t afford to put all your funds on one coin. Investing in multiple cryptocurrencies is the key to successful trading and finding good entries in divers coins will increase your profit.
9. Not knowing when to exit
After buying a coin at a reasonable price and you’ve seen a considerable profit, the question now would be “what next?” Most newbies don’t have points at which they take profits from the market. They hold as the market go along, ending up losing all the gains they’ve made with time and will have to stay till they break-even.
This plan may be beautiful if you are a long-term investor, but if you are trading, you need to have a point at which you’ll sell off for some profits. Though you may see price continuously going higher, that’s expected. A good strategy, however, is to sell off in stages and not all at once. This way, you make some profits instantly and still benefit if the price goes higher.
10. Not having basic knowledge of technical analysis
Many traders think technical analysis/understanding price actions are complicated. There’s no doubt that market movements and coin prices have patterns that when identified can be taking advantage of to increase chances of successful trades.
Though there are no guarantees in the crypto market and given the highly speculated and emotion-driven market, charts fail sometimes.
Nevertheless, it’s crucial for anyone who’s serious about trading in the cryptocurrency market to understand the very basics of charts such as candle formations to determine support and resistance levels.
As an essential requirement, you should understand resistance levels and price ranges which a coin has struggled at or failed to break through. Support zones, on the other hand, are areas where prices have been spotted to bounce back. Identifying these spots on the chart will significantly improve your trading.
Trendlines are also quite simple, it’s indicated by price making higher lows and higher highs, and a downtrend is indicated by price making lower lows and lower highs.
AI is the key?
These mistakes can be solved if there is a tool like AI artificial intelligence system always alongside the trader to give advice on each situation occurs above?
Imagine AI Trading uses Artificial Intelligence to consider and offer real-time market intelligence. It has also been programmed to recognize the optimum market conditions for trading to make a profit. Active capital management for traders to allocate in each category to bring the best results, … and many other features. In general, for those newbie or trader who has not had much experience in this market, a support tool like this is absolutely necessary.
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CRYPTO FACE stealing btc of its costumers Youtube channel cryptoface

CRYPTO FACE stealing btc of its costumers Youtube channel cryptoface

Hy everyone! I bought a vip membership 4 month ago for his "whale group" . In this group I really found a whale, i talked with him and he is a good man. I watched a few times people got kicked out of his room and this bothered me. Yes, some shared his signals, but many just said something wrong. I shared a statement he admitted in our private chat which was not about trading, but he just admitted that he took a big loss. I used him more as a indicator to do the opposite of him and this was going very well for longer time. But when he found out i was talking in another group about his loss he instantly banned me with no further statement, he just wrote something emotional like it was my fault he always chooses wrong direction and i was banned. I paid for content, when he is giving me his big losses i understand he is just living because of new followers. He further on statet a few days ago he will make a pump n dump scheme, that´s enough for me, they treat people bad in the chatroom, there r days when nobody was writing in the chat because someone got banned and people got scared, and i cannot tell ya how often he refuses to trade when money on the street and times when you have to trade. He is in a bad mood and in the yt videos in his channel he is talking about catching this and that, but i was in the vip signal group , there where no signals or bad signals for weeks. He is trying to build up a content , bcs his strats in trading simply don´t work. Look a Philakone, this mr.Chang dude, they r selling merge, end, no big story , no trading success
i would appreciate if u share your feelings with me if u made similar experience, thx
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Free Crypto Signals - Telegram Group By Money Guru ! New Year Gift ! WELCOME!!! JOIN our BEST FREE Cryptocurrency Trading GROUP !!! crypto addicts signals leaked Binance Crypto Day Trading Signals with Derek About Free Trading Signals from IG for Forex, Crypto, Stocks and

Crypto trading signals assist traders in deciding on trading cryptocurrencies. It suggests whether to buy or sell, when to buy or sell. Learn more here. Paid crypto signals are groups that bring together a group of traders who then act on the advice of the signal provider. This norm is quickly being followed in paid crypto signals groups too and pro signals service is a pioneer in providing such auto trading in crypto signals space. Crypto trading signals are alerts sent by a signal provider to an individual that tells them which cryptocurrency they should buy, the buy-in price, the sell-targets, and the stop losses. The signals are ideas researched by the provider that the provider feels are the right moves to make to get a return on investment. Crypto Signals: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide. Crypto Signals are effectively a set of instructions sent out from a signal provider to an individual telling them what cryptocurrency to buy, the price to buy at, the sell-targets, and lastly, what price to set the stop loss at. Excavo Signals is a group that we started to test at the beginning of July 2018. We purchased the 3-month package in order to check exactly the signals they provide. We can now introduce you to the activities of the team. We receive bitcoin trading signals through Telegram, a communicating tool, with a frequency of about 3-4 weeks. They all

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Free Crypto Signals - Telegram Group By Money Guru ! New Year Gift !

See Page Here: - About Free Trading Signals from IG for Forex, Crypto, Stocks and Exits rules belong to the decision to take a trade. If the conditions for exiting positions ... CryptexSignals Social Media: Website: Discord: Telegram: Premium Shop: http... As lot of viewers asked me to create such crypto signal group i am not doing it for my audience free of cost you need to pay no fees to anyone or to me to get crypto signals from now on . This INS/BTC chart has given us 284% return to date. Dont miss the wave! Join the signals group here: I Paid $100 For a Website on Fiverr LOOK AT WHAT I GOT - Duration: 17:56. ... hirn Crypto Signals Live Trading with Moonbot HIRN SIGNALS. Live now; US and WHO - Duration: 21:19.