Margin Trading for NRI (Margin Funding)

CoinMetro launching TraM soon!

CoinMetro is a fully regulatory compliant exchange based in Europe, but US clients are also welcome!
They have a lot of cool stuff:
Simple/Express/Pro Exchanges +Margin Trading platforms
Fiat On/Off ramp + Fiat Pairings for ALL current + future listings!

LAUNCHING TRAM! (Trade Mirroring) soon!
TRAM allows you to allocate money to a portfolio which will mirror the trades made by the TRAM manager.
You can also set up your own TRAM (unlisted) and share with friends!

IEO platform currently hosting "PARSIQ" currently (PRQ token)
The "XCM" token, automatically bought and used for all fees, tied in with IEO platform, TRAM, ETCF, and much more. Currently a very low market cap, and with the upcoming releases, a great time to get some.

Makers are paid to trade! 0.1% taker, -0.05% maker!
Trade Mirroring (TRAM) release within 1-2 weeks (portfolio management)
MTF license/CSD in development
Debit Cards + 30 fiat currencies for native low fee debit card usage/exchange deposits/withdrawals coming!
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CoinMetro launching TraM soon!

CoinMetro is a fully regulatory compliant exchange based in Europe, but US clients are also welcome!
They have a lot of cool stuff:
Simple/Express/Pro Exchanges +Margin Trading platforms
Fiat On/Off ramp + Fiat Pairings for ALL current + future listings!

LAUNCHING TRAM! (Trade Mirroring) soon!
TRAM allows you to allocate money to a portfolio which will mirror the trades made by the TRAM manager.
You can also set up your own TRAM (unlisted) and share with friends!

IEO platform currently hosting "PARSIQ" currently (PRQ token)
The "XCM" token, automatically bought and used for all fees, tied in with IEO platform, TRAM, ETCF, and much more. Currently a very low market cap, and with the upcoming releases, a great time to get some.

Makers are paid to trade! 0.1% taker, -0.05% maker!
Trade Mirroring (TRAM) release within 1-2 weeks (portfolio management)
MTF license/CSD in development
Debit Cards + 30 fiat currencies for native low fee debit card usage/exchange deposits/withdrawals coming!
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A toast to the 2018 New York Mets!

You know how this story begins: the New York Mets opened their 2018 season 11-1, with a nine game win streak, the best start in franchise history. Rookie manager Mickey Callaway seemed to make all the right moves at the right times, and newly signed Todd Frazier taught the whole team how to season every RBI with some salt and pepper (with matching t-shirts for the team and front office to boot). The Mets were winning every which way possible, sprinkled—no, doused!—with comebacks and walk-off magic, and we fans were feeling echoes of “this team just doesn’t know how to lose!” of 2015. Our 70-win 2017 felt like just a small bump in the road. We were going 161-1. Our optimism was, some might say, unbridled.
You know what happens next, too. Before we could realize what was happening (maybe you blame the curse of Cespedes’ broken diamond chain, or Frazier jinxing everything when he bought an actual pepper shaker), we slipped dangerously and quickly from first to fourth place in the division. The overtaxed bullpen set itself on fire (and maybe Citi Field too), the DL ransacked our roster, and the pitchers resorted to driving in their own run support when the bats went MIA. And then June came — June, the worst the Mets have ever performed in any month in their history, when the Mets went 5-21. Five. Five! You ever forget what it feels like to win? What’s a run?
The New York Mets would end their 2018 with a fourth place finish in the NL East and a 77-85 record, their second consecutive losing season. But it isn’t As Bad As You Think It Is (or that’s just me trying to convince myself). We had a few bright stars in an otherwise dark, hopeless year. Jacob deGrom pitched his way to a Cy Young — “unrelentingly brilliant,” as Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen described. Zack Wheeler started the year in the minors and ended the year posting a lower second half ERA than deGrom. Our young core of Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil, Brandon Nimmo, and Amed Rosario drove us to finish the year strong, with the best record in the division post-July 1st. And we got the chance to say goodbye to David Wright, our captain, when he played his last game on his own terms.
A season of extreme highs and extreme lows — here’s our toast to the 2018 New York Mets!

Key roster changes

56 players played for the Mets this season, the most in franchise history.

Free agents signed

RHP Anthony Swarzak; RF Jay Bruce; 1B Adrian Gonzalez (released 6/11); SS/3B Jose Reyes; 3B Todd Frazier; LHP Jason Vargas; RF Jose Bautista; CF Austin Jackson

Traded midseason


Jacob deGrom, unrelentingly brilliant

Every fifth day, the Mets gave fans something to cheer for; and by “Mets,” we mean Jacob deGrom. Just deGrom—because his offense, defense, and bullpen sure didn’t offer him any help in his Cy Young campaign. Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen described Jake this season as “the strongest man on earth,” putting the weight of his team on his shoulders like Atlas holding up the globe. And, indeed, deGrom would go on to make history, winning just 10 games but posting a 1.70 ERA, a 0.67 margin over the runner-up. Only 5 other pitchers since the mound was lowered in 1969 have put up an ERA that low, and it is the lowest for a Met pitcher since Dwight Gooden in 1985. deGrom also set single-season MLB records for 29 consecutive starts allowing three runs or fewer and 24 consecutive quality starts.
deGrom thus became the fourth Met to win the Cy Young, dominating the ballot as he did all season, with 29 of 30 first place votes. This is a franchise built on starting pitching if nothing else, and this year we saw Jake rise among the ranks of Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden. deGrom made Mets fans proud this year, all by himself. Thank you, Jake.

Jeff McNeil, the real deal

Called up to the majors to backfill 2B Asdrubal Cabrera when he was traded in late July, Jeff McNeil was a major factor as to why the Mets offense woke back up in the second half of the season. Armed with a curious knobless bat, McNeil showed off tremendous bat-to-ball skills which made it feel stranger when he didn’t get a hit every time he came to the plate. In 63 games played, McNeil put up .329/.381/.471 with 137 wRC+ and 2.4 WAR. (He hit so well, the Mets starting pitchers all switched to using his knobless bat!) Concerns about his glove disappeared quickly, as McNeil flashed the leather and made his way into the Mets highlight reels. He even received one 3rd place vote for NL Rookie of the Year! For a floundering team, Jeff McNeil was an unexpected breath of fresh air.

Let the kids play

It wasn’t only McNeil who returned hope to Flushing; the Mets’ young core of Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and Amed Rosario all did as well. Conforto struggled through the start of the season after arguably coming back a little too early from shoulder surgery; but he rebounded in the second half as his strength came back, going on a homerun tear that vaulted him to second place in the NL for most RBIs. Rosario, just 22 years old, played his first full season and made some improvement to his hitting approach which should be a good foundation for next year. And after being mostly relegated to 4th OF, injuries to Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce allowed Nimmo the opportunity to become an everyday player this year. He had a breakout season posting a .404 OBP, and endeared fans everywhere with his infectious smile and effort, sprinting to first base even on walks.

The Five Aces

Once upon a time, the Mets had a dream — a starting rotation of Five Aces: Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, and Steven Matz. Constantly thwarted by long stints on the DL by one starter after another since 2015, the dream finally came true when all five pitchers made consecutive starts for the first time ever on April 11th. By the end of the month, however, Harvey was moved to the bullpen and then DFA’d.
Okay, so, the Five Aces dream didn’t really pan out the way it was supposed to. But the starting rotation still proved to be one of the Mets’ greatest strengths this year. In addition to deGrom’s Cy Young season, Wheeler had an incredible rebound. Having started the year demoted back to AAA, Wheeler was only called back up when newly-signed Jason Vargas hit the DL. New Mets pitching coach Dave Eiland unlocked the next level in Wheeler, and he arguably became the #2 in our rotation, edging out Thor himself. In the second half, Wheeler pitched to a 1.68 ERA, lower than even deGrom (!). From AAA to second ace, Wheeler’s our comeback player of the year.
Syndergaard didn’t have his usual dominant year but topped it off with the first two complete games of his career. Matz, plagued with injuries every year since his debut, made 30 starts in one season for the first time ever. And we only speak of “Vargy” — never Vargas, whose first starts as a Met we rather watch with our eyes closed — who seemed to finally get it together once he donned his Players Weekend jersey. If this rotation can build off, or even maintain some, of what they accomplished this season into the next, we’ve got something special to look forward to.


Sandy Alderson, Cespedes, and the GM triumvirate

On June 26th, Mets GM Sandy Alderson announced that he would take an immediate leave of absence, due to a recurrence of cancer. As the GM since 2010, Alderson saw the Mets through some very bad years, but led us to the incredible high of the 2015 World Series. We are thankful to Alderson for the memories and wish him the best of health.
Instead of naming a new interim GM, the Wilpons name three: Assistant GM John Ricco, and special assistants J.P. Ricciardi and Omar Minaya. The three-headed GM was characterized by lack of direction, and, as you might think, it didn’t work out so well. The height of the triumvirate’s fumbling came when Cespedes returned from the DL from a hip flexor strain, played one game, and immediately told reporters afterwards that he had calcification in both heels, requiring surgery. At the same time, Mets closer Jeurys Familia was traded at the deadline for seemingly light return. Not one of the three GMs addressed either the Familia trade or Cespedes’ remarks for a full 24 hours. That the front office left Callaway to fend for himself and play dumb in front of reporters the next day, and that the front office also seemed to lack player communication to know surgery was on Cespedes’ mind, was, in short, not a good look.

Hand, foot, and what now?

Just when you didn’t think Mets injuries couldn’t get weirder, Syndergaard landed on the DL after contracting hand, foot, and mouth disease. No, hand, foot, and mouth disease doesn’t usually affect adults. Yes, Syndergaard now has a fear of small children.
The Mets were the second most affected team by DL stints this season (hmmm, sounds familiar). Frazier, who had never been on the DL before in his career, landed on the DL twice. Jay Bruce, another key free agent signing, joined him there with plantar faciitis. In the Great Catcher Apocalypse, the Mets lost their first catcher Travis d’Arnaud on April 11th due to a torn UCL; he would miss the rest of the season to Tommy John surgery. Within 24 hours, we also lost our second catcher Kevin Plawecki to a fractured hand. You get the picture.

Batting out of order

Yes, the Mets did that thing. Among other mistakes like odd double switches and bringing in relievers to face pinch hitters before the pinch hitters were actually announced, the batting out of order incident perhaps exemplified the learning curve Mickey Callaway went through as a rookie manager with no experience in the NL. What we learned, though? That Callaway could be a good leader, taking responsibility for his growing pains and motivating the team to play hard and well in the late summer months when the team was long out of contention.

Goodbye (is not forever)

David Wright

On September 13th, in an emotional press conference, David Wright announced he would be activated from the DL in the Mets’ final homestand of the year. He planned to play one last game, and then no more — he had reached the painful conclusion that his spinal stenosis would not permit him to play regularly again. All of the rehab assignments and surgeries he had endured the past 2.5 years would be for this one final moment. He would leave the game and team he loved so much on his own terms.
For many Mets fans, September 29th was officially the end of an era. Wright is one of the rare ones — 18 years with the same organization, a hero on and off the field, a boy who grew up a Mets fan to become only the fourth captain of the franchise. He is Mr. Met himself. It has, truly, been a privilege to call him our Captain.

Wilmer Flores

Wilmer signed with the Mets on the day he turned 16 years old; twelve years later, we (tearfully) have to say goodbye as the Mets did not tender him a contract at the deadline this offseason. A fan favorite after he famously cried on the field when he was about to be traded in 2015, Wilmer called it becoming “emotional for leaving where you were born.” Thankfully, the trade never went through and, this year, Wilmer became the walk-off king, the franchise leader at 10 walk-offs. To say Wilmer was beloved is an understatement, for he loved the Mets as much as we fans do.

Matt Harvey

Back in the hopeless years, the Dark Knight was our savior; but the higher he rose, the harder and faster he fell. After posting a 6.00 ERA in a string of poor starts to begin the season, the Mets demoted Harvey to the bullpen in late April, where they’d hope Harvey could focus on improving. It would only take four outings from the bullpen to convince the Mets to assign him to the minors, which Harvey refused. Once held on a pedestal, the Dark Knight was designated for assignment on May 5th, and eventually traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

…and more

  • Asdrubal Cabrera — We’ll miss the way Cabrera always stood at the top of the dugout steps, waiting to take off his teammate’s helmet after they hit a homerun. No Mets fan will ever forget his 3-run walk-off homerun in 2016 which led the Mets to an NL wild card!
  • Jose Reyes — After being given a second (and third, and fourth) chance with the Mets, it was clear that Reyes was no longer the flashy shortstop we knew from his days with David Wright guarding the right side of the infield. On the last day of the season, a day after Wright’s sendoff, Reyes was the starting shortstop for the New York Mets for the last time, taken out of the game after the 1st inning to a quiet goodbye.

Notable games and plays


  • 5/13/18 [email protected] — deGrom's first start returning from the DL with a hyperextended elbow. Facing a bases loaded and zero outs situation after giving up three consecutive walks, deGrom gets a strikeout, a force out at home, and another strikeout to retire the Phillies. 1 inning, 45 pitches, zero runs!
  • 7/20/18 [email protected] — Syndergaard records his 500th career strikeout. He becomes the fastest Met to reach 500 career strikeouts in 436.1 innings, breaking Dwight Gooden’s previous record of 445.1 innings
  • 7/31/18 [email protected] — Jose Reyes pitches in relief. (We will ignore the score here.) Feat. “Media Guide Musings,” a segment our TV crew GKR introduced this season, for when things get desperate.
  • 8/18/18 [email protected] — Jacob deGrom pitches a complete game, the third of his career, after a 41 minute rain delay (!) in between innings. His final line was: 9 IP, 7 H, 1 R (0 ER), 0 BB, 9 K
  • 9/2/18 [email protected] — Syndergaard’s first complete game of his career
  • 9/30/18 [email protected] — Syndergaard’s second complete game, first complete game shutout
  • 9/26/18 [email protected] — deGrom gets the 1000th strikeout of his career in his final out of the season, finishing his year with one of his best performances!




Goodbye, 2018 — here’s to a better 2019!!
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AMA Summary !

Ask my anything #01
About the BCIO token
– What is the token used for ? Enable holders to benefit from discount on all platform fees (trading, lending, token lstin, ICO execution, etc) In addition, token holders will be able to influence the platform roadmap through polls and surveys (additional features and functionalities, token listing, buyback program, etc) Finally, we will maintain a vibrant community with regular rewards and we will always be more generous with our token holders.
– Where can I get BCIO after the ICO ? As the token will be distributed directly on account anyone claiming to have BCIO tokens outside the exchange is fraudulent. Later, when the ERC20 contract deployment is enbaled you will be able to transfer them. We are in close relationships with main wallet providers to ensure only our official BCIO token is listed on their wallet.
– Do you concider migrating BCIO to another blockchain ? For now it is an ERC20 token but we carefully monitor new protocols in case it turn out to be better.
– Any interaction with the decentralized settlement feature ? For now we have not formalized the business model of this feature but it might require to hold BCIO in order to use this feature. Keep in mind this is just one option, we might choose another business model.
– What is the future of BCIO token ? For now the token is a utility token so you are in fact buying future turnover at a discount. As mentioned earlier we want to become a security token and distribute dividends as soon as we get the MTF license in the EU.
About Exchange
– Do you have any partnerships ? We have partnerships with multiple actors such as : Investment banking, communication, decentralized protocols, engineering, R&D, market maker ( with profesional traders)
– When can I use the decentralized settlement features ? This features is planed for Q2 2019
– When margin trading and peer-to-peer lending will be available ? It's planned for 2019
– How do you plan to bring liquidity to the margin trading ? By using specific orderbook based on lending interest rates we will fuel the margin trading of other pairs
– Can you tell me more about the decentralized settlement ? The trade are executed cross chain using atomic swap. You will only need to choose the decentralized settlement option when making you trade.
– Where does the liquidity of the decentralized settlement come from ? When you choose this option your order is matched against the centralized order book so there won't be any liquidity problem.
– API will be available ? Sure, you can expect a rest API on launch, FIX API and websockets will be available later.
About Regulation :
– What do you hope from regulation ? We are great supporters of the regulation initiatives of the AMF (that we meet regulary) and the government (French). Appropriate regulations will attract the intstitutional investments onto the ecosystem. Our ICO services will target institutions and large corporations.
– Do you have a partnership with French government ? We have a close relationship with M. Pierre Person, government deputy. We participated in the last Blockchain Forum about regulation and are in the shortlist of French companies that will obtain an official licence from AMF.
– What about global regulation ? Our goal is to become a trusted trading hub in Europe and beyong, this why the bigger plan is to apply for an MTF licence and be able to trade securities in Europe.
About the Exchange market:
– What are your advantages against the major exchange ? First, Paymium is the only marketplace in France. have definitely more competitors globally but will adopt a compliant & regulation-ready stance that we believe, will drive investments from institutions and traditional finance.
– But what about competition from established exchange ? The main differentiator is the fact that we will have a proprietary token which will act as a strong marketing incentive to create a meaningful user base.
– Is open to all customers ? Yes, except if your country is in the blacklist of Europe. Our goal is to ensure the market share in the EU, once complete we will focus on Global market.
About token listing:
– Do you already have ICO to be listed on ? We have received a number of listing requests already and should start listing third party ERC20 tokens in december. We are aslo connected to ICO consulting firms that have a steady deal flow of good ICO projects.
– What kind of token assets will be listed ? Different classes of assets will be listed on our platform as we are buidling the Internet of Value.
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Annual Lykke Coinholder Meeting / Updates

Key points of shareholder update
Lykke has achieved long awaited milestones: Offchain settlement and Ethereum integration. We will hold an Annual Lykke Coinholder meeting online on June 29.
Offchain Settlement
We have deployed offchain settlement at Lykke Exchange. Users can now securely complete trades in state channels, that are opened between the client and the exchange.
The Bitcoin blockchain was built to process about seven transactions per second. That translates to a settlement time of about 10 to 30 minutes per trade, and impose significant limitations for the exchange capacity to settle trades.
Offchain settlement allows to overcome this limitations without compromising the security. The counterparties freeze funds as a collateral on the blockchain and provide the so-called commitments to each other. When both parties agree to the terms of the new trade then commitments are updated. Commitment transaction can be broadcasted at any time on the blockchain to get frozen funds back and close the channel.
Lykke Regulated Entities
Demetrios Zamboglou, Lykke CBDO:
EU Broker license update Our application for European Investment Firm (CIF) license for Lykke Cyprus Ltd. is on the fast track at CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). The team is preparing an official response (answers and additional documents) to the first letter recently received from CySEC.
EU Electronic Money Institution license update The application for EMI is ready to be submitted to the Central Bank of Cyprus (including a pledge of 350,000 Euro Capital Requirement). Lykke EMI is engaged with various banks for supporting the payment processing strategy. New systems and controls are now in place – pending activation for electronic payments.
UK MTF license update The MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) package is facing some new delays due to the updated FCA requirements for UK based MTF. We are updating the IT Strategy document and the application package to match the new requirements of the FCA.
Margin trading update The final release of the Lykke platform for margin trading is awaited in June for a limited list of jurisdictions under Vanuatu's Dealer in Securities license. Traditional leveraged FX & CFD products will be extended by BTC and ETH trading.
Seamus Donoghue, Director of Lykke Singapore:
We have a new addition to the team in Singapore - Venky Sethuraman has joined us and as the former head of equities with Standard Chartered and previously Citibank brings us great institutional experience that we can leverage across the region.
We are in the final stages of choosing legal council to assist us with our Singapore regulatory applications to enable us to launch a fully tokenized securities exchange.
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MTF in Upstox Hindi - Margin Trading Facility How to use margin trading in Upstox Margin Trading 101: How It Works - YouTube What is Margin Trade Facility (MTF)? In Upstox In Hindi Margin Trading Facility

Margin Trading: In the stock market, margin trading refers to the process whereby individual investors buy more stocks than they can afford to. Margin trading also refers to intraday trading in India and various stock brokers provide this service. Margin trading involves buying and selling of securities in one single session. Over time, Margin trading facility (MTF) is a service offered by brokers to stock market investors to buy shares by paying only a fraction of the total trade value. The broker funds the balance amount and charges interest on it. The fraction amount paid by the investor is called a margin. A few brokers in India offer margin funding to non-resident Indians Margin Trading Facility is a facility whereby — with funding from Upstox — you can invest in stocks of value higher than what you can afford at that given time. You bring in the 50% and we lend you the other 50%. Eg: As per your calculation, AXZ Ltd. will show a positive. Their shares… What is Margin Trade Funding (MTF)? Margin Trading is buying stocks by partly putting in one's own money and the rest being funded by the broker; Carry delivery positions, by paying only a small percentage of the security's value known as margin amount. Tradeplus will fund the balance amount. Interest will be charged on the funded amount. Margin Trading Funding (MTF) is a flexible option for investors; it enables them to trade beyond owned resources and boost their profits if the prices increase on expected lines. The facility is provided against a pre-approved list of securities by the broker, subject to predefined haircut for margin.

[index] [321] [2761] [99] [1665] [2934] [2334] [70] [2819] [2749] [2741]

MTF in Upstox Hindi - Margin Trading Facility

MTF in Upstox Hindi - Margin Trading Facility - Duration: 18:03. Sourabh Gandhi Zerodha Upstox Aliceblue Partner 8,989 views. 18:03. How to Trade with Fibonacci Levels - Duration: 1:00:28. MTF in Upstox Hindi - Margin Trading Facility Sourabh Gandhi Zerodha Upstox Aliceblue Partner. ... How to use margin trading in Upstox - Duration: 7:39. Intraday Tips Free 30,741 views. Go for Margin Trading. In this video Vipin G informs you how you can buy shares instantly with Margins or with Stocks as collaterals. #mtf #sensex #nifty #investments #exposure #equity #NSE #BSE # ... What is Margin Trade Facility (MTF)? In Upstox In Hindi Sts Prime. ... Watch Day Trading Live ... What is Margin Money in Trading Account ? (Hindi) - Duration: ... Margin Trading facility is the way ahead in case you need to take leverage for your delivery trades. Learn how you can activate your account to take advantage of funding facility at Upstox.