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Margin trading is available on TRX/BTC and TRX/USDT pairs

Calling all Traders!
TRON (TRX) is available on our new margin trading feature.
Find out more:
Now you can trade $TRX against $BTC and $USDT with up to 10x leverage, visit:
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Binance Enables Isolated Margin Trading for RVN, TRX, VET, XLM and XTZ

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@binance: #Binance Enables Isolated Margin Trading for $RVN, $TRX, $VET, $XLM and $XTZ

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TRX/USDT trading pair is available on margin trading soon!

Start the week off right with TRX and USDT margin trading
Here is detailed link
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TRON Margin Trading Pairs and Lending TRX on Exchanges

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KuCoin Margin Trade Adds ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC and BSV Assets and Trading Pairs

KuCoin Margin Trade Adds ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC and BSV Assets and Trading Pairs
To enrich the variety of transactions available, KuCoin’s Margin Trading platform has added the following assets: ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC and BSV and related trading pairs.
See the full list of new margin pairs here:
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KuCoin Margin Trade agrega activos y pares comerciales de ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC y BSV

KuCoin Margin Trade agrega activos y pares comerciales de ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC y BSV
Para enriquecer la variedad de transacciones disponibles, la plataforma de Margen Trading de KuCoin ha agregado los siguientes activos: ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC y BSV y pares de comercio relacionados.
Vea la lista completa de nuevos pares de márgenes aquí:
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KuCoin Margin Trade voegt ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC en BCHSV toe.

Om de verscheidenheid aan beschikbare transacties te verrijken, heeft KuCoin's Margin Trading platform de volgende activa toegevoegd: ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC en BCHSV en gerelateerde handelsparen.
Bekijk hier de volledige lijst met nieuwe marge-paren:
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WHEN Margin trading for TRON(TRX) ?!

Okex, huobi, bitmex.. They all have margin trading available for Tron. I think it's time finex enables margin trading for it too. Would be great.
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OKEx Opens Margin Trading for Tron (TRX) With 3x Leverage

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OKEx Launches TRON (TRX) Margin Trading with 3x Leverage

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OKEx Opens Margin Trading for Tron (TRX) With 3x Leverage

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Tron [TRX] gains support from OKEx for margin trading, post BitTorrent airdrop announcement

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BCH & TRX Margin Trading Available On HK Exchange

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CoinEx Weekly Recap, 10-16 August

CoinEx Weekly Recap, 10-16 August
Dear CoinEx users, to keep you updated each week, we will share with you a recap of all the exciting events in CoinEx ecosystem during the previous week. Below are major events that occurred in the ecosystem over the past week.


As alt season sustains bullish momentum, DeFi projects continue to draw more attention to potential traders and investors, this past week, CoinEx has listed more projects centered on DeFi. Below are projects listed during the week.

Curve (CRV) Launched: A Governance Token with Time-weighted Voting and Value Accrual Mechanisms

CRV is a governance token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms. -Governance with time-weighted voting -Value capture mechanism to promote certain pools -Locking mechanism to accrue rewards for long term liquidity providers -Fee burn (once enabled by governance further down the road)
CoinEx will list CRV with trading pairs of ETH, BTC, and USDT. Due to the limited current circulating supply of CRV tokens, CoinEx will announce the exact trading start time once CRV deposits have reached a level sufficient enough to ensure healthy market dynamics. Prior to its exact trading start time, adequate announcement will be made.
About CRV Website | Explorer

JUST- JST Launched: Building the Financial Infrastructure for Billions of People Worldwide

JUST allows all transactions, collateralization, and governance to be transparently executed on-chain. JUST is built on the TRON Network, the largest decentralized application ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for all its members. A one-stop service platform for managing CDP and USDJ, offering an entrance into decentralized finance.
About JST Website | Explorer | White paper
Listing details

Nexus Mutual — WXNM Launched: A People-powered Alternative to Insurance

Nexus Mutual is a decentralized alternative to insurance. Its Team used blockchain technology to create a mutual model (a risk sharing pool) to return the power of insurance to the people. The platform is built on the Ethereum public chain. It allows anyone to become a member and buy coverage.
About WNXM Website | Explorer | White paper
Listing details

Kleros - PNK Launched: An Open Source Online Dispute Resolution Platform Bringing Justice for All

Kleros is an open source online dispute resolution protocol which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes. Development efforts are coordinated by Coopérative Kleros, a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) incorporated in France. All its research and code development are open source and free for anyone to use.
About PNK Website | Explorer | White paper
Listing details

DAOstack - GEN Launched: Building Collaborative Network

DAOstack is an open-source software stack designed to support a global collaborative network. The stack can be used to build organizations for any kind of collective work, and it also contains tools to link these organizations together, so as the network grows, all its member organizations are strengthened.
About GEN Website | Explorer | White paper
Listing details

More on BCH 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Continued Publication Of “Trade to Get 20 BCH Airdrop” Winners Everyday

As the second event of BCH 3rd Anniversary Celebration Trade to Get 20 BCH Airdrop continues, winners of the second event will be published daily from August 6th to 16th August. Winners are encouraged to check their CoinEx account to see rewards within two weeks after the end of the event.

Third Event — Conduct Perpetual Contract Trading to share 6,000 USDT Begins

The third and final event for BCH 3rd Anniversary Celebration now ongoing. Rules: Users can choose to complete any of the following tasks, and share the corresponding rewards in terms of the amount of tasks completed. Task 1: Invite a Perpetual Contract newbie (newly registered during the event and conduct a Perpetual Contract trading) Task 2: BCH contract trading value reaches 500 USD Task 3: Net deposit up to 100 USD (applicable for all coins/ tokens ) (1) Complete 2 tasks can share 2,000 USDT (2) Complete 3 tasks to share 3,000 USDT

July rewards For “Hold ONT/VET/NEO to receive ONG/VTHO/GAS“ has been allocated

After a successful snapshot, all CoinEx holders of the mentioned coins have got their staking rewards allocated. Rewards were allocated on the 10th 0f August, users are encouraged to check their account for their staking reward.
Hold & get staking incentives 1. Hold NEO and get GAS 2. Hold ONT and get ONG 3. Hold VET and get VTHO
Details here

Suspension of ONG Airdrop for ONT Holders

Users holding ONT positions will not continue to receive ONG airdrop rewards. This is coming after the Ontology team upgraded the Ontology Governance and Staking Economic Model in accordance to ONT (Ontology) Official Plan.

About CET

Important Services


As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017 with Bitmain-led investment and has obtained a legal license in Estonia. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group, which owns the fifth largest BTC mining pool, which is also the largest of BCH mining, in the world.
CoinEx supports perpetual contract, spot, margin trading, and other derivatives trading, and its service reaches global users in nearly 100 countries/regions with various languages available, such as Chinese, English, Korean and Russian.
Click here to register on CoinEx!
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Daily Discussion - June 2, 2019 (GMT+0)

Welcome to the Daily Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating.
Though karma rules still apply, moderation is less stringent on this thread than on the rest of the sub. Therefore, consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.
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CoinEx Weekly Update, 13–19 July 2020

CoinEx Weekly Update, 13–19 July 2020
Dear CoinEx users, last week was full of events in CoinEx ecosystem. Coin listings, ongoing trading events, ecosystem expanding as usual. That week also experienced the worst twitter hack ever. Fortunately, CoinEx was one of the few major crypto related accounts that was not affected. In this recap, we collected major events that took place over the last week in CoinEx.

Join The DeFi Train And Share $20k
As DeFi continues to shine and gain more attention, CoinEx has launched new campaign to reward its users.
Duration: July 15, 2020 — July 24, 2020 (UTC)
Tokens Involved: LINK, SNX, COMP, REN, KNC
More information

CoinEx Listings

Providing more and better investment/trading options have always been of great importance to the CoinEx team. For this reason, more coins, particularly centered on DeFi, were listed after rigorous reviews.

Bitshares (BTS)
Bitshares (BTS), formerly known as ProtoShares, is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger and network that can issue collateralized market-pegged smart coins known as bitAssets. Bitshares was created by Dan Larimer, the co-founder of eosio, Steemit, and Cryptonomex. BitShares also has its own decentralized exchange. BTS was listed alongside with a trading event divided into two categories.
Event Details Event 1: Deposit to share 60,000 BTS Duration: 3:00 July 14–16:00 July 20, 2020 (UTC) Event 2: Trade to share 40,000 BTS Duration: 3:00 July 17–16:00 July 20, 2020 (UTC)
About BTS Website | Explorer | White paper
Listing and Trade Event Details

Numerai (NMR)
Numerai is a framework to help you automate your weekly submission workflow with your own infrastructure. Use the numerai-cli to provision your infrastructure, and deploy your pre-trained model as a server that listens for new tournament data, runs your model and uploads the predictions back to Numerai.
About NMR Website | Explorer
Listing Details

TikTok Video Campaign
Test your creativity and win in the CoinEx TikTok challenge. Lots of fantastic prizes are waiting for you!

CoinEx Announces Support For Avalanche Mainnet
Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized applications, new financial primitives, and new interoperable blockchains. Upon its Mainnet launch, CoinEx will support AVAX for trading, starting with AVAX/BTC & AVAX/USDT pairs. A trading event will be held also to reward users.

ONT/VET/NEO/TRX for ONG/VTHO/GAS Staking Reward Paid

CoinEx holders of the mentioned coins received their staking rewards for the month of June.
Hold & get staking incentives 1. Hold NEO and get GAS 2. Hold ONT and get ONG 3. Hold VET and get VTHO
Allocation time July 15,2020
For more details on the calculation, please click here.

Suspension And Resumption of Perpetual Contract Trading

Perpetual contract trading was suspended to carry out system upgrade. This was done to provide traders with better trading experience.
Upgrade duration: 10:00–10:05, July 17, 2020 (UTC)
About this upgrade: Once it is completed, the price precision of BTCUSD Contract will be changed from 0.5 to 0.1


Suspension And Resumption Of Deposit And Withdrawal Of Affected Projects



As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017 with Bitmain-led investment and has obtained a legal license in Estonia. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group, which owns the fifth largest BTC mining pool, which is also the largest of BCH mining, in the world.
CoinEx supports perpetual contract, spot, margin trading, and other derivatives trading, and its service reaches global users in nearly 100 countries/regions with various languages available, such as Chinese, English, Korean and Russian.
Click here to register on CoinEx!
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BTC price fluctuates and rises and BW launches the activity of free interest Margin for you to trade!

At present, the price of BTC is fluctuating. Do you want to trade?
In order to satisfy BW users’ enthusiasm for Margin trading and give back to users, BW has opened the activity of interest-free Margin at 15:00 on July 11.
Click link and trade now: Margin trading guide:
Details are as follows: When the activity launched, the users can open a Margin trading, and the currency borrowed from the Margin account will be interest-free.
Margin trading area: interest-free trading pairs are as follows:
Mailbox: [email protected]
Official website: |
Download BW APP:
BW, Bit World, Better World
Jul 23, 2020
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MXC Exchange – One-stop Service Provider

MXC Exchange – One-stop Service Provider
Established in 2018, MXC has become a one-stop service provider. It is now able to provide users spot, margin, contract, leveraged ETF, Index Products, Contract, PoS Staking, OTC services.
It emerges as one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world. In 2019, the daily trading volume of MXC took 5% of the world’s digital market. Besides, leveraged ETF products on MXC took lion share in the world of the same kind of products based on data from CryptoRank. On top of that, It obtained regulation-compliance licenses in many countries, like U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. and is able to carry out digital asset service in these countries.
In the aspect of OTC trading, MXC established partnership with Simplex, a European regulation-compliance payment company, and Banxa, a legal payment company in South-east Asia, allowing users to use Visa and Mastercard to buy cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, etc. directly.
In the aspect of spot trading, MXC now support over 200 trading pairs. In addition to the top market cap coins and token, it has listed many high-quality DeFi projects, like COMP, MKR, SNX, KNC, LEND, REN, BNT, IDEX, SWTH, OKS, RUNE, KAVA, BAL, UMA, etc. as well as projects of Polkadot ecosystem, like KSM, EDG, PCX, RING, etc.
In the aspect of margin trading, MXC supports the largest number of margin pairs among all exchanges across the globe, with 2 – 10x leverage available. The automatic loan and repayment functions are available. With the coming of the upgraded margin system, the depth, price difference, loan efficiency and matching efficiency have greatly updated.
In the aspect of leveraged ETF, MXC, learned from traditional financial products, introduced in re-balance system, so there’s no liquidation risks in buying leveraged ETF products. Leveraged ETF tracks the changes of the underlying assets with 3x leverage. “3L” products refer to 3x long, while “3S” products 3x short. Now it 3x leverage for 29 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, ZEC, ATOM, XTZ, ALGO, etc.
In the extreme market on March 12, 2020, BTC plummeted a high of 52.36% and the ordinary 3x leverage products for BTC plunged by 157.08%. However, with the re-balance system, the BTC3L product on MXC decreased by 92.96%, lower than the ordinary 3x leverage products and protect the interest of users in some extent. Furthermore, in the following market, the BTC3L product rose by 236%, higher than the 167.41% of ordinary 3x leverage product.
The leveraged ETF once became the label of MXC, "Huobi's OTC, OKex’s contract, MXC’s ETF and Binance's spot." The popularity of leveraged ETFs has attracted many exchanges to follow suit.
In terms of index products, MXC officially launched index products under the ETF zone, including decentralized storage asset index, mainstream cryptocurrency index, DeFi asset index, public chain index, 2020 halving cryptocurrency index.
MXC index products are similar to traditional financial fund products, and each index product is composed of multiple constituent cryptocurrencies. According to the announcement, the MXC Index product will be adjusted according to the average daily turnover ratio of the previous 30 days, that is, the proportion of the component cryptocurrency will be adjusted. If the target does not meet the representativeness and investability, the index may be removed from the product.
Decentralized storage combination components are STORJ, LAMB, GNX, BLZ; mainstream currency combination, components are BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, ETC, BCH, BSV, XRP; DeFi asset components are KNC, ZRX, KAVA, NEST; Public chain combination, the components are TRX, VET, NEO, QTUM, BTM, ONT, IOST; halving index components are BTC, ETC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, DASH.
Index products can help users not miss the bull market. Any one of the constituent cryptocurrencies increase, the user can make gains. Secondly, it can help avoid the risk of a single cryptocurrency’s plunging. In addition, it can also help save investment time and improve investment efficiency.
In terms of contract transactions, MXC upgraded the contract trading system and launched a new version of the contract in June this year. MXC contract trading currently supports free adjustment of 1-100x leverage multiples. In the isolated margin mode, users can still adjust the leverage multiples after opening a position, and support isolated margin conversion to cross margin, which can help users pursue the market with all their strength.
It supports users to place stop profit and stop loss orders at the same time, while occupying only one margin. It supports Post Only (Maker only) and IOC (Immediately or cancel all) strategies. Under Post Only (Maker only), the user will not immediately place an order on the market when placing an order, to ensure that the order is always Maker (pending order), saving handling fees. IOC function, that is, if the order cannot be fully executed, the rest will be cancelled.
For example, the BTC price index of MXC selects the bitcoin spot prices of 6 exchanges, namely: Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex. If the spot price of an exchange deviates from the median of all exchanges by ±3%, the spot price of the exchange is calculated according to the median of ±3%. Use reasonable prices for liquidation, which are based on index prices.
In addition, underlined proper nouns on the webpage, as long as the mouse points up, the corresponding explanation will be displayed, which is convenient for users to understand.
In terms of PoS pools, MXC supports three types of PoS: Saving, Staking and Lending. Among them, PoS saving does not need to lock assets, and holding assets can obtain income.
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New pairs available on our margin trading feature!

Great News!
More trading pairs have now been added to our new margin trading feature, find out more:
Get up to 10x leverage on the following pairs with BTC and USDT: EOS, TRX, LTC, ETC, ADA
And 5x leverage on: BSV, ZEC, DASH, XLM
Try out margin trading on HitBTC today, visit:
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Review of Huobi Global Exchange

Review of Huobi Global Exchange


Its an exchange we can trust and trade on. Its packed with state of the art features and tools which any trader would love. It helps a trader to get so many products under a single umbrella. A single Huobi Account gives way to so many opportunities no one wants miss out. Its the most secured exchange in the world, in its operations since 2013 it has not been hacked and has user protection fund amounting to 20000 BTC. It always emphasizes on user safety and customer protection, thats what I love the most. Customer satisfaction has been its prime motto since its inception. We should give it a try as its always filled with lots of promotions and rewards for trading and participating in activities.
Lets take a look deeply how this exchange offers so much innovative and state of the products and how it fares compared with other top exchanges.
As a world-leading company in Blockchain industry, Huobi Group was founded in 2013 with a mission to making breakthroughs in core Blockchin technology and the integration of Blockchain technology and other industries. Huobi Group has expanded in to public chain, digital assets trading and wallet, mining pool, proprietary investment, incubation, Digital Asset Research etc., and established a global digital economy industry ecosystem, by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies in the Blockchain industry. Huobi Group is working with Argentina, Russia, Thailand, Nigeria and many other countries on the development of Blockchain technology and real world Blockchain applications.
Since its establishment, Huobi Group has been financed by ZhenFund and Sequoia. As a digital assets service provider, Huobi is far ahead of its competitors in establishing a global network of licences. It has over 1300 employees and established subsidiary companies and partnership companies in 12 counties, including the US, Japan, Thailand, Gibraltar, etc. The Huobi team is dedicated to providing safe, professional, trustworthy, and world class services to its global clients across 130+ countries.
Core Strengths of Huobi
A World Class Security System
· Secure and reliable class services
· Six years of experience in digital asset services
· Decentralized structure and anti-DDOS protection system
Local Operation Teams across the Globe
· Global Ecological Layout
· Local trading service centers in many countries around the world
· Blockchain ecosystem featuring integration of multiple business forms
Remodelling the Crypto Exchange
· Users first
· Develop compensation first system
· Develop User Protection Fund (20,000 BTC)
Now let’s take a look at the Exchange and its features
Huobi has one of the best UI for an exchange. Its really very smooth and easy to operate. It has integrated all the trading options and users can easily understand and operate it. The chart has all the options and function, it supports trading view also.
Huobi OTC
Huobi OTC Desk is an OTC (over-the-counter) trading service provided by Huobi Technology (Gibraltar) Co., Ltd for both institutional clients and individual clients with large trading volumes. This service allows our eligible clients to trade crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs via request for quotes. Huobi OTC ( offers an exchange bridge between fiats and digital assets while Huobi Global ( is a digital assets trading exchange that supports exchanges or investment services between various cryptocurrencies.
Huobi OTC (, serving an affiliated website of Huobi Global (, is a platform devoted to over-the-counter trades of digital assets. You can buy/sell your digital assets by posting a buy/sell advertisement on Huobi OTC and then complete transactions with the other party so as to exchange your digital assets with fiats. Huobi OTC offers an aggregated display of buying or selling info and the actual payment is transferred and completed offline.(In other words, Huobi OTC provides escrow on digital assets)
Being an OTC digital asset platform with a leading turnover, Huobi delivers services to millions of users in over 130 countries with billions of daily turnover. Supporting fiat-crypto trading in many countries and seamless connecting to crypto-crypto trading, it provides trading of over 100 digital currencies. Being the first platform to deliver 7x24 customer support, it boasts professional services, rapid response and certified merchant security deposits to meet various demands.
Huobi DM (Futures)
Margin Trading
Huobi Global launched Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM) exchange to selected countries. It provides margin trading, with very low daily loan interest rates of 0.1%. Margin Trading allows users to increase their investment exposure given a limited base principal to enjoy multiple returns. With the introduction of Cross Margin on Huobi, users will have to explicitly input the respective margin type before executing the above 3 steps. Balances on the Cross Margin balance does not show on the Isolated Margin balance.
Huobi Futures
Huobi Futures is a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can make a profit from the rising/falling of digital currencies prices by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. The Huobi Futures Contract adopts spread delivery. When the contract expires, all open positions will be closed at the index-based last-hour arithmetic average price, instead of physical delivery. Weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly contracts are available in Huobi DM. Weekly contracts will be settled on imminent Friday; Bi-weekly contracts will be settled on next Friday; Quarterly contracts will be settled on the last Friday of March, June, September and December. Choices of leverage: 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x
Huobi Perpetual Swap
On March 27, Huobi DM announced it entered into the realm of Perpetual Swaps through its well-established Huobi Derivative Market (DM). Derivative trading has become a popular and lucrative way in the cryptocurrency space, and Perpetual Swaps, as a kind of derivative product, is another way for traders to arbitrage better positions.
Perpetual Swaps are a form of futures contracts but there is no expiry date on these contracts.
Similar to futures contracts, perpetual swaps are standardized contracts that allow traders to long a position to profit potentially from the increase of a digital asset’s price, or short a position to profit potentially from the decline of a digital asset’s price. However, there are some uniqueness in perpetual swaps.
§ No delivery and therefore no expiry date
§ Funding mechanism Settlement in every 8 hours
There exist perpetual swaps already in crypto derivatives market. But what really makes Huobi’s Perpetual Swaps different at this launch is that they are a unique form of contract called inverse contract. Inverse perpetual contracts are also called coin-margined perpetual swaps which are quoted in USD but margined &settled in the given cryptocurrency.
Besides, the perpetual swaps can offer greater flexibility of fund. Your profits and losses are realized and settled three times a day, allowing you to leave the game and allocate your fund for other uses almost any time you desire.
Flexible leverage from 1x to 125x is also a plus on Huobi’s BTC perpetual swaps.
Partial Liquidation
Partial liquidation is a new mechanism that gradually reduces a user’s positions rather than liquidating them in full in a single event. With the new mechanism, the system will automatically start liquidating a user’s positions in stages—at predetermined margin ratios determined by the user’s calculated exposure—until the margin ratio reaches above zero. The liquidation process also includes a circuit breaker function that halts liquidation when large or unusual deviations between the liquidation price and market price are detected.
All coins and leverages on Huobi DM are supported by partial liquidation, and the mechanism is available to users with no fees. Huobi DM also lowered its overall adjustment factor, also named maintenance margin ratio, a key liquidation indicator that directly impacts how margin ratios are calculated, to reduce the frequency of liquidation events.
In order to maximize the value of stablecoins to meet the various trading needs of users, Huobi Global is now providing a comprehensive and integrated solution: HUSD.
HUSD is a comprehensive solution for all stablecoins.
Three advantages of HUSD
  1. Safer and more convenient-to avoid single stablecoin risk, and seamless handover between stablecoins.
  2. More stable for stored value-the Huobi bears the risk of instability of stablecoin.
  3. Convert with no cost-remove the commission fee between stablecoin conversions.
Huobi Prime
Huobi Prime, the Launchpad platform is unique as it is not a fundraising platform, and any coins purchased on the platform are immediately deposited into the users’ wallets and tradable on Huobi Global. Huobi Prime offers its users early access to the coins of premium projects, which can be bought using its native crypto currency, the Huobi Token. To avoid dumping, Huobi has implemented an innovative idea of a period of tiered price limits.
Huobi FastTrack
Huobit FastTrack, rebranded from Huobi Prime Lite, is a new listing model. Wherein, all participants will have a direct say in what projects are listed on Huobi Global and when. In addition, winning voters will get access to quality tokens at below market rates. The program also provides much needed exposure and a straightforward listing process.
Huobi Wallet
Huobi Wallet is a professional Multi-chain light wallet app from Huobi Group, the leading global digital asset exchange. Huobi Wallet leverages multiple blockchain security-related patents, including patents for security isolation and data encryption, to provide state of the art protection for digital assets assured by the Huobi Wallet Security Team. For more information, visit: So far Huobi Wallet supports BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, USDT and all ERC20 tokens.
Huobi Chain
Created in partnership with technical development partner Nervos, Huobi Chain provides a regulator-friendly blockchain framework for financial organizations to deploy DeFi services and applications, including their own blockchains, tokenized assets, payments and identity verification, lending services, decentralized exchanges, and more.

Huobi Chat

Huobi Chat is the social network service platform oriented towards the era of blockchain and an autonomous social network in the future. Huobi Chat combines the advantages of the social network, Huobi Group and global ecosystem platform. It is established with an aim to achieve free communication, fair incentives and interconnectivity of upstream and downstream industry in the digital assets society. Based on blockchain encryption and consensus mechanism, it can connect Users and partners, and provide the digital enthusiasts worldwide with social, sharing, markets, information, e-commerce, games, entertainment, and other one-stop services. Meanwhile, we introduce third-party content and service providers through the IM open platform to build the global ecology of Industry and activate the flow.

Huobi Mining Pool

As a sub-brand of Huobi Group, Huobi Pool is an important component of Huobi’s global ecological strategy. It covers Staking business, POW business and public chain technical service provider. As the largest POS community in the Asia-Pacific region, a leading POW mining pool and a node for various public chains, Huobi Pool is dedicated to providing one-stop financial services and solutions for all types of token holders.
Huobi launched HT Lock and Mine operations on 25th July 2019 (GMT+8). Users who lock HT tokens receive daily HPT rewards. Specific reward quantity will depend on lock option period selected, quantity locked and Huobi Pool’ s mining hash power and daily float.
DPOS Rewards: All Huobi Global users with more than 1,000HPT holdings in their HBG account will receive DPOS mining rewards. Currently, token reward received under DPOS mining include EOS, TRX, CMT, ONG, IOST, ATOM, IRIS, LAMB。
Huobi Global:
Join Indian Group:
Global telegram Channel:
Join Huobi by click here:\_code=eyhj5
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📣 Informe diario de KuCoin📣 31 de julio de 2020 (UTC + 8)

🔥KuCoin Markets🔥
Token Último precio (USD) 24H Cambio
KCS 0.8094 + 1.98%
BTC 11.204,8 + 2,12%
ETH 343.47 + 7.71%
LTC 57.205 + 4.07%
EOS 3.0612 + 2.10%

👉KuCoin Margin Trade agrega LUNA, activos VET y pares comerciales
👉KuCoin lanza P2P Fiat Trade para el mercado NGN
👉 Distribución de Airdrop de julio WIN para titulares de TRX completada
👉 Anuncio del precio de la venta de tokens BNS
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Most important testing in 400G/800G.(FEC Margin) EARN Interest and Staking Rewards with TRON (TRX) ✅ How I Tripled My Binance Account Trading TRX - Tron! (Technical Analysis Training) Understanding how trading with MARGIN/LEVERAGE works! BitMEX Tutorial: How to Margin Trade on Binance 👨‍🏫 - YouTube

Increase Your Profit Potential With Margin Trading Spot trading is a popular way for investors to access the crypto market in a straightforward manner. It’s mainly fiat-to-crypto trading, as well as crypto-to-crypto trading. It’s simple, you get a crypto wallet, you buy a token with fiat currencies, and then once the price has increased, you […] Risk Warning of Margin Trading (TRX/USDT) By using leveraged financial strategy, margin trading can amplify gains as well as losses. If price movement is in the same direction with your judgement, your can make higher profit. However, if the price movement is against you, your losses are more devastating. TRX Now Available for Lending & Margin Trading. TRX is now available for lending on Poloniex! Lend a minimum of 2,500 TRX and start earning interest or trade TRX/BTC and TRX/USDT on margin.. New USDT Margin Pairs. Three new USDT margin trading pairs are now available on Poloniex! Also, all margin loans will be automatically repaid. Users are advised to cancel their open orders before the disabling of the two tokens to avoid unnecessary risks. However, OKCoin has confirmed that this process will not affect the deposit and withdrawal of ETC and TRX. Furthermore, spot trading for ETC/USD and TRX/USD will also remain With margin trading, you’re effectively boosting your gains from market swings, opening up your trading horizons, and letting you, the trader, explore new trading opportunities and strategies. This then allows you to use leverage for the short, or long term gains on a variety of cryptocurrencies, giving you a bigger earning potential compared

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Most important testing in 400G/800G.(FEC Margin)

How I Tripled My Binance Account Trading TRX - Tron! (Technical Analysis Training) - Duration: ... Bitmex Margin Leverage Trading Tutorial - Duration: 20:43. Forflies 35,140 views. BINANCE MARGIN TRADING REVIEW 🚀 [BTC-ETH-BNB-XRP-TRX] Trading en criptomonedas a la baja 😱Accede con el 50% de descuento a nuestro curso sobre la plataforma Binance, puedes pagarlo con ... How I Tripled My Binance Account Trading TRX - Tron! (Technical Analysis Training) - Duration: ... Basically FREE Money Margin Lending on Bitfinex - Duration: 10:13. 51 Percent Crew 15,078 views. One trading jargon that you’ll hear very often is margin. It’s usually in terms like margin account, margin trading and even margin call. It seems a bit comp... What is margin trading? What is a margin? What is the difference between a cash account and a margin account? In episode #34 of Real World Finance we dive de...