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I saw this video like 2 days ago with this guy and he is hilarious
This guy is really funny and i think one of his videos is on crypto trading.
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And then there are people like this... pirate? I don't even know what that is. But I know that you can trade at ease on CryptX Financial . SIGN UP NOW! #crypto #memes #cryptomemes #bitcoin #btc #bitcoinmemes #funny #lol #rolf #crypto #cryptocurrency #eth #ltc #cryptx submitted by Cryptx-Financial to u/Cryptx-Financial [link] [comments]

And then there are people like this... pirate? I don't even know what that is. But I know that you can trade at ease on CryptX Financial Sign up now! #crypto #memes #cryptomemes #bitcoin #btc #bitcoinmemes #funny #lol #rolf #crypto #cryptocurrency #eth #ltc #cryptx

And then there are people like this... pirate? I don't even know what that is. But I know that you can trade at ease on CryptX Financial Sign up now! #crypto #memes #cryptomemes #bitcoin #btc #bitcoinmemes #funny #lol #rolf #crypto #cryptocurrency #eth #ltc #cryptx submitted by Cryptx-Financial to u/Cryptx-Financial [link] [comments]

Funny Thing Happened When I Started Trading In Crypto

Last July I finally took the plunge and jumped in. I had been having FOMO for some time, though at the start, I didn't even know what FOMO was. ;)
Knowing very little, I bought a small piece of Ethereum just to have skin in the game and learn the ropes. In the mean time I started researching. My gut feeling was "This is a pyramid scheme, and I want to get in now to benefit from those coming later," and "I am too late for Bitcoin, so look for the next best thing."
Funny thing was, the more videos I watched, and articles I read, I became converted. Not just to the promise of crypto, but to Bitcoin itself. Far from being "too late" on BTC, I realized BTC was the best investment of all!
Bitcoin is King! Long live Bitcoin!
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Posted at: February 3, 2019 at 09:01PM
Been looking at altcoins beyond top 200. This one is funny - it has more trade volume than circulating supply. Many…
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Funny Thing Happened When I Started Trading In Crypto /r/BitcoinBeginners

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The Turkey City Lexicon - annotated for 40K by Matt Farrer circa 2004 - and Farrer's analysis of Abnett's eye-ball kicks

I wrote a suggestion on how to create a Space Marine OC (the whole thread is a good reading for aspiring fan authors so I'll link it), and it got me thinking about writing within the 40K setting. Back in the day when Black Library still had their own forum, I saved Matt Farrer's annotation of the Turkey City Lexicon (the original, pre-internet version of TV Tropes). I searched the subreddit for it earlier with no results, so I'll share it again here.

Please note: The Turkey City Lexicon is specifically, explicitly non-copyright and is encouraged to be shared/reposted/expanded. Posting it here in its entirety violates no copyright legislation in any country - in fact, Matt Farrer himself asked us to share it with our fellow writers. Hat off to you, Mr Farrer, for your contributions to the 40K lore from a longtime fan.

[Originally posted to Black Library Online, November 2004, by user Matt Farrer]
The Turkey City Lexicon (Annotated with some Games Workshop observations)
The Turkey City Lexicon is a terminology guide that’s been floating around in one form or another since the late eighties (Google will turn up plenty of hits if you want to see one of the original copies; I got this one from the SFWA website). The Lexicon is deliberately not copyrighted and is intended to be copied at will and passed on to other writers (note that you shouldn’t try this with anything else on the SFWA site, if you go there – there are some great articles but most of them are copyrighted).
There’s a tendency for people to look at the Lexicon as a list of “common mistakes” or “things not to do”, which is not entirely correct as I understand its purpose. Certainly seeing a common problem set down pithily can help crystallise that particular example of bad technique, but a couple of the terms in here are complimentary and many others aren’t necessarily fatal problems. As in “you might want to watch out for funny-hat characterisation on page four, although with the narrative voice you use it works well”. What it is meant to be is a useful resource for critiquers, giving you a quick and easy shorthand for a known quantity you’ve observed in writing. In the above example, you don’t need to spend half a paragraph describing a shaky spot in the characterisation, you have a quick term to cover it and save space and time for both of you.
The early, simple version of the lexicon by Lewis Shiner was expanded and added to by Bruce Sterling, not, in my opinion, always for the better. There are no real differences in actual content between the two, so for this version I’ve picked whichever version of an entry I thought was better phrased. The GW-specific notes are my own – I’ll add more as I think of them, if I have the time. Discussion of any or all of the entries is of course welcome - it's what I'm posting this for.
Anyway, let’s get on with it.
The meta-rule:
Cherryh's Law
No rule should be followed over a cliff. (C.J. Cherryh)
MF - There are times when the literary or dramatic effect of breaking any supposed "rule" about writing is going to be worth it, and that includes any and all of the points about writing offered in the Lexicon. Such principles are based on experience that shows that certain approaches work better than others, but getting carried away with imposing a set of rules as though they were holy writ simply turns into an attempt to stamp out creativity and have every writer write exactly alike. Know the principles, understand why they work as they do, but don't wear them like shackles.
Part One: Words and Sentences
Brenda Starr dialogue
Long sections of talk with no physical background or description of the characters. Such dialogue, detached from the story's setting, tends to echo hollowly, as if suspended in mid-air. Named for the American comic-strip in which dialogue balloons were often seen emerging from the Manhattan skyline.
"Burly Detective" Syndrome
This useful term is taken from SF's cousin-genre, the detective-pulp. The hack writers of the Mike Shayne series showed an odd reluctance to use Shayne's proper name, preferring euphemisms like "the burly detective" or "the red-headed sleuth." This comes from a wrong-headed conviction that the same word should not be used twice in close succession. This is only true of particularly strong and visible words, such as "vertiginous." Better to re-use a simple tag or phrase than to contrive cumbersome methods of avoiding it.
Brand Name Fever
Use of brand name alone, without accompanying visual detail, to create false verisimilitude. You can stock a future with Hondas and Sonys and IBM's and still have no idea with it looks like.
"Call a Rabbit a Smeerp"
A cheap technique for false exoticism, in which common elements of the real world are re-named for a fantastic milieu without any real alteration in their basic nature or behavior. "Smeerps" are especially common in fantasy worlds, where people often ride exotic steeds that look and act just like horses. (Attributed to James Blish.)
Useless ornament in prose, such as fancy sesquipedalian Latinate words where short clear English ones will do. Novice authors sometimes use "gingerbread" in the hope of disguising faults and conveying an air of refinement. (Attr. Damon Knight)
Not Simultaneous
The mis-use of the present participle is a common structural sentence-fault for beginning writers. "Putting his key in the door, he leapt up the stairs and got his revolver out of the bureau." Alas, our hero couldn't do this even if his arms were forty feet long. This fault shades into "Ing Disease," the tendency to pepper sentences with words ending in "-ing," a grammatical construction which tends to confuse the proper sequence of events. (Attr. Damon Knight)
Pushbutton Words
Bogus lyricism like "star," "dance," "dream," "song," "tears" and "poet". Used to evoke a cheap emotional response without engaging the intellect or critical faculties, getting us misty-eyed and tender-hearted without us quite knowing why. Most often found in titles.
Roget's Disease
The ludicrous overuse of far-fetched adjectives, piled into a festering, fungal, tenebrous, troglodytic, ichorous, leprous, synonymic heap. (Attr. John W. Campbell)
"Said" Bookism
An artificial verb used to avoid the word "said." "Said" is one of the few invisible words in the English language and is almost impossible to overuse. It is much less distracting than "he retorted," "she inquired," "he ejaculated," and other oddities. The term "said-book" comes from certain pamphlets, containing hundreds of purple-prose synonyms for the word "said," which were sold to aspiring authors from tiny ads in American magazines of the pre-WWII era.
Tom Swifty
An unseemly compulsion to follow the word "said" with a colourful adverb: "'We'd better hurry,' Tom said swiftly." This was a standard mannerism of the old Tom Swift adventure dime-novels. Good dialogue can stand on its own without a clutter of adverbial props.
Part Two: Paragraphs and Prose Structure
A sudden, alarming change in the level of diction. "There will be bloody riots and savage insurrections leading to a violent popular uprising unless the regime starts being lots nicer about stuff."
Expositional redundancy. "'Let's get out of here,' he said, urging her to leave."
The unwitting intrusion of the author's physical surroundings or mental state into the text of the story. Authors who smoke or drink while writing often drown or choke their characters with an endless supply of booze and cigs. In subtler forms of the Dischism, the characters complain of their confusion and indecision -- when this is actually the author's condition at the moment of writing, not theirs within the story. "Dischism" is named after the critic who diagnosed this syndrome. (Attr. Thomas M. Disch)
False Humanity
An ailment endemic to genre writing, in which soap-opera elements of purported human interest are stuffed into the story willy-nilly, whether or not they advance the plot or contribute to the point of the story. The actions of such characters convey an itchy sense of irrelevance, for the author has invented their problems out of whole cloth, so as to have something to emote about.
False Interiorisation
A cheap labour-saving technique in which the author, too lazy to describe the surroundings, afflicts the viewpoint-character with a blindfold, an attack of space-sickness, the urge to play marathon whist-games in the smoking-room, etc.
An element of motivation the author was too lazy to supply. The word "somehow" is a useful tip-off to fuzzy areas of a story. "Somehow she had forgotten to bring her gun."
Hand Waving
An attempt to distract the reader with dazzling prose or other verbal fireworks, so as to divert attention from a severe logical flaw. (Attr. Stewart Brand)
Characters grandstand and tug the reader's sleeve in an effort to force a specific emotional reaction. They laugh wildly at their own jokes, cry loudly at their own pain, and rob the reader of any real chance of attaining genuine emotion.
Show, Don’t Tell
A cardinal principle of effective writing. The reader should be allowed to react naturally to the evidence presented in the story, not instructed in how to react by the author. Specific incidents and carefully observed details will render auctorial lectures unnecessary. For instance, instead of telling the reader "She had a bad childhood, an unhappy childhood," a specific incident -- involving, say, a locked closet and two jars of honey -- should be shown.
Rigid adherence to show-don't-tell can become absurd. Minor matters are sometimes best gotten out of the way in a swift, straightforward fashion.
Signal from Fred
A comic form of the "Dischism" in which the author's subconscious, alarmed by the poor quality of the work, makes unwitting critical comments: "This doesn't make sense." "This is really boring." "This sounds like a bad movie." (Attr. Damon Knight)
Squid in the Mouth
The failure of an author to realize that his/her own weird assumptions and personal in-jokes are simply not shared by the world-at-large. Instead of applauding the wit or insight of the author's remarks, the world-at-large will stare in vague shock and alarm at such a writer, as if he or she had a live squid in the mouth.
Since SF writers as a breed are generally quite loony, and in fact make this a stock in trade, "squid in the mouth" doubles as a term of grudging praise, describing the essential, irreducible, divinely unpredictable lunacy of the true SF writer. (Attr. James P Blaylock)
Squid on the Mantelpiece
Chekhov said that if there are dueling pistols over the mantelpiece in the first act, they should be fired in the third. In other words, a plot element should be deployed in a timely fashion and with proper dramatic emphasis. However, in SF plotting the MacGuffins are often so overwhelming that they cause conventional plot structures to collapse. It's hard to properly dramatize, say, the domestic effects of Dad's bank overdraft when a giant writhing kraken is levelling the city. This mismatch between the conventional dramatic proprieties and SF's extreme, grotesque, or visionary thematics is known as the "squid on the mantelpiece."
MF – I’ve heard several versions of the supposed “Chekhov’s Gun” principle, no two of them meaning exactly the same thing. For example, the version I first heard is “If a character produces a gun, then it should be used to shoot someone, or threaten someone, or go off by accident, or fail to fire when it’s needed, and so on. If it does none of these things, then it is superfluous and should be taken out altogether.” That’s a point about narrative tidiness rather than timely deployment of plot elements.
White Room Syndrome
A clear and common sign of the failure of the author's imagination, most often seen at the beginning of a story, before the setting, background, or characters have gelled. "She awoke in a white room." The 'white room' is a featureless set for which details have yet to be invented -- a failure of invention by the author. The character 'wakes' in order to begin a fresh train of thought -- again, just like the author. This 'white room' opening is generally followed by much earnest pondering of circumstances and useless exposition; all of which can be cut, painlessly.
It remains to be seen whether the "white room" cliche' will fade from use now that most authors confront glowing screens rather than blank white paper.
Wiring Diagram Fiction
A genre ailment related to "False Humanity," "Wiring Diagram Fiction" involves "characters" who show no convincing emotional reactions at all, since they are overwhelmed by the author's fascination with gadgetry or didactic lectures.
MF – A trap hard SF often falls into, in my experience. I suppose the related ailment in GW fiction would be “fluff-diagram fiction” (sorry Gav), in which the story is sidelined by the author’s desire to lay out in detail some aspect of his take on the game-universe.
You Can't Fire Me, I Quit
An attempt to diffuse the reader's incredulity with a pre-emptive strike -- as if by anticipating the reader's objections, the author had somehow answered them. "I would never have believed it, if I hadn't seen it myself!" "It was one of those amazing coincidences that can only take place in real life!" "It's a one-in-a-million chance, but it's so crazy it just might work!" Surprisingly common, especially in SF. (Attr. John Kessel)
Part Three: Common Workshop Story Types
Adam and Eve Story
Nauseatingly common subset of the "Shaggy God Story" in which a terrible apocalypse, spaceship crash, etc., leaves two survivors, man and woman, who turn out to be Adam and Eve, parents of the human race!
MF – Not an issue for GW writing for obvious reasons. See Alfred Bester’s “Adam With No Eve” in the brilliant anthology Starburst for a rather good twist on the idea.
The Cosy Catastrophe
Story in which horrific events are overwhelming the entirety of human civilization, but the action concentrates on a small group of tidy, middle-class, white Anglo-Saxon protagonists. The essence of the cosy catastrophe is despite the supposed devastation the hero actually has a pretty good time (a girl, free suites at the Savoy, fancy cars for the taking) while everyone is dying off. (Attr. Brian Aldiss)
Dennis Hopper Syndrome
A story based on some arcane bit of science or folklore, which noodles around producing random weirdness. Then a loony character-actor (usually best played by Dennis Hopper) barges into the story and baldly tells the protagonist what's going on by explaining the underlying mystery in a long bug-eyed rant. (Attr. Howard Waldrop)
MF - Not unrelated to Roger Ebert's remarks about the Talking Killer device, aka "Before I kill you, Mister Bond..." The killer gets the protagonist at his mercy and then decides to put off killing him so that he can fill the hero in on exactly what's been going on, and bring the reader up to speed at the same time. You know, like I did at the end of Crossfire. Although this is a plot device rather than an actual story type.
Deus ex Machina or "God in the Box"
Story featuring a miraculous solution to the story's conflict, which comes out of nowhere and renders the struggles of the characters irrelevant. Oh look, the Martians all caught cold and died.
The Grubby Apartment Story
Writing a little too much about what you know. The penniless writer living in a grubby apartment writes a story about a penniless writer living in a grubby apartment. Stars all his friends.
The Jar of Tang
"For you see, we are all living in a jar of Tang!" "For you see, I am a dog!" Mainstay of the old Twilight Zone TV show. An entire pointless story contrived so the author can jump out at the end and cry "Fooled you!" For instance, the story takes place in a desert of coarse orange sand surrounded by an impenetrable vitrine barrier; surprise! our heroes are microbes in a jar of Tang powdered orange drink.
This is a classic case of the difference between a conceit and an idea. "What if we all lived in a jar of Tang?" is an example of the former; "What if the revolutionaries from the sixties had been allowed to set up their own society?" is an example of the latter. Good SF requires ideas, not conceits. (Attr. Stephen P. Brown)
When done with serious intent rather than as a passing conceit, this type of story can be dignified by the term "Concealed Environment." (Attr. Christopher Priest)
Just-Like Fallacy
SF story which thinly adapts the trappings of a standard pulp adventure setting. The spaceship is "just like" an Atlantic steamer, down to the Scottish engineer in the hold. A colony planet is "just like" Arizona except for two moons in the sky. "Space Westerns" and futuristic hard-boiled detective stories have been especially common versions.
MF – Then again, one of the fun things about the GW settings – the 40Kverse more than the Warhammer world, it seems to me – is the way you can rip all kinds of stuff off and stuff it in there to do a 41st-millennium tribute to it. Not necessarily a bad thing, providing you don’t end up in Bat Durston territory (more about him another time).
[From another post:] In case you are not familiar with the term, a Bat Durston refers derogatorily to a science fiction story which is little more than a traditional western using sf settings and icons. Taking the comparison to alternate history, the better stories in this genre should create the story’s world for some reason other than merely creating a nice setting for an adventure.
The Kitchen-Sink Story
A story overwhelmed by the inclusion of any and every new idea that occurs to the author in the process of writing it. (Attr. Damon Knight)
The Motherhood Statement
SF story which posits some profoundly unsettling threat to the human condition, explores the implications briefly, then hastily retreats to affirm the conventional social and humanistic pieties, ie apple pie and motherhood. Greg Egan once stated that the secret of truly effective SF was to deliberately "burn the motherhood statement." (Attr. Greg Egan)
MF - He wasn’t kidding, either. Greg Egan writes some of the most powerful and disturbing hard SF I’ve read, precisely because he’s not afraid to back away from the full implications of the science and technology he writes about.
I think that 40K writing is vulnerable to this to a certain degree: I’ve seen quite a few stories that dip a toe into the grim, violent, insane world of the 41st Millennium, stay there for a moment but quickly falls back into “but the Imperium is actually an OK place and lots of people there are nice and happy just like us”.
Discussion on this welcome.
The "Poor Me" Story
Autobiographical piece in which the male viewpoint character complains that he is ugly and can't get laid. (Attr. Kate Wilhelm)
Re-Inventing the Wheel
A novice author goes to enormous lengths to create a situation already tiresomely familiar to the experienced reader. Reinventing the Wheel was traditionally typical of mainstream writers venturing into SF without actually reading any of the existing stuff first (because it's all obviously crap anyway). Thus you get endless explanations of, say, how an atomic war might get started by accident, and so on. It is now often seen in writers who lack experience in genre history because they were attracted to written SF via movies, television, role-playing games, comics or computer gaming.
MF – Not that coming into the genre that way is a bad thing per se, but when a writer hasn’t had much exposure to written specfic in this way it usually shows, and not in a good way. To quote Terry Pratchett, you should be importing, not recycling.
The Rembrandt Comic Book
A story in which incredible craftsmanship has been lavished on a theme or idea which is basically trivial or subliterary, and which simply cannot bear the weight.
The Shaggy God Story
A piece which mechanically adopts a Biblical or other mythological tale and provides flat science-fictional "explanations" for the theological events. (Attr. Michael Moorcock)
MF – Although he wrote them himself: arguably his finest and most powerful story, called “Behold The Man”, does this for the life of Jesus. I remember it disturbed me when I read it, and I’m not even religious.
The Slipstream Story
Non-SF story which is so ontologically distorted or related in such a bizarrely non-realist fashion that it cannot pass muster as commercial mainstream fiction and therefore seeks shelter in the SF or fantasy genre. Postmodern critique and technique are particularly fruitful in creating slipstream stories.
The Steam-Grommet Factory
Didactic SF story which consists entirely of a guided tour of a large and elaborate gimmick. A common technique of SF utopias and dystopias. (Attr. Gardner Dozois)
MF – See the opening of Huxley’s Brave New World for an example of this done effectively.
The Tabloid Weird
Story produced by a confusion of SF and Fantasy tropes -- or rather, by a confusion of basic world-views. Tabloid Weird is usually produced by the author's own inability to distinguish between a rational, Newtonian-Einsteinian, cause-and- effect universe and an irrational, supernatural, fantastic universe. Either the FBI is hunting the escaped mutant from the genetics lab, or the drill-bit has bored straight into Hell -- but not both at once in the very same piece of fiction. Even fantasy worlds need an internal consistency of sorts, so that a Sasquatch Deal-with-the-Devil story is also "Tabloid Weird." Sasquatch crypto-zoology and Christian folk superstition simply don't mix well, even for comic effect. (Attr. Howard Waldrop)
MF – I’m not as convinced as the Lexicon that these two genres are utterly incompatible. Well, obviously not, since I work in a setting which combines them without hesitation. Which isn’t to say that the combination doesn’t need to be handled delicately, since those aforementioned different mindsets lead to different storytelling conventions as well as different world views.
The Whistling Dog
A story related in such an elaborate, arcane, or convoluted manner that it impresses by its sheer narrative ingenuity, but which, as a story, is basically not worth the candle. Like the whistling dog, it's astonishing that the thing can whistle -- but it doesn't actually whistle very well. (Attr. Harlan Ellison)
Part Four: Plots
Abbess Phone Home
Takes its name from a mainstream story about a medieval cloister which was sold as SF because of the serendipitous arrival of a UFO at the end. By extension, any mainstream story with a gratuitous SF or fantasy element tacked on so it could be sold.
And plot
Picaresque plot in which this happens, and then that happens, and then something else happens, and it all adds up to nothing in particular.
Bogus Alternatives
List of actions a character could have taken, but didn't. Frequently includes all the reasons why, as the author stops the action dead to work out complicated plot problems at the reader's expense. "If I'd gone along with the cops they would have found the gun in my purse. And anyway, I didn't want to spend the night in jail. I suppose I could have just run instead of stealing their car, but then..." etc. Best dispensed with entirely.
Card Tricks in the Dark
Elaborately contrived plot which arrives at (a) the punchline of a private joke nobody else will get, or (b) the display of some bit of learned trivia only the author is interested in. This stunt may be intensely ingenious, and very gratifying to the author, but it serves no visible fictional purpose. (Attr. Tim Powers)
Idiot Plot
A plot which functions only because all the characters involved are idiots. They behave in a way that suits the author's convenience, rather than through any rational motivation of their own. (Attr. James Blish)
Kudzu plot
Plot which weaves and curls and writhes in weedy organic profusion, smothering everything in its path.
Plot Coupons
The basic building blocks of the quest-type fantasy plot. The "hero" collects sufficient plot coupons (magic sword, magic book, magic cat) to send off to the author for the ending. Note that "the author" can be substituted for "the Gods" in such a work: "The Gods decreed he would pursue this quest." Right, mate. The author decreed he would pursue this quest until sufficient pages were filled to procure an advance. (Dave Langford)
MF - Nick Lowe expands on the idea in an excellent article at . Cheers to Bill King for the link.
Second-order Idiot Plot
A plot involving an entire invented SF society which functions only because every single person in it is necessarily an idiot. (Attr. Damon Knight)
MF – The assertion that this applies to the 40K Imperium is not a new one. Floor’s open…
Part Five: Background
"As You Know Bob"
A pernicious form of info-dump through dialogue, in which characters tell each other things they already know, for the sake of getting the reader up-to-speed. This very common technique is also known as "Rod and Don dialogue" (attr. Damon Knight) or "maid and butler dialogue" (attr Algis Budrys).
The Edges of Ideas
The solution to the "Info-Dump" problem (how to fill in the background). The theory is that, for example, the mechanics of an interstellar drive (the centre of the idea) are not important. What matters is the impact on your characters: they can get to other planets in a few months, and, oh yeah, it gives them hallucinations about past lives. Or, more radically: the physics of TV transmission is the center of an idea; on the edges of it we find people turning into couch potatoes because they no longer have to leave home for entertainment. Or, more bluntly: we don't need info dump at all. We just need a clear picture of how people's lives have been affected by their background.
Eyeball Kick
That perfect, telling detail that creates an instant visual image. The ideal of certain postmodern schools of SF is to achieve a "crammed prose" full of "eyeball kicks." (Rudy Rucker)
MF - See the other thread.
Piling too much exposition into the beginning of the story, so that it becomes so dense and dry that it is almost impossible to read. (Attr. Connie Willis)
Large chunk of indigestible expository matter intended to explain the background situation. Info-dumps can be covert, as in fake newspaper or "Encyclopedia Galactica" articles, or overt, in which all action stops as the author assumes center stage and lectures. Info-dumps are also known as "expository lumps." The use of brief, deft, inoffensive info-dumps is known as "kuttnering," after Henry Kuttner. When information is worked unobtrusively into the story's basic structure, this is known as "heinleining."
"I've suffered for my Art" (and now it's your turn)
A form of info-dump in which the author inflicts upon the reader hard-won, but irrelevant bits of data acquired while researching the story. As Algis Budrys once pointed out, homework exists to make the difficult look easy.
Nowhere Nowhen Story
Putting too little exposition into the story's beginning, so that the story, while physically readable, seems to take place in a vacuum and fails to engage any readerly interest. (Attr. L. Sprague de Camp)
Ontological riff
Passage in an SF story which suggests that our deepest and most basic convictions about the nature of reality, space-time, or consciousness have been violated, technologically transformed, or at least rendered thoroughly dubious. The works of H. P. Lovecraft, Barrington Bayley, and Philip K Dick abound in "ontological riffs."
Space Western
The most pernicious suite of "Used Furniture". The grizzled space captain swaggering into the spacer bar and slugging down a Jovian brandy.
Name assigned to the voice which takes centre stage to lecture. Actually a common noun, as: "You have a Stapledon come on to answer this problem instead of showing the characters resolve it."
Used Furniture
Use of a background out of Central Casting. Rather than invent a background and have to explain it, or risk re-inventing the wheel, let's just steal one. We'll set it in the Star Trek Universe, only we'll call it the Empire instead of the Federation.
Part Six: Character and Viewpoint
Funny-hat characterization
A character distinguished by a single identifying tag, such as odd headgear, a limp, a lisp, a parrot on his shoulder, etc.
MF – This can work if done deftly and with minor characters. Stephen King excels at it, and Ed McBain is pretty good too.
Mary Sue
A ridiculously perfect and idealised character, moving through a story which serves no other purpose than demonstrating how ridiculously perfect and idealised Mary Sue is. None of the other characters have anything to do other than rave about Mary Sue's wonderfulness; challenges and obstacles exist only for Mary Sue to solve effortlessly to admiring gasps from everyone else.
Also known as "avatars" or "self-insertion", since the most common Mary Sues are thinly-disguised versions of the author and are more about wish-fulfiment fantasies than conventional storytelling. Endemic to fanfic; the term apparently originates from an early and infamous example in an old Star Trek fanzine.
MF - There are lots of definitions and examples of Mary Sue, although the term as it's used here isn't really attributable to one author any more. The definition supplied here owes much to Teresa Nielsen Hayden's rather good one at .
GW fanfics and homebrew backgrounds aren't immune either - you can find them pretty easily once you know the signs. The twist is that the Mary Sue is often a Guard regiment, Space Marine Chapter, Eldar Craftworld or an entire galactic state.
Common warning signs: "The Mary Sue Regiment fought so ferociously in the Battle of Sueville that even the [famous Space Marine Chapter] were awe-struck that unaugmented humans could fight so hard, and their Chapter Master officially declared the Mary Sue regiment the equals of Space Marines". "Inquisitor Mary Sue has demonstrated such amazing ability that the High Lords have personally ordered that nobody is allowed to stand in her way or question her actions". "Now that it has declared independence from the Imperium the Mary Sue Republic has become a haven of enlightenment and progress, where technology is being developed at an exponential rate with no aura of superstitious mysticism, painless and fully-effective techniques to protect psykers from daemonic attack have been developed, alien races of all kinds are putting aside their differences and living contentedly side by side, and where every Imperial who sees what's going on immediately defects once they see how wonderful and free life among the Mary Sues is".
I've since found out that even the original "Ensign Mary Sue" in that old seventies fanfic was a satire on the trope, so clearly it was already a fiction cliche by then.
Mrs. Brown
The small, downtrodden, eminently common, everyday little person who nevertheless encapsulates something vital and important about the human condition. "Mrs. Brown" is a rare personage in the SF genre, being generally overshadowed by swaggering submyth types made of the finest gold-plated cardboard. In a famous essay, "Science Fiction and Mrs. Brown," Ursula K. Le Guin decried Mrs. Brown's absence from the SF field. (Attr: Virginia Woolf)
...stamped on their forehead
The story lets a character get away with something illogical or impossible because they have "hero" (or "villain", "sidekick", disposable underling", or whatever) stamped on their foreheads. There's nothing wrong with heroes triumphing against the odds or villains being brought low through their own flaws, but those consequences need to come about because of the characters and their actions rather than despite them.
Adapted from Aaron Allston's roleplayers' glossary from a few years ago, which included "He's got 'PC' [player character] stamped on his forehead" as an all-purpose excuse for why characters unquestioningly accepted or trusted one anothers' actions while treating non-player characters differently. (Aaron Allston.)
MF - This was partly prompted by the "script immunity" and "Hollywood Shield" ideas in the discussion thread, although the scene I had in mind for it was actually in Walking Tall, where the main character is manifestly guilty of all manner of assaults and property destruction but is acquitted in court when he makes a sentimental speech about down-home values. It doesn't even resemble making a legal case for his innocence, but he gets let off because he's got "hero" stamped on his forehead.
Classic character-types in SF which aspire to the condition of archetype but don't quite make it, such as the mad scientist, the crazed supercomputer, the emotionless super-rational alien, the vindictive mutant child, etc. (Attr. Ursula K. Le Guin)
MF – You can pick the GWverse submyths for yourselves, I’m sure.
Viewpoint glitch
The author loses track of point-of-view, switches point-of-view for no good reason, or relates something that the viewpoint character could not possibly know.
Part Seven: Miscellaneous
Engineer's term distinguishing the inevitable clunky real-world faultiness of "Actual Machines" from the power-fantasy techno-dreams of "Fething Magic."
MF – Except the original Lexicon didn’t say “fething”. :grinning_emoticon: Well worth remembering for 40K and Necromunda fiction, which deliberately shies away from the sleek, clean, super-reliable dream-tech of settings like Star Trek.
Consensus Reality
Useful term for the purported world in which the majority of modern sane people generally agree that they live -- as opposed to the worlds of, say, Forteans, semioticians or quantum physicists.
Intellectual sexiness
The intoxicating glamor of a novel scientific idea, as distinguished from any actual intellectual merit that it may someday prove to possess.
The Ol' Baloney Factory
"Science Fiction" as a publishing and promotional entity in the world of commerce.

Additional suggestions from other forum members:
User Chiron: Script Immunity
The tendency of lynchpin characters to be blatantly immune to harm, despite the fact that they consistently place themselves in situations that they cannot reasonably be expected to survive.
User Vortemir: Hollywood Shield / Imperial Stormtrooper Syndrome
Bad Guys will never be able to hit essential characters no matter what they're armed with or how hard they try.

[Originally posted to Black Library Online, October 2004, by user Matt Farrer]
A term from the Turkey City Lexicon that might be useful here is the "eyeball kick", Rudy Rucker's term for that perfectly-turned descriptive phrase that creates an instant, telling visual image for the reader. An example that springs to mind from the opening of Necropolis:
After a minute or so, raid-sirens in the central district also began keening. The pattern was picked up by manufactory hooters and mill whistles all through the lower hive, and in the mill whistles and outer habs across the river too. Even the great ceremonial horns on the top of the Ecclesiarchy Basilica started to sound.Vervunhive was screaming with every one of its voices.
That last line provides the eyeball kick.
Some other examples that spring to mind: "[he] screamed out two mouthfuls of silent spun glass" (Stephen King); "the sky above Chiba City was the colour of a television tuned to a blank band" (William Gibson); "a great moist loaf of a body... features as bunched as kissed fingertips" (E. Annie Proulx); "[after walking through snow] my feet, in wet socks, slowly turned to marble and fell off" (Donald Westlake).
I don't know if there's a way you can break down an eyeball kick to pick apart the technique, since its whole impact comes from lateral thinking and the effect of an incongruous image that nevertheless fits exactly with what you're describing. It's an imagination thing rather than a technique thing. However, the paragraph from Necropolis that I used above is also a very good example of how to maximise the effect of a good piece of description, and worth having a closer look at.
Firstly, the rest of the paragraph has been describing the machinery that makes the sound, and doing so in fairly neutral, inorganic terms: "keening", at the start of the para, is about as close as we get to an emotive word. The rest is a pretty calm description about how a series of klaxons and horns are going off. That increases the wrench when we suddenly switch gears into words that you'd use to describe a living being in agony: "screaming with every one of its voices", which gives weight to the sense of foreboding that dominates the early pages. This is reinforced further by the way that the previous sentences tend to be longer, with more connecting commas and lots of adjectives to slow their rhythm and give a more discursive feel, while the last sentence is a simple, flat declarative. Using the rhythm of words and sentences for a setup and payoff like that is a very good way of driving home a piece of exposition or description, and it's something that Dan uses quite a bit.
Secondly, look at the way that the passage, which at first blush is about the sounds of the sirens, actually helps build a visual image as well. We've been going through all the various parts and districts of Vervunhive, watching as different kinds of buildings in different areas go off. Look at how the mental "camera" moves down the lower hive, then down the river, then up to the top of the Basilica. Then in the last sentence we get an eyeball kick that describes the whole of Vervunhive as a single entity: the effect is like pulling back sharply from an individual scene or building and seeing the whole Hive at once. And that concludes the main piece of visual scene-setting at the opening: notice that in the next line Dan can start in on conversations between individual characters around the Hive because the major scene has been laid out.
The broad point to take away from this is that each piece of text should work on as many levels as possible, and even a short passage like that one can be far more than the sum of its parts. I suspect that the reason a lot of bad fiction (including, I am sorry to say, a lot of fanfic I've seen) seems so flat and plodding is that each sentence is put down to do one thing: make a statement, provide a description or what have you. But there's no depth to the prose, no interaction between them to create any rhythm, or momentum, or startling switch in imagery. It's like a song from your favourite band, with each element (vocals, percussion, each instrument) separated and played end to end. It sounds so much better when they're all working together.

That's it. Got any suggestions for new 40K-specific tropes to add?
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CAP Finance (Collateralized Asset Protocol) DeFi

I think I made a post about CAP a month or so ago but there's been some updates since then!
So here's the basic rundown:
CAP is planning on being a decentralized protocol that allows users to trade any market with stablecoins. This includes any asset with a price feed (stocks, precious metals, etc), leverage/margin trading with crypto (e.g. BTC/DAI) as well as synthetic stocks (think sTSLA), and regular trading (think AAPL/DAI). All this will happen from a Web3 wallet with no KYC.
Holding Cap (the token) will allow you to stake and earn trading fees from the pool once the main product is launched in Q4.
Circulating supply is 100,000 Cap at the moment. Inflation will occur but only at a rate of 100 new Cap minted per week after launch. A portion of which will go to stakers. Read the new tokenomic update for more details
Beta just started today and the developer is handing out entry codes on a first come first serve basis. (It's actually quite funny since everyone is stalking the TG group for when the codes drop right now lol making for some good memes)
This has huge potential if it lives up to what's written in the whitepaper. Devs are anonymous at the moment based on the scope of the project (not fully decentralized yet so they're covering any legal bases). One dev is very responsive in Telegram and will answer any question in detail. Also was mentioned they have worked for one or more of the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) companies. This one is heavily DYOR. If you're not comfortable with anon devs/investing while still in Beta stage then please don't. Also, don't invest more than you can afford to lose!!!
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We must save Bitcoin from Tether mafia

I’m here to inform you about a suspected major ongoing fraud (ponzi scheme) in the current cryptocurrency market. There’s a virtual currency called “USDT” Created by Tether Treasury.
Tether(USDT) is used by most if not all the crypto exchanges. USDT is advertised for being a stable 1:1 coin backed by USD$ (it's mainly used to park your money when trading this volatile market). Tether Treasury claims that each USDT is backed by an actual USD in their reserve. There’s no regular update check or audit to back this claim, their last and only audit date from 2018 when the reserve was relatively infant compared to now, proof on their website.
The blockchain transactions are public you can see them printing unlimited USDT within a click and sending it to the many unregulated exchanges to inflate the price of Bitcoin. Everytime they transfer USDT to exchanges the price of Bitcoin goes up. I STRONGLY BELIEVE The printed Tether is USED IN ADVANCED before actually having the real USD to back it in their reserve. They use it to manipulate the price of Bitcoin with buy/sell orders to liquidate shorts & longs then take the profit and put it in their reserve sheets to match those freshly printed USDT. The risk of them printing in advance and recoup the profit from the market is very very low because they can control bitcoin 100%. It's a billionaire ponzi scheme they hijacked crypto.
The current bitcoin rally is fake, Tether is printing all day pumpin the price and there's not a better timing to do so with the stimulus hype on the way, the dollar falling, equities/commodities are going up and using correlation to gold as an excuse.
Bitcoin price should be decided by the market, not Tether Treasury, the lack of regulation is allowing this ponzi scheme to continue. Please do something, the world needs to know the truth Bitcoin is amazing but it's been hijacked by criminals. Here’s a link to their blockchain transaction and to make it look easier here’s a twitter account that post their transactions aswell
It's Kinda funny given everyone preaches the party line of "censorship resistant" and harps on about how Bitcoin is saving the world from censorship. And yet don’t speak about the unlimited Tether print used to manipulate the price. But it doesn’t matter cuz it's just going up right?
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Become a Verasity Influencer

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Are you passionate about the Verasity project? Do you think you could help us increase Verasity’s brand awareness and reach on social media? We are looking for Verasity Influencers who can help us to take our project to the next level.
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Become a Verasity Influencer was originally published in Verasity on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
-- Integrate with Verasity:
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Need help with uniswap

I recently started to invest small amounts to crypto currencies and my knowledge about the subject is pretty much zero. I saw donut here and wanted to buy some. I saw in a website that I could use Uniswap to get this coin and wanted to try.
It easily connected to my wallet and I used my BNT (0.09) just to try the trading system in uniswap. When I completed the transaction(17 donut for 0.09 BNT) I saw that $10 worth of ETH was missing in my wallet as a transaction fee which is funny since the whole transaction was worth $0.25. And I didn't see any notice regarding the fee before it was completed. Can somebody explain to me what happened?
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The Featherlight Transmission, Ch. 30

Clang! Clang! Clang!
I swear on the genitals of every god, I’m moving. I’ll dig a hole in the fucking Subterrane or something. Hell, I’ll just punch whoever this is in the face, and keep punching until they’re a fine liquid. Prison would be better than anyone being able to walk up and bang on my door while I’m trying to sleep.
Clang! Clang!
I roll over, because my brain’s only been off for about two hours and I cannot withstand a mere taste of sweet, sweet oblivion. “Fuck off!”
“Either you open this door or I do, Featherlight!”
It’s Deepwell.
I don’t think the Lieutenant has ever shown up here before. He’s never had a reason to.
This could be bad.
I shed the blankets and ooze out of bed, lumbering over to the door and shoving it open. There’s Lt. Deepwell, uniform as blue and black and pristine as ever. He looks fine, but he’s got his hands on his hips like a miffed aunt.
He scrunches his orange, caterpillar-y eyebrows at me. More specifically, at my underwear, which is salmon pink with a repeating print of a teal and orange umbrella cocktail.
“I didn’t think you were the type, Featherlight.”
“I’m a man of fashion, Lieutenant.”
“The fuck are you doing here?”
“I live here.”
“I somehow expected you to be gone longer than less than a day.”
“Me too. Expectations are funny like that. I didn’t tell anyone I was back yet, Lieutenant. When did you bug my apartment?”
You bugged your apartment. The scrambler on your computer. It logs activity. I got to my desk this morning and saw it had your data engine coming out of standby at around one in the morning. So I drove over. I thought someone had tried to rob you or something.”
“Nope. Just me. You’d better come in.”
I let him in. He doesn’t look around a lot, because there isn’t really anything to see. I do see his eyes stop, very briefly, on the machinery panel leading down to my secret hidey hole. Because he’s a cop, and all cops are criminals that just happen to be part of the biggest gang in town.
I sit down on my bed, and wave at the chair. He spins it around and parks, reaching into his jacket.
“Can I smoke in here?”
He already knows the answer, because there’s an ashtray on my desk. He’s just being polite.
“Only if I can have one.”
He hands me a smoke out of his shiny pack of Crystalclears. They’re wrapped in blue paper. A no-nonsense middleshelf brand. Smoked by cops, accountants, dads, and anyone for whom musical theater is a death sentence. They taste like leather and professionalism. Lightning one might cause me to spontaneously grow a mustache.
We light and smoke for a second. Deepwell tries not to look at my body. It’s hard to do, considering it’s kind of horrible and taking up a good 25% of his vision at the moment. I might put something on just to spare him.
“How long were you in there?”
“Only a few hours.”
“That’s not really long enough for… any of the shit we discussed to actually happen. Or at least I wouldn’t think it is, I don’t know fuck all from magic.”
“Turns out I don’t either.”
I explain what happened. I trust Deepwell. I probably shouldn’t, but I do anyway. In the middle of the explanation, the animonculus decides to crawl out from under my bed and I explain that too, to momentarily widened eyes. I show off my cool new sword, because why wouldn’t I. At the end of the story I start putting on some pants.
He says, “So much for unlocking the mysteries of the universe, I guess.”
I shrug. “The universe will still be there when I’m ready for it. Until then, there’s a case. Have you heard anything?”
“Rediron’s still pissed. High Marshal has gotten together with a few of the other Lords to try and talk him off the warpath, but he hasn’t relented. The story’s already started leaking into some of the news feeds, which means WCBN is probably going to be given the go-ahead just to retain some semblance of credibility.
I haven’t heard anything about the Prime Controller weighing in on this, but a few of the Exarchs have formally filed for inquest. The High Marshal and his band are the only ones stopping it, and that’s just for now. Without some concrete results, the order will probably come down in a few days.”
“Have you found anything?”
He scoffs. “Since we last talked about it? Yeah, I have. This morning I found a notice in my mail informing me that the case had been moved to the Captain’s desk. I turned all the documents over to him before I came over here. And you know what that means.”
I sigh. “Yeah.”
It means no more consultant’s fees, and my involvement with the case in any semi-official capacity is out the window, sight unseen. Captain Tallowmire of the Tenth has made his stance toward me and those of my ilk very apparent over the years. It’s not a collaboration anymore - it’s a competition.
Deepwell continues, “So go nuts, do whatever you want. I’m just not officially allowed to clue you in anymore.”
“That’s right. If I was to tell you that Captain Tallowmire’s initial plan of attack is to hard canvas the areas around the scenes in Ten and Thirteen first, and that you’d be better off hitting up leads a bit more esoteric or underground in nature, if you’ve got any? Well, that wouldn’t be official. So I wouldn’t tell you that kind of thing.”
Deepwell doesn’t like Cpt. Tallowmire. He thinks Tallowmire is a glory-thieving bigot who’s gotten where he is by parasitizing the achievements of others. He’s also the reason Deepwell hasn’t been promoted in a while, despite his arrest record - because Deepwell is prone to using people like me as informants and outside hires. Tallowmire taking the case from him means any success is going on his reports instead of Deepwell’s, so now Deepwell has very little reason to work anywhere near as hard. The Lieutenant is just following orders now.
“Well. Unofficially, I’m right there with you. I went to check out Littlerock’s place after I got back. Around 1.”
“Yeah? Anything interesting?”
I tell him the story.
Then I start on the second part of the story, but Rocky asked me not to tell people about him, so I lead off like he’s a confidential informant. Deepwell balks immediately like he’s got a fishbone in his throat.
“Woah woah woah. Back up. Confidential informant?”
“Yeah. They asked me not to reveal their identity to anyone. And they informed me of things. So. They’re a confidential informant. Are you new?”
“You’re not a cop, wiseass, you don’t get to have CIs.”
“Well, this individual asked me not to tell anyone who they are. And they provided me with information. Sooooooooo…”
He just glares at me.
I snort, “What are you gonna do, Lieutenant, arrest me? It’s not even your case anymore.”
“No.” He huffs a petulant puff of smoke from his nostrils. “I’m just curious. It would be obstruction, if I didn’t think you were probably the best shot at actually solving this case with minimal damage done.”
“Well I appreciate that greatly, Lieutenant. But I gave them my word. You get it. From one professional to another.”
I keep going until the story is over. I steer away from some of the details that might give away who or what Rocky is, but I still get some raised eyebrows.
At the end of it, Deepwell nods thoughtfully. “Who else but the Brotherhood. Fucking scum. You’d better find a way to break this wide open, or I’m gonna have to make a move soon. These chipheads treat the law like it’s a fucking suggestion and I’m getting sick of it. I can’t believe they’d kill one of their own just to… I don’t know, test something out. Freaks.”
“It’s not like this is a new development. They’ve taken a world war won six hundred years ago and used it as a blank check the entire time. They fucking take people, Deepwell. Hell, look at me. You think I’m some kind of accident?”
“I don’t know what you are, Featherlight. You’ve never told me.”
“You never asked.”
“Well I think that’d be pretty fuckin’ rude, wouldn’t it? Hey, what’s the deal with all the scars and hoses and metal bits on ya? Not something you just up and ask a guy. I know you’re a slab, you’re a mage, and you do dirty jobs. For lollipops, apparently.”
I wipe my face. “Suffice it to say, for now, that all this,” I wave at my entire self, “is the Brotherhood’s fault. I’ve got more cause than most to want to put them under my wheels.”
“Subterrane stakeout with your new friend, then.”
“Looks like it.”
“Stakeouts aboveground are tough enough.”
“Yeah. Related to that, I was wondering if, unofficially, you could find some way to get some… equipment, into my hands. On a borrowing basis.”
He narrows his wood-colored eyes. “What kind of equipment?”
“A splat tracker. With opened keys, so I can interface with the beacon.”
The Lieutenant rubs his beard pensively. “Hmmm. Could be tricky. That’s specialist stuff, needs forms attached to check one out.”
“Can you do it?”
“Maybe. I’ll have to come up with a clever justification. No promises. I’ll look into it and let you know by tomorrow morning. You think it’ll work?”
“Probably. Even if this… thing, is strong enough to rip off the flash glue, it doesn’t have skin. If it’s busy running away from us, it might not notice being shot in the back.”
“If you can hit a target from that far away. We don’t have any slab-sized splat guns, either.”
“I’ll make it work. If I’m lucky, I’ll be fast enough to catch the thing without it.”
I sit back down on the bed and the metal kitten crawls onto my lap.
Deepwell nods at it. “You think Electrofuck is going to go for that?”
Shrug. “Hopefully, if I talk fast enough. If not, I doubt he’ll kill me for trying.”
He shakes his head. “Well I hope you walk out of there with all your molecules still in the same places. Or most of them, at least. Maybe a couple missing here and there will teach you a lesson about borrowing money from a maniac’s loan sharks.”
“Make it so people like me can find consistent, gainful employment and put Electrofuck in the Arcanix where he belongs, then maybe this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. Move heaven and earth, Deepwell. Chop chop.”
“Sure. After lunch.” He stands up, then looks at my desk, pointing at something. “Is this Littlerock’s book, here?”
“And you said you couldn’t make north nor south?”
“Yeah, but I only glanced at it.”
“Mind if I borrow it? It’s not my specialty, but I know a guy in the crypto lab, and they decode dealer’s books all the time. They might be able to squeeze something out of it.”
“Okay. All yours.”
He pockets it. “I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.”
One hand on the door, he looks back and says, “Keep an eye out for chipheads. I’ll get in touch tomorrow morning. Don’t do anything stupid between now and then.”
I shrug my arms at the room he’s in. “My whole life is stupid, Deepwell.”
He smiles. “Better dumb than dead.”
And he’s gone.
I flip my coat on and make sure I have everything. There’s not a lot to have.
From my bed, the magitechnical kitten looks at me. Its eyes smolder with the light of ineffable ages, the glare of powers that my pathetic human mind has no chance of ever grasping. I stuff it in my pocket. It mews at me indignantly from somewhere around my hip. Yeah, you and me both, pal.
Time to face the music. Or, more accurately, time to face the murderous electricity wizard and trade him a millennia-old magical robot kitten for my life.
Y’know, just another morning for Baulric Featherlight.

[you can find the first chapter back here. the rest of the chapters you can find under my reddit profile or down there in the comments, gathered by the helpful robot. and if you think my work is worth paying for, why not flip me some spare change? freelance writing is tough, but i can keep going with help from readers like you. i'd really appreciate it ♥]
[by the way, i've started the process of moving this project to Royal Road. if any of you folks are also Royal Road-ers, comments, reviews, and follows would really help me out ♥]
[and thanks for reading. ♥]
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[mod approved] CopyRage invites beta testers to try MVP.

CopyRage is a tool to match hobby traders/bettors and professionals with valid performance.
Me and my team are working on creating an aggregator for crypto/betting/stocks, where you can connect as many accounts at exchanges or betting providers as you wish and copy each other via API.
We plan to record stats on Blockchain, so once the trading feature is enabled you actually could screen any tradebettor by their actual performance.
We are launching the social part of the platform and are looking for the first beta testers to provide a feedback on the UIX and bugs. You would be remunerated in the form of perks and rewards.
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Thanks and waiting for you impatiently, Triuzla.
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Up to 500 GBP in perks

CopyRage is a tool to match hobby traders/bettors and professionals with valid performance.
Me and my team are working on creating an aggregator for crypto/betting/stocks, where you can connect as many accounts at exchanges or betting providers as you wish and copy each other via API.
We plan to record stats on Blockchain, so once the trading feature is enabled you actually could screen any tradebettor by their actual performance.
We are launching the social part of the platform and are looking for the first beta testers to provide a feedback on the UIX and bugs.
You would be remunerated in the form of perks and rewards.
To help us at this crucial stage please visit and insert code: mysupersecurekey
As a first post please add a funny reddit meme for me, so I knew that you followed my call here )
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Binance scammed me 1516 USDT with unethical verification requests! Stay Away from this Scam Exchance!

**************************************************************EDIT from 04/24/20:
read directly here the latest discussion per Email with Symbiotic and the final stage of the BINANCE SCAM:Part 1:
Part 2:
Following the discussion here with u/symbiotic_bnb on binance BinanceExchange
Please read the complete story here:
Then I'm replying to the official comment made here:
IThe reason why I'm giving more details here is that u/symbiotic_bnb banned me from their board so that I couldn't comment his reply and provide more information about the unethical requests made by their exchance binance
Here my answer:
Please feel free to spread the information. I will contact more media if they don't want to fix this.
Thanks u/symbiotic_bnb for having banned me from your board binance BinanceExchange. However I will reply on other boards to let everyone know about your abuse.
You wrote:
"Risk Control." This can mean many things, and most often it simply means that we have identified unusual activity on your account that may indicate a third-party has gained unauthorized access and withdrawals were suspended to protect your assets.
Nice. So I remember the steps done:
  1. Last year opened my Tier 0 account (Non verified, just Email, 2FA set)
  2. on same day deposited 0.21BTC
  3. 3-4 months later back, I login to my account from a new machine, but same country. I m asked to verify email, I receive code, login successully, same 2FA.
  4. I sell some of assets, then I withdraw you cancel it for "Risk control" and force me to upgrade my account??? why???? seriously???
If you dont want people to use Level 0 accounts (unverified with KYC, 2 BTC limit), then just don't offer that option!! force everyone from scratch to submit KYC. Simple!
Don't allow people to use the service, then randomly you force them to provide verification. We have a right of privacy !
And now if you force me to verify my account to be able to withdraw my funds, it's my right to choose HOW I verify it. Regardless if my son, brother or sister or whoever does it for me, its verified! End! Now I know you will call this "illegal" but what you are doing is as well illegal in this case! Don't try to find bs reasons for that behaviour.
Your forced me to verify my account, so my account has been verified, as my screenshot is showing. Don't create new reasons to keep my money by asking things I can't provide.
When you ask me to provide video recording of how I load btc in my account, 4 months back, how sick is this? It sounds for me as a torture to find ways to keep money of people. A kind of trap.
You comment:
Case in point: is there a particular reason why someone else attempted to KYC your account a day before your attempt? Typically, legitimate customers do not cycle through various individuals for their KYC attempts. It's interesting that you made no mention of this anywhere, given how obvious it is that this is cause for concern, especially considering that the other individual that submitted KYC for "your" account has been involved in malicious activity on our platform.
First, what do you mean here with "legitmate customer"?? I was using, as your system allows, an unverified account, which was more than enough for my needs. So what is then "legimate customer"?? So do you mean now, all your users who don't have level 2 verified accounts are not legtimate? interesting point...
Now about the verification which has been done after your "illegal" action to force me to upgrade the account to be able to access my account, only because I changed the machine.
Indeed 2 verifications have been done. The first verification has been rejected by Binance because the passport was not the latest updated passport of my country. Though the passport is still valid, binance verification rejected it. So what option did I have from that moment? I spoke with customer service and they couldn't help.
So what should I have done from that moment? Just abandon my hard earned money with binance for this? Even the drive license was rejected. It's a lot of money. So I asked my friend who had a newer passport to verify the account for me. And the account was verified successfully!
If you call this "illegal", then you are not different at all, you are exactly the same! You lock customers in a wheel while having their money, then forcing them to upgrade to level 2. This is illegal! Then you again you complain when the account is finally verified!
Next you start asking what customers can't provide to have a way to keep the money.
That said, Binance has no interest in "stealing" anything from any of its customers, but we surely aren't going to allow bad actors to freely operate on our platform. You may simply respond to the ticket from here forth.
really? so you are the good actor and I m the bad actor right? Congratulations! :-)
Sorry this does not give you the right to keep my coins. If so, it's simply called SCAM. You don't like me? No problem, give me my money, and close my account.
Don't find pretexts to keep the money for you.
Imagine that this exchange is doing this shit every day, randomly to customers, customers who don't want to provide their KYC (and it's their right! don't call them bad actor! You are Superman!) will simply abandon their money, do you know how many boost revenue is it for them? Nice way to make money u/symbiotic_bnb BinanceExchange
For any normal customer reading this, support is extremely busy due to recent market conditions and new interest pouring into the market and some tickets may take longer than intended to address, but that doesn't mean that there is any ill intent behind the delay. If you go an extended amount of time, such as 3+ days, with no response to your ticket, you may speak with the live support on our website and request an update.
Sorry but I have been patient enough! After I opened the ticket, your CS was fast enough to reply and make insane and unethical request. Since it has been 12 days, that I sent different emails, no response. Now you found better excuse! When you contact live support, they said "in few hours you will get answer".
If you are unable to provide anything that customer support asks for, all you need to do is respond to the ticket and explain what you are unable to provide and why you are unable to provide it. There are procedures in place for nearly every situation, support does not simply give up after the first step if a customer is unable to provide something that is not always guaranteed to be known.
Objection! I already replied, 12 days, no single answer from your team. What other option did I have?? See the screenshots I posted earlier, its clear enough!
Posting on Reddit is the last stop once all other options have failed. Keep in mind that you do not need to embellish or over-exaggerate your situation to get assistance. Simply be reasonable and you will receive the same in return.
Exactly! All other options to solve this issue directly with you have failed! I have to tell my story here. And see, you replied fast.... 12 days you / your CS didn't reply to my emails.
You asked me to be reasonable? I think I'm very reasonable. Treat well your customers and with respect if you want to get the same in return. Simple life's rule.
You can scam me if you want. I expect you to release my money and close my account. This is the correct way if your company is serious.
Bitcoin BinanceExchange CryptoCurrency CryptoCurrencyTrading CryptoScam CryptoScamAlert CryptoScamsVictims
EDIT: When I asked to u/symbiotic_bnb why they banned me from their board, see the answer:
The answer to every single on of your questions here is answered within my comment. People that come to our subreddit, over-exaggerate their situation, and spread FUD, especially by way of ridiculous conspiracy theories, are not welcome. Respond to the ticket as your were advised and we aill proceed accordingly with verifying the details of your case.
Very funny, so I m spreading "ridiculous conspiracy theories"?? wow very nice :-)
And they are asking me to respond to the ticket? lol how many times should I respond? I'm telling that I responded alredy 12 days ago, and sent many reminders, they simply ignored. very funnny lol
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Let's take a break from these uniswap scam coins and check out good projects

Okay I've been seeing a lot of posts lately about "next uniswap gem", "easy 100x" etc. What's with this whole thing? Most of them don't even have a website. People just don't care anymore whether its scam or not, as long as they can put in 0.1 ETH and cash out with 1.5 ETH or even more. I mean, anyone could just make an ERC20 token and put it on uniswap and start shilling. This crypto space is just a funny environment and sometimes I just sit back and enjoy the drama lol.
Lots of shilling lately, especially shilling of scam/PnD coins. I guess it's only normal to shill a project I came across also. I came across this project through uniswap, initially I assumed its like the rest of the PnD/ponzi projects everwhere until I dig deeper. This project has been around for almost a year now and unlike the rest of these shitcoins, they are also listed on They have a good concept and doesn't look like a project that's for the short term and that will get abandoned.
The project name is BrainiacChess Network. They are trying to build a chess platform that will have decentralized reward system and also betting feature built on the smart contract. As a chess player myself, I found the project quiet interesting and got myself some of the tokens on uniswap. They didn't do any ICO and from what I read on their website the project is 100% self funded. The only thing I wonder is how they will manage to pull off their plans since they didn't raise any funds. Marketing these days would require thousands of dollars let alone the building of the gaming platform itself. They also just created a dApp that rewards liquidity providers on uniswap. That is, you earn a certain interest monthly as a liquidity provider in their uniswap pool.
Yes I know I'm shilling, but what's wrong with shilling a project I believe in? At least its not one of those scam coins everyone has been shilling here and there on uniswap.
Website: Explainer video: Uniswap link: link:
Feel free to leave your thoughts.
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XCOM Legends

XCOM Legends
Basically, I tried making the entire Apex Legends roster in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Some turned out great, some turned out decent, and some, well, turned out awful.
Lifeline probably turned out best of everyone. My only complaints are that she doesn't have her proper voice (no one does, there are no mods that add the actual voices of apex legends' roster for XCOM 2, except for one mod for Wraith, but I didn't use it because I thought it'd be weird if only one out of 13 characters had their actual voice. That, and her headband is a little small, her gloves aren't surgical glove blue, and the tattoo on her left shoulder isn't exactly the one she has in Apex.
It's gonna be a running thing from here that all the best looking characters are female, because whaddaya know, there are more mods that add customization options for females than there are for males, let alone robots. previously she was wearing some skin-tight pants, but I found a leg piece that has that little skirt and decided it was better for her. She ended up trading those pants for those thigh-high boots, but I think they fit her character okay. A minor problem I ran into was coming up with a nickname for her, since her ingame name is her actual first name. I just went with the first thing that came to my mind and moved on. And yes, her braids are WAY too long, but it's the only hair piece I could find that look like double dutch braids (I just learned of that hairstyle name when googling if "twin tail braid" is a proper word). That's Cammy's hair from Street Fighter, btw.
One of several characters without "real names", I thought a bit about what to add as Bloodhound's real name. After some thought, I remembered how they would say "I am Bloth Hoondr, you may call me Bloodhound," so I decided to make their names that. The actual gender of this character I set as female because, again, I would have more customization options. I couldn't get the weird hat with dangly bits that Bloodhound had, so I decided to improvise and use this mohawk helmet thing I found. I think it fits the character well enough. Yes the shotgun shells are clipping into the fanny pack thing.
Things are gonna start slowly rolling downhill from here. I really liked the setup I managed to put together for his mask, especially since the goggles that I have aren't big enough to fit the one he has in Apex. The body is less than ideal, but looks good enough, I think.
In this one, I set wraith up as a Templar, a type of unit with lots of psionic abilities, and one of the newer unit types that came with the WOTC expansion. Somehow, she's the only one that got to be one of the new unit types (the other two, for those who don't know are the Reapers [post-apocalypse stealth snipers, I guess Bloodhound could have been one] and Skirmishers [alien-human hybrid defectors]). One thing I somehow didn't figure out myself is that the newer units will naturally have a smaller pool of customization options than base game soldiers, so this one, while pretty decent, probably isn't the best she can look.
Actually, I just remembered I still have this screenshot from way back. This specific character has been lost when I uninstalled my game roughly a year ago, but in this one, you can see what she would look like as a regular base game soldier. She'd have that scarf around her neck (though I have yet to find a scarf that is quite as big as the one she has in Apex) and her clothing has those purple accents in places. Ignore the flag, I didn't bother to change that or her name in this one, apparently.
To be honest, I think I prefer the newer version.
Obviously I don't have anything to mimic the dozens of holo-projectors around his arms, which kinda annoys me but what can you do? So instead, I settled for regular arm pieces. You may notice that his legs have weirdly blurry textures, and yeah, they are blurry, I dunno why, I didn't make them. I think those legs are from a mod that added Titanfall 2 pilot clothing into XCOM. Also I set his soldier class as Ranger, cuz Rangers have shotguns, and I like shotguns. I also like Mirage, I main him, so I gave him a shotgun, because I can do that. Look how much he likes that shotgun.
One of the last decent-looking characters I made. His head was easy enough, as was his torso and arms, and I had a mod that adds prosthetic limbs taken from XCOM: Enemy Within, so I used that as his prosthetic legs. Nothing much to talk about here, to be honest, it just clearly looks like Octane, if not quite exactly like him.
Starting off strong for the characters that don't look as good is Wattson. To be honest, I was quite surprised I actually had something that kinda looked like the hood she wears in Apex, but now I'm wondering if I should have just given her another hood that doesn't stick to her head instead. Her jacket isn't as puffy as in Apex, the inside of that jacket isn't blue, and her pants are also blue. Also, because of the way she's set up, I can't give her a backpack item to mimic the pylon she has on her back.
the cooler Wattson
After I finished writing all of the above, I decided I really couldn't take her looking like that anymore, so I went back to tinker with her character some more. Turns out I could actually set it up so she could get a backpack, though obviously she can't have the exact same thing she has in Apex. Instead, I gave her this thing called "Revival Injector Mk. 1" From a Blacklight Retribution backpacks mod. Also I changed the hood so it doesn't look awful.
While it still looks decent, it's strayed from her actual character design from Apex a little. Nothing much to say on this one, she doesn't have her shoulder mounted smoke canister launcher, but nothing I can do about that.
I had the same problem naming Gibraltar as I had with Loba, fortunately, he already had a nickname, so I just use that and moved on. I can't help but feel like his head is too small for his body, which it almost definitely is, but all the soldiers in XCOM 2 has the same body type, and when you use clothing options that make the body more bulky but you can't equip a helmet, well, this is the result. Still looks better than my earlier attempt though.
I'm sorry, little one
I kept scrolling past this funny cube head while looking for helmets for other characters, and I thought it'd be only natural I include it in pathfinder's character. I can't apologize enough for what I've done to him here, and I'd like to move on to the worst of them all, but first...
There are actual robotic units that I could use to make a Pathfinder character, but he towers over the human soldiers, and this is one of those old screenshots I mentioned earlier with Wraith. I guess this is like a consolation prize thing after what I did in the above character? The same can't be said of Revenant though...
Revenant, right? hate to see it. Apex gives you this cool lanky robot skeleton man and I give you whatever this is supposed to be. Some cheap Chinese knockoff of Revenant, probably. Mind, you he used to look like this, so this literally could be worse.
Crypto, I guess
I didn't put Crypto at the very end because he looked the worst of everyone. I put him at the end cuz he just underwhelming. Mind you, the main reason that's the case is because I don't have that coat jacket Crypto wears in Apex. I even went looking for more mods that could give me a jacket to put onto him, but none of them would've worked. So this is what we're left with, literally everything except the hair is from the game, not from mods. The hair itself is Leon's hair from ResiEvil 2 Remake.
So uh, thank you for your time, if you've read this far. I don't think I'm gonna play a campaign with these guys, because Season 5 only just started, but also because my character pool has quite a few other characters besides them (Team RWBY from RWBY, male and female Helldivers from HELLDIVERS, Tanya and Visha from Youjo Senki, The Killcameraman from that one COD: Advanced Warfare trailer for some reason, and a few all-stars from my very first campaign with randomly generated characters), yes I did bring up the second reason just so I can talk about the other characters.
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KuCoin Video Contest: Up to $1000 in KCS to be Won!

Following the exchange's launch of financial services like fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, futures, staking, borrowing, token launch, and more, it has grown into a comprehensive financial service platform. KuCoin platform is looking to its users to help promote the new service and rewarding them kindly for doing so.
The way the competition works is that they want people they want those who have already got up and running on the platform to support others by making videos that illustrate the ins and outs of how the exchange's crypto trading-related services operate. What users would need to do is create an informational and significant video guide and upload it onto YouTube. The video should cover the following suggested topics:
• KuCoin Review
• KuMEX (KuCoin Futures) Review
• KuCoin Spot Trading Tutorial
• KuMEX (KuCoin Futures) Trading Tutorial
• KuCoin Margin Trading Tutorial
• KuCoin Lending Review and Tutorial
• Pool-X Review and Tutorial
• How to use Simplex, Banxa, or OTC Desk on KuCoin?
• KuCoin Trading 101
See full mechanics here: KuCoin Video Contest
Alongside exposure from KuCoin, the real benefits come from the KCS rewards that they are giving to users who are successful. If you are chosen to be within this top 3, you will already be eligible for a number of KCS, but the higher you rank the bigger your reward will be. With the top prize being a massive $480 worth of KCS. While this is the golden prize everyone will be looking for, here is how the other places can benefit you if you are a successful applicant.
• 1st place – 500 KCS
• 2nd place – 300 KCS
• 3rd place – 100 KCS
• 10 KCS for 10 Random Participants - Winners of this will be chosen at KuCoin’s discretion
With this in mind, not only do you need to capture the attention of both the general public, but also the attention of KuCoin industry professionals. KuCoin has always assisted some users by providing them resources like and videos and stuff helping them get off the ground. Combine this with your existing knowledge of KuCoin's crypto trading-related services and your video making abilities and you could be taking home that top prize.
Tips: Be creative but concise! I recommend each video to be original and relevant to the topic. Since they didn't mention it, I think any videos are acceptable including animated videos, slideshows, etc. Last but not least, you can be engaging and funny to drive engagement!
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How to buff every Legend and make all of them viable? 'Answer' to FrozenFroh. Read this post or save it for later, any feedback is nice. The spoiler is a minor one, mostly about unreleased Legends, so be warned. It appears when I talk about Bangalore. There will be an alert. (Part One)

This post was inspired by u/wicked_fool and u/FrozenFroh. The first user was one of the first people (at least from what I know) to truly elaborate on how to Rework/Buff Legends, which I thought was a pretty interesting concept, but just that. That type of work has been made/suggested by other people before, and is still happening a lot, but I started doing this with him as a inspiration. On the other hand, Froh made a post in January that had the following title: "Without Nerfing current Legends, and aiming to make almost all of them viable, what buffs and changes would you guys make?", and I liked this. Lots of discussion happened in the comments, and upon seeing it, I was inspired to make some sort of "Answer Post", going very in-depth on every Legend and talking about changes that could be done to step-up the game. And yes, I know Froh's post came first, but I saw them in this order.
In this post, I talk about several ideas I had in order to make Legends more close to each another in viability, and pretty much make (almost) everyone stronger than what they already are. My first language is not English, so sorry for any typos. If this type of content interests you, your feedback would be heavily appreciated, as long as you argue for it.
So, first off, let me talk about my thought process and general rules I followed in order to make this possible. While debating myself on these modifications, I imagined a thesis that I named "The Powercliffing Theory". Basically, the idea behind it is that when something gets insanely better, or is generally better, other things need to follow these changes, although not necessarily in the same scale or way. From that, it is also necessary to make every Legend different from the others, or else the Game would basically be made of 13 Legends that are all Gibraltar and Wraith amalgamations, which could be a very funny First of April temporary change. Basically, on this post, I talk about buffs for every Legend, and while some may look very game-breaking, I would like if You, the reader, think about this in the Bigger Picture. All changes need the context of other ones in order to make the most amount of sense.
The rules I followed and used as commandments are the following:
  1. Rule One: the only changes that can be made are either Buffs or Quality of Life changes. Nerfs should be a last resort.
  2. Rule Two: in the case of a Legend getting a new power-up, make sure that it makes sense in the Lore of that character, and that it does not make it impossible to add new characters.
  3. Rule Three: in the first place, think about the changes in a Pubs/Ranked setting, and then later the competitive side of things, trying to not create something Overpowered in each.
  4. Rule Four: the recharge time of a Tactical Ability should never be above the 30 seconds mark. The only exceptions are skills that can have their time reduced after doing something, or skills that save resources. In such cases, the mark is an utmost of 50 seconds.
  5. Rule Five: never ERASE an existing ability. If a rework needs to happen, make sure the scrapped skill is re-introduced in some way, and still makes part of that character. A lot of motives behind this, but it is primarily from the point of view of cosmetics and trackers.
  6. Rule Six, the last and most important one: value fun and justice above anything. Justice, in this context, is making sure you can beat a certain legend if you're skilled enough, and the advantages won't make someone unstoppable (*cough* S4 Gibby *cough*). Very similar to Rule Three, in this sense.
Also, just to make this pretty clear: I know nothing about coding and animating. This was a post made for fun and to create healthy discussions in this Sub. If I sound arrogant, sorry. This post will be divided in three BIG topics: Legend balancing (my favorite part), Loot Table and Gun balancing. There will be a TL;DR; for every Legend, and for each group of changes.
Now, without further ado, lEt'S jUSt jUmP inTo iT, starting from the Offensive Legends, with Octane.
Octane is a pretty interesting character. His purpose is to serve as a very strong mobility/agressive Legend, as evidenced by his whole Kit and his character introduction back in Season One. However, this is not the case: multiple times he is considered as the worst Legend in Apex, at least after Mirage got buffed. And after playing with him for a while, and researching people's opinions about him, I found some reasons that could make that the case.
The first problem is regarding his speed. He is just not the fastest character in the game in a small run, and using his Stim is more of a decrease on his overall utility, as the 12HP (yes, I also thought it was only ten) you lose is a bigger inconvenience than the bonus in speed. I used a stopwatch and the metric system presented in-game to measure the speed of the characters (rough estimation - Season 4 results) and got some results that I found pretty interesting. It basically follows as this:
Basically, Octane should be Lightning McQueen, but he isn't. For comparison, Usain Bolt could run 200m in 19.19 seconds, which means he not only is faster than Octane, but could keep that speed for a longer period as well. So, in order to "fix" this situation, my idea would be to make Octane on par with pre-nerf Pathfinder, so that a balance could exist. But I'm not done yet.
Based on the assumption that the Stim works similarly to an Adrenaline Syringe, having also similar effects, we could say Octane not only has a speed boost, but also undergoes muscle toning, which makes someone generally stronger and less susceptible to pain. These characteristics are translated into Apex as part of Octane's slowness reduction to incoming fire, but this could be amplified even more. Messing with some numbers here and there, and theorizing multiple situations that could happen, I got the following changes:
Just in case You were curious, both Octane and Pathfinder can run 162m in fifteen seconds, which is the time that both skills would be ready to be used again. With a Red Evo Shield, Octane would have somewhere around 214HP, but would have 79HP against attacks that negate shields. This would make Silva have one of the strongest Tactical skills in the game for rushing. But no Legend is complete with only a Tactical, which is why his passive was so interesting to rework.
The current idea behind Octavio's "Swift Mend" is that he can use a Wrench to fix his bionic legs, and that gives him Health Points. That's it, apparently. Now, I'm not saying his Bionic Legs shouldn't be part of his kit, but I think this is not a good ability the way it is now, and I have an idea of a way to change it, making it way more simbiotic with his Stim.
The idea behind the change is that the runner would have some sort of filter that would take the Stim out of his blood current, and regenerate the HP taken only by the use of his Tactical Skill. This damage would be marked in the HP bar in a blue color. 8 seconds past the end of his Adrenaline Rush, a regeneration starts at a rate of 3HP/sec, which means a full regen would take only fifteen seconds, compared to the twenty-four that he has right now. If we include the time that he is under the effects of the Speed Bonus, it would be twenty-seven seconds versus thirty seconds, which is a buff nonetheless. The regeneration happens even if you're getting shot at, or taking damage overall. Using the Stim again restarts the process.
A way to reintroduce his Bionic Legs as an advantage would be to give him a passive slowness reduction (similar to how it is right now with the Stim), and an explosive damage reduction, this one being restricted to fragmentation grenades and Creeping Barrage's missiles. A thirty percent reduction should be enough to make a solid difference.
Last, but not least, a change to his revives. Instead of it being faster as many people have already suggested, I thought the bonus should be to the teammate being revived. In an exchange for ten HP, the 'not-anymore' downed ally gets a 30% speed boost for six seconds after the revive. The idea here could be that Octane has two versions of the Stim, one of them being for him, and the other being for the teammates, that way they can stabilize themselves in a more safe distance. Lots of reasoning could be used in this: either he got a better chemical compound with the help of someone, or his version from the Quest's Dimension had a better Stim and he stole it, infinite possibilities on the line. This makes up for his passive. The attention is now focused in his Ultimate.
The idea behind his Jump Pad is good, but the execution is not. People are easily tracked due to the trajectory being easy to follow, and the distance is not great either. User u/mnkymnk talked about this in one of his videos on YouTube, focused in buffing Octane (, and I aggre mostly with his suggestions. The only differences I would take from that point are some simple ones: instead of having either a Controllable Flying Curve, or Double Jump, make him have both. And, instead of having 25% of shields regenerate upon impact, make it so that, while in the air, bullet trajectory is not randomized, so that it is way more aggro than it already is.
Just a reminder that his Hitbox is broken.
TL;DR of Octane's Changes:
Next Legend is Bangalore, also known as Anita Williams and Marge Simpson. For an experienced combatant, and a "Professional Soldier", she does not pass such impression, at least in my point of view. I found some ways to buff her without necessarily making her OP, just making her more effective and coherent with the "soldier" and "guns expert" feel she should have.
So first, let's talk about the Tactical Skill, the Smoke Launcher. It is indeed a very good skill, but I have my problems with it, specially it´s format. It is a rectangular-horizontal wall of 25m by 15m, an area of 375m^2. For comparison, Caustic's Gas covers 177m^2.
And it may be just me, but I have a large preference for a circular area instead of a rectangular one for evasive maneuvers, and disorienting an opponent. The recharge time is also excessive for only two charges, and I believe it could be reduced, which left me with two options: either a far smaller recharge time and two charges, or a small reduction with three charges. I went with the latter, but I'm fine with either one. In the end, it should look like this:
With that out of the way, the Passive "Double Time" is the next one. I have nothing to say about it, other than the fact that it's an excellent passive, and that I have never found an explanation as to how it works or what is the logical reasoning behind it. The passive of the soldier is being capable of using the Secret Joestar Technique more effectively? It never entered my head. And so, I thought applying Gun Related skills as secondary passives could be the way to go.
However, there's a problem with such a suggestion, and that is Rule Two. The apparent Legend for Season 6, which goes by the name of Rampart, has a passive named "Gunner", that is centered in making "machine guns" (possibly LMG's only, according to some leaks) have larger magazines and a faster reload speed.
Considering such problem, I wrote a way around it, with a Perk similar to "Fortified", called "Firearms Specialist". Being divided by different types of weapons, there would be five subsets, each one described below, and each having somewhat similar advantages. Since there will be also Legends like Husaria, who have a Shotgun in their leg, and others like SeeProphet, who are very Sniper centered, this seems like a good idea.
The bonus needs to be expressive, on a similar level to blue attachments. It overlaps smaller bonuses, but stacks with attachments of equal or higher bonus: in presence of a blue, it could be on par with the regular bonus of a purple, and in the presence of a purple, it's slightly higher. Anyhow, it should be notable in every case.
With the ADS Speed, the bonus should be dependant on how much the weapon slows you down. It would be a light increase in speed with Submachine Guns and Shotguns, and a heavy increase in speed with Sniper Rifles and Light Machine Guns. Assault Rifles would be in the middle.
The problem with this is that Rampart's passive was partially destroyed, and needs to be rebuilt. This is actually quite easy and would still be considered part of the Passive "Gunner": instead of only increasing the magazines of Machine Guns (LMG's and SMG's), he would also have more inventory space per stack of ammo. It would follow as this:
This would make up for a pretty decent passive with a lot of utility, and would still keep all of them different from each other.
Ever since The Gaming Merchant did his video in the Hitbox of each Legend, I figured I should address it here very briefly. The dramatically increased limb damage was not a good change, and made characters extremely fragile and for some, pretty unplayable. This is also technically rewarding bad aim, but then again, making a character take more/less damage just due to their hitboxes never was a good mechanic, even though it's one of the only ways to do it. I disagree with this last nerf and believe it should be reverted, or at least be toned-down.
For comparison, if a Bangalore takes 116DMG Leg-Shot, a Lifeline takes 152DMG, a whole 31% difference. Such difference can be heavily noticed in Pubs, where you can translate it to being as fragile as a piece of paper. Even Tollis, one of the Wattson players with the most amount of kills, stopped playing her due to Low-Profile being so impactful in a bad way.
Considering most Weapons have a 25% to 20% damage reduction in leg shots, it could be toned down in several different levels, but I would do make it so that Leg-Shot Damage would always have a 0.85x multiplier, with the exception of guns with a higher multiplier. In such cases, the multiplier would be the same as other Legends. However, there is a catch.
The catch is that the damage would always be rounded up in all of these cases, with the exception of Shotgun Pellets, obviously. If this was done, a Wingman would do 43DMG, a Longbow would do 50DMG, an R-301 would do 13DMG, a Kraber would do 130DMG, and so it goes. It would make all Legends with Low-Profile way more playable, at the very least.
And what most people don't realize is that the amount of total pixels is not important by itself, as it is also important to understand how these pixels are arranged. And this is the reason Bangalore doesn't get the Low-Profile treatment: she is just too tall and has a very condensed center of mass with body damage. The problem is that this also applies to Pathfinder, and he suffers from it.
On the other side, Mirage has a very comparable Hitbox to Caustic, but does not get any type of Fortified effect, and due to his height, he probably should not get the full effect, but still have some reduction of some sort. Considering this, I believe another category should be added to the game, dividing Fortified in two: a regular Fortified, and another, called Highly-Fortified, or Heavily-Fortified. In the end, it should look like this:
This would make the scenario for Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline and Wattson better. Now, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Bangalore.
The only characteristic remaining about her is the Ultimate, which shines for the reason it was created: an area of denial ability, similar to her tactical. The changes for it should not be that massive, and I don't think it should explode faster like many propose, but it should be more teammate-friendly. Not only that, but the recharge time is pretty crazy as well. So here are the changes:
TL;DR of Bangalore's Changes:
Next one on the list is Revenant, also known as Death. He became somewhat decent with his buffs, but I thought I could take it even further beyond, since some parts of his Kit really hold him and make it impossible to reach his true potential. So, let's start with the Tactical, as usual.
The "Silence" ability can disable enemies Tactical and Ultimate skills (and Gibraltar's Gun Shield) for twenty seconds, essentially being useful as a strong offensive ability or area of denial skill. The idea I have is to make it even more powerful in such context. The changes would be the following:
These changes, especially the last one, would allow for dexterous eliminations, being extremely more offensive and powerful. The first three changes, however, are more inclined to the ranked and more competitive side of the game, since the power of a Wattson that is defending an area is simply unrivaled.
Continuing the suggestions, we have his Passive. The "No-Sound" thing is Okay, just like the faster crouch speed, but the climbing ability is just underpowered and incoherent with his character, at least with the info We have. In the Loading Screen "Like Father, Like Daughter" of the Season Five Battle Pass, Revenant directly states he dropped Marcos Andrade from a 10 story building after snapping his neck. Logically, he must have climbed all of it, since he is a Simulacrum and could not alert anyone in the vicinity of his attempt of murder, which was successful.
If we are assuming this is an average building (which it probably was not, it definitely was some sort of luxurious unnecessarily big building), then that means Revenant casually climbed over 126ft, or about 38.4m. Effortlessly. Right now, in the game, he can climb around ten meters. Based on such evidence, making him climb around 55m (180.5ft), and only decelerating after the 45m (147.7ft) mark would just be logical.
There's also a bad point about this ability, probably related to the fact that the transition of speed from standing up to crouched is not that effective: not only Revenant's Slide-Jumping speed is a little lower than the other Legends, but he also cannot Wall-Jump and Wall-Slide. I do not know what causes this problem, but it needs a fix. Wall-Jumping is a big part of this game, and unless Revenant can attach to ceilings (ceiling gang cringe), this needs to change (although this would not solve his Slide-Jumping problem).
A secondary passive that could be added would be related to his insatiable hunger for killing, being a minor one, but noticiable. When you use a finisher in an enemy, you fully recharge shields, and this Perk would be developed similarly to such mechanic, but with more bonuses overall. It would work like this:
But these alterations are only fillers of what was my main focus of change: the Death Totem, Revenant's Ultimate. The potential of this ability is simply off the charts, but multiple things hold it off. It's range is definitely the limitation that just kills the skill for me: it invalidates itself as a rotation mechanism, and mainly serves only as a third-partying one, with pretty much half of Wraith's Portal effectivity, as many players have already shown multiple times in multiple occasions. So, in order to be more comparable and also make throwbacks to the Fight or Fright event, I have some changes in mind.
This would make the Totem the strongest Third-Partying device, if not a close second. Rotation-Wise, it would be way more useful, probably staying in the second/third place, and in extremely situational moments, number one. I could potentially see this being played a lot in higher-rank gameplay, if not Competitive.
TL;DR of Revenant's Changes:
Next one is Mirage, the guy that got buffed. Yeah, that guy. No, not Gibraltar; Mirage.
Do you guys want to hear a funny story? I started doing this post on my native language ever since the start of Season 4, if I'm not mistaken, and Mirage was one of the people I was most interested in changing, and like half of my suggestions were added in Season 5 one way or another, mostly regarding his Passive and Tactical. Oh, well.
With the buffs Mirage received, he has become the favorite of a lot of people, and his pick rate drastically increased. This was also one of the reasons I enjoyed doing this so much: if the light alterations he had already made such a humongous difference and gave a lot of people a reason to play Apex, having tons of these differences being made for different Legends in some sort of "Legend Overhaul" that releases every few weeks until everything is covered would make the game a lot more fresh.
The current Tactical is awesome, but it can go even further beyond, receiving some pretty good buffs:
Making it so that creating Decoys do not make any sound and being able to climb would be pretty handy with fast Bamboozles, adding on top of his already incredibly big potential. The A.I mode, depending on the quality, could be decent and better than the other two modes in a few situations. The last two changes are deserved and would grant him more possibilities in the Outlands. Making bamboozled enemies scanned would just be the icing on the cake.
The next important thing to talk about is his Passive, which right now is definitely the best part of his Kit and could have a major buff in combat and some slight alterations. Do you guys know when Crypto enters in his Drone view he instantly reloads all weapons? This would be the minor change, and with the others, it would look something like this:
Being capable of using the Self Resurrection knockdown shield while completely invisible and also being able to pop Shield Cells and almost a Battery without anyone seeing you is a huge change as well, and would make Mirage even more competent than what he already is. Definitely one of the most evasive characters. Remembering he receives 10% less damage from incoming fire.
The last point we should look at is his Ultimate. Remember Rule Five? "Never ERASE an existing ability"? Yeah. Based on such rule, it follows as necessary to somehow fuse both of his Ultimates and create something stronger, and I think I found the correct measure and way to change it. His previous Ultimate, which was needing several changes to be more evasive, can be altered in order to fuse it with his current one, making it so that Mirage will always be a Jack of All Trades in the offensive and evasive playthrough, one of the most complete characters in this context. A massive buff, we can say.
This Ultimate is a game-changer in Pubs. Not only will you always have the surprise attack, but will also have a more effective "Wraith Q" if executed properly, being capable of using the most effective healing consumables.
TL;DR of Mirage's Changes:
And now, the last Offensive Legend. "TTV_Wraith", the strongest one. Some would say she is the perfect character, and I would say: "Yes, she is indeed in a very good spot.". The smallest hitbox; the strongest Ultimate for offensive maneuvers and rotations; and it goes on. But she needs some changes, and a revision as well, due to the rules I spoke about in the start, specifically Rule Four, which stated a cooldown over thirty seconds is unacceptable if it does not save resources.
So let's briefly talk about her phasing, easily one of the best Tacticals in the game. It serves as a powerful solo-repositioning mechanism, which has thousands of utilities: hit and run; scouting; safely placing a Portal; truly a lot. It allows a very safe, but aggressive playstyle, that is for a lot of people the core of Apex. However, it is also not very strong if you're completely solo and against more than one player of the same skill level, being very easy to hunt a solo-player that is low and phased. Therefore, the best players normally have a lot of map knowledge and very accurate time estimations to use the phase on it's true potential.
The only change would be on it's cooldown, that would need to be reduced, as thirty-five seconds is just overkill. It should be between the twenty-five to thirty seconds range, as a temporary immortality with speed bonus is very strong, almost regardless of situation in such a team-based game. So I would put it on the higher end of it, from twenty-seven to thirty seconds.
Her passive is absolutely fine the way it is, there are some delays at times, but it's not a problem. The Ultimate though, needs some changes. It is just too strong. Wraith can scout and cover an area of 105m in a few seconds, and due to her phasing, she can go even further and cover an area of about 130m, without any consequences whatsoever. Not only that, but it also can be interacted repeatedly, which is something that can be abused a lot. All things considered, it would follow as this:
And this sums up Wraith pretty nicely. She is definitely one of the most balanced characters in all of Apex, and due to the suggested changes to how Low-Profile works, she would have her power raised to be more similar to the pedestal she was a few seasons ago.
TL;DR of Wraith's Changes:
And this is also the point I noticed "Wow, all of the things I have planned to talk about won't fit in this post!", and this is the reason there's "Part One" in the title. I covered five of the thirteen Legends in this game, all of the Offensive Class, and they are the ones with the most slight alterations if compared to what I have planned for the Support and Recon legends, which probably will have their own part just for them, while Defensive characters, apart from Wattson, will not have that many changes.
If you managed to read up until here, I just want to tell you something: Thank You. You're part of what makes this community so great, and one of the reasons I love Apex. If you can, please tell me your opinion on the comments, and I will do my best to read it all. If you liked this post, please, upvote, as you will make this more accessible to other users, that will send their feedback too. When I finish Part Two, I will post the link for it in the comments, and maybe if this does get some traction, we can start a small movement with multiple posts similar to this one. If I missed something or did something wrong, please tell me.
All in All, have a good day!
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