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QUOINE Expands Cryptocurrency Exchange Services In Canada

TOKYO, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- QUOINE Pte Ltd. (QUOINE) has partnered with Canadian fintech startup Blockwave to bring blockchain fintech services to Canada, starting with the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange before the end of 2017.

QUOINE will deploy its best-in-class trading engine powering its bitcoin exchange and trading platform, QUOINEX, to deliver the same high trading performance for Canadian customers, which include:
QUOINE is excited to bring its leading cryptocurrency exchange experience to the Canadian market. Mike Kayamori, CEO and Co-founder of QUOINE, stated "We see a lot of opportunity for QUOINE to serve the Canadian market more effectively with a local, trusted partner. At QUOINE, we believe in collaboration with fintech startups to help drive our mission to democratize finance by growing the crypto economy. This is why we have launched our own ICO, or QASH Token Sale at https://liquid.plus. We envision QASH to be the token of choice for fintech startups and financial institutions. At a micro level, because we are the issuers of QASH, we will work with fintech startups to structure promotions and incentive schemes for their users and all QUOINE services, including QUOINEX. Our partnership with Blockwave is a first step in that direction for a fruitful collaboration to build up liquidity for cryptocurrency markets in Canada with our high performance platforms, the QASH token, and in-house team expertise."
Nick Chong, founder of Blockwave, added: "This year, we expect the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange market to reach an annual volume of CAD $1.5 billion on 275,000 BTC, which is a 10x increase compared to 2016*. After the closure of several domestic exchanges over the past few years, and the retraction of a number of US-based exchanges from the Canadian market last year, Canadian cryptocurrency traders are left with only a handful of choices when it comes to dealing with reliable and reputable exchanges. Our goal is to become a major player in the industry, and thanks to our partnership with QUOINE we will bring higher levels of crypto liquidity to Canada and advanced trading features, such as margin-trading, that were previously not available to Canadians. "
The partnership will leverage on QUOINE's deep expertise in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards. QUOINE is the first global crypto fintech company to receive an official license from the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA) on Friday, 29th September 2017 and has also received a comprehensive review from a Big 4 Firm.
Going forward, QUOINE and Blockwave plan to launch margin-trading features in 2018.
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Yesterday's Telegram Q&A with our CEO, Jim Preissler

Yesterday's Telegram Q&A with our CEO, Jim Preissler
Q&A with our CEO, Jim Preissler
Our CEO, Jim Preissler, answered many questions on Telegram yesterday about the exchange, the liquidity pool and more. Our COO, Roy Gutshall assisted as well.
Join our Telegram group (https://t.me/TradeToken) for your chance to ask questions of management and key personnel at trade.io.
Sam_zZ: Hi Jim, first 2 questions from Sam
Q1: LP revenue, is it only related to TRADE.IO exchange and its operations or external revenue streams as well?
Q2: I believe that many LP participants will re invest our daily LP payouts to buy more TIOs on a daily basis! So, will our exchange have enough liquidity including tight spreads to fulfill such orders without paying for TIOs ridiculous prices?
Thanks for your answers and good to have you here again!! GO TIOOOO!!!!
Jim Preissler:
1. not sure what you mean by "external", but anything LP can be used for will could
2. as exchange grows, liquidity should naturally improve as well
Mr All Is Well: Q1: hi Jim, I know you have a longterm strategy about TIO when TIO ico. At now, other exchanges have a long jump in this area and they also include some idea of TIO. Have you think about this issue and u have any solution to compare these other exchange to attract trader to the TIO?

Mr All Is Well
Q2: hi Jim, you think LP is the key point of TIO with other exchanges? Have you any idea to solve this low volume in TIO exchange at now?
Q3: when I am trading in TIO exchange, I have some ideas to improve TIO feature, I have pm admin to give some issue, but I don't know these result is fixed. In the howsitgoing is not enough. I think TIO have Q&A forum to update all user comments and result or plan to optimize these?
Q4: I alway count on TIO longterm strategy. You can share your idea about this current crypto currency market? How longtime downtrend is over?
Jim Preissler:
1: real regulations are coming, and most exchanges are already full of wash trades, spoofing, pump and dumps, etc. These exchanges will never get real licenses
3: We have a bug & feature request list that is very long that is being worked through. Please submit, and it ends up there. We will try to make more visible so we don't gt the same item over and over
4: We are seeing separation in the market. Token buyers will realize they invested in many untested startups that most will fail without delivering anything. This will leave 1000s of "zombie" tokens that are effectively worthless. We new have a lot more established projects coming out, which will help this transition. Once that happens, the market will steadily grow again driven by sustained profits.
2: **Roy:**Hello Everyone,
I see Jim is getting a lot of questions so I'd like to help out and answer some LP questions. As we all know, trade.io did not invent the concept of the LP. There are other exchanges that offer something similar. However, we feel our competitive advantage is the combination of our Angel Investor program and ICO consulting services combined with the LP. We can almost capture 1 projects entire life cycle, from ICO concept, to fund raising, to listing.
This allows us to get on the ground floor of some high potential project that might not otherwise be found if we were just doing research on our own. Our Angel Investor partners rely on our expertise and experience to help them make better investment decisions.
This combination of services will drive volume to the exchange as there will be a consistent flow of new users generated from these Angel Investors and Consulting projects.
I think what might not be realized yet is the fact that the entire ICO landscape and format has changed since a year ago. ICO's are not completed in 2-3 months any longer. With the bear market ICO's are lasting 2-3x times longer (up to 9 months). So the development of these ICO consulting clients is taking longer than what might be expected. I suggest checking out JPM's video on this has he goes into further detail on the specifics. In any case, we have a strategy to adjust to the changing market trends and plan to implement this strategy shortly after the launch of the LP.
Mr All Is Well:
I strong agree. It must finish as fast as possible. I believe in new CTO!

Daryl Lim:
Hi Jim, I am Daryl and am concern about trade.io financial health. I presume base on the market condition, trade is making a lose everyday, how long more can trade sustain if market condition does not improve as there are many mouths to feed?
Thank you
Jim Preissler:
we have plenty of cash,, not an issue

How's the progress of incorporating institutional user? i can see the spread has been narrowed but may i know the reason why the buy/sell volume on the order book is still small?
Jim Preissler:
Takes time to grow liquidity, we are improving every day

P K:
Any update on Swiss regulations?
Jim Preissler:
having meetings on VQF, which are moving ahead (the Swiss SRO) earlier this week, and by all accounts it appears we're in a good position to finally receive the authorization to begin operating out of Switzerland in the coming weeks. This is a very positive development, that I'm happy to report.
P K: Super NEWS!

about liquidity what made you decide to select cryptos such as OMG etc.. as apparently it s not being traded at all, so why chose those ones and not some others at start ? Is there any plan or any special interest from insitutions in those ones ?
Hi Aymeric,
The institutional partners wanted to start with the majors first. Now that they have had time to review our exchange they will start to trade the other assets. We should start to see higher volume on all assets in the coming days.
btw, get someone at marketing go ticlke the communities of the different tokens (such as OMG) explaining it s being listed on trade.io.It takes no time, community is happy to see its token listed on a new exchange, and it can always bring new customers.
Yes, it's like you have read our minds on this one Aymeric. This is something we have created a dedicated team to assist with. We will be coordinating with all token/projects that we list to help provide joint marketing efforts in addition to offering some incentives to list and bring their community to trade.io. If anyone has any connections with the management teams of specific tokens or ICO projects please DM me :)

The inst partners decided that? I see minuscule to zero volumes though, even on OMG.
Jim Preissler:
OMG specifically was a community request
Paul Johnson -trade.io:
You will see it ramped up over time, TR.

Hi Jim, another questions from our members
Q1. Saddko:
- Is Trade.io going to deliver audited quarterly/annual reports? If so, when do you think this will start?
Thank you
Q2. Arif Syahroni:
- What is the effort of the trade.io management to raise the TIO price , the current price of TIO is below the price during ICO and what efforts have been made
Jim Preissler:
1. Even if we were publicly listed, we would only have to do 6 month review and annual audit. When we go public, that will be the plan
Jim Preissler:
2. when anything in the crypto market goes up. There will be no sustained breakouts in this market by pretty much anyone. You want any gains to stick and not be for fast profiteers

Are we applying any licenses all over the world? What's the progress?
Jim Preissler:
yes, in reality there aren't that many tier 1 licenses. Most are kind of BS. The tier 1 licenses take time, and none of the big exchanges have them yet either

@JimPreissler @Roytio Thank you very much for this AMA. I see things are progressing with the new CTO coming in. Finger crossed things will be good in the near future.
“Competitor analysis” is very important for any business, especially for a startup like trade.io who claims to become top 5. I have used LIQUID (merged by QRYPTOS and QUOINEX) and I would say the overall quality is very good. Their customer onboarding, website, user interface, services offered like lending, margin trading, and many more.
My question is very simple. Is LIQUID one of trade.io “competitor analysis” ? If not, would you include them into your "competitor analysis" ?
Hi Mike,
We have indeed been doing competitor analysis. We consider KuCoin, Huobi, and Binance the current market standards that we hope to compete with and exceed. Some things we have learned and are working to implement are:
KuCoin's support gives very short and sometimes irrelevant answers. Most times they send links to their clients to read and don't really assist them directly or answer their questions directly.
We feel that trade.io has a human touch and we want to know our users and community feedback. That's why we assign a live person to assist with any inquiry you may have.
Huobi provides excellent support in our opinion but they may take a long time to respond. trade.io attempts to offer instant support so there is not a delay in resolving your question or problem.
Gate.io's telegram admins require that their users register for an account before they will assist them in answering their questions. Trade.io answers all questions as fast as possible to the best of our ability. There are obviously situations where an investigation or further information may be needed to resolve a question or problem. But we do attempt to provide as much assistance as possible on the spot, right there in front of you.
@Roytio Thank you very much Roy for your sincere and detailed answer. Beside customer support and technology (margin, lending), their exchange user interface is a lot better than trade.io. My honest view is that, when I login to trade.io exchange, it doesn't give me confidence and user-friendliness to trade.
Does trade.io have any plan to improve it ? Does trade.io have any UX designer ?
Yes absolutely, we have a continuous development framework in place. What you see today is not what you will see next week or in a month. The howsitcoming site is an attempt to capture the communities feedback on the changes they feel are most important and high priority.
We actually have our own internal howsitcoming project management tool which is about 10 times larger and more in depth with all the projects we are currently working on or have queued up in the backlog. Right now it's about prioritizing tasks. Development on projects is not visible to the community which may make the community feel that progress has slowed or even stopped. This is 100% not the case at all. Therefore, we are trying to trickle in UI improvements, bug fixes, ect into the weekly sprints so that the community can see some progress.
However, there are only so many resources (developers) to go around. We are hiring top talent which takes time. So every UI improvement, bug fit, ect takes resources away from big projects like margin trading, FX, Fiat, ect. Currently we are focused and committed to launching the LP on time and making the UI/Bug fixes that are being requested. Once each task is completed we move on to the next task in the backlog queue.
Jim Preissler:
And the internal list is long with reported bugs, graphical changes, feature requests, new widgets, etc.. in addition to bigger projects
Very detailed answer. Thank you again.
Beside appointing the new CTO Marcin, does management have any big plan to improve on the current worse-than-expected trade.io exchange ?
Hi Mike,
I would love to answer your question but I don't know what your personal expectations are. Feel free to DM me and we can discuss further. As I said before, we have a continuous development framework in place so there are constant improvement to the exchange.
There are too many small issues on the trade.io exchange. One or two or three small issues are acceptable. When there are too many small issues, it is big issue.
The problem here is that, there is a fundamental problem to the “team” who developed this exchange. There are just too many small and big issues.
Appointing new CTO is mainly because of the development. Beside appointing new CTO, does trade.io have enough developers ? How good are they ? If not, any plan to hire more ?
In addition, what are the other plans ?
There are really broad categories that you have brought up. I'd like to drill down and get to specific examples and really address your concerns. Perhaps we can arrange another AMA with Marcin in the coming weeks? Like I said, please feel free to DM me and I would be happy to address your specific questions or concerns.

ICO HunterX:
here's my question: We're going to the LP day soon. Assuming almost loyal TIO holders are going to transfer all TIOs to our exchanges. This make us a little concern for a new-born child like our exchange. TBH, the low volume these days on TIO exchanges did not make any attention to the hackers. But what if we transfer a lot of TIOs/crypto assets to trade.io? Did you make any vulnerability testing in a daily basis? And is there any fund to secure us liek Binance's SAFU?
ICO HunterX:
Jim: Thank you for your transaparency on the http://howsitcoming.trade.io. To tell the truth, all of them are the development issues on the exchanges.
I am here for this AMA to hear more about the finance, regulations aspects or anything else unique that make you appeal from the crowd. What are you doing to make us different from the ordinary exchanges? (I thought it was BTV but there is no BTV on the backlog currently). Can you share us your speculation? In order to explode, what needs to get done?
Jim Preissler:
It seems to me that exchange manipulation is either not understood or appreciated. If that were the case, no one would use many big exchanges or companies like Robinhood. Basically, what is going on is that there are a few big sharks at the top that are destroying all the guppies on the bottom.
Jim Preissler:
We will still work to address this, and eventually users will understand where the safe places to trade are
ICO HunterX:
yeah, def we have zero tolerant for manipulation. I just ask if anything on the list that you believe "if we can complete it", we will be surely good (like Elon musk commercialize the World First Moon Tour or so..). I know how hard you guys have been trying for the last year. However, we cannot just work and hope. There must be some magic you guys have been addressing and striving for that. Please do not tell me that we just try & hope. Actually idea is 💩 nowadays. You can publish this and let see who can do it first with how...

algas Q:
Hello Jim. Is there any plan to attract people trading on trade.io? For new comers, people even can not tell what is exchaged on the website "exchange.trade.io"
We are currently working on a trading board screen without needing to log in to the exchange which will be accessible from the main website so you can see all assets available on the exchange

Dustin McDaniel:
Jim, concerning the recent change in CTO, which I think was a necessary move, are you satisfied with the overall development progression compared to before? I know we can see things getting better more quickly, but curious to your take on it. How is the mood of the team with the move? Not asking you to comment much on what happened, but I am curious if it was a mutual agreeance to part ways?
Jim Preissler:
We want to speed up development page, and add new products. We are constantly making improvements, and aligning the teams to make this happen.

Hello Jim,
By October 9, do you have any plan marketing campaigns?
Jim Preissler:
depends on the market, don't want to throw money into a hole

Jim Preissler:
OK, hopping off thanks everyone for all the great questions. please send your tech suggestions, requests, etc. to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])! Please sign up as an affiliate so you can help promote us to other communities, get these coins listed, and make everyone here, including your selves, money!

Dustin McDaniel:
Thanks @JimPreissler and @Roytio !!

Thank you for your time Jim and Roy :)
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Daostack Listed Its Native Token GEN on Liquid Cryptocurrency Exchange

Daostack Listed Its Native Token GEN on Liquid Cryptocurrency Exchange
DAOstack has announced the listing of its native token GEN, on one of the newest crypto exchanges Liquid, to begin trading on October 9, with BTC, ETH, and QASH trading pairs.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are self-organized entities on the blockchain without a central entity to control or dictate the actions of operations of the blockchain. Developments and decisions are achieved through collective and systemic programming.
DAOstacks uses layered smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to follow through with a chain of commands and parameters that have no central authority. It consists of agencies, different entities built upon these smart contracts.
The DAOstack blockchain project is designed to be an operating system for collective intelligence, which is expected to scale up innovative and collective human decision-making process for decentralized organizations.
GEN is an important part of the system being used to power the system and ensure its full operations. The GEN will link DAOs together and will ensure the prediction processing and a filter model for proposals across the networks of DAOs on the DAOstack platform.
GEN has been adopted by DAOstack’s first decentralized application Alchemy, and currently runs on the Ethereum mainnet. More projects are currently leveraging this decentralized governance model. The GEN will allow users to access expert attention both within and outside the DAO and will also be a currency for rewarding contributors.
Leveraging on the successes of Ethereum’s network features, GEN will be to the DAOstack as Ether is to the Ethereum network. DAOstack has shown its excitement about the listing of the GEN token on the Liquid exchange and hopes that this is an important step out of many in ensuring that DAO systems grow into a full potential. Matan Field, DAOstack architect, and CEO have made it clear that:
“In the same way that ether is gas for the collective attention of computers, the GEN token is gas for the collective attention of human beings.”
By consolidating two exchanges Quoinex and Qryptos owned by the same fintech company Quoine, the Liquid exchange was formed. It has quite the achievement since it was set up in 2014. The exchange boasts of over $50 billion USD in transactions conducted on the exchange platform in just over a year. More so, ICOs have used the native token for the cryptocurrency exchange QASH, to raise a cumulative of $100 million USD.
The mother company Quoine is a global fintech company that has also received support from the Japan Financial Services Agency being the first cryptocurrency exchange that was officially licensed by the Agency. The exchange provides cryptocurrency trading, margin trading, and lending services.
For further information about DAOstack, visit the website, read the whitepaper and follow DAOstack on Twitter.
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how to buy bitcoin or altcoin on Quoinex.com, trade cryptocurrency on quoinex Tutorial: How to Margin Trade on Binance 👨‍🏫 - YouTube Introducing QUOINEX Mobile App - Trading on the go! - YouTube Quoinex customize trading dashboard QUOINE - Liquid update with QUOINE Chief Trading Officer Andre Pemmelaar

News & Updates Important updates to the platform and related news. Registration & Verification How to Register & What to Upload for Verification Spot trading is your normal buying/selling. You spend one currency to get another. Margin trading is not your normal buying/selling. Essentially, a margin trade in one product is a bet on the price of that product, using borrowed money to attempt to amplify your profits. Another great feature that Quoinex offer to traders is margin trading. Here you can use a kind of a credit in order to open positions. Some think that this type of trading is similar to betting and I can agree with them at some point. However, many traders across the World use this opportunity for many years and they are happy with it as they Margin Trading - Margin trading with leverage starting at 2X and up to 100x. Quoinex Elite Trading . Elite Trader Interface: Dive into our revolutionary trading interface for the ultimate trading experience. The future of online trading for the elite trader is now at your fingertips Quoinex is a beautifully designed and feature rich cryptocurrency exchange that was launched back in 2014 and has become very popular among Asian countries since. The Quoinex exchange is owned and operated by Quoine Co Ltd., who is made up of a competent team of ex-banking professionals. Quoinex is headquartered in Japan with their location at 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuou-ku, TokyoJapan.

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how to buy bitcoin or altcoin on Quoinex.com, trade cryptocurrency on quoinex

What is margin trading? What is a margin? What is the difference between a cash account and a margin account? In episode #34 of Real World Finance we dive de... Updated Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/88C3kBKohpM Binance save 10% on fees: https://www.binance.com/en/futures/ref/blockbuilders In this video I am going t... One trading jargon that you’ll hear very often is margin. It’s usually in terms like margin account, margin trading and even margin call. It seems a bit comp... [QUOINE] QUOINEX and QRYPTOS become LIQUID Liquid. Loading... Unsubscribe from Liquid? ... How to trade Crypto: Basic Swing Trading Techniques - Duration: 4:18. Liquid 1,257 views. In this video tutorial you will see how to fund your account with Ethereum on Quoinex exchange. QUOINEX: https://quoinex.com WEBSITE: https://liquid.plus QRY...