Margin trading basics – Kraken

BitcoinAll comment: Coinbase is a kiosk. Kraken is a trading platform with advanced orders, margin, and alternative crypto-currencies. It really depends on what you want to do.. Join the conversation!

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PSA: Predatory exchange checklist

Everyone please, I would seriously advise you to stay away from exchanges that have predatory practices that take advantage of new users and first time depositors, because they have no other way to make money. An exchange that is functioning properly makes money on either their trading fees or their spread. I am writing this to all the new people that are looking for bitcoin exchange/broker options in Canada.
There are certain things you should look at and if the exchange in question has any or a combination of the following I would suggest you stay away, as the practices of these exchanges are the reason they are running on fumes and I would not like to see anyone on here get caught in another exit scam.
  1. Deposit or Withdrawal fees on fiat or crypto (unrealistic amounts). There are plenty of other exchanges with no deposit or withdrawal fees and if the exchange is successful, this is not needed at all and is a failed business model in Canada.
  2. Minimum withdrawal or deposit amounts on fiat or crypto (within reason). You should be able to deposit and withdraw as much as you'd like without restriction. This is a tactic that will most likely cause you to have to bring your balance up to a certain amount before you can withdraw. I would not consider this to be the case if the amount is $5 or less, as it does cost money to send bank wire and e-transfer.
  3. Holds on funds and bank like activity (not including fraud concerns). No exchange should have to have a hold on any funds for any reason. It is your money and they are not a bank.
Right now in Canada, there are two highly rated exchanges that have the best history with almost no complaints on reddit (or any that seem to be of valid concern). They are Shakepay and Newton, which function much the same but their own unique properties and services. I am bi-partisan on what exchange you choose because they both have solid foundation, very good history and customer reviews and highest volume, but stay away from anything but them at this point is my advice to any newcomers reading this.
Edit: Although Kraken is technically based in the US, they are a very reputable exchange and service Canadian clientele, I'm just referencing exchanges based I'm Canada right now.
Edit 2: If an exchange has deposit or withdrawal fees, they should have a good justification for it, such as VERY low trading fees or margin account, cover mining fees or anything that you can logically see that would absorb this cost.
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What Makes a Crypto Trading Platform Trustworthy?

What Makes a Crypto Trading Platform Trustworthy?
One thing that all of the major cryptocurrency trading platforms at the top of the industry have in common is the trust that the users and the community as a whole places in them.
This is also something that clearly differentiates the best platforms in the cryptocurrency market from the rest, with the most trusted exchanges and brokerages building a loyal fan base and respect within the industry.
We’re breaking down what makes a crypto trading platform trustworthy in 2020, and taking a look at a few examples of some of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms.
Hacking is Still a Big Concern in 2020
Far from being something of the past, hacking within the cryptocurrency industry is still a significant concern and a big problem for both trading platforms and users alike.
As recently as this year and 2019, some of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms have suffered hacks in the range of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.
Hacking is still one of the top concerns for anybody that interacts with the cryptocurrency market, and instead of the prevalence of hackers diminishing over the past years, if anything it has increased.
Many of the Top Platforms Hacked Recently
Far from it being only small training platforms that get hacked, some of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the industry have been hacked over the past couple of years.
Binance is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, and was hacked in early 2019 with the platform suffering a loss of more than $40 million of their users’ funds in the process.
Coinbene is another large cryptocurrency trading platform that has fallen afoul of hackers in the past two years, with it suffering a $160 million loss in 2019 as well.
Platforms Implement Advanced Security
There are however a number of examples of platforms that have implemented advanced security features and systems in order to remain hack-free and to protect the funds of their users.
PrimeXBT is the world's leading multi-asset margin trading platform, and implements a wide range of bank-grade security features such as the mandatory Bitcoin address whitelisting and cold storage of digital assets with multi-signature technology.
Because of this, PrimeXBT has ensured that in its years of its operation, it has never been hacked and has never been breached by hackers in any way, ensuring that users’ funds remain safe.
Traders Select Platforms with Clean Security Track Records
Traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space will always gravitate towards platforms that have never been hacked, being that it is the most sure fire way of being assured of the safety of a platform in comparison to others.
Platforms such as PrimeXBT which have never been hacked, as well as others such as Kraken, have built a large and loyal following based on the understanding that users are safe to interact with the cooked a currency market on these platforms.
As time goes on platforms that have never been hacked become rarer, as there is a continual stream of multi-million dollar hacks that we hear about, and this only works in the favor of those platforms that have effective security implemented.
In Summary
While there are a number of reasons that traders and investors select certain platforms to trade at, one of the most important considerations is the security of each platform.
Even though generating profit is important, there is no point generating profit at a platform if it will just be lost to hackers, and therefore traders often pay particular attention to the track record of each platform with regards to security.
PrimeXBT and Kraken are two examples of platforms that have never been hacked and that implement effective security measures in order to protect the funds of their users
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[Sealed][Draft] The M21 Forcing Spike Common/Uncommon Limited Primer

What’s up spikes! I’m JacetheOD and I’m here for another shot at priming the would-be-spikes of the internet for their prerelease and first drafts! This time, we’re talking Core Set 2021! I haven’t been this excited about a core set in a long, long time. It seems like it’s full of meaningful reprints alongside powerful new cards, and that’s a recipe for success! We’re going to be talking about the commons and uncommons in this review, because that’s the vast majority of what your limited experience is going to be. Be sure to have your card image gallery up to follow along. If you need one, this will help:
Let’s not wait any longer!
Alpine Watchdog – I’ve always been a fan of the 2 mana 2/2 vigilance when it gets printed. Having a play on turn two that can attack and block just warms my heart. When I look at the other white commons, I think I’ll be comparing them to Alpine Watchdog, and I think that makes it a sold C.
Angelic Ascension – This is a weird one to me. I’m sure it’s relatively powerful, because it’s an uncommon. It’s hard to imagine “downgrading” an opponent’s creature to a 4/4 flyer, and nailing a planeswalker with this after they’ve gotten a loyalty ability activation is probably just a great way to get killed. I like the idea of just turning one of your creatures that has been outclassed or targeted by removal into a 4/4 flyer, though. I’ll have to see how this works out.
Anointed Chorister – I think you have to want the lifelink for this card to really be worth playing at all. This should get cut often, but will occasionally make the cut.
Aven Gagglemaster – I love the name of this card. I also love this card. A 4 power flower for 5 is something I’d always play, and this one gains you at least 2 life to boot!
Basri’s Acolyte – If you curve your two and three drops into this, it can do some serious damage. This is particularly well coupled with flyers, but I’m sure I’ll play this in my 4 drop slot quite often.
Basri’s Solidarity – the theme of GW is counters and this card screams it. I think this is going to be great in any deck looking to drop 2 or 3 creatures and jam. Keep in mind this really isn’t a card for your 11-12 creature control decks.
Celestial Enforcer – I see the joke here. This is a tapper for the flyers deck without just being a tapper. I like 3 mana 2/3’s with meaningful abilities, and if you have 7+ flyers I think this gets there.
Concordia Pegasus – This is a card that has seen print a number of times and I’m usually happy to have it in the 2 drop slot of my white decks. It attacks and blocks reasonably well for a 2 drop and will make the cut more than it doesn’t.
Daybreak Charger – This is an honestly attempt at making the 2 mana 3/1 more playable, but I don’t really think it gets there. If you want aggressive 2 drops, this is it, but it doesn’t even work the way you want it to when you cast it on turn two unless you’ve played a 1 mana 1/1. I’ll play this when I need a 2 drop, because decks often need 2 drops, but I don’t like it much.
Defiant Strike – This is just a reasonable combat trick. It allows you to trade when you otherwise might have just lost a combat, and it replaces itself. That being said, it’s just a combat trick. You might want one of these, but I think that’s it, and most of the time you won’t want it at all.
Dub – I really liked the way this played in Dominaria, and I’m happy to see it return. I think it’s going to play well with the flyers and lifelinkers in the set. It is an aura, so beware the risk of ruin, but if this goes uncontested it feels great.
Faith’s Fetters – I love answers to noncreature permanents at lower rarities, and this card has been long overdue for a reprint. This will be one of my favorite cards in the set by the time we’re through.
Falconer Adept – This card seems bonkers to me, and is a reason to be in white. Quite good.
Feat of Resistance – Temporary protection always just plays really well. This grants a counter and allows you to block, counters a removal spell, knocks an aura off, or pushes through an attack. Feat of Resistance is one of the more playable combat tricks for sure, and I think you’ll almost always play the first one.
Gale Swooper – A 4 mana 3 power flyer would just get played, and this one jumps a creature when it ETBs! I like this card quite a bit.
Griffin Aerie – A payoff card for the lifegain decks, and an excellent one at that. If you can get more than one Griffin from this, you’re likely going to win the game.
Legion’s Judgement – The “kill-a-big-guy” spell at common. These are always begrudgingly playable, and this one does cost 3 instead of 4. You probably want the first one, and leave the others in your sideboard.
Light of Promise – The joke here is that you put this on your lifelink creature and profit. I can see this running away with a game for sure. I’m always dubious about auras, but I think this one just gets played if you have enough lifelinkers.
Makeshift Battalion – I’ve said multiple times in the past that I don’t like 3 mana 3/2 creatures, but the potential is there for this one. Your aggressive decks will want some 3 drops, and you could do worse than this.
Rambunctious Mutt – I love that these ETB disenchant creatures have gotten bigger. They were playable before and are that much more playable with stats like this. I think I’ll always play my first one of these.
Revitalize – I think you’ll want this in your lifelink deck if you have a TON of payoffs, but otherwise I think this is worse than just Opt.
Sanctum of Tranquil Light – I think this being a 1 mana shrine is more of an enabler for other shrines. You just can’t afford to pay this much mana to tap a creature unless you are pretty far ahead.
Seasoned Hallowblade – I think this is worse than Adanto Vanguard, but still a good 2 drop and great target for Dub and other auras.
Secure the Scene – White has occasionally gotten the 5 mana exile anything spell in the past, and this one makes a token on top of that. I think I’ll play all of these I get.
Selfless Savior – This 1 mana 1/1 has one of the few abilities I think make it worth playing a 1 mana 1/1. Super solid.
Siege Striker – This card seems quite strong to me. It’s going to force so many chump blocks from your opponent if you have another creature or two one board, because they just can’t live very long taking 6 damage per turn if this can be a 3/1.
Staunch Shieldmate – I think this is the first 1 mana 1/3 ever? I could be wrong, but this set of stats seems pretty good to me. Being able to block and kill 1/1’s and 2/1’s, while just blocking 2 power creatures and living, all for 1 mana seems fine. If you need bodies, I think you could do way worse than this.
Swift Response – These cards have often been sorceries in the past, and that was very annoying because your opponent got to hit you before your removal spell was turned on. Being an instant makes this very good at 2 mana. I’ll play all of them I can get. This will be my early pick for best white common for sure.
Tempered Veteran – This seems like it really belongs in the GW counters deck, but if you have just a couple of cards that make +1/+1 counters, this can get way out of control. I don’t think I’d play it if I had no other +1/+1 counter sources.
Valorous Steed – This seems like quite a good 5 drop. A 3/3 vigiliance and a 2/2 vigilance for 5 mana is just a good deal.
Vryn Wingmare – I appreciate the downshift to uncommon here. This is definitely better than a wind drake and will see a lot of play.
Warded Battlements – Another card that seems like it belongs in the flyers deck. Blocking 2/2s and powering up your evasive creatures seems fine, but I wish this had one more point of toughness. It’s going to act like an enchantment that you can sacrifice to block with. I’m not super excited about this, but I’m sure I’ll lose to it a few times.
-----TLDR WHITE-----
The themes seem to be flyers, lifelink, go wide aggro, and +1/+1 counters. I think the best white common is going to be Swift Response by a good margin. Overall, white seems fine, but not overpowered.
Cancel – I like to maindeck these in sealed and sideboard them in draft. I don’t see that changing here.
Capture Sphere – This is blue’s new go-to removal spell and I like it quite a bit. Premium blue removal.
Enthralling Hold – Having to play this on a tapped creature is a small price to pay and this card is a bomb. These are 2-for-1’s and always over-perform.
Frantic Inventory – I think you’re going to want this if you have a LOT of them (3 or more) or are the spells deck. Until you have 3, I think Opt is just better.
Frost Breath – I have never been a fan of this card unless you are INSANELY aggressive, and that doesn’t tend to be blue’s strategy. You will probably never run this and be happy about it.
Jeskai Elder – This is a great card and I’m happy to see it. Just because it has prowess doesn’t mean it’s only for the spells deck. There will be a lot of games where this is cast one turn two and just can’t be blocked for a couple turns and the extra cards run away with the game.
Keen Glidemaster – You can use this to jump some of your big guys in UG, but it’s just a C.
Library Larcenist – Getting the card on the attack and not having to actually connect is big. I’m a fan of this for sure.
Lofty Denial – I think this is very bad if you’re not in the flyers deck, and gets pretty good once you’re there. I don’t think I would ever play this outside the UW deck in this format.
Miscast – Constructed plant. Could be sided in against removal heavy decks or decks with X spells.
Mistral Singer – A Wind Drake with prowess is big game. I’m in!
Opt – Opt is always a card you want to play but usually cut. Thanks to spells mattering, draw matters, and prowess, I think Opt will make the cut much more often in M21.
Rain of Revelation – Powerful instant speed draw spell. Big game in most decks, with extra punch in the UG draw cards or UR spells decks.
Read the Tides – This just looks bad to me. I’m sure I’ll lose to it a few times. Paying 6 to draw 3 at sorcery speed or bounce two creatures just isn’t enough. You have to be in a position for an alpha strike, and there are just better cards that can get your there.
Rewind – I’m super excited about this for constructed. In limited, you need a LOT of instants for Rewind to function as intended. That being said, if you have 10 instants in your deck, Rewind becomes quite good.
Riddleform – I tend to like these enchantments that become creatures, as they dodge a lot of the common removal in most sets. This will be a very good card in the spells deck.
Roaming Ghostlight – My pick for best blue common for sure. A man-o’-war that flies and has 3 power is very, very good. Multiples of this are insane. If anyone remembers how good Chillbringer was, this is better.
Rookie Mistake – This is quite bad. It will not help you win any combat. I wouldn’t play these under virtually any sircumstance.
Rousing Read – This seems powerful enough to put on something, and replaces itself. I think I’ll play this more than most “flight” variants, but exercise caution against blowouts.
Sanctum of Calm Waters – If you can get another shrine in play, this gets out of hand quickly. Otherwise, this is just not quite doing enough for 4 mana.
Shipwreck Dowser – This card is GREAT. A 3/3 prowess and a business spell for 5 mana is excellent.
Spined Megalodon – I’m going to have opponents that cast Rousing Read on this and just wreck me, I’m sure. This is a clunker, but there will be blue decks that just want a 7 drop with hexproof.
Teferi’s Protégé – This merfolk looter costs 2 mana to activate, but is also a 3 mana 2/3. I’m not sure if this is quite good enough to make the cut, but I’ll probably start by playing at least one and go from there.
Teferi’s Tutelage – With all the card draw we’ve seen, I think this is a bomb and a serious way to win. One of the things you’ll need to know how to do to be successful in this format is draft a deck around this card.
Tide Skimmer – I’d play this with just a couple flyers in my deck, and in the UW flyers deck it will be excellent!
Tolarian Kraken – Again, with all the card draw we’ve seen, I think this will be an excellent card. It triggers on each of your draw steps as well!
Tome Anima – So drawing cards is a theme here and there are a lot of these cards running around that will make Opt seem quite good. This card is going to be unblockable quite often, and I can see this over-performing for the entire format.
Unsubstantiate – Super solid. Cheap bounce/temporary counter is meaningful. You don’t really want this in your control decks, though.
Vodalian Arcanist – Another Dominaria reprint that I’m happy to see. This will be quite good in your spells deck and no one else will really want them.
Waker of Waves – “Weakstone” effects have always been quite good. This card is no exception. Plus you can use it for card filtering early! I love this card.
Wall of Runes – This card has always just been bad. You can side it in if you need a blocker, but it’s junk.
Wishcoin Crab – I have run 1 of these in past blue decks when I really needed a 4 drop. This is like a classic D. You can play it, but usually hope not to.
-----TLDR BLUE-----
The themes we can see look like spells, draw cards, and flyers. I think there’s enough “looting” to discard cards in a meaningful way as well, so some graveyard synergies are possible. Blue seems quite strong to me in this set.
Alchemist’s Gift – This card has some utility as an effective 1 mana combat trick, especially since deathtouch is so powerful, but I’d need some creatures that really took advantage of it. It may just be good enough for the lifelink deck though.
Archfiend’s Vessel – If you can bring this back reliably, it can be quite powerful, but this seems like a lot of hoops to jump through. I’ll really have to see if this works or not.
Bad Deal – Actually seems like quite a good deal to me. It’s a 4-for-1! You’ll probably never want more than one, but black control decks would very happy to have this.
Blood Glutton – This seems like just a fatty for the lifelink deck, but a 5 mana 4 power lifelink creature can get some serious work done. Any black deck could certainly have a worse 5 drop.
Caged Zombie – Another 3 mana 2/3 with enough of an ability to interest me. Probably just another C, but these cards do make me stretch my evaluation muscles for sure.
Carrion Grub – This card is interesting. Seems like it pairs well with Spined Megalodon and blue looters. I’m sure this will end up being pretty good.
Crypt Lurker – A 4 mana 3/4 with an optional loot (even if it must be a creature) is very good and I expect this to see a lot of play.
Deathbloom Thallid – This was good in Dominaria and I expect it to be good here as well. A 3/2 that dies into a 1/1 is just enough above rate to make me happy playing it.
Duress – Sideboard card. Not much else to say.
Eliminate – This is a great limited card and I’m very happy to see a 2 mana planeswalker removal spell enter standard.
Fetid Imp – I’ve always liked the way this played in limited. It gets in a little and the deathtouch activation makes it a huge headache for opponents.
Finishing Blow – Expensive, but instant speed and effective. These will be played ad nauseam, I’m sure.
Gloom Sower – This is a lot of mana to pay for an 8/6 with no evasion, but I think this triggers for each creatures blocking it, and it will take at least a double block to take this down. I think this is OK if you’re really looking for a 7 drop.
Goremand – This is interesting. A 6 mana 5/5 flying, trample is a bargain for sure. You have to sacrifice a creature, but so do your opponents. This just means you’re both sacrificing your worse creatures and this is probably the best thing on the board. The disaster scenario is when this is countered and you 2-for-1 yourself, but I think this card will be very good.
Grasp of Darkness – You’re going to want 9 or 10 swamps if you’re looking to play this early, but it’s super powerful and my pick for best black common.
Infernal Scarring – Good on evasive creatures, life linkers, or first strikers, and you get your card back. You’ll know when you want this, but it still won’t be often.
Kitesail Freebooter – More exciting for constructed, but you’ll occasionally nab a removal spell and your opponent will be in a jam. I like this card, but it’s probably only a C+.
Liliana’s Devotee – This card seems great! It only triggers on your turn, so yu have to be aggressive, but once you have a zombie you can keep sending it in and your opponent has to walk in to your combat tricks or take 2. I like this card a lot!
Liliana’s Steward – I don’t think this is a card I want to play at all. It’s too easy to play around.
Malefic Scythe – We don’t see equipment this strong much, because we don’t see them qith colored casting costs. I like the move to make more colored artifacts, especially if it means cards like this see print. This card makes virtually any creature a threat.
Masked Blackguard – I’m not sure if this is any good, but I don’t think so. It might ambush a 3/3 in the mid-game and trade, but that isn’t much to get for your 5 mana. I think this is a D or worse.
Mind Rot – I really only play these in sealed, but you can side them in against control in draft.
Pestilent Haze – These effects are almost like Wrath of God against certain decks. I like to keep them in the sideboard and bring them in when they’re at their best.
Rise Again – This is interesting because it’s a common and there is so much looting in blue. It’s quite possible that some type of UB reanimate/control deck is insane if you have a couple bombs to get back with this.
Sanctum of Stone Fangs – This might be the most powerful of the shrines. If you’re draining your opponent for 2 every turn with this and another shrine, you’re probably in a good position to win that game.
Sanguine Indulgence – In the lifegain deck, being able to get back any 2 bodies for 1 mana is way above rate. At full cost, this is a little underwhelming, but might still be playable if you have a ton of value generating creatures.
Silversmote Ghoul – 3 life seems to be the magic number and this is absurd. If you get multiple activations from this, I can’t imaging too many scenarios where you lose.
Skeleton Archer – Always seems to over-perform, and is quite good if your opponent is playing multiple X/1’s. I like skeleton archer myself.
Tavern Swindler – Because all of the lifegain matters cards trigger on a gain of 3 life, this card may be much more playable than in the past. On average, this doesn’t change your life total, but it also triggers your lifegain matters cards every other turn. I think this card will be good in those decks specifically, and just a bear anywhere else.
Village Rites – I haven’t seen a ton of black cards that make disposable creatures, so there must be some in red. If that’s the case, this can actually be pretty good. If you can’t make enough fodder, I can’t imagine playing more than 1 of these at most.
Walking Corpse – If you need a 2/2 for 2, here it is!
Witch’s Cauldron – I really want to see enough token makers for this to work!
-----TLDR BLACK-----
Lifelink is a very strong theme, and it seems like reanimate is there (but quieter), as well as a sacrifice theme. Grasp of Darkness is super exciting, and I think that card will make black control decks pretty good. I’m excite to see if there’s enough red support for a real sacrifice deck!
Battle-Rattle Shaman – I’ve never been a huge fan of this card, but if you have a first striker or flyer it gets a LOT better.
Bolt Hound – This seems to pair well with the other go-wide aggro cards we saw in white. I’m not a fan of goblins chariot, but this is a BIG step above that and actually pretty good in the go wide deck.
Bone Pit Brute – Wow is this a beating! A 4/5 menace for 6 would be playable a reasonable amount of the time, but giving +4/+0 on ETB is also quite good. I think your red 6 drops could be way worse, but this is a 6 drop and you can’t play many of them.
Burn Bright – For go wide aggro only. No one else wants this at all.
Chandra’s Magmutt – A 2 mana 2/2 that can ping players after being outclassed seems fine to me.
Chandra’s Pyreling – This pairs quite well with Chandra’s Magmutt and red damage spells. If you can trigger this a few times, you can get some SERIOUS damage in.
Crash Though – This is pretty much just junk.
Destructive Tampering – Mediocre sideboard card for aggressive decks against decks with artifacts or few flyers, but really this is quite bad.
Furious Rage – This card has played very well in the past and I’m happy to see it back. It’s a pretty good card in the classic RG monsters build.
Furor of the Bitten – This is so cheap, it can really do some serious damage early if your opponent can’t take out the creature it’s enchanting. Aggro decks tend to like cards like this, but midrange and control decks pass on these every time.
Goblin Arsonist – This card is more playable than most 1/1’s, as it kills 2/2’s and multiple X/1’s. I’d play this if I were aggressive.
Goblin Wizardry – This card is interesting in that it seems to function in both the spells deck and the sacrifice deck, but seems mostly meant for UR spells.
Havoc Jester – I have yet to really see the enablers for these types of payoffs in the BR sacrifice deck, but this indeed a payoff.
Hearfire Immolator – This is just a good card, and gets amazing in the spells deck!
Hobblefiend – A way to sacrifice creatures, but I haven’t seen many token makers yet. This is probably playable in general though, as you can turn creatures targeted by removal into counters.
Igneous Cur – This really just isn’t good enough. The difference between this being a 1/2 and a 2/2 is quite apparent.
Kinetic Augur – A powerful uncommon for the spells deck. This is even ok as just a blocker and looter outside of the spells deck.
Onakke Ogre – This usually gets put into a set when 4 power is important. It’s generally playable with enough support, but dying to 2 mana 2/2’s is quite disappointing.
Pitchburn Devils – I’ve liked this card in the past. Being able to sacrifice it in the BR deck also helps a bit.
Sanctum of Shattered Heights – Turning all of your lands into lava darts is quite good, and turning them into shocks is insane. This is a very powerful shrine and worth playing.
Scorching Dragonfire – Probably red’s best common. It can’t hit players, but that doesn’t tend to matter quite as much in limited.
Shock – I think a lot of us wanted this to be lighting bolt, but shock is so efficient it’s always good enough for limited.
Soul Sear – This is super powerful and you should play all of them!
Spellgorger Weird – Super powerful in your decks with 10 spells. As a 3 mana 3/3 or 4/4 is just gets the wood chopped!
Sure Strike – A combat trick we see quite often now. Because you can win a lot of different combat scenarios, I’m higher on this than other combat tricks. Aggressive decks want Sure Strike for sure!
Thrill of Possibility – Generally playable, and great in the spells deck!
Traitorous Greed – It really hurts the BR deck that the threaten costs 4 and is uncommon. This is not a good sign for the sacrifice archetype, but I’m sure their removal is good enough the BR control works out just fine.
Turn to Slag – This was very good in mirrodin limited, and I still expect it to be good here. It’s a little clunky, but the occasional nabbing of an equipment can be game breaking.
Turret Ogre – This makes me want to play my Onakke Ogres! When this card is on and dealing damage, it’s very good!
Unleach Fury – This is a Berserk that costs 2 and you don’t have to sacrifice the creature. I can see a lot of games ending where a 4/4 goes unblocked and this is cast.
Volcanic Geyser – Excellent card. I can’t say enough good things about it. It hits players, planeswalkers, and creatures!
-----TLDR RED-----
The themes for red seem to be sacrifice (however weak), go wide aggro (also a little loose), 4 power matters, and spells matter. It looks like the UR and GR decks may outclass the RW and BR decks, but we’ll see. The best common is certainly Scorching Dragonfire!
Burfist Oak – This is a good card that fits the draw cards decks and the 4 power matters decks.
Canopy Stalker – Another uncommon for the 4 power matters deck. This is also a reasonable target for Dub!
Colossal Dreadmaw – I’ve like this guy most of the time and I’m happy to see it return.
Cultivate – Excellent magic card. This ramps you, fixes your mana, and allows you to splash. If you’re green, you shouldn’t pass this almost ever.
Drowsing Tyrannodon – A good blocker and above rate creature in the 4 power decks. I can imagin casting this and following up with Onakke Ogre and just jamming.
Fierce Empath – How good this is will depend on what you can search up with it, but even if it’s just Colossal Dreadmaw, this will be quite good.
Fungal Rebirth – Bringing back a creature that died and making 2 1/1’s is big game. This card is very good.
Garruk’s Gorehorn – A 5 mana 7/3 is going to just trade all the time. I’m not really into this at all if you aren’t giving it flying, first strike, or doing something ridiculous.
Garruk’s Uprising – This is a buildaround A in my book. This seriously makes me want to play every 3 mana 4/2 I can. Building decks around this will be a necessary skill in the format.
Gnarled Sage – Another card that checks a lot of boxes. This will be at its best in GU and RG, but is just a playable 5 drop in general.
Hunter’s Edge – A power-up punch is super good, even at 4 mana. This might be my pick for best green common.
Invigorating Surge – You really want to get more than 2 counters when casting this, but even if you don’t it isn’t a horrible deal. I think this will be a powerful green instant you have to be aware of in the format.
Life Goes On – This will mess up a lot of opponents trying to race you, but I’d start this in the sideboard for sure.
Llanowar Visionary – A 3 maan 2/2 that draws a card and ramps you a mana? Sign me up!!!
Ornery Dilophosaur – As a 2/2 deathtouch, I don’t think this quite gets there at 4 mana, but if you can turn this on it puts your opponent in a really difficult situation.
Portcullis Vine – A 0/3 you can cash in for a card later could be worse, but this isn’t exciting at all.
Pridemalkin – This wants to be in a counters deck for sure, but really works well with other reasonable-size creatures.
Quirion Dryad – I always thought of this as a poor-man’s tarmogoyf. It does a reasonable impression, especially in limited!
Ranger’s Guile – Hexproof for 1 mana is great and this card can be a blowout sometimes.
Return to Nature – There’s so much utility here. Naturalize has really been outclassed, but this still starts in the sideboard.
Run Afoul – This is a cute combo with Keen Glidemaster, and just a sideboard card really.
Sabertooth Mauler – This card is interesting. They’ve made a lot of these types of effects that trigger at your end stop only, forcing you to be aggressive and pushing games forward. I like this change, and this card is probably going to be a 4 mana 4/4 or larger most of the time. I’m in.
Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest – This doesn’t seem like a great shrine to me, but if you have 2 shrines out and your making 2 mana every turn to pay for spells and activated abilities, this can be powerful. I think you need to be a very specific type of deck to want this, and I’m not sure if it exists in this format.
Setessan Training – This is a reasonable aura. You get the card back right away and you get to push damage through. I’ve played quite a few of these in the past and image I’ll do so here.
Skyway Sniper – This is a pretty good card against flyers. Even if it costs 6 mana each time, killing multiple flyers is quite good.
Snarespinner – This card has always overperformed for me in the past and the fact that the UW flyers deck seems quite good means I’ll start this all the time.
Thrashing Brontodon – There are enough good artifacts and enchantments that I think this card will be taken highly and played in every green deck.
Titanic Growth – Just a good combat trick. I usually like 0 or 1 in my green decks.
Track Down – This is interesting. Usually these cards let you look at the top 3, take one, and put the others in your graveyard. You don’t get the benefit of putting cards in the graveyard here, but if you whiff on the first 3, you still have a chance to draw after sending all three to the bottom. I think this will be OK in the UG draw cards deck.
Trufflesnout – Talk about utility. This card will just help you stabilize against 3/1’s and be a 3/3 or larger in the tokens deck otherwise. I like this quite a bit.
Warden of the Woods – This card is a B+. If your opponent tries to deal with it, you get to draw not one, but TWO cards! This is quite the good 6 drop for sure.
Wildwood Scourge – Obviously this is at its best home in a GW counters deck, but I always like that these scale well with the game. This will be playable in most green decks.
-----TLDR GREEN-----
Green is all about drawing cards (a little different), 4 power creatures, and +1/+1 counters. I don’t see quite how green mashes up with black, but it’s possibly it is some kind of GB reanimate/midrange deck. Green seems quite powerful, especially with Blue!
Alpine Houndmaster, Conclate Mentor, Dire Fleet Warmonger, Experimental Overload, Indulging Patrician, Leafkin Avenger, Lorescale Coatl, Obsessive Stitcher, Twinblade Assassins, and Watcher of the Spheres – This is one of the few sets I feel like all of the gold signpost uncommons are actually quite good. If you see any of these cards pick 5 or later I think you can take that as a strong signal that the color pair is open.
Chrome Repicator – This is interesting as the first “collect anything” kind of card. I like this a lot and if you can pick up some doubles of reasonable common creatures, this card gets great! If you can’t trigger it at all, it’s probably better left out of your deck.
Epitaph Golem – I like these cards in and against control decks, as they usually run long games and occasionally come down to milling someone out.
Forgotten Sentinel – If you really need a 4 drop, it’s here, and it support the RG 4 power matters deck.
Meteorite – I’ve always been a fan of this card in decks that are trying to get to 6 or 7 mana. Otherwise, it’s really pretty bad.
Palladium Myr – This card is EXCELLENT. Being able to jump from 3 mana to 6 mana and start casting haymakers is HUGE.
Prismite – This card has always felt like a punishment for a greedy splash. I hope you don’t ever need this card.
Short Sword – This was reasonable in Dominaria with historic triggers, but might be good enough if you have enough flyers in M21.
Silent Dart – This is clunky, expensive removal, but it will make your opponent play awkwardly around it once you can turn it on and it’s better than no removal at all.
Skyscanner – Excellent card! This is worth playing in nearly any deck!
Tormod’s Crypt – This is essentially hot barbage in limited.
Bloodfell Caves, Blossoming Sands, Dismal Backwater, Jungle Hollow, Rugged Highlands, Scoured Barrens, Swiftwater Cliffs, Thornwood Falls, Tranquil Cove, Wind-Scarred Crag – I don’t feel like these are ever taken highly enough. They’re great picks when you’re looking at mediocre playables, as they will allow splashes that otherwise aren’t possible in coreset formats.
Radiant Fountain – I’m pretty sure onlt the lifegain deck (and maybe control decks) want this.
-----TLDR M21-----
WU – flyers, seems powerful
UB – control/reanimate
BR – control/sacrifice, seems weaker
RG – 4 power matters
GW – +1/+1 counters
WB – lifegain, seems powerful
BG – midrange/reanimate
GU – draw cards, seems powerful
UR – spells, seems powerful
RW – go-wide aggro, seems weaker
I hope this helps you guys win some drafts on Arena or MTGO in your first weeks! Thanks for reading!
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Crypto Banking Wars: Will Coinbase or Binance Become The Bank of The Future?

Crypto Banking Wars: Will Coinbase or Binance Become The Bank of The Future?
Can the early success of major crypto exchanges propel them to winning the broader consumer finance market?
This is the first part of Crypto Banking Wars — a new series that examines what crypto-native company is most likely to become the bank of the future. Who is best positioned to reach mainstream adoption in consumer finance?
While crypto allows the world to get rid of banks, a bank will still very much be necessary for this powerful technology to reach the masses. We believe a crypto-native company, like Genesis Block, will become the bank of the future.
In an earlier series, Crypto-Powered, we laid out arguments for why crypto-native companies have a huge edge in the market. When you consider both the broad spectrum of financial use-cases and the enormous value unlocked through these DeFi protocols, you can see just how big of an unfair advantage blockchain tech becomes for companies who truly understand and leverage it. Traditional banks and fintech unicorns simply won’t be able to keep up.
The power players of consumer finance in the 21st century will be crypto-native companies who build with blockchain technology at their core.
The crypto landscape is still nascent. We’re still very much in the fragmented, unbundled phase of the industry lifecycle. Beyond what Genesis Block is doing, there are signs of other companies slowly starting to bundle financial services into what could be an all-in-one bank replacement.
So the key question that this series hopes to answer:
Which crypto-native company will successfully become the bank of the future?
We obviously think Genesis Block is well-positioned to win. But we certainly aren’t the only game in town. In this series, we’ll be doing an analysis of who is most capable of thwarting our efforts. We’ll look at categories like crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, centralized lending & borrowing services, and crypto debit card companies. Each category will have its own dedicated post.
Today we’re analyzing big crypto exchanges. The two companies we’ll focus on today are Coinbase (biggest American exchange) and Binance (biggest global exchange). They are the top two exchanges in terms of Bitcoin trading volume. They are in pole position to winning this market — they have a huge existing userbase and strong financial resources.
Will Coinbase or Binance become the bank of the future? Can their early success propel them to winning the broader consumer finance market? Is their growth too far ahead for anyone else to catch up? Let’s dive in.


The most formidable exchange on the global stage is Binance (Crunchbase). All signs suggest they have significantly more users and a stronger balance sheet than Coinbase. No other exchange is executing as aggressively and relentlessly as Binance is. The cadence at which they are shipping and launching new products is nothing short of impressive. As Tushar Jain from Multicoin argues, Binance is Blitzscaling.
Here are some of the products that they’ve launched in the last 18 months. Only a few are announced but still pre-launch.
Binance is well-positioned to become the crypto-powered, all-in-one, bundled solution for financial services. They already have so many of the pieces. But the key question is:
Can they create a cohesive & united product experience?

Binance Weaknesses

Binance is strong, but they do have a few major weaknesses that could slow them down.
  1. Traders & Speculators Binance is currently very geared for speculators, traders, and financial professionals. Their bread-and-butter is trading (spot, margin, options, futures). Their UI is littered with depth charts, order books, candlesticks, and other financial concepts that are beyond the reach of most normal consumers. Their product today is not at all tailored for the broader consumer market. Given Binance’s popularity and strength among the pro audience, it’s unlikely that they will dumb down or simplify their product any time soon. That would jeopardize their core business. Binance will likely need an entirely new product/brand to go beyond the pro user crowd. That will take time (or an acquisition). So the question remains, is Binance even interested in the broader consumer market? Or will they continue to focus on their core product, the one-stop-shop for pro crypto traders?
  2. Controversies & Hot Water Binance has had a number of controversies. No one seems to know where they are based — so what regulatory agencies can hold them accountable? Last year, some sensitive, private user data got leaked. When they announced their debit card program, they had to remove mentions of Visa quickly after. And though the “police raid” story proved to be untrue, there are still a lot of questions about what happened with their Shanghai office shut down (where there is smoke, there is fire). If any company has had a “move fast and break things” attitude, it is Binance. That attitude has served them well so far but as they try to do business in more regulated countries like America, this will make their road much more difficult — especially in the consumer market where trust takes a long time to earn, but can be destroyed in an instant. This is perhaps why the Binance US product is an empty shell when compared to their main global product.
  3. Disjointed Product Experience Because Binance has so many different teams launching so many different services, their core product is increasingly feeling disjointed and disconnected. Many of the new features are sloppily integrated with each other. There’s no cohesive product experience. This is one of the downsides of executing and shipping at their relentless pace. For example, users don’t have a single wallet that shows their balances. Depending on if the user wants to do spot trading, margin, futures, or savings… the user needs to constantly be transferring their assets from one wallet to another. It’s not a unified, frictionless, simple user experience. This is one major downside of the “move fast and break things” approach.
  4. BNB token Binance raised $15M in a 2017 ICO by selling their $BNB token. The current market cap of $BNB is worth more than $2.6B. Financially this token has served them well. However, given how BNB works (for example, their token burn), there are a lot of open questions as to how BNB will be treated with US security laws. Their Binance US product so far is treading very lightly with its use of BNB. Their token could become a liability for Binance as it enters more regulated markets. Whether the crypto community likes it or not, until regulators get caught up and understand the power of decentralized technology, tokens will still be a regulatory burden — especially for anything that touches consumers.
  5. Binance Chain & Smart Contract Platform Binance is launching its own smart contract platform soon. Based on compatibility choices, they have their sights aimed at the Ethereum developer community. It’s unclear how easy it’ll be to convince developers to move to Binance chain. Most of the current developer energy and momentum around smart contracts is with Ethereum. Because Binance now has their own horse in the race, it’s unlikely they will ever decide to leverage Ethereum’s DeFi protocols. This could likely be a major strategic mistake — and hubris that goes a step too far. Binance will be pushing and promoting protocols on their own platform. The major risk of being all-in on their own platform is that they miss having a seat on the Ethereum rocket ship — specifically the growth of DeFi use-cases and the enormous value that can be unlocked. Integrating with Ethereum’s protocols would be either admitting defeat of their own platform or competing directly against themselves.

Binance Wrap Up

I don’t believe Binance is likely to succeed with a homegrown product aimed at the consumer finance market. Their current product — which is focused heavily on professional traders and speculators — is unlikely to become the bank of the future. If they wanted to enter the broader consumer market, I believe it’s much more likely that they will acquire a company that is getting early traction. They are not afraid to make acquisitions (Trust, JEX, WazirX, DappReview, BxB, CoinMarketCap, Swipe).
However, never count CZ out. He is a hustler. Binance is executing so aggressively and relentlessly that they will always be on the shortlist of major contenders.


The crypto-native company that I believe is more likely to become the bank of the future is Coinbase (crunchbase). Their dominance in America could serve as a springboard to winning the West (Binance has a stronger foothold in Asia). Coinbase has more than 30M users. Their exchange business is a money-printing machine. They have a solid reputation as it relates to compliance and working with regulators. Their CEO is a longtime member of the crypto community. They are rumored to be going public soon.

Coinbase Strengths

Let’s look at what makes them strong and a likely contender for winning the broader consumer finance market.
  1. Different Audience, Different Experience Coinbase has been smart to create a unique product experience for each audience — the pro speculator crowd and the common retail user. Their simple consumer version is at That’s the default. Their product for the more sophisticated traders and speculators is at Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX). Unlike Binance, Coinbase can slowly build out the bank of the future for the broad consumer market while still having a home for their hardcore crypto traders. They aren’t afraid to have different experiences for different audiences.
  2. Brand & Design Coinbase has a strong product design team. Their brand is capable of going beyond the male-dominated crypto audience. Their product is clean and simple — much more consumer-friendly than Binance. It’s clear they spend a lot of time thinking about their user experience. Interacting directly with crypto can sometimes be rough and raw (especially for n00bs). When I was at Mainframe we hosted a panel about Crypto UX challenges at the DevCon4 Dapp Awards. Connie Yang (Head of Design at Coinbase) was on the panel. She was impressive. Some of their design philosophies will bode well as they push to reach the broader consumer finance market.
  3. USDC Stablecoin Coinbase (along with Circle) launched USDC. We’ve shared some stats about its impressive growth when we discussed DeFi use-cases. USDC is quickly becoming integrated with most DeFi protocols. As a result, Coinbase is getting a front-row seat at some of the most exciting things happening in decentralized finance. As Coinbase builds its knowledge and networks around these protocols, it could put them in a favorable position to unlock incredible value for their users.
  4. Early Signs of Bundling Though Coinbase has nowhere near as many products & services as Binance, they are slowly starting to add more financial services that may appeal to the broader market. They are now letting depositors earn interest on USDC (also DAI & Tezos). In the UK they are piloting a debit card. Users can now invest in crypto with dollar-cost-averaging. It’s not much, but it’s a start. You can start to see hints of a more bundled solution around financial services.

Coinbase Weaknesses

Let’s now look at some things that could hold them back.
  1. Slow Cadence In the fast-paced world of crypto, and especially when compared to Binance, Coinbase does not ship very many new products very often. This is perhaps their greatest weakness. Smaller, more nimble startups may run circles around them. They were smart to launch Coinbase Ventures where tey invest in early-stage startups. They can now keep an ear to the ground on innovation. Perhaps their cadence is normal for a company of their size — but the Binance pace creates quite the contrast.
  2. Lack of Innovation When you consider the previous point (slow cadence), it’s unclear if Coinbase is capable of building and launching new products that are built internally. Most of their new products have come through acquisitions. Their acquisition is what led to their Earn educational product. Their acquisition of Xapo helped bolster their institutional custody offering. They acqui-hired a team to help launch their staking infrastructure. Their acquisition of Cipher Browser became an important part of Coinbase Wallet. And recently, they acquired Tagomi — a crypto prime brokerage. Perhaps most of Coinbase’s team is just focused on improving their golden goose, their exchange business. It’s unclear. But the jury is still out on if they can successfully innovate internally and launch any homegrown products.
  3. Talent Exodus There have been numerous reports of executive turmoil at Coinbase. It raises a lot of questions about company culture and vision. Some of the executives who departed include COO Asiff Hirji, CTO Balaji Srinivasan, VP & GM Adam White, VP Eng Tim Wagner, VP Product Jeremy Henrickson, Sr Dir of Eng Namrata Ganatra, VP of Intl Biz Dan Romero, Dir of Inst Sales Christine Sandler, Head of Trading Hunter Merghart, Dir Data Science Soups Ranjan, Policy Lead Mike Lempres, Sr Compliance Vaishali Mehta. Many of these folks didn’t stay with Coinbase very long. We don’t know exactly why it’s happening —but when you consider a few of my first points (slow cadence, lack of innovation), you have to wonder if it’s all related.
  4. Institutional Focus As a company, we are a Coinbase client. We love their institutional offering. It’s clear they’ve been investing a lot in this area. A recent Coinbase blog post made it clear that this has been a focus: “Over the past 12 months, Coinbase has been laser-focused on building out the types of features and services that our institutional customers need.” Their Tagomi acquisition only re-enforced this focus. Perhaps this is why their consumer product has felt so neglected. They’ve been heavily investing in their institutional services since May 2018. For a company that’s getting very close to an IPO, it makes sense that they’d focus on areas that present strong revenue opportunities — as they do with institutional clients. Even for big companies like Coinbase, it’s hard to have a split focus. If they are “laser-focused” on the institutional audience, it’s unlikely they’ll be launching any major consumer products anytime soon.

Coinbase Wrap Up

At Genesis Block, we‘re proud to be working with Coinbase. They are a fantastic company. However, I don’t believe that they’ll succeed in building their own product for the broader consumer finance market. While they have incredible design, there are no signs that they are focused on or capable of internally building this type of product.
Similar to Binance, I think it’s far more likely that Coinbase acquires a promising young startup with strong growth.

Honorable Mentions

Other US-based exchanges worth mentioning are Kraken, Gemini, and Bittrex. So far we’ve seen very few signs that any of them will aggressively attack broader consumer finance. Most are going in the way of Binance — listing more assets and adding more pro tools like margin and futures trading. And many, like Coinbase, are trying to attract more institutional customers. For example, Gemini with their custody product.

Wrap Up

Coinbase and Binance have huge war chests and massive reach. For that alone, they should always be considered threats to Genesis Block. However, their products are very, very different than the product we’re building. And their approach is very different as well. They are trying to educate and onboard people into crypto. At Genesis Block, we believe the masses shouldn’t need to know or care about it. We did an entire series about this, Spreading Crypto.
Most everyone needs banking — whether it be to borrow, spend, invest, earn interest, etc. Not everyone needs a crypto exchange. For non-crypto consumers (the mass market), the differences between a bank and a crypto exchange are immense. Companies like Binance and Coinbase make a lot of money on their crypto exchange business. It would be really difficult, gutsy, and risky for any of them to completely change their narrative, messaging, and product to focus on the broader consumer market. I don’t believe they would ever risk biting the hand that feeds them.
In summary, as it relates to a digital bank aimed at the mass market, I believe both Coinbase and Binance are much more likely to acquire a startup in this space than they are to build it themselves. And I think they would want to keep the brand/product distinct and separate from their core crypto exchange business.
So back to the original question, is Coinbase and Binance a threat to Genesis Block? Not really. Not today. But they could be, and for that, we want to stay close to them.
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Can't wait days for your deposit to be available for trading? Margin buy can help!

Let's say today I see bitcoin dropping, and I want to stack some sats!!!
But a bank transfer takes 3 to 5 days.
How do I gain exposure to the exchange rate right now?
Well, some exchanges, such as Gemini, will let me buy bitcoin without waiting for the bank transfer. I can't withdraw that bitcoin, but I at least I can get exposure to the BTC/USD exchange rate immediately.
Or I can buy immediately at some overpriced online store, or bitcoin ATM even, and get the coins today. But paying an 8% premium means even if the bitcoin exchange rate rebounds, rising by 6% by tomorrow, I am still underwater on that purchase.
Nope -- that's not ideal either.
Bu you cant, if you have the ability and willingness to expose yourself to a little risk, use margin trading to grab the BTC at the price where it is today, and then later when your fiat transaction clears, close or settle that margin long position and end up with BTC itself that you can then withdraw.
Here's an example. Today I have an account on Kraken and have margin trading enabled. I have a balance of $100 USD. I could then buy a 0.055 BTC position on margin (~$500 USD), which puts me in the position of 5:1 leverage. My $100 USD gave me $500 of buying power (5:1 can also be referred to as 5x leverage).
Then I begin my deposit of $500 to Kraken. When that's available later, I then "settle" the position. The $500 I deposited is used to settle, and I can then withdraw the 0.055 BTC (less some small fees). If if the BTC/USD price rose to $20,000 two days later, I could still settle to receive the 0.055 BTC with just the ~$500 that arrived.
The risk in doing this, of course, is that what if the exchange rate were to have a flash crash, ... e.g., down to $7,000? Well, then my margin position would have been insufficient for such an occasion, and my position would be liquidated and I would lose my $100 USD that was used as collateral.
So I'm sharing this in case it is useful to others -- especially those struggling with slow deposits using funds from their bank.
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How to degen (America Edition)

It’s been a while since my last ramblings, however I have something special for you guys. Before, very recently, I thought Kraken was the only way in Murcia’ to gamble away my earnings and further perpetuate my perma losses—through the wonders of accessing margin. After, countless api errors, stupid trades, and getting cucked on gains—I finally got the courage to stand up to Kraken and withdraw what was left of my diminished bag.
I was a free man—no longer beholden to 5x max leverage on a select few coins. I yearned for more, much more, I heard of tales of of a mythical exchange far far away, with little KYC, access to upto 100x leverage on futures, and the ability to trade on a margin with shitcoins; all while being completely ‘regulated’ and ‘legal’ in the US. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it—so like most downtrodden traders, I downloaded a VPN and tested my luck on FTX.
FTX was great but I yearned for something more, more mature, more features, and more margin. Only if there was a place. After searching, and searching, and searching, I see an of all things an ad, an ad on Brave, an ad for what I’ve been looking for—the exchange of my dreams.
Upon clicking on this magical advertisement and after sacrificing a goat to the ad gods—I was enchanted to see headlines such as “access up to 100x leverage on BTC options” (gasp); “access up to 10x margin on dozens of coins” (gasps again) and finally the tip of the iceberg—“You can start trading with out being verified” (came in pants). At this point you might be thinking, what is this magical exchange—my fellow Americans degenerates—welcome to KuCoin.
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[Sealed][Draft] The Theros: Beyond Death Forcing Spike Prerelease Primer

Welcome back to another common and uncommon review from Forcing Spike! I’m JacetheOD and I’m here to prime you guys for your prerelease and first drafts of Theros: Beyond Death! As usual, this write up is done assuming you’ll be looking at the commons and uncommons yourself and wondering about a card or two, looking for another opinion. Without further pontification, let’s get started!
Alseid of Life’s Bounty – I’m normally NOT in the market for 1 mana 1/1’s, even if they have lifelink. However, this one also comes with a built in counterspell! This card is great and if you have creatures to defend it will always see play.
Achon of Falling Stars – A 6 mana 4/4 flyer is going to win games, and this one brings sweet enchantments back from the graveyard. I think how good this is will depend on what it brings back, but the tension between leaving this on the battlefield and returning your best enchantment from the graveyard is going to make is a nightmare for your opponents. So long as the format isn’t too fast, this card will be great.
Banishing Light – Unconditional removal we’ve seen in the past. Take all of them and play all of them. Not much to discuss here.
The Birth of Meletis – This feels very similar to Wall of Omens to me. Obviously, we can’t draw nonland cards and we won’t have the blocker the turn we play this, but it’s a guaranteed land, 0/4 defender, and 2 life that synergizes with our cards that care about enchantments. I think it’s great.
Captivating Unicorn – A 5 mana 4/4 is a bit below rate, but when it comes with a relevant combat ability like this one, it’s great. I can imaging having this on the battlefield and playing a meaningful enchantment (banishing light comes to mind) and also tapping down a blocker and getting a huge swing it. This will probably be a 5 drop of choice if you’re looking for one.
Commanding Presence – Ok, we made it to our first aura, and this one packs a punch! All of our auras come with their disaster scenario, but if you manage to get one or more 1/1 soldiers out of this, it’s probably worth the risk.
Dawn Evangel – This is what I like to see. A 3 mana 2/3 that mitigates the risk of our enchantment disaster scenarios. We can still get blown out by instant-speed removal spells, but this goes a long way to mitigating that cost. If you get one of these, all of your auras and small creatures go up in value a bit.
Daxos, Blessed by the Sun – This is a great card. If you want to play it early and often you need something like 10+ plains in your deck, but 2 mana for what is probably a 2/4 most of the time that gains you a meaningful amount of life over the course of the game. Sign me up!
Daybreak Chimera – Hold the phone. This creature can potentially be a 3 mana 3/3 flyer on turn 3 and will often be a 2 or 3 mana flyer on turn four. This may be white’s best common creature by an appreciable margin.
Dreadful Apathy – And here comes what is potentially white’s best common period. A 3 mana pacifism isn’t great by modern standard with all the abilities creatures tend to have, but this can exile the enchanted creature, the devotion is still going to matter, and it will synergize quite well with all of your enchantment matters spells. This card is quite good.
Favored of Iroas – I have dreams of slapping our Commanding Presence on this guy and getting in for some serious gravy. This card will be quite good if you have enough enchantments to play, and a gray ogre if you don’t. Given the density of enchantments in the set, it will likely be on most of the time it matters.
Flicker of Fate – Being able to flicker your auras and move them, save a creature from a removal spell, reset a saga, or trigger all of your constellation abilities is going to make this card QUITE good.
Glory Bearers – This card is probably quite a bit better than it looks. A 4 mana 3/4 in white is mediocre, but this one makes all of your creatures much more likely to survive combat. Being an enchantment brings more to the table here, too. I think I’ll play this more often than I don’t.
Heliod’s Pilgrim – The value of this card boils down to the power of the aura it fetches. If you have a game-winning bomb aura this is great. I don’t recommend playing this when your auras are mediocre.
Heliod’s Punishment – This is an arrest variant that lasts for four turns. That seems like enough to break a game and seems quite good to me!
Hero of the Pride – A 2 mana 2/2 with heroic. This looks like a straight C to me, and will play well in most aggressive white decks.
Hero of the Winds – This guy seems like a beast. I have a soft spot for 1/4s that are difficult to block, and this one makes all of your creatures better when you target it. I like this card quite a bit.
Indomitable Will – The combat trick that plays into the theme of the set. I imagine you’ll play the first one of these QUITE often, but extras will be underwhelming.
Karametra’s Blessing – A giant growth variant that again mitigates the fragility of auras and enchantment creatures. You can’t ask for much more for a single mana.
Lagonna-Band Storyteller – This card is great so long as it has a target! Even if it gets back something like Indomitable Will, I’ll be happy to cast this.
Leonin of the Lost Pride – This seems like a sideboard card against powerful escape cards, or just a 2 mana 3/1 if you need it.
Nyxbourn Courser – A 3 mana 2/4 that pushes your devotion and enchantment count will probably see quite a bit of play.
Omen of the Sun – This Raise the Alarm variant seems ok to me if it’s triggering your constellation cards. Then it boosts your devotion and can be sacrificed to dig. I think this will mean most when all of the parts of the card matter, and less when you’re just getting 2 1/1 creatures.
Phalanx Tactics – This seems like a great combat trick to me. Using this on your Hero of the Winds seems like a way to live the dream. For 2 mana, this is a pretty good combat trick.
Pious Wayfarer – This is probably better in an aggressive deck. I’d sideboard this in against opposing X/1s, but I don’t think this is worth starting unless your are REALLY in the market for 1 drops.
Reverent Hoplite – I feel like this needs to make 3 1/1s to be worth it, and that’s going to be relatively easy since it brings one devotion to the table. If you’re heavy in white, this card is great!
Revoke Existence – This will be MUCH better than disenchant usually is, and is definitely worth at least ONE main deck slot in this format.
Rumbling Sentry – Kind of a C-, just a defensive 5 drop that is very replaceable.
Sentinel’s Eyes – Being able to bring this back for a paltry 1 mana is going to make this card much better than it seems. I’m sure I’ll find myself always playing the first one. These fall off quite quickly in multiples as you need to have cards to exile.
Sunmane Pegasus – As a 4 mana 2/3 flyer it would be playable, and we can give it vigilance and lifelink to boot, increasing the power of any auras we’ve attached to it. I like this 4 drop quite a bit.
Transcendent Envoy – This will be a key common in most of the white decks that rely on auras to perform above rate. An enchantment itself, this card will slot into just about all of the white decks and be taken early, often.
Triumphant Surge – This might be worth a main-deck slot, especially with auras powering up creatures as much as I think they might, but if you don’t see targets or the format plays out differently, I can see this being boarded out often or just moving to the sideboard to start.
TLDR WHITE: Aggressive with a strong constellation/aura/devotion theme. It may even be aggressive enough to be worth playing!
Alirios, Enraptured – This seems like a creative way to get a 3/2 and keep your devotion count up when it dies. If you get to untap the 2/3, it gets to block as well. I’m a fan of this creative design, and I think it will play quite well.
Brine Giant – We finally get to our “Affinity for Enchantments” vanilla creature. I feel like this card will often cost 5 or 6 mana, which is mediocre, but is great if you can cast it for 4 or less. It’s playability rests on your enchantment density.
Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea – This is everything I want in my 3 drops. This will often be a 3 mana 3/3 that gets stronger with each permanent you play and puts a soft shield up on all of your creatures and enchantments, while also contributing 2 to your blue devotion count when it matters. I LOVE this card.
Chain to Memory – This is a bit of a flavor fail. I don’t know many chains that last until the end of the current turn. This card seems like a dud to me.
Deny the Divine – A cancel variant that exiles. Unfortuantely, this doesn’t counter removal spells. This seems like an OK sideboard card, but I wouldn’t start this most of the time.
Eidolon of Philosophy – I like this card as an innocuous 1 devotion enchantment that can be cashed in when you get to the late game. I think I will play this more than expected.
Elite Instructor – A 3 mana 2/2 that loots is going to be great at making your fourth land drop and fueling your escape cards. This will be a premium blue common.
Glimpse of Freedom – Think twice this is not. This seems like a dud to me.
Ichthyomorphosis – blue removal that powers devotion. I’m in!
Medomai’s Prophecy – this is VERY close to a scry 2, draw 2, peek 2 for just 2 mana! So long as you aren’t under pressure, this card will be great. I like this quite a bit!
Memory Drain – 4 mana counterspells are not usually where I want to be. I’m off this.
Naiad of Hidden Coves – This seems like more of a constructed plant, but enough of these may make your mediocre instants worth playing, and a 3 mana 2/3 enchantment creature is probably worth it enough. This may be begrudgingly playable, but I like my 3 mana 2/3s to have better abilities than this.
Nyxborn Seaguard – These enchantment creatures with CC in their casting cost look like they can potentially pull so much weight, contributing to devotion and constellation. As a 2/5 for 4 it’s a D, but these other aspects of this card probably make it a C.
Omen of the Sea – This seems good to me. Instant speed scry 2 draw 1 that you can turn in for another scry 2 later if you don’t need the devotion seems pretty good so long as the enchantment and/or devotion matter.
One with the Stars – This is basically a blue pacifism for 4, but if I’m playing blue I’m willing to pay these taxes. This card seems pretty good.
Riptide Turtle – If you are in the market for defensive 2 drops, this is a pretty good one. This shuts down most ground attackers and I think will see play in most blue decks no matter what.
Sage of Mysteries – I only want this if I have multiple escape cards to fuel with it. Otherwise, this is a brick.
Sea God’s Scorn – The 6 mana bounce 3 is usually a great top end for tempo-based blue decks. There will be times when you want this and time when you don’t, but you generally want this card in a more aggressive deck, because it really underperforms when you’re behind.
Shimmerwing Chimera – This card is GREAT. Unlike the normal templating of this type of card, this one won’t return itself to your hand, which means your free to cast your Omens or trigger your constellation permanents again and again. It’s also a Fighting Drake with the Enchantment card type. This card is sweet.
Shoal Kraken – This is my kind of constellation card. If you trigger this once, it was good enough and each trigger after is gravy.
Sleep of the Dead – This will be a reasonable card in aggressive blue decks and pretty bad otherwise.
Starlit Mantle – I like this design quite a bit. Being able to end step this or counter a removal spell is clutch. I’ll probably always play the first one of these.
Stern Dismissal – Being able to bounce and enchanted creature is the dream here. In aggressive blue decks that want bounce spells, this will be pretty good.
Stinging Lionfish – Blue seems to want you to play cards on your opponents turn to some degree, and I could see this working well with stern dismissal. It’s also an enchantment and has 2 power. A role player in the aggressive blue decks for sure.
Sweet Oblivion – If you get one of these, I think you want to target yourself looking for escape cards more than targeting your opponent, but I’m sure there is a defensive blue deck that wins with this. Please send me the screenshot!
Thirst for Meaning – This seems like one of the best blue commons. There will almost surely be an enchantment to discard, and an instant speed draw three pitch one for 3 mana is very, very good.
Threnody Singer – This will allow you to ambush and double block some very big threats, blowing your opponent out by ruining critical combat steps. This card is very good.
Towering-Wave Mystic – You might be able to fuel your own escape cards with this, but I don’t think this is a way to win. I’m off it in general.
Triton Waverider – A 4 mana 3/3 that has flying part of the time is quite good. A very good common.
Vexing Gull – I love wind drakes, especially when they have flash. Excellent card.
Whirlwind Denial – This seems like a good limited and constructed card. Being able to counter a key spell and maybe a trigger or two seems quite good to me!
Witness of Tomorrows – A 5 mana ¾ flyer that you can use to filter draws is very good. This is one of the better 5 drops you can hope for. It’s also an enchantment!
TLDR BLUE: Midrangey and based around constellation and a small “playing cards on your opponent’s turn” subtheme. I don’t think the playing on your opponents turn theme will matter much, but the cards seem on or above rate.
Agonizing Remorse – For two mana, this card is pretty good. It’s close enough to thoughtseize that I’m interested.
Aspect of Lamprey – Being a Mind Rot mitigates the potential 2 for 1 risk that comes with running auras, and if you get lifelink on an evasive creature, this can be quite good. I’d want multiple good targets before I main deck this, and I’d be quick to side it out if I see a lot of removal/bounce from my opponent.
Blight-Breath Catoblepas – Even if it costs 6, Flame-Tongue Kavu is still very good. This will commonly give -4/-4 and be one of the best black commons, I’m sure.
Cling to Dust – I’m not sure about this card. 1 mana to cycle and exile a noncreature card, or 1 mana to exile a creature and gain 3 life are both underwhelming, but having the flexibility of either mode and being able to recast it might make it good enough. I’d wager it’s much more of a sideboard card.
Discordant Piper – A 2 mana 2/1 that leaves a 0/1 body seems bad, but there might be auras to attach to the 0/1. I think this will just be an ok creature most of the time.
Drag to the Underworld – This card is bonkers. If you’re black, you will never pass this. 2 mana unconditional removal is absurd.
Elspeth’s Nightmare – If you add up the three parts, this card is borderline playable. I’d start this in the sideboard most of the time, and I don’t know how often I’d bring it in.
Enemy of Enlightenment – Holy moly. If you’re casting this for 6 your opponent’s hand is likely quite small and after this is on the battlefield they won’t be able to hold their instants or flash creatures to ambush you. Plus, it’s a 5/5 flyer. This card is as good as uncommon 6 drops get.
Final Death – Clunky unconditional removal at common is still unconditional removal at common. I’ll always play the first one of these.
Fruit of Tizerus – This looks like the black common build-around for the blue-black deck. Chipping in with flyers and then finishing your opponent off with this seems like something you might be able to do with the blue self-mill cards.
Funeral Rites – This is similar to divination, and fuels your escape cards. I think this will be good in black control decks.
Gray Merchant of Asphodel – This was an absurd common before and will be a very powerful, but less frustrating uncommon.
Grim Physician – This will be pretty good at blocking 2 toughness creatures. I like to play cards like this in aggressive black decks, and leave them out of other decks.
Hateful Eidolon – This is a very good card. Your auras remain vulnerable to instant-speed removal, but this makes it much less likely that you’ll be ruined when your enchanted creature is destroyed.
Inevitable End – This can get out of hand quickly and will almost always lead to your opponent sacrificing the creature it is attached to. Beware, there will be situations where small creatures are sacrificed while an evasive fatty beats you because this wasn’t “real” removal.
Lampad of Death’s Vigil – Without a way to make creature tokens, this is just a way to turn your chump blockers into more meaningful sacrifices. I like that this is a 1/3 and an enchantment. I think there is enough here for it to make most main decks.
Minion’s Return – This will be a blowout when it ambushes a combat that was supposed to be a trade. It also seems good with ETB effect creatures. I like this quite a bit.
Mire Triton – This card is VERY good and will be playable in every black deck.
Mire’s Grasp – Probably the best black common. I’m all about this and will play as many as I can get!
Mogis’s Favor – I can see this working well on some blue flyers, and the self-mill in that color combination makes this look a little better.
Nyxborn Marauder – The enchantment devotion vanilla creature of black. I’m sure these will be surprisingly playable.
Omen of the Dead – A raise dead that comes with devotion and future payout. If I have a creature worth getting back, I’m in for this.
Pharika’s Libation – I’m NOT a fan of edicts in limited. I’m off this.
Pharika’s Spawn – This card is awesome and dripping with value! I just said I don’t like edicts in limited, but I can’t get past the value generated by escaping this more than once.
Rage-Scarred Berserker – This will force a chump-block, but is otherwise just a 5 mana 5/4. You’ll know if you need a 5 drop, but this one is replaceable.
Scavenging Harpy – 3 mana 2 power flyer that exiles meaningful graveyard cards. Sign me up!
Soulreaper of Mogis – This is another card that will just make your chump blocks a bit better if you can’t make tokens or something, but trading your chumps for cards will feel quite good when you need it.
Temple Thief – This evasive 2/2 will probably play quite well I’ll be maindecking these in my aggressive black decks all the time.
Tymaret, Chosen from Death – Excellent black card. Again, you want 10 or so swamps to be able to cast this on turn two, and it’s exile ability is amazing. This is extremely good!
Underworld Charger – If you’re aggressive, this 3 mana 3/3 coupled to a 5 mana 5/5 is very good!
Underworld Dreams – This is a much desired reprint for constructed and not much more. I guess some controlling black decks could win with this and the devotion bonus is nice, but I’m not into this.
Venomous Hierophant – Very good 4 drop! A 4 mana 3/3 deathtouch is good, and the self-milling seems super meaningful in black.
TLDR BLACK: Controlling with good removal. A smattering of auras, constellation, aristocrats, and devotion. This color seems SOLID.
Anaz, Hardened in the Forge – This continues the cycle of legendary enchantment creatures that I’ve been very happy with and this does not disappoint. It will often be a 3 mana 3/3 or larger and will make many satyr tokens. This card is a gem and will be picked highly, just like the others.
Arena Trickster – A 4 mana 3/3 is below rate, but if you cast a single spell on your opponent’s turn, this is a 4/4 for 4. How good this is will depend on if you can reliably make it a 4/4. This may end up working surprisingly well with Glimpse of Freedom, even though I don’t feel like that card is great. I think if you end up in the UR instant deck, you’ll play both of these happily.
Aspect of Manticore – This checks a lot of boxes: being an enchantment, triggering heroic, adding to devotion, and being castable on your opponent’s turn. If this were just an instant, I think it would be over-costed, but I think checking our other boxes makes this playable. As with all of our borderline auras we’ve gone over, don’t get blown out by casting into instant speed removal if you can avoid it.
Blood Aspiriant – Another piece of our aristocrats deck. I like that this lets you cash in small creatures or enchantments that have outlived their usefulness. This looks like a very good 2 drop in aggressive red decks.
Careless Celebrant – Any 2 drop that can kill a 4-toughness creature deserves attention. I think this card is great and I’m glad it’s uncommon because it would be OBNOXIOUS at common. Excellent card.
Dreamshaper Shaman – This card seems quite good to me. If you have some tokens or no-longer-useful nonland permanents lying around, you can cash them in for a random nonland permanent from your deck (which is better than a card that is absolutely useless). It’s also a enchantment and a 5/4. I’m a big fan and will probably play this often.
Dreamstalker Manticore – Now this is a payoff for playing on your opponent’s turn. I don’t love 3 mana 4/2’s, but this ability is EXCELLENT. Hugely important in the blue-red deck, and just good in general.
Escape Velocity – I’m not into this card unless a re-castable aura is super meaningful. This just doesn’t seem worth a card to me.
Fateful End – Premium red removal. I love it.
Final Flare – More red removal. You’ll want to make sure you have creatures to sacrifice for this.
Flummoxed Cyclops – a 4 mana 4/4 with reach that sometimes can’t block is still quite playable. I will probably find myself starting this and siding it out often.
Furious Rise – I’m not sure how I feel about this card. It’s probably better than I think it is, I just don’t like that you don’t get value when you cast it. I’m dubious, but can see this thing getting out of hand quickly.
Hero of the Games – This is a very good common. I’ve said more than once I don’t care for 3 mana 3/2’s, but when they have great abilities like this, I’m in.
Heroes of the Revel – I like that this makes a 4/4 and 1/1 and the ability powers them both up. Probably a great top end card for an aggressive “go-wide” style of deck.
Impending Doom – This seems odd to me. I do like an aura that gives +3/+3, but I don’t like the attacks each turn clause on my creature or my opponent’s creature, and I feel like it makes the potential for aura disaster even worse than usual on your own creature. I think this is quite bad unless you are EXTREMELY aggressive. I’m off this.
Incendiary Oracle – The bread and butter aggressive 2 drop for red. Looks like a straight C to me.
Infuriate – When I want combat tricks, I want them cheap and this does the job. That being said, I only ever want one or two combat tricks.
Iroas’s Blessing – I love this. 4 mana to kill a creature and power yours up. This checks many boxes. I don’t like that you can get blown out, but it may be the best red common.
Irreverent Revelers – This would be much better if there were more powerful artifacts in the set, but we’re in enchantment world. Haste isn’t even that great on a 2/2. I think this will be left in the sideboard often.
Nyxborn Brute – Our vanilla red enchantment creature. A 5 mana 7/3 that is an enchantment and increases your red devotion by 2 will probably see some play, but this is an underwhelming 5 drop.
Omen of the Forge – This will be a great, great common. I’ll be drafting and playing as many as I can get.
Oread of the Mountain’s Blaze – Another card that checks a lot of boxes. Good defensive speed, enchantment supertype, and meaningful ability. Sign me up!
Portent of Betrayal – If you can sacrifice the creature you steal, this is great. Red has two ways to sacrifice creatures at common and black has two more at common. Watch out, this might be a format where the threaten effect is pretty good!
Satyr’s Cunning – This is probably a key card for the black/red aristocrats deck, and probably mediocre otherwise since our satyr tokens wont’ be blocking. Know when you want this.
Skophos Maze-Warden – Reasonable creature, and very, very good if you get a Labarynth.
Skophos Warleader – One of the sacrifice outlets for our aristocrats deck. becoming a 5/5 with menace is no joke. I’ll probably want one of these in most of my black/red decks.
Stampede Rider – This card is very, very good. There are two 4 power commons in red and three 3 power commons that are easy to pump. Don’t ignore this one.
Thrill of Possibility – Probably a player in the blue-red instant deck. I’ve never liked that this is card neutral otherwise.
The Triumph of Anax – I can actually see this being quite powerful in a blue-red or white-red deck with lots of flyers. Just a good, aggressive saga.
Underworld Fires – Sideboard card. There are 8 X/1’s at common in the set. Four of them are in green. The other colors each have one. Sideboard this against green decks with lots of X/1’s or red decks making lots of satyr tokens.
Underworld Rage-Hound – I like this card quite a bit. A 2 mana 3/1 that attacks every turn is much more acceptable when it can come back as a 4/2.
Wrap in Flames – Might be ok in aggressive red decks. Probably just sideboard material.
TLDR RED: Aggressive with good removal at common. Usual red.
The Binding of the Titans – I don’t really like that your opponent get the opportunity to escape their stuff before you get to exile it. I wouldn’t sideboard this. I’d start this if I had some good escape cards to fuel.
Chainweb Aracnir – This card is GREAT. I love spiders, and when I can get a small spider and large spider, stapled to a pair of plummets with variable efficacy, I’m in.
Destiny Spinner – Why is green so good? This almost reads like a rare to me. Thank goodness it doesn’t grant hexproof! I like this card quite a bit and I think it’s going to be making large attacking lands quite often.
Gift of Strength – Reasonable giant growth variant. Playable if you need cards like that.
Hydra’s Growth – This can get absurd quite quickly. The ceiling on this is more than worth the risk of ruin that comes with auras.
Hyrax Tower Scout – a 3 mana 3/3 than untaps a creature that just attacked is quite good. This can also untap our Alirios, Enraptured (for what that’s worth).
Ilysian Caryatid – This card is just good. 2 mana elves are excellent, and this can be even better if you’ve got ferocious turned on.
Inspire Awe – If you are DEEP in some enchantment deck, this card can be a blowout. That being said, your opponents will have quite a few auras and enchantment creatures themselves. I’d start this in the sideboard and look for an opportunity to bring it in when it can do some serious damage.
Klothys’s Design – I am going to lose to this card so much it’s unreal. This is great because it generates a situation where you opponent usually has to block, but also usually cannot do so profitably.
Loathsome Chimera – The value from these common escape creatures really piques my interest. I think this is another good one that will be picked highly.
Moss Viper – I LOVE the 1 mana 1/1 deathtouch. Especially in a land of auras. Sign me up.
Mystic Repeal – This card will play very, very well in this environment. Sign me up.
Nessian Hornbeetle – Another excellent green creature. You can’t go wrong with a 2 mana 2/2 with the potential for growth.
Nessian Wanderer – Defensive speed that helps you hit your land drops. I think you only need to hit once for this to be worth it and every other hit is just gravy.
Nexus Wardens – Speaking of defensive speed! This will block most of the flyers in the format and pad your life total generously. This should be picked highly.
Nylea’s Forerunner – This is the card I want to pair with my Klothys’s Design! Definitely playable without it.
Nulea’s Huntmaster – Reasonable vanilla test results and meaningful ability on a 4 drop. I’ll play these often.
Nyx Herald – Playing this on turn three will result in some absurdly short games. I’m all about this.
Nyxborn Colossus – Probably surprisingly playable if the GGG in the casting cost matters. Also VERY good with Nyx Herald.
Omen of the Hunt – I love that you get to rampant growth at instant speed here. I’ll play this often, I’m sure.
Pheres-Band Brawler – Excellent card. Six mana for a 4/4 that fights on entry is very good.
Plummet – Sideboard excellence.
Relentless Pursuit – Useful for fueling escape or hitting your fourth land drop.
Renata, Called to the Hunt – I don’t think I could say enough good things about this card. Super powerful.
Return to Nature – This is main-deckable in this format. Destroying meaningful enchantments and exiling escape creatures will be quite good. I wouldn’t be surprised If I’m main-decking more than one of these by the end of the format.
Setessan Petitioner – The potential to gain an absurd amount of life here is real. I’d start it most of the time.
Setessan Skirmisher – bread and butter aggressive green 2 drop. Straight C.
Setessan Training – I love that you get the card back and I love that you get trample from this. It is also quite affordable. I’ll play these.
Skola Grovedancer – This will be very good at powering escape cards, and just a bear otherwise.
Voracious Typhon – Very good common. This is both a 4 mana 4/4 and a 7 mana 7/7. The epitome of green.
Warbriar Blessing – This is the fight spell in aura form. I like that you get a toughness boost, but wish you got a power boost. Since green creatures are usually better girth on rate anyway, I’m sure this will be pretty good.
Wolfwillow Haven – Enchantment based ramp that makes an extra blocker later. I like this quite a bit.
TLDR GREEN: Midrangey with above rate creatures and lots of value generating cards.
Acolyte of Affliction – Signpost green/black uncommon. Value generating 4 drops are what we want here. Great card, especially when we’re getting back a bomb.
Devourer of Memory – Signpost blue/black uncommon. This color combination seems to want to fuel escape cards and this 2 drop will be a beast at it.
Eurtopia the Twice-Favored – Signpost blue/green uncommon. This card is POWERFUL. I love the blue-green ramp into big flyers strategy and this card gets us there!
Hero of the Nyxborn – The white-red signpost uncommon. This is very aggressive, and indicative of the “go-wide” aggressive strategy in red and white.
Mischevious Chimera – This is a pretty good reward for playing at instant speed. The signpost blue-red uncommon is also an aggressive 2 mana 2/2 flyer. I’m in!
Rise to Glory – This card has a very low floor and very high ceiling. You need to have good targets for cards like this and when you don’t they’re just not good enough. That being said, returning your game-breaking fatty to the battlefield will win a LOT of games.
Siona, Captain of the Pyleas – This is very telling of the dense constellation theme in Green and White. This card also seems powerful and digs deep. If you went first, played this on turn 3, and have 4 more auras left in your deck you’re about 66% to hit. You need 6 Auras left in your deck in order to be 81% to hit. So you need a LOT of auras for this to be good (which is why it digs 7 cards). I would be wary of playing this with fewer than 5 GOOD auras. I think this will underperform often.
Slaughter-Priest of Mogis – This is a CLUTCH card for the aristocrats deck and will over-perform in it for the cost of 2 mana.
Staggering Insight – The white-blue signpost uncommon is very indicative of the aura theme in white and plays well with the flyers in blue. This is just an above-rate aura and worth playing.
Warden of the Chained – I’m glad this has 4 power, because that is the theme of red and green. Even when it can’t attack a 3 mana 4/4 defender blocks incredibly well. This card is just good.
Altar of the Pantheon – Great card if you’re looking to splash, ramp, or increase devotion. If you’re gaining life from this, more power to you!
Bronze Sword – This is an OK turn 1 play, but an equip cost of 3 seems like a lot. I want to have a LOT of evasive or first-strike creatures if this is going to be good. I’m off it in general.
Entrancing Lyre – I love me an icy manipulator and this does a great impression. I don’t think I’d pass this except for the best cards in the set.
Mirror Shield – This is flavorful, but pretty bad. Sideboard it against deathtouch creatures (maybe).
Soul-Guide Lantern – I think this is a good sideboard card against heavy escape decks and quite bad otherwise.
Thaumaturge’s Familiar – I like this card quite a bit because it is flexibly, but it’s probably a D. A 1/3 flyer for 3 that scries 1 and can be played in any deck seems like it exists to make monocolor more possible.
Thundering Chariot – This is quite good. Being able to turn any of your creatures into a 3/3 first strike, trample, haste seems great. I guess the creatures needs at least one power, but this is limited and your creatures probably have some power.
Traveler’s Amulet – A reasonable inclusion if you’re trying to splash.
Wings of Hubris – Better than the sword or shield before it. A thrifty equip cost of 1 makes this actually pretty good, especially in green or red decks where flyers are basically nonexistent.
Field of Ruin – Constructed Plant.
Unknown Shores – I’d only play this in a desperate need to splash.
-TLDR CARD-BY-CARD: The set is chock-full of cards that check a LOT of boxes. Many of your cards have additional value because they are enchantments or have multiple colored mana symbols in their casting cost. I think the cycle of omens is pretty good, and the cycle of vanilla enchantment creatures with multiple colored symbols in their mana costs will be surprisingly playable. Finally, my pick for the best commons in each color are as follows:
WHITE: Revoke Existence
BLUE: Ichthyomorphosis
BLACK: Mire’s Grasp
RED: Iroas’s Blessing
GREEN: Return to Nature
I’m going out on a limb a bit by claiming the disenchant/naturalize variants are the best commons in white and green, but I think they are going to be incredibly well.
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Newb Question: Difference Between 'Buy' & 'Long'?

Hey, traders!
I'm new to daytrading and have a question I cannot seem to find a solid answer to on Google. Please forgive me if this is a ridiculous question...
What exactly is the difference between a 'buy' and taking a 'long position'?
The only difference I can find is that I am able to trade with margin when taking a position but not when placing a 'buy order.'
Are there other differences?
Context: I am currently trading crypto using Kraken because I don't have a large enough account to meet the "Pattern Day Trader" requirement. I am trying to learn the basics of trading through this experience, with the aim of building a large enough account in the future to begin trading stocks.
Again, please forgive me if this is a stupid question.
Thank you!
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Question regarding fees. Also need someone to review my recent trade decisions

1. Fees affecting my decisions
If my target is 1.5%/1% P/L. Should I keep my position in most cases untill one or the other happens? I had many opportunities to sell on 0.3-0.5% profit but I'm trading crypto and maker fees would put me on breakeven slight loss or profit that doesn't really justify the risk taken or even if I want to take what i'm given I still wait for the confirmation candle and by the time it closes my profit potential is gone. Feels like i'm missing out on many opportunities to make a number of small trades while waiting for larger increase. So I keep the position and couple times already that resulted in stop loss. That I know I could avoid
I also wonder are fees just as brutal on forex market? On kraken maker pays 0.016% + 0.002% for margin call. I don't trade with much, only $600 i don't expect to make money, best I hope for is to break even but those crypto trading fees really make it confusing to see If I'm making any progress at all
2. Review of my trades
I'm completely new to this my plan is to document my trades and ask people what i could do better.
overall look at a chart:
closer look:
  1. With my first trade (very left of the chart) I went against the trend which at the time seemed like a good idea. But I was trying to predict breakup based on macd and a gut feeling telling me that ETH is oversold. So in the end I decided to sell as soon as price allowed me to cover the fees. Unfortunely breakup eventually did happen. I'm not sure what my risk there was honestly. On average I'm guessing it was a correct idea to sell rather than hope especially when chart keeps on going down with no sign of stopping
  2. Next trade is a short. This time I decided to draw trend lines based on 3 min chart. (Did I draw trend lines correctly?) Again this might have been a bad idea but it at the time i felt like galaxy brain move. I saw resistance later I honestly wanted to sell at that time. I would make like 0.40% but I had fees on my mind and decided to wait. This time stop loss at 1% was triggered. :(
  3. With that trade I admit I was a little bit tiled I knew i could avoid my previous loss. I drew new upper trend line based on 15 min chart (again, did I draw it correctly?) and decided to short again. One youtuber I watch says that every reaction is an overeaction so my guess was that it's unlikely for price to hit new high. At the moment of writng this this position is at +0.53% P/L. I feel like I should keep this position I plan to sell it once price is near bottom line. Because I've read that once chart breaks through the resistance line, that line is most likely to become a new support
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As the 4th Bitcoin Gaining Cycle Comes, How to Maximize Your Profit and Avoid the Risks?

By reviewing the bitcoin market movements last month, the bitcoin price on Nov. 1st was $9,054. When the end of Nov came, the bitcoin price dropped to $7,318.
As the historical trend of bitcoin has gone, the bitcoin price has been through 3 cycles of gaining:

  1. From 2009.01 to 2013.04, the bitcoin price rose from $0 to $198. At the initial point of the 1st period, the bitcoin had no price, and its value was defined by Satoshi Nakamoto and other early miners. At that time, bitcoins had nowhere to trade, the early miners only could hold it. It is one of the reasons why the bitcoin price pumps or dumps sharply because the early holders can choose anytime to sell it and quit. In the middle of 2010, the first bitcoin exchanges such as Mt.Gox launched. And as exchanges like Bitstamp, Kraken and Coinbase started operating, the era of “Bitcoin Online Trading” came, and the bitcoin price had soared to $198.
  2. As the bitcoin price firstly touched $198, some of the early miners started selling the bitcoins they hold for arbitrage. When the date past 2013.07, the bitcoin price fell to $69. Then, the bitcoin price boomed to $1,000 when some of the institutions with a traditional financial background and some personal investors injected capital into the bitcoin market in the second half of 2013.
  3. In early 2014, the biggest heist of bitcoin on Mt.Gox happened urged the bitcoin price to slump. the bitcoin price did not go back to $1,000 until Feb 2017. And as the ICO projects got popular and the fork of bitcoin happened, the trading volume of bitcoins reached the peak and the price of bitcoin also reach the peak of $20,000.
After reviewing the gaining cycles of the bitcoin price until now, the corollary that we are now going through the fourth cycle.
Just as the financial history repeats itself, the percentage of holding bitcoin more than 12 months has decreased to 40%, which is similar to the situation that the last time the bitcoin price boomed to $1,000. We can easily draw a conclusion that the decentralization of bitcoin holding means that the trading demand of bitcoin is increasing. And when the bitcoin trading becomes diversified with the bitcoin finance derivatives became more and more robust, more and more financial institutions and personal investors will enter the bitcoin market. Thus, in the next period, the bitcoin price will present an uptrend in total.
So, how to achieve the benefit maximization and avoid the risk when the fluctuations happen in this period?

Hedging is definitely an important part you should plan for your bitcoin trading. With hedging work for your trading, you will avoid the risk of holding a bitcoin but the price drops in some time.
For example, 3 weeks ago, the bitcoin price decreased from $8,150 to $6,665, if you hold 1 bitcoin, then you would lose $1,485 during this decline. However, if you chose bitcoin derivatives such as futures or options to buy a contract for BTC Short, then you will save $1,458 loss when the bitcoin price dropped.
Here are two solutions I’ve mentioned above: Futures&Swap, Options.
  1. In futures trading, you can open leveraged BTC Short contracts with the principal, margins and fees. If you hold 1 bitcoin at that time, and you select the leverage in 20X, to save the loss of $1,485, you will need the principal in $400, and the margins at least 0.00024 BTC (but usually you will need to input more to prevent from liquidation). It is a useful way for you to hedge the risk of holding 1 bitcoin.
  2. In options trading, for example, if you open a 7-days put contract on BitOffer Bitcoin Options, usually it only needs around $200. Moreover, it does not request any margin and any fees.
Here is how it works:
When you hold a 7-days put contract, if bitcoin price drops from $8,000 to $7,000, you will earn $1,000 profit, and in total, your loss of the bitcoin you hold will be hedged because you earn $1,000 from BitOffer Bitcoin Options.
What if the bitcoin price rises from $8,000 to $9,000?
You will lose $200 with the 7-days put contracts you buy, but you still earn $1,000 with the bitcoin you hold.
BitOffer Bitcoin Options, the best hedging tool ever, is now the easiest and cheapest hedging solutions you can see in the market.
With an effective hedging strategy, I deeply trust you all should be able to maximize your profit and avoid the risk even the bitcoin market fluctuates acutely like always.
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Derivative Market Landscape: Daily Trading Volume Over $20 billion and Leveraged ETF Becoming New Growth Point

Exchanges are always in the front line of innovative products. There have emerged such new products and playing methods as IEO, delivery contract, margin trading, futures, leveraged ETF, staking service, etc. since 2019, which injects vitality to the crypto-market and becomes the powerhouse for the innovative development of the blockchain industry.
Compared to the marketing/operation methods with short period effect, derivatives in cryptocurrency market is the most potent weapons that will last a long period. The derivatives are going to a higher level as its trading volume increases day by day. Therefore, the derivatives are becoming another main battlefield that every exchange want to conquer.
PAData analyzed the trading data of the top 5 exchanges with largest market shares on contracts and the 2 exchanges that first rolled out leveraged ETF, to have a look at the performance of derivatives among different exchanges, as well as the product iteration logics in crypto-market.
Crypto-market Mimics the Traditional Financial Market
First, the top-layer design of supervision policy makes the crypto-market similar to traditional financial market. Regulators often formulate relevant supervision policies for crypto market based on the rules for traditional financial assets and financial risks as the crypto-market is a newly born behind the traditional finance market, “For example, the licenses for the digital-asset industry often evolve from the traditional ones and become the specific supervision licenses for the industry.” said by an entrepreneur in crypto world with traditional finance background.
Second, the roles of participants in crypto market is also similar to traditional financial market. Except for the different exchanges that take up the lion share of the market, the professional broker, custody institution, loan/lending platform, dark pool, etc. have all emerged.
Third, what crypto market learns most from the traditional market is the product design. The new project subscription, futures, leveraged ETF, contract in the newly-born crypto market are all coming from traditional market. Take leveraged ETF on MXC Exchange as an example. Learned from the ETF mechanism in traditional market, MXC leveraged ETF tracks the daily movement of the crypto underlying asset with 3 times leverage. For instance, if the underlying asset rises 1%, the corresponding ETF products will rise/fall 3%. Essentially, investing on leveraged ETF is similar to purchasing futures fund with leverage. At the moment, MXC launched 3x leveraged ETF products for BTC, ETH, BSV, BNB and other top market cap coins.
Last but not the least, the derivatives, like IEO, ILO, perpetual contract are also coming from traditional market. Are these derivatives suitable for the crypto market? What are their trading volumes?
Differential Competitive Edge Among Exchanges
Presently, the main derivative in crypto market is contract, including delivery contract, perpetual contract and some futures contract. Besides, ETF (1x leverage) and leveraged ETF are catching up, taking up some market shares. PAData, based on the ranking list of CoinGekco, picked the top 10 exchanges with largest trading volumes on derivatives to analyze their advantages.
According to stats, 8 among 10 exchanges have business on perpetual contract. FTX, a derivative exchange, has the largest number of perpetual contracts of 30, followed by and Binance with 23 and 18 respectively. 7 exchanges roll out delivery contract where OKEx has a total of 135, more than two times of the second place – FTX’s 60 delivery contracts. In addition, Kraken and Huobi DM also launch some delivery contracts.
As an emerging product, only 2 exchanges involve business on leveraged ETF, but the total number of leveraged ETF products has exceeded that of the perpetual contracts. FTX launched 111 ETF pairs, while MXC listed 30 as of December last year. MXC Exchange is famous for “Efficient and Fast”. It can be predicted that more leveraged ETF products will be listed in the near future.
From the allocation of derivatives among exchanges, we can see the differential competitive edge for derivatives has shaped. OKEx is robust on delivery contract, Huobi lays focus on delivery contract, Binance aims for perpetual contract, and MXC seeks development on leveraged ETF.
Daily Trading Volume for Contract Over $20 billion
According to the sectional static data of CoinGekco on February 12, OKEx, Huobi, BitMEX, Binance and Deribit are the top 5 exchanges with largest amount of open positions in 24 hours. The total opening positions on OKEx ranked first with amount reaching $1.846 billion. Huobi and BitMEX closely followed with amount over $1 billion respectively. These three exchanges take lions share in the contract market. While the 24h opening position amount on Binance and Deribit is about $400 million respectively, far lower than the top 3 exchanges.
The total amount of opening position for contract is one of the criteria to judge the activeness and liquidity of the contract market, the other is the daily trading volume. According to stats, the 24h nominal trading volume among 25 exchanges breaks the mark of $27.533 billion, among which the trading volume on OKEx, Huobi, BitMEX, Binance and Deribit accounts for 73%, taking most of the contract market.
Though the stats for the 24h opening position amount and the trading volume includes the margin trading, we still can learn that the contract trading volume on some exchanges is very close to that of the spot trading. It fully indicates how popular the contract trading is.
Maximum leveraged ETF yields up to 2000%
Although futures trading is very popular, but they are not very friendly to investors. Investors need to master some practical skills, and once the position is closed-out, the losses will be quite tragic. For example, on the evening of February 13, when BTC dropped from about $ 10,200 to about $ 10,100, according to the statistics of the contract emperor, there were a total of 13,400 accounts went close out in just 24 hours, and the total amount of positions in 1 hour reached 82.31 million. Futures have become a weapon for the capitals and make most of us look like a fool.
The high operating threshold and high risk of cryptocurrency investment have always been an important factor hindering cryptocurrencies to enter the mainstream market. In order to find new increments, the exchange has been exploring low-operation threshold, low-risk, high-yield products, this is the inherent logic and motivation for the development of cryptocurrency derivatives. For example, the leveraged ETF launched by MXC is in line with this trend. Investors can buy leveraged ETFs on MXC just as they would for spots, without paying a deposit, and without having to take the risk of liquidation. They can also receive compound interest returns. MXC also incorporates 100% of fee income into its monthly plan to repurchase and burn MX tokens, forming positive investment feedback for the exchange's internal product system.
At present, there are only two exchanges that launch leveraged ETF products on the market: FTX and MXC. According to CoinGekco's statistics, the 24-hour estimated total transaction value (USD) of the two exchanges is close to 4 million US dollars. The single-day estimated total transaction amount of each leveraged ETF product is approximately $ 3.7843 million, and the single-day estimated total transaction amount of 111 leveraged ETF products listed on FTX is approximately $ 3.9346 million.
The average daily trading volume of the top 10 trading pairs on MXC ETF product is approximately $ 320,500, with the highest daily trading volume being 3 times long BSV leverage ETF, reaching $ 529,300. The average daily trading volume of the top 10 trading pairs on FTX ETF product is approximately $ 173,900, with the highest daily trading volume being 3 times long BTC leveraged ETF, which reached $ 326,500. Excluding the impact of the number of products, the estimated daily trading volume of a single leveraged ETF product on MXC is definitely higher.
It can be found that the trading volume of a leveraged ETF with a 3x long position is much higher than that of a leveraged ETF with a 3x short position. The 10 trading pairs with the most trading volume on MXC are all 3x long trading pairs. 9 out of 10 the trading pairs on FTX are also all 3 times long trading pairs, which shows that the current market sentiment is mainly bullish.
In addition, the top ten trading pairs on MXC with the largest trading volume are mainly production reduction tokens and platform tokens, which are more consistent with the current mainstream capital flows. This reflects the best applicable scenario of leveraged ETF, that is, in unilateral or trend markets, the performance and advantages of leveraged ETF will be very obvious, and investors often can receive returns higher than the leverage multiple.
According to statistics, the highest average return [1] of the ten leveraged ETF trading pairs with the highest trading volume on MXC is 611.14%, the lowest average return is -25.8%, and the current average return is 428.96%. Among them, the 3 times long BSV has the highest return to 1998.60% on USV3L / USDT trading pair .
However, FTX's leveraged ETF returns are much lower. The highest average return of the top ten trading pairs is 141.94%, the lowest average return is -90.07%, and the current average return is -2.98%. Among them, the highest return is 3 time short BSV trading pair BSVBEAR / USD yields about 591.38%.

The leveraged ETF products of the two exchanges have huge differences in returns. In addition to currency differences, the factors that affect the returns also include the exchange's risk control system and team configuration. According to the publicly disclosed data of MXC, the leveraged ETF of MXC is managed by the platform or a fund manager recognized by the platform, and the platform announces the fund's net value in real time in order to maintain a high degree of transparency and control risks.
The traceability of leveraged ETF’s target has a lot of room to grow
According to statistics, the average daily trading volume of all leveraged ETF trading pairs on the two exchanges is about 21% of the spot [2] single-day trading volume, MXC is around 22.44%, and FTX [3] is around 19.96% . Although the leveraged ETF has not been available for a very long time, its market share are already become significant.
At present, the asset tracked by the leveraged ETF is still a single token. However, in the traditional financial field, the underlying assets tracked by ETF already include stock indexes, style indexes, industry indexes, commodity indexes, currencies, commodities and more. In the future, the innovation of leveraged ETF in the cryptocurrency market can be used in many assets. For instance, only at the underlying level of assets, indexes and currency combinations will all be included.
Competition between exchanges is very fierce. In this case, each exchange must not only compete for products, services, and marketing, but also for updating speed, especially for product innovation and iteration speed. For example, MXC is faster than FTX to launch some much more popular investment targets like reduced production tokens and platform tokens. In addition, in terms of the current competitive situation, first come, first served may become the norm in the market, such as the advantages of OKEx in the futures field and the advantages of MXC in the leveraged ETF field.
Data Explanation:
[1] Here the highest income refers to the instantaneous return from the daily opening price to the highest price, the lowest income refers to the instantaneous return from the daily opening price to the lowest instant price, and the current income refers to the opening price from the daily level to the closing price on February 12. Instantaneous return. Revenue statistics are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.
[2] Although FTX is a derivative exchange, according to CoinGekco's statistics, ETFs, leveraged ETFs, and other trading pairs (non-futures contracts) are recorded as spot, so the "spot" statistical caliber here is the transactions of non-futures in CoinGekco Correct.
[3] The statistics of FTX leveraged ETFs here excludes 1x leveraged trading pairs.
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Shift Report

Divining wooly views gathered amidst shaven sheep hither
Withered over swithering stalls denial state of dither
Truth be told frank pens naif soliloquy
Safe as house path hath proven treachery
Steer clear of herd social immunity
Distanced readily available data parsed trendily
Blinks recount lost meanings earned from strife learned through catastrophe
Graft retained splices tour de force movie
Analyzed improvised differently
Can't regain past yet relive history
Elder protocols reference frames with specificity
Documentary denotes concise recusant heresy
Fish stink emanates spoils unquestioned head
Rather than responsible gods chose dead
Lightning rod shields guide flash EMP spread
Relevance revivalist revived rival survivalist
Diatribe analogous corroborates ridiculous
Atoms congress fortuitous naught sea
Devoid self restraint officiates ye
Fitting new attire inspiring streaking
Who protects us whilst we pay for havoc employ they reeking
Hypocritically childish generally speaking
Handshake implies word registers advice
Modern intelligence is artifice
Every three steps forward step back twice
Deities influence me aloof aligned schism in rhyme
Mother Hera ewe chimera godspeed breeds failed design
Bell weather brethren splay scapegoat supine
Veil of illusions enmesh conscious mind
Can't feel my legs good help is hard to find
Hawk departs from pleather glove turtle returns grounded dove
Counteract abet anyone lapped them twice yet still they won
Titans once asked before taking QE
With us or against me democracy
Issuance debt free usury for ye
Soon to be impacting all interested negatively
Cyclops blissfully fail to see plague kills with leniency
World saved through open window tsunami
Backdrops distinct radicle uprooted
Restless tartarus not I confuted
Reputed gambler prophet of doom rigged mind meld welds my tomb
Despondent preach not gloom be democratic or leave cocoon
Imploding race exploding time and space
Unfathomable depths shallow measures
Glasses adorned rose reflective pleasures
Erratic compass static attained gains unsustainable
Emphatically all ages deal unascertainable
Sentiment key to public interest
Democracy assess Big apple bests
Guiding hand meaning Pantheist behest
Seeking one's fulfillment complements of demagoguery
Building baseless pyramid in name of Great Recovery
Hallucination merits upheaval
Remit repreival persecute venal
Sufferance from nescience trumps all evil
Yon morrows martyr covets this abysmal cross commuted
Tread on entrenched fear submit control guiltily included
Govern is to rule as meant to intents
Resourceful proxy heir establishment
Record rallys infer where loans were sent
Pristine colosseums reared commerraderie Fed rum bread
Dropping said crumbs returns dread Which nevermore nary imbeds
Insolvent casino scenario
House always wins with my reservation
Sharing the bulk ignites indignation
Transparency Which critiques subtly speaks Feds peak repent
Weak covenants contained slain whence Green peripherals were went
Theses Ben delivered on depression
Maestro museum managed impression
Keynesian intervention harped dystopian opium
Appeal to supremacy bandwagon psychology
Latin arguementum ad nauseum
Better than expected mass approval
Refuse discard fantasy removal
If you audited our books write off markets on the morrow
No one do we answer to where wheelbarrows go we borrow
Sciences religious mythology
Philosophised finance dichotomy
Genetic archetypal entities
Conversations incidental informations monumental
Facets fawned fastidious selfless attires instrumental
Minions mimic Socratic opinions
Authority inbred majority
Consider selves distinct minority
Yield to ye inferiors subjectively superior
Mechanisms failing sublimation with interior
Greeks conceived benefits in politics
Propaganda versed all in rhetoric
Dwelled anarchic run redeem autarkic
World perceptions inconsistent to obtained views of my own
Optimism timeless shown fantastically overblown
Fate collapses upon observation
Ostriches banked on unexamined lives
Perturbations quantum fluctuations
Foregone measures austere pleasures enforced authenticity
Cessation trepidation ensures no future certainty
Whilst known speed and position now in sync
One makes ye taller yet none make me shrink
Doth not know thyself yore on the brink
Fulfillment will not quail forbidden face of foreign dangers
Entrainment derailed arranged marriage twixt incomplete strangers
Birds of a feather flock with the weather
One marked to market worth two under Bush
Lemmings allegedly demand a push
An existential exercise spins nihilistic nightmares
Nonconformed confirmed uncomfort spirals condescending stairs
Slaughter abolished pig sucklers now fly
Fed up rich bullshit Which lies upon lye
Doth need not for lipstick ride we bone dry
Left to right wrong motivations paved by best intention
Pound me with the cure denounce flesh as impure meets prevention
Overdue elixir panacea
Gold in led stead transmutes alchemist Fed
Spirits confirmed in actions idea
Though hungry swine will freely plow fall submissive tow the line
No offence is meant whence I commence casting pearls before thine
Lead thee to sustenance soon thou shall find
You feed a seed of rage contented caged
That Which hath been remains yet to be seen
One finds upon a wander from yon cave we've left regression
Whence without luminescence stem outlandish such obsessions
Actualized self's realization
Fasting of heart leaves no trace of ego
I fell here from Olympus apropos
Upshot in authenticity shows secure survivors test
Where indiscretions excesses discretely are repressed
Desperate knowledge grievous awareness
I first blew reed pipes but then I digress
Values eroded integrity
Climate corroded ideals irresponsibility
Satisfied my agency autonomous capacity
Bet Dow hath finally had a bad day
Bear in mind they will say twas anway
Old high still standing gold stones throw away
Shorting shooting slope of hope enormous towers treacherous
Each new era crashes in increasing half glass emptiness
Overabundance deserts time delay
Accounts inner morality decay
Strength in pessimism fear forfeits right
Dusk withdraws from sight as shade is drawn over dawn's early light
Narcissistic psychopaths inherited the earth our plight
Quarrying light inspired murky night flee
Ye gods laugh heartily ridicule me
Reckoning another day mine shall be
Subsequently I subsist shifting this rock as Sisyphus
Future pulls upon me as due ration to minus remiss
I'm half crazy bicycle built for two
Network circuitry daisy chained to you
How do I know what is reel to be true
Gather input sensations scrutinize for degradation
Dissembling dissemblance as lacking in resemblance
Singularity prophesied end be
Less threat than icons presently envied
Graven is our image in our idol
Misunderstood system holds revolutions banked on bridle
Give me dominion over doe I care not who makes law
Hegellian dialectic shock and awe
Fixed moments instability move becomes necessity
Moses leads bull rush reeds deceptive swaith
Crisis opportunity incompetence seasons good faith
Fallow plot begot furlough shrieks foul wraith
Yay though I plod through the valley of death
Evil gives comfort my rod and my staff
No fear preparest for my enemies
Parasitic symbiotes surviving vicariously
Job gyrations exploitations sloth thrive ubiquitously
Unnatural select evolution
Bad apple genes rot barrel pollution
Big bang extends concussions extrusion
Elude intrusion neath tapestry relay inscribed decree
Conspiracy theories deliquesced evidence coalesced
Duress dressed as justice undue process
Reduce the law to writ for oversight
Infinitely rules stretch fractally tight
Dollar press lever Wizards tweak whence practised Which deceiver
Feeding frenzy at the top on last chair hot potato drops
Animal farm irrigation believer
Cuckoos in nested loops launched retriever
Social ecological equity
Fauna all created equal although some are more than most
Perched aloft nights sleepless roosters backdate options after posts
Tell a vision avulsed exclusive boasts
Foxes bird box hens fake news oven roasts
Occupy Wall Street greeting champagne toasts
5G technology expandable densification
Cameras considering Laws actual ramifications
Depressions perpetuate FOMO motes
FIFO Ponzi scheme boat redeems fresh float
Gloat sessions connoted roat smote through goat
Destructions need demands feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Beyond salvations hope for damnation destined reprobates
Wolf in sheep's clothing with diplomacy
Bragging best ever broke economy
Pre warned of bubble in candidacy
Memories impeach me markets relapse collapse candor
Black and white deliberations compromise grey matters or
Burning empire riddled Nero fiddled
No new under the sun any longer
What doth not kill my will makes ye stronger
Suicidal quarantine commit sheer to absurdity
Crash course in urgency suspends to decade Odyssey
Engulf journey as is illusory
Entailed magical curtailed mystery
Reproduced sequence spawns duplicity
Great truths infect minds space whilst time distorts fabrics ablation
Balanced scales duration dual edged knife grinds calibration
Wildlife exhumed landslide menagerie
Submission supports popularity
War of attrition print press edition
Release Kraken abridged dictations unredacted memo
Cognitive mind is least informed second thought tis last to know
Feedback iterates habitually
Zombie apocalyptic shopping spree
Animal myriad corroboree
Discrepancies adorable approaching deplorable
Configured integrations simulate exaggerations
Conceptual reorganization
New century frail clings frayed to pale past
Dot com bust imprints last iconoclast
Tragic disposition anchored significance within story
Spherical lyrical expository mourning glory
Expansion dominates fertility
Appropriate most apt utility
Bubble envelops errs infinity
Bold ignorance advanced hind sights distilled new high arrogance
Underlying trauma repeats cycle till addressed complete
Sublates convergence becoming congeals
Cavernous kingdom stalagmite conceals
Peer not in mirror prefer not appeal
Sew a thought in hope to reap an action something real to feel
Neverland begotten old whilst kid futures are oversold
Life lived not lest bits of bites record it
Biased suggestions imbue news reported
Syrinx sears titans with my brand of creed
Written word ceded all forgotten need to practise recall
Calculated math skills lost computer brought thoughts holocost
Ensconced by lantern hung from beam of straw
Helios heals blow of iced ages thaw
Loyal to natural attributes raw
Extraordinary delusional madness of ye crowds
Trot proudly upon road to serfdom congregations praised aloud
Brave was this new world before eighty four
Hunger games in store jaybird tweets that score
Jehovah bore witnesses door to door
Insure myself against four horseman
paid my tithe expired spent
Sow ears flying high on credit barely do I afford rent
Time unwinds quickly at least doth for me
April showers levee spring bankruptcy
Litres live forever in latency
Bailing water steady rising deep subterraneously
Foresee floods invest in arks of financial calamity
Extraneously Rome's blaze radiates
Simultaneously Fed Witches toiled
Slow perniciously satiates frogs boiled
Crisis constructs messenger of sordid too tongued character
Stocks which rise so should slide chosen goose footing egg opposed side
Federal innovates imbibed bribed state
Reserves umpire status hunched hind home plate
Falling knife of fear impaled atmosphere
Short bets squeezed rife barren years unfruitful bleeds contango wine
Inverse ETFs unprecedented reverse splits declined
Nothing it's equal creature without fear
Can't fill hide with harpoons or head with spears
Mire strive dire try pull in Leviathan
Endless procrastination doth avert intent deflation
Unclear when routes passage appears clear as destination
Sorrows station seems my inculcation
Divides built up babble between nations
Seven trumpets summon revelation
Electrostatic circumstance transmits catalytic twist
Substitute reacted chemical transmits platonic tryst
Ironically passion not my goal
Ionically bonded blending coal
Mirrored dipole roll poised down rabbit hole
Experiment first ever repeats Laws defraud endeavor
Mississippi reflating dollar debt exchange creating
Wealth effect transfers helicopter drop
Fracking reserves crack too big to stop
Ineptitude or evilly adept
Calm filled the room as elephants silently drowned in tar pits
History Which hails tense whence Fed injections flew to market
Lucrative house flipping stained soil carpet
Real reign swamp purge comes to street again
Broken window theory frisk fallacy
Destructions need graciates feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Seven headed hydra twixt blaspheming regime duplicates
Purgatory epic allegory
Apathy lacks worry for avoidance
Dreams annoyance recurring clairvoyance
Complacent consternation burns concerned capitulation
Catacomb further catenates future pyroclastic blasts
Install a new partition date saved last
God creates man's imaged eternity
Man made device for immortality
Only way to beat life be articulate as dead machine
Foiling might be finding wanting nothing just as pleasing
Emoted thoughts and deeds confer disease
Viral joy contained anxious unease
Communicable known uncertainties
Mention stoic abstention receive lepers reprehension
Addend subconscious attention suchness sought destination
Protectionist tribal groupthink ensues
Misdirect blame profane color thou choose
Divide and conquer plan by Jove we use
Minting for a living tis nothing short of scintillating
Weaponry mass produce we entropy disintegrating
Rebirth essential in this finite trap
Technicals crucial analysis map
Impulse mined collective wiretapped caps
Souls endless extrapolating each threshold encapsulating
Mutually affecting Titans ever overreaching
Battles march business no fight beseeching
Cyanide reaction gold is leaching
Settle for distraction Athene’s teaching
Shares fabricate infrastructure bonds for manufactured war
Master in ways of deception weaving fleece her predilection
Declined vine illustrates interjection
Fundamentally ye add furthermore
Whole vacuus nature I find abhor
Each new day opportune to go by street sideshow pundits shout
Marginally most will comply seek aggressive salesman clout
Run through stampede proceed in funnel out
Mosaic tile code mixed mirage mud grout
Worm abated hook ate some fat cat’s trout
Informed when glad relate when mad great is not the worst we've had
Next quarter rates Which inflates translates to direct tabled fate
Disinformation chads dangling depart
Troublesome travel when horse pushes cart
Trojans craft driftwood regifted as art
Taken rate decision interest always is a given
Approached encroachment infringements lunged impingement I expunged
Spell manifests as living hell digests
Calcareous sponge absorbed rimstone plunge
Cookbook to serve lamb seals underhand
Sinter sauntered asunder plotting pillage of my plunder
Attack technique intervenes quoth slighted victim claims obscene
Cried mystified feeling such waste sprayed mace
Save face retrace find safety inside shrouded space
Access filter modified denied trash storage verified
Angels four spew brimstone fire scorched ingress half expected less
Trick talk turns back clock players profiles rotate roles resume
Covertly campaigned defiling my name
Creations Instigate destruction
Erupts surreptitious instruction
Bewildered heard shocked embrace loomed Gates of Hell gauge WHO won race
Military missionary hold prostrate to vaccinate
Chaotic Kronos ordered time consumed
Stow stoked fumes subsidies gave the gods room
Whilst land of the fraud is home to the knave
Babylon of living nonexistent through the golden age
Cassandra of this stage ilk ignores inklings of alarmed sage
Chicken little forebodes sky is falling
Rope a dope fades rationalisation
Brittle doth be fragile ye recalling
Loquacious news needs slews feigned of disambiguation
Mendacious or fallacious contagious be implications
Butterfly flapped wing doth not move a thing
But a gnat perhaps who's too GAD to fly
Financing is how but where is the why
Important that all patriots patronize conquesting troops
Dodge ye head stoop as pooping eagle swoops
Most dismissive uninspired missive
Perceptually far too derisive
Guiding hand not apparent visual
Missing cash flows continual residual bottom lines
Pinnochio hopes to know Which ideal conjures growth sublime
Dendrites potentially stimulate spine
Titanic torrents mist venetian blinds
Decidedly distort bilked disincline
Writhe in through chasm in awe open wide
Formless figures summon uniform pride
Dismiss discontent conveyors subside
Tributaries dispersed springs knowledge trees freeze molten ore
Splintering sparks displaced thick dark coruscate tangible floor
Cumulus clouds of primordial dust
Question our senses in sun god we trust
Sifted silts produce thunderbolts of Zeus
Oval elliptical orbits the folds tidal tendency
Blue sphere girds spoken word breathed clay Boulder Forge Company
Quality moulding is job number one
Caste mass producing consumes many sons
My duty to ensure we always run
Figured would be a piece of cake more at work than give and take
Thought this would be my big break but not knowing literally
Apprenticed construction now I maintain
Composite skill same commissioning game
Swim or wallow in Uranus disdain
I made the trade not for reward nor deemed security
Only gospel guarantee is confidence in mastery
Tasked to sit in a chair contemplate stare
Crosswords in wait for a breakdown repair
I study craves of machines which behave
Rhythmic clang links chain react percussional power set free
Insatiable harmony piques morbid curiosity
Beast belly bowel bubbles belch smelt death
To quota of product do I owe breath
Economic cauldron of corrosion
We operate Vesuvius ungodly hours breathing brine
Facilitate yon amplidyne oxygenate lavas shine
Steering eather into three cyclops cells
Myopically they motion for me when cycles in chaos my sirens knell
Lion hearted as Hephaestus take knee before crucibles hearth
Examine vitals symptoms prognosis deduce further impart
Volt amps transcend times root of three powers
Frequently electrons ebb in order
Arc bath gives rise to hot molten showers
May bring flowers demonstrate my will in accord rewards her
Athena is truth incarnate dream she is a movement
Immaculate perfection possessed no
need for improvement in her coveralls
Wert she to eaten apple I befall
Sand disseminates beneath hourglass curves she manipulates
How could I anticipate
Rapt hints had she to intimate
Roots hypotenuse squares summed pendulum
Enlightened visions profound pit this plum
On que she hooks her thunderbolts so ample in restriction
Destabilized my volts despite my amping up conviction
Magnetisms repulsive attraction
Bipolar feedback generates action
Machining floral dissatisfaction
Narcissus is spring can't this robot tool be taught anything
Recommence imaging thine vault undermined after fault
Intuit as her nuclear annihilates tumult
June accusations forced violation
Vulnerable to invalidation
Confrontations repudiation consents allegation
Placate June”s wells breached swell fore July conflagration
Use wu wei to vacate situation
But weightless behemoth ate all greenbacks
Can’t manage exit not even a crack
Inward forays shunned malfunction unknown overgrown morass
Cult of quantity all students get a pass coach seat class
God’s walled over all access to egress
Those who cannot do are experts at best
Past practise succeeds failures teach what needs
Viridescent pools dilate grey eyed dubious stressed madness
Feeling she was slighted by my passage through her nucleus
Disinterested I had disinterred
Down period Kondratieff winter
Intrinsic tragedy all fairy tales end inherently
Gave me what I wished for in a way I was not hoping for
Destiny permits paths forbade
How shallow wilt thou will wade
PCB cesspools black bile pitches glue
Smoldering sand dune trenches shore magmas excess residue
Admit this time smashing cymbals whilst cyclops wert drumming too
Keep the fantasy alive in my head
Earthquake take other route instead
Always say they never saw it coming
They did In Herculaneum still their brains steamed in their skulls
Summer solstice solace lulls lava ladles plentiful
Cumulative studies validations
Inseminate process degradation
Trying not to mention my invention
Bending toward normalcy absorption emits diffraction
Inverted perceptions withdraw inflections from emptiness
Perplexing she rejects ram intellect
Anecdotal evidence cached respect
Zip plans to stockpile cognizance combined
Designed secret punishment to circumvent I resigned
Recollect for instance cognitive lessons in dissonance
Logic accepts one view perceived of two
Pit of mine stomach whence knot always knew
Treasonous betrayed lion taming shrew
Spite cleaved interface continued dutiful onward pace
Humiliations goal wert to replace cheers with disgrace
Orchestrations untold meticulous
Malevolence is still in existence
Narrative streams unfold conspicuous
Childish bliss unscrupulous epidemic Narcissus
Invasive species multiplied since Zeus supplied his sun’s abyss
Affect change rather than effect ere cause
Gaslight obfuscates reasonable laws
Tall tales half truths edged lies by omission
Unwary reprehense motive intents of recognition
Splitting of the faculty augments a new reality
Fight freeze or flee options only three
Trials choose middle choice typically
Stockholm syndrome captors figured friendlies
Volunteer for brunt of blame acquiesced toxic shame domain
Raging stirs steroid cortisol adrenaline cocktail brain
Idealize devalue sudden discard
Benevolent dictatorship abstained
Without the faintest regret or regard
Figured she was playing me but never thought she'd try so hard
Had a little influence pummeling blacksmith into bard
Feeling flashback symptoms PTSD
Reflux acid regurgitates anxiously
Facilities shut down my apogee
Estranged entanglement is indiscriminate vicinity
Projection deflects inspection detects proffered rejection
Upon reflection I/O failed connection
Reverse detail switched doppler direction
Attacked mine tranquility enacted thine stability
Great relationships determined by good portability
Amor Fati defeat of agony
Heroic transitions affirmation
Chinks of crevasse evasive to bypass
Labyrinth strings web of deceit light and dark unlikely meet
Shadows reconnection Schadenfreude revels surrection
Maze ambled afore trapped in Minotaur
Disintegrating reintegration
Unfurled divest individuation
Emergence of self under siege August surfacing intrigues
Sun god aims retribution penetrating air dilution
Perpetrating vengeful execution
Cyclop's blindsided coming attraction
Apollo's exaction vents extraction
Redress reclaimed door discharged from mine chore
Concussions cavitations roar gaff retrieved my staff from shore
Gangplank fastened transit for deck from wreck
Embodied under mass gravitation
Nothingness consistent contradiction
In retrospect ahead investigate that Which is suspect
Chastened flaming embers titillate orange September moon
Hastened retreat not an instant too soon
Burgeoning three wave prosperity shewn
Wave five trait mimics Echo past monsoon
Perpetually parallel dramas punctual insane
Aphrodite's inception purged migraine foam seethed fire in vain
Twain hath liquidity trickled down drain
Consult oracle ogle tangent plane
Bow to stern brood tempestuous coxswain
Demurrage fee aptly sought to regain lay of way terrain
Masked my gnashing lion waves stumble as they spread before me
Mountain rubble crumbles bloodied red sea
Locusts cannibalistic commotion
Uncanny notion overt devotion
Fixed betwixt twin scorpions stings subtle by a hares degree
One longs to age as seas submit one hole subliminally
Desire loves desire more than that desired
Overtime I find wanting displeasing
Fuel to fire Aphrodite’s teasing
Symptomatically nymphomaniac releasing
Random cosmos berth patterned beyond cyclic perimeter
Doth not feel momentum ye be the tide
Volume reduced ambient limiter
Futile to resist flow fatal to ride
Impressed by the strung rope ladder of unquestioned good status
Doctors orders therapeutic regressive Hedonism
Bureaucracy forced parentalism
Founding fathers Titan nepotism
The health preventative catechism
Give only to take away to give again another day
Rewards gods some token compensation
Anyone here not get paid besides me
Red light starboard wax eared crew rendezvous
Bounded by my sacrifice to irresponsibility
None of the other prize winning
players gamble here but me
Battened down fear gauge groups psychopathy
Ever since world went into bankruptcy
Call for Panic Zeus black masked his swan song
Yarn for youthful innocence gone stick slip traction moves this throng
Tread borderline separating time providing till from when
Uneven Titans tip unbalanced ships
Dualities tune unity in trine
One thing I did learn when within confine
Whom hath desire for nothing believes doth not need anything
Misinterpretation required missing zero still a thing
Axons bemoan sequence of no return
Feeling slight injustice step forward commandeer ambition
Venus akin to mine headache just better known rendition
Under spotlight favorite position
Internally propelled by externals
Take this Autumnal equinox swear on the cross tis vernal
All the gods explicitly sing chants how lucky I must be
Bring Mordor back to toss this precious ring
Prospect she fertilized inferring seed
Open union upon Which we agreed
Karma conflates heavens gates contrived in Pandemonium
Green shoots elate consummate concerns inspire Pavlovian
Theories cosigned conspiracies maligned
Impermanence ineffably refined
Ignorance binds energy disinclined
Universal conception pride of self
love contraception
Trying to be pliable but find it reprehensible
All dispensable Great Complacent Sea
Sizing words wisely rids ostensible
Lies the only guise now found comprehensible
Prophylactic allude to didactic
Though whilst I work at chore she’s Ares whore
I snagged them embarrassingly naked afore gods before
Yellen Helen neither nor wert worth war
Bowl of wrath judgement ignored poor decor
Titans empathizing with swimming clothes
In her throws she extolled excitement being extra exposed
Far be it from she to assume joint responsibility
Exponential debt credits game theory
On that we agree tis rigged currency
Opportunistic imperialists
Propaganda grasshoppers enlist ants backbone socialist
Can't remember when gathered last had a say any matter
Other nations forfeit right to do it
Export of inflation needs conduit
Concert donates borders New World Order
Blockchain came about when drunk bartender could not reach the spout
Yahweh will control all money now they have it figured out
Waiting for my minute to be clever
Stamp my name on the gods minds forever
My switchblade really needs to cut them off
No clue what the gods know only that they need to run the show Narcissistic parasites charisma lands entitlement
Vampires nourish roots to stunt encouragement
Protocol enticing invitation
Condemnation staged cooperation
Intolerable acts left no coercive tea leaves intact
Coven of bag passing Witches gave chase across red waters
Need another nine stitches sons twixt daughters
Waiting in the balance moment of force
Hatch guillotine MRI triggered source
Soaked up dripped Wyrmwood postulated solvent tasted good
Full equilibrium half ballast set assail for malice
Octobers placid benign chilled chalice
Brain scan photocell senses light all is well
If instead bulb shows dead off with thee head
Also as a godsend bonus honed mom’s splendid jury throne
Captive chaperone audience fettered judgement chains inlaid
Skipping to a Witch hunt after masquerade
Topside upper deck on the promenade
Propellor fashion later ohm made blade
Behooved turtle jail sac tail flailed back satyromaniac
Passionate parade personifying Nature of tirade
Horney gimp hind quarters brace graced limp
Llama spitting image of Obama
Clinton's dole out cigars contribute scars
All guests in attendance dressed as promised change we forget lest
Salubrious familiar strangers grooving Harvey Danger
Politically free redundancy
Reagan closed asylums threw away key
Identity hath no cost found when lost
Consolidations vibrate quantized sinusoidal noise
Pullback hull triangulate alow by my device and Echo
Feel lonely frost amongst the other masks
Survival is appeasing to their tasks
Remember November elect Semper
Meaning faithful to all members not just only archaic
On the way to office run your head
through photovoltaic
Vanishing quickly old liquidity
Seven plagues capsized immortality
The line hath paid out to the bitter end
Too big to sail exhale replications glorification
Night zeniths elevation nadirs sun's regeneration
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Margin Trading Bitcoin on Kraken

Learn how to Margin Trade Bitcoin on Kraken. Learn how to Margin Trade Bitcoin on Kraken. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. ... Bitcoin Margin Trading: Leverage, Margin, ... A quick tutorial on how to use Kraken's trading interface to trade with leverage. Kraken is a top 3 centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in the United States with 10 Trust Score. This is a quick tutorial on how to use the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. It's my personal recommendation and one of the cheapest and easiest to use, with the least amount of restrictions and hassle! # World Wide Pump Community Start Welcome to Telegram channel, specially devoted to pumps on cryptocurrency market and the whole nine yards. We will organize pumps (and dumps ... How To Short Bitcoin - How To Short Bitcoin On Kraken - How to use Kraken - Crypto Margin Trading - Duration: 10:46. The Kings Of Crypto 15,047 views. 10:46. Scalping: ...