NRI Adds Average Price in Margin and Derivative Trading

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Indian Financial Sector

The fate of Jet Airways (India) Ltd remained uncertain with no revival plan or interim funding in sight. Today, Jet Airways lenders, led by SBI, met financial services secretary Rajeev Kumar amid reports of a temporary shutdown. -Livemint
Canara Bank is the first public sector bank to shift to EMV chip and PIN for card present transactions across the country's vast ATM network. The EMV shift, as in other major global markets, is aimed at reducing lost and stolen card fraud and making counterfeit card fraud more difficult. The RBI had set a deadline of Dec 31, 2018 for the switch, mandating use of an embedded chip to replace the traditional magnetic stripe card.
Punjab National Bank today said it has appointed Rajesh Kumar Yaduvanshi as the Executive Director of the bank with effect from April 15. -Economic Times
The NRIs living in nearly 40 countries will now be able to open account in IDBI Bank without submitting paper documents, the bank said. IDBI Bank has launched 'NRI-Insta-Online' account opening process for NRIs residing in Financial Action Task Force (FATF) member countries, it said in a release. The person will not be required to furnish physical documents as well as KYC proofs for opening an account with the bank. -Economic Times . Lakshmi Vilas Bank today said it plans to allot nearly 5% equity shares on a preferential basis to Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. -Business Line
Citigroup Inc reported a 2% rise in quarterly earnings, as investment banking revenue surged and net interest margin expanded. -Business Line
Naresh Goyal, founder of Jet Airways has withdrawn from the race to bid for retaking control of the ailing airline. According to sources, Goyal has exited the process ase the lenders were not keen to go ahead with his application. -Business Line
TCS is working with Israel’s finance ministry to build platforms that will make technology affordable for small banks in the country, a Co executive told. -Evonomic Times
The US Exim Bank has recalled all loans extended to Jet Airways for buying Boeing aircraft and is likely to take the possession of these aircraft, thus, taking away all the long-haul Boeing 777 aircraft that the airline owns. Sources said that the amount of loan is about Rs 2,000 crore and the Bank is soon going to initiate the process of possessing the aircraft. -Economic Times
India’s third largest IT firm Wipro today reported a 37.74% year-on-year (YoY) rise in March quarter consolidated profit at Rs 2,483 crore. The profit attributable to equity holders of the Co stood at Rs 1,803 crore last year. -Economic Times
Nifty50 today rallied for a fourth straight session to hit an all-time closing high of 11,787.15. With this, the index broke above its consolidation zone of 11,550-11,761 it was trading in the past two weeks. -Economic Times
USD/INR 69.59 SENSEX 39275.64(+369.80) NIFTY50 11787.15 (+96.80)
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[MODPOST] International Monetary Fund, 2018 Projections

International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook

A note on Season 7 changes. - The two most notable changes to the econ system this year come to the population engine and the economic strength modifiers. The population no longer calculates birth and death rates, and uses a combined statistic instead. While this prevents updating increased births and longer lifespans individually, it does allow for the use of a dataset which projects far into the future, meaning that every five years, the population growth modifiers will be changed. The economic strength modifier has been altered, with the Freedom from Corruption category being expanded into two new categories - Government Integrity and Judicial Effectiveness. Fiscal Freedom has been expanded into two new categories - Tax Burden and Fiscal Health. To read up on all twelve Economic strength categories, click here.

Click here for the yearly econ sheet

Click here for the budget calculator

Click here for info on the GlobalPowers economics system.

National Updates

Trade Bloc Updates

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SSW Mata places 33% more wards than TSM Lustboy and 48% more than C9 LemonNation. FNC YellOwStaR one of the best supports in the world.

You can also read this post with images here.
Going into the Knockout Stage the first two matches feature both NA teams, TSM and Cloud9, going against what most consider the two strongest teams in the tournament: Samsung White and Samsung Blue.
Through the Group Stage the Korean teams showed the world their superiority by getting first place in their groups. Even though SSB dropped a game against Fnatic, both teams outclassed their opponents in team-fighting, decision-making, composition variety, among other things.
But most importantly, we saw their incredible vision control that allowed them to dictate the pace of the games, giving them the confidence to execute map movements by having information advantage over the other team.
Among all the teams, the support role is the one that contributes the most to vision in the map. So I decided to look more closely at the support players of these teams to see how they stack up against one another.
Average Placed Wards
Average Placed Wards per game
Wards Per Minute
[Before I start comparing the data, I want to comment on how difficult it is to take an average from the SSW games. The competition on Group A didn't take much from SSW, this often led to them randomly stop playing seriously and go on some minutes of "solo queue", just for having fun. I decided to take these less serious games out of the calculations, as I believe they do not reflect the true skill of Mata.]
Right off the bat, we can see that Mata has an incredible amount of placed wards per game. With an average of 69.5 wards per game, he leads the group by a wide margin. However, not every game has the same duration, so a better estimation would be to calculate how many wards per minute (WPM) each player places.
Looking at the WPM graph, we can see that Mata still leads with an average of 1.78 WPM, with Heart following him at 1.29, Lustboy 1.21 and LemonNation 0.93.
It is as impressive as concerning that Mata is able to place almost twice the amount of wards that LemonNation places in an average game. Perhaps we can find an explanation to this by analyzing how much vision they contribute to their entire team.
Warding contribution to their team
Even though there is some difference, we can see that every support takes a lead role in their team when warding. With an average between 37% and 53.50%, most of the vision comes from these players. However, while SSW and SSB rely heavily on their supports, Cloud9 takes a different approach and tries to distribute the task a little more between their players (Meteos plays a key role in here).
Another interesting information we can get from here is the importance that Lustboy has in TSM's vision, by providing 42.22% of the total wards, it resembles the Korean teams. And by placing almost the same amount of wards than Heart, we can surely see an improvement for TSM.
Green Wards purchased Sightstone purchase time
Ruby Sightstone upgrade time
It is interesting how western teams differ from korean teams when it comes to early game vision. While western teams often choose the complete their sightstone first, Korean teams postpone it for a few more minutes.
In exchange, korean teams prefer to buy green wards for the first 10 minutes of the game (most of their purchased green wards are before that minute mark).
This allows them to control vision much better (with help of their jungler), and provides them with useful information from the enemy jungler pathing; often leading to securing objectives or taking better decisions thanks to the extra information that they have.
While this approach is mostly used by SSB and NWS (GorillA), Mata prefers to finish his Sightstone first and look into getting early Mobility Boots (should he be playing a play-making support), this allows him to have a greater presence on the map and make plays.
And even though all of them purchase a Sightstone, we can see that only 3 of them upgrade it to a Ruby Sightstone.
Mata and Heart often upgrade it after the 35 minute game, once other members of their teams can't contribute as much to warding due to item slots.
Lustboy on the other hand, tries to upgrade to a Ruby Sightstone around the 28 minute mark. While LemonNation never upgraded his, he often prefers to go with damage items (like Morellonomicon), as this allows him to deal higher damage during teamfights.
What about pink wards and vision denial?
Purchased Pink Wards
Team Denied Vision
Individual denied vision
Mata once again just outclasses everyone when it comes to buying pink wards. With an average of 14.5 pink wards per game, he almost doubles the amount that Lustboy and Heart buy on an average game. While LemonNation is pretty far behind, with an average of only 4 pink wards per game.
This leads SSW to have an impressive vision denial, clearing around 44.31% of their opponent's vision. SSB comes in a close second with 40.29%, and Cloud9 at a 38.41%. This is where TSM gets behind, at only 30.42% of vision denied.
This is also the area where LemonNation steps up a little bit, participating in 33% of his team's vision denial, with Mata and Heart following him with a close 30% and Lustboy with a 28.73%.
Final Comments
Even though there are other factors that come into consideration when a team wins a game; vision control is one of the most important ones. As it allows teams to make better decisions by having more information.
Mata not only outclassed the other 3 in almost every single area of vision control, but this combined with his ability to create plays by roaming give SSW an incredible pressure in the map that other teams are unable to keep up with.
And while LemonNation prefers to itemize towards damage, placing less wards than other supports often leads his team to lose advantage during the early game.
Finally, Lustboy has been a great addition to TSM. He plays a main role when it comes to vision and he brings a Korean supporting style that gives his team another strength to work with.
Of course, in the end it is up to the team to use this vision effectively to make decisions. However, these stats show how much vision their supports bring to the team.
Special Mention
Fnatic's YellOwStaR is just incredible.
The amount of wards that he places matches that of Mata, with an average of 1.78 WPM, and not only that, but he also contributes to 54.38% of Fnatic's total vision.
He also has the fastest Ruby Sightstone upgrade time, around 21:00 minute mark. Much earlier than the average that is around 30:00.
With this amount of vision, it isn't surprising that Fnatic was able to match SSB's pace and take a game off them.
Certainly he is one of the best supports of the west, when it comes to vision provided. Whether or not Fnatic is using this vision effectively is another story.
EDIT: I agree. I clarified that YellOwStaR is one of the best supports in the world when it comes to provided vision. Of course, making plays, learning how to trade, among other things matter when it comes to considering the whole performance of a player. And it is ultimately up to the team how they use this provided vision.
Also, placing a lot of wards doesn't tell the whole story. It would be nice to get an insight on how effective those placed wards are when making decisions. However this is a much more complex analysis which I will leave to another time.

For now it is just about the amount of vision they bring to their team.

[Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.
If you want to read on how korean teams use vision control to make decisions, you can check my other post here: C9 vs NWS game 2
The spreadsheet with all the data can be found here.
You can follow me on Twitter @loldevelar]
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forex trading in india how much margin required in option plus sell in bank nifty icici direct NRI Demat Account and NRI Investments : How to manage Stocks and mutual funds when you become NRI What's the best approach for NRIs to invest in the current market scenario? AxisDirect new simplified trading system

Normal Vs Margin Trading Difference. In normal trading, an NRI can place a buy order and the full trading value is debited from your NRI bank account once the order is executed. The shares are credited in your NRI demat account in T+2 days where T is the day of your trade.. In margin trading, you can place a buy order and only the margin amount is deducted from your account on order execution. Intraday equity trading, currency trading and Commodity trading is not allowed for NRI's.> ProStocks NRI Investment Services include trading in equities, futures, and options on NSE and BSE at the cheapest brokerage of Rs 100 per executed order. Broker updates the trading limit (margin) for an NRI customer as per the detail provided by the custodian. Broker does end-of-the-day settlement with the custodian for all transactions by the client. Custodian charges a clearing fee of Rs 200 to Rs 300 per crore over and above the brokerage charged by the broker. NRI Trading Restrictions #2 – Trade Ceilings. These are various NRI Trading Restrictions that are imposed on an NRI for trading. These restrictions are as follows: If an NRI is trading in shares of an Indian listed company, he cannot hold more than 10% of the total holdings of that company. If the company is a public bank, the maximum How to start Margin Trading in 5 steps as an NRI? Open an NRO account with any of the Indian banks. Get Custodian Participant Code (CP Code) from Stock Holding Corporation. Open trading account with Vertex Securities Ltd.

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forex trading in india

Taxation is an essential aspect of personal finance, whether you are a Resident Indian or a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). However, when you get into the details, you will find that tax rules are ... Trading made easier: With this new platform, Get an enhanced trading experience with multiple features like upfront stock eligibility, margin requirement, market depth, . ... NRI Demat Account and NRI Investments : How to manage Stocks and mutual funds when you become NRI - Duration: 17:45. Financial Literacy Abhiyan 9,830 views 17:45 Who is NRI ( Non Resident indian ) Are you an NRI ... Lesson 10: All about margin and leverage in forex trading - Duration: 23:38. Rob Booker Trading Recommended for you. 📌Binance SHORT TRADE Tutorial Binance Margin Trading FULL Tutorial Margin Trading Beginners - Duration: 20:03. Mango Research 33,054 views. 20:03. Bybit/BitMex Shill Scheme EXPOSED! Getting ...